15.09.20 SYDNEY, NSW
(Source: Sydney Mail (Sydney 1920))
A luminous visitor of astonishing brilliance was seen by thousands of Sydney people. It suddenly appeared in the sky, and from one of the heights of the Eastern Suburbs presented a startling spectacle, as fireballs or meteors usually do. So dazzling was the white light of the electrical phenomenon which lasted no longer than a couple of seconds, that it was impossible to say where it disappeared. It appeared high up in the southern sky, and, contrary to the habit of many of these meteors, it did not explode. The light was a great illuminative power and as startling as an apparition. From the Southern Suburbs, the meteor apparently disappeared over the Western Suburbs but observers in other localities said it went out to sea.

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney 1920))
Missing airman. Rockets seen on the coast. Superintendent Western, of Launceston, late that night received an urgent wire from Gould’s Country near the East Coast of Tasmania, stating the lights, evidently rockets, were seen at 8.00pm by several residents between the town and the coast. 10 miles distant.

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