Source: Personal investigation by Bill Chalker
NA 1985-005
A 68 year old witness recounted a series of unusual events which occurred when he was 10 years old. One night, he and his other brother were coming home from a neighbour’s place when they saw a light approaching, getting larger as it went overhead and wound its way between mountains and hills. The object was described as a large round dull light beneath a round cylinder with a dome on top. The object suddenly started to hiss and lit up the whole area just like day. It turned slightly and moved towards the back paddock where it came to rest on a hill just inside the neighbour’s property. The neighbours had also seen the object come to earth, glowing for some time after landing. The next morning, a nine metre in diameter brown circle of scorched grass was found. Other reported events included nocturnal light sightings; animal disturbances (including mutilated and dead cattle and pigs); strange ‘womp womp womp’ sounds heard at night; and several sightings of a giant bird which stood over 1.5 metres high and which generated extreme terror in the case of at least one witness. There is partial corroboration of the nocturnal light and ‘Big Bird’ sightings by the reporting percipient’s two sisters.

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