"The Town was Nambour, Queensland, the spot was about a half mile west of the town. The area of the sighting was on a small creek running through the family farm, and there was a small swampy area just to one side of the creek where water oozed out of the hillside. There was always water at this spot they year around and every year.

There was a small hill, right around the base of which the swampy pools lay. It is a rather odd shaped hill, almost a cone, and it definitely is not joined on to a large hill close to it; the pools of water separate them. I was playing with a group of boys and girls in the vicinity of this small hill, and I wandered some distance from them and approached a tall growth of grass which grew all around the edge of a small pool of water just at the foot of this hill. I put both hands up in front of me and parted this tall grass to look through. I heard a low humming sound, and saw a round object directly in front of me about four feet away. It looked the same shape as if two ordinary saucers were placed face to face and then turned on their sides. There was a small circle around the top of the top dome of the object, the area in this circle, about three-quarters of the way up the top dome was curved upwards into a smaller dome, but not like a button shape, more gently curved. The colour of the object was the same shade of silver grey as a Canberra Bomber looks on a dull, rainy, overcast day. It was this same colour all over. The size of the object was 12" in diameter. It hovered 3" above the surface of the water. There was a slight, almost imperceptible shiver of the water surface directly below the object as if it was directing a force directly downward in order to stay in the air. It was not a draught of air as from a jet engine, as the waves going outwards in concentric circles directly below the object were so small in height as to amount to no more than a shivering of the surface. The object remained perfectly still over the same spot, 3" above the surface of the water. There was a very high speed shiver motion of the object as if a gyro-stabiliser of some kind were keeping it upright. As I bent forward to look more closely, the humming sound rose suddenly in pitch and volume, and at the same time a whitish mist began to form between me and the object, but close to it. I did not see any holes from which it came, and I think it was some form of an electronic mist. I could still see through it, though like one can see through a nylon cloth woven very fine. I could still see its outline. At the same time the mist began to form, I felt a tight feeling in the head and as the noise increased, I let go of the tall grass and stepped back. I could not see it any more, and I felt stunned in the head, but I could still hear it humming behind the tall grass. I did not see any holes or vents in the upper surface of the object - it was smooth all the way around as would be expected of a high speed flying machine - nor did I see any control surfaces or flaps or rudders or fins. There were no seams welded or riveted to be seen, no hatches or light housings. I did not see any flashing lights, and when I looked closer at it, I could see the bottom area was free from any rounded bumps or landing gear. There were no legs under it - just the smooth rounded bottom. There were no portholes or windows. There were no marking or lettering on the object. I did not touch it or get closer than four feet any time. Soon afterwards, everyone decided to go up to the house, and on the way one girl said suddenly, "What was that? Something flew up between those trees." "It was a magpie," someone said. "No it was not," said the first girl. I did not see anything, but I knew what it was; it was the object flying off. That night I noticed large white blisters on both of my hands and I felt out of sorts. Sometime during the night whilst I was asleep most of the blisters burst, and one or two remaining burst during the day and a clear fluid like water came out. I felt better after that. The blisters were the size of a three-penny piece and were pure white."

(Source: Letter from observer, dated 29/7/59 to the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society(AFSRS)-Victorian Branch)
Close to the horizon a "strange orange coloured light?from which flashed vivid lightning." "I was able to make out the shape of that which it emanated. It was like a blunt-nosed torpedo and the orange light was in the ‘propeller’ end, and thirdly, the speed at which the shape was travelling."

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