Flying Saucer May be Venus SYDNEY, Friday.
Source: The Canberra Times Saturday 27 May 1950 NEW
The mystery of the "flying saucers" may, have been solved by a Trans-Australia Airlines pilot, who saw a "saucer" about 30 miles south-coast of Sydney early to-day. The pilot, Captain Gordon Savage, believes the "saucer" he saw was an illusion created by the planet Venus rising above the horizon.

Professor of Physics at Sydney University, Professor Love, said that Captain Savage's theory might be the explanation of flying saucers. The Government Astronomer, Mr. Wood, commented: "Captain Savage has no doubt given correct and level-headed explanation of the saucer." , Mr. Wood said that Venus could be seen anywhere either at night or in the daytime. Captain Savage is a former Air Force Group Captain and a D.F.C. winner. , The Civil Aviation Department and the R.A.A.F. are investigating his report of seeing "a very bright light, alternating in colour from red to white at. 15 second intervals." . , Captain Savage and First Officer F. E. Hastilow made an official report of the incident: "Flying in a northerly direction near Canbera, on our way to Sydney, we sighted to the eastward and above our aircraft a very powerful white light, which alternated at 15 second intervals to a red' light. "We were, flying at 3,000 ft . We continued to watch for a while. It seemed to be proceeding on the same course as we were but at a considerably "faster speed. "Captain Savage climbed to 5,000 feet to get a better look at the phenomenon, which was drawing away from us at a high speed, and eventually disappeared into a veil of atmosphere, very much as a headlight disappears in a fog."

Ca.1950 NARRABEEN, NSW 1200hrs (DD)
NA 1993-0001
Glowing white, star sized object seen about midday by Ms H. and friend while lying on beach and looking at sky. Object was observed for about half an hour manoeuvring slowly at high altitude at an angle of about 45 degrees from horizon. Witness lost sight of object eventually due to the glare of the sun. UFORNSW

One night a ‘fairy-ring’ six to 7.5 metres across appeared on a small hill to the east of Bostobrick at the time of UFO sightings in the area. The grass was dead inside the circle and even though the field had been ploughed many times since, the ring was still visible in 1974. Bill Chalker

TA 1985-079
15 year old girl heard a buzzing noise and saw a large object, stationary at treetop level, cast a golden glow over the landscape. The object moved till it landed in a paddock beyond some houses. The percipient took flight and ran home to relate her experience, only to be severely reprimanded for making such bizarre statements. TUFOIC

MID 1950 EDWARSTOWN, SA 2130hrs (CE1)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number Callin Code 3791 Reported 27.12.04
Elizabeth of South Australia recalls reading of a sighting in Glenelg in the mid 1950s. It was mentioned on the front page of The Advertiser, the following day. Standing on the intersection of Byron Street and Jetty Road, the witness (18) and several relatives saw the object hovering over the opposite corner, oval in shape, not flashing but like the bottom of a large saucer. It was a pale white or pearl colour and the witnesses were vaguely aware of a high pitch sound. Slowly it disappeared upwards. An uncle then said, “lets go home”. The witness claimed it did not frighten them and was quite ‘terse’ to think it had left so soon. It was not thought to be man-made.

Elizabeth found a report on the SA listings of a group travelling in a car on Jetty Road, Glenelg, around the same time, witnessing the same event. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

JUNE 1950 GEELONG, VIC 1530hrs (CE1)
One Tuesday in June, Fred Bepps, a former flying instructor, sighted a round disc, bronze on top and silver underneath, after being alerted by his four year old son. The object was moving southwards in eerie silence at an estimated 1000 mph and leaving behind it a trail of blue vapour or smoke.

23 year old Alex Holland, an experienced airplane pilot, was in bed on the verandah of his farm. Noticing a bright light outside, he thought at first it was a car approaching the farm and got up to see who the visitor was.

"But there was no car when I looked out. I was going back to bed when I saw a shining disc rise from the horizon in the south, fly high overhead and disappear over the eastern horizon. Six more followed in quick succession. They all went in the same direction except one. It turned sharply and went back where it came from. Each one looked a bit bigger than a full moon. They were all the same size and travelled at terrific speed and at a great height".

07.12.50 MARYBOROUGH, QLD 2000hrs (CE1)
A number of residents saw a bright blue saucer make a wide sweep over the town at about 8pm, travelling northwards with rocket-like speed. A few minutes later it returned at low level, then started climbing almost vertically to an estimated 8000ft before once again disappearing to the north. Its speed was estimated at between 400-500 mph.

At least a dozen mothers seeing their children off on a school bus swore they saw an oval object, about eighteen feet by twenty feet, and making a slight buzzing sound.

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