Captain B L Jones, a commercial airline pilot, saw a flying ‘fishbowl’ just south of Mackay. The object appeared to have a illuminated glass dome. It manoeuvred fast round the airliner, then crossed its path and disappeared in the west. Later a man named Overell who was in charge of the Mackay airport control tower and a radio operator, Frank Hines, also reported seeing the same object.

Source: Barrier Truth (Broken Hill/09.06.66)
Two men out driving took photos of a saucer-shaped object hovering a metre above an electricity pole less than 30 metres away. They estimate it was 9 metres in diameter, with circular windows around the top section. Projecting from the under surface were three ‘pods’. The object left at speed. Later the men claimed that the RAAF had confiscated all but one print.

Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey

Two men reported being followed by a metre diameter bright light, which was accompanied by a smaller dullish-red one. As their truck approached the light, it shot into the air, circled and followed them. When the two men stopped, the object landed 60 metres away, but they did not investigate further.

02.01.53 BERRI, SA
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p126.
A 2m long ‘animal", with a scaly body, reportedly hissed from a tree, at a group of residents. The animal leapt from sight.

05.03.53 QUORN, SA (CE1)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p126.
A disk shaped, silver coloured object moved at high speed and at a high altitude over the town. There were two male witnesses to this sighting

04.04.53 NUMURKAH, VIC
The man, who withheld his name because he feared being ridiculed, was amongst a crowd of people outside a church waiting for the bride to enter. The wedding was at Numurkah, a country town about 133 miles north of Melbourne. The man had his Retina II camera set to shoot a photograph of the bride when he noticed a strange conical-shaped object moving rapidly high in the sky. He managed to turn quickly enough to snap quite a clear picture of the object. The day in question was fine with a little scattered white cloud. His camera was set at 1/250, f8 and about fifteen feet.

Source: The Canberra Times Wednesday 27 May 1953

Aborigines at Garden Point mission, near the Northernmost tip of Australia, have reportered seeing a "flying saucer."

An unidentified object flying at "tremendous speed" was seen in the sky at daylight over Shark Bay, Melville Island, a few days ago.

The natives called Brother G Clark, mission superintendent, who also saw the object. Brother Clark and the natives said they all saw a "flying saucer" in level flight, trailing flame and smoke, as it disappeared northward. Brother Clark has reported the incident to naval intelligence. The natives had not previously heard of a "flying saucer."

Following several UFO sightings a hiker who happened to be walking through the area of these reports saw a group of several ‘man-like’ forms clothed in ‘space-suits’. They seemed to be searching the ground with strange metal device.

24.07.53 WOOMERA, SA 0145hrs (NL)
Source: 1954 Turner report
White oval light (detected by doppler) Overhead, moving NW then SE. Speed greater than 80 degrees/minute. Dimensions 10-12 feet.

29.07.53 WOOMERA, SA 1030-1530hrs (IFO)
Source: 1954 Turner report
White round objects at high elevation. X10 binoculars used. Brief intervals Many witnesses. (Thistles).

Whilst watching and filming a peculiar cloud build up into a thick mass of cumulus, Mr Drury (Director of Civil Aviation in PNG at the time) saw a metallic object like a silver dart, which was shot out of the cloud in an upwards direction. It was elongated like a bullet and subtended about 2.5 centimetres at arm’s length. No fins or wings were visible. It had a clear-cut, dense white vapour trail and there was no associated sound. The entire event was caught on eight-millimetre movie film. It is understood that the RAAF investigated the incident and analysed the film.

09.10.53 CAULFIELD, VIC 1550hrs
Grey-white filaments which had a tendency to disintegrate on handling, and which left no traces, were found. Analysis determined that they consisted of a nylon-like amorphous mass, with traces of Mg, Ca, B and Si. Since then the material, some of which was collected and stored in an air-tight container has shrunk from a metre to 2.5 centimetres without leaving a residue.

15.10.53 EYRE PENINSULA, SA 0404hrs 2mins 2wits (NL)
Source: 1954 Turner report
White light. Level ahead. Moving E. Official explanation: TAA aircraft rear light.

14.11.53 WOOMERA, SA 0145hrs 1wit (NL)
Source: National Archives of Australia. File D174, control symbol SA 5281. Adelaide Office. Statements of observer.
Sighting of a "glare" believed to be an aircraft.

22/23.11.53 WOOMERA, SA (NL)
Source: RAAF papers located in U.S. Project Blue Book files. Ref: 8/110/2/WRA
Three groups of residents reported objects:

Shaped like an inverted saucer, green/teal in colour, travelling in a northerly direction at speed, emitting bluish coloured exhausts from rear and sides. Witnesses: two

b. 23 NOV 90km out of WOOMERA 0200hrs
Saw a bluish green circular object in the sky travelling northwards at high speed. One male witness.

c. 23 NOV 0230hrs
Bright object proceeding north at high speed. One male witness.

d. 23 NOV 0315hrs
What appeared to be two flares dropped vertically to a position NW of the lake 15miles from Pimba on Port Augusta road. Colour was orange turning to pale blue. One male witness.

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