Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3789 Reported 27.12.04
Witness was 16 years old at the time. Looked up and there were the stars of a clear night and a shape like a squashed up submarine. Turned on it's side and showed underside of a circle of lights. no flashing. No sound. South Western sky. moved non even. Darted with severe 90 degree turns.Australian Silky terrier fur stood straight up but never radted or barked totally out of character. Sighting lasted only 5 mins. Adamant of what she saw, but no one believd her. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

MID 1950s GLENELG, SA 2130hrs (CE1)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3791 Reported 27.12.04
Elizabeth of South Australia recalls reading of a sighting in Glenelg in the mid 1950s. It was mentioned on the front page of The Advertiser, the following day. Standing on the intersection of Byron Street and Jetty Road, the witness (18) and several relatives saw the object hovering over the opposite corner, oval in shape, not flashing but like the bottom of a large saucer. It was a pale white or pearl colour and the witnesses were vaguely aware of a high pitch sound. Slowly it disappeared upwards. An uncle then said, “lets go home”. The witness claimed it did not frighten them and was quite ‘terse’ to think it had left so soon. It was not thought to be man-made.

Elizabeth found a report on the SA listings of a group travelling in a car on Jetty Road, Glenelg, around the same time, witnessing the same event.
Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

1955 nr EUCLA, WA/SA BORDER (DO + Entity)
Source: Daily Telegraph (Sydney/02.08.55)
Three young men returned to Melbourne with what they said was the picture of an entity. They said they saw a shiny object falling to the ground. After an hour’s search they found jagged pieces of shining metal and saw a moving figure fifty metres away. It was said to resemble a frog from the back and a semi-human from the front. It had a green cloak hanging to just below the knees. Its feet and hands were armour plated. After photos were taken the thing ‘disintegrated’ before their eyes.

Australian ufologist Bill Chalker indicated that the image reproduced in the newspaper appeared to be an out of focus image of something vaguely humanoid in shape, only the background is in focus, whereas the foreground and the figure are not. He notes that it gives the impression of some sort of doll, perhaps on a dashboard, photographed with the camera focused on the background, that the image is far from impressive and certainly does not add to the credibility of the story.


Bill Chalker discusses an unconfirmed "Eucla helicopter saga" involving a flying saucer chasing a car in 1954 and explains that some investigators have linked it to a bizarre story carried in the Sydney newspaper the Daily Telegraph for August 2, 1955, although the two cases are different in many respects.

He indicates that one investigator, Colin McCarthy, kept no record of the original interview he secured with one of the alleged witnesses, but felt he was Peter Johnson, one of the witnesses cited in the newspaper 1955 story.

Bill Chalker indicates that the story was rather queer and absurd, and had not been substantiated, was a fragmentary story accompanying a rather poor photo that was presented as the "THING FROM OUTER SPACE".

He provides the newspaper story:

"Three young men returned to Melbourne with the picture of what they said was a flying saucer pilot. One of them took the photograph about 14 miles from Eucla, on the South Australian border."

"This is the story that Max Clow, 23, Alex Rose, 29, and Peter Johnson, 25, told:"

"They were driving through flat country covered by scrub and tall trees when they heard what they thought was a blowout and stopped to look at the tyres. Then Johnson pointed out a shiny object falling to the ground about three miles away."

"After an hour's search they found jagged pieces of shining metal and then saw a moving figure 50 yards away. They went closer and watched the figure for about 25 minutes."

"Clow said: 'It was like a frog from the back and a semi-human from the front, with a green cloak hanging to just above its knees. The two curved horns on each side of its head gave it a devilish appearance. Its feet and hands were armour-plated and, to make it worse, it was wriggling and swaying like a fish out of water.'"

"Rose then plucked up his courage, moved nearer, and took photographs."

"'Then to our amazement, it began to disintegrate before our eyes,' said Clow."

Bill Chalker notes that the photo reproduced in the newspaper appears to be an out of focus image of something vaguely "humanoid" in shape, with only the background (trees?) in focus, while the foreground and the figure (?) are not. He notes that in fact it gives the impression of some sort of doll, perhaps on a dashboard, photographed with the camera focused on the background. The photo is far from impressive and certainly does not add to the credibility of a fantastic story.

He notes that depending on your objectivity, beliefs and gullibility, it is possible to interpret the photo and story in numerous ways, but in the end the Eucla story and photo only serve to confuse the already confused other story of 1954.

1955 nr GOULBURN, NSW (CE1)
The percipient to the 11th December 1985 Queanbeyan NSW sighting gave brief, second hand details of a sighting by his now deceased parents. They were driving from Captain’s Flat to Goulburn when they saw a disc-shaped light about 12 metres away in a roadside paddock. The light was the same colour as a blue electric welding flash. His father initially slowed down the car, but then sped off in panic. The family recalls hearing of the Nowra military pilot UFO encounter at about the same time.

Source: Followup 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5133 Reported October 2005

Bob (58), living on the Gold Coast, related a couple of experiences that he had when living in NSW.

While walking to school (Marrs Brothers College) he saw a long scrap-metal looking cylindrical object. He described it as around 10-15 feet long and about 4 foot wide. It travelled at running pace, not very high above the ground. This sighting occurred between two buildings and when he emerged, the object had vanished. To this day, he is unsure whether he had witnessed this object or just a part of his young fertile imagination. Robert Frola AUFORN

22.04.55 TINTINARA, SA 0745hrs CE1)
Source: Australian Saucer Record(ASR) 1/2/8.
SA 1955-001
Glancing to the right, a man driving a car was surprised to see a 3 metre diameter silvery sphere, surrounded by a flange giving an overall width of 10 metres, which crossed some 3 metres behind the car. It turned and moved roughly parallel to the road and he followed it for 20-25 kilometres before it climbed rapidly into the sky. There were no portholes or markings visible. UFORSA

Thomas Robinson and two other farmers saw a ‘light’, trailing flames, land briefly five times. The farm dogs ran out barking as it landed within 100 metres of the witnesses.

Source: CUFOS Trace
White filaments were seen falling to the ground at the time of a UFO sighting.

Location: Georges River, Oyster Bay, New South Wales
Date: 1955

Source: John Hay's UFOINFO.com
I'm writing this email for my father, do you have any reports.

I lived on the Georges River in a boathouse. It was Wards Crescent,which was the closest little village was Oyster Bay. Georges River. Oyster Bay. Which the nearest big town at that time was Como, which is not far from Sydney. I think, 1955.

I was seven or eight years old. Eight I think. I heard this noise and I walked out on the veranda of the boathouse and a football, a rugby football-shaped metal flying object went directly over head, fairly slowly. Maybe 100 mph or something, with some sort of loud engine noise like a jet perhaps, and flew directly over my house and across the Georges River.

I didn't think much of it at the time. But the next day, a young friend visited me and asked if I had seen the flying saucer, and I realized then that's what he was talking about. I never followed up on it, but I wonder now if there were any reports in the newspaper and I wonder if it might have been the Vampire Jet, which had a fuselage similar to what I saw. It was maybe 15 feet long, maybe. Seven or eight feet in diameter. That's all I can tell you.

Were there any newspaper accounts or did this receive any publicity or mention at the time? Many people must have seen it. There weren't many jets at the time, and this thing wasn't very high - maybe a couple hundred feet. I think there were Vampire Jets then. If there weren't, well, I saw something that didn't exist!

Anything you could tell us would be great. You can email us at this address, or feel free to call my father.

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