1956 ALICE SPRINGS, NT 1400hrs (CE1)
Max Cartwright, now 71 had a sighting in 1956 of a single object over his house near Roper River in the N.T. The slow moving object was sighted at 2am, no duration given. The object was described as long (s bit longer than a semi), dark with glowing windows. The object first appeared directly over Max’s house and made a high frequency screaming noise as it moved to the north. The glowing, oval shaped windows attracted Max’s attention. The ordeal left Max feeling excited. Keith Douglass UFORAS.

Source: Barrier Truth (Broken Hill/10.06.66)
A man photographed a UFO hovering in the sky. The picture shown in the source shows a typical disc with dome.

1956 or 1957 Bet. Scales BAY & STREAKY BAY, SA 0000hrs (NL)
Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3954(?) Reported 05.04.05
In 1956 or 1957 at midnight one Saturday, Noel and his wife were driving home to Scales Bay from Streaky Bay after a night out at the movies. About twelve miles out of Streaky Bay, Noel noticed what appeared to be a red tail light of a car in front of him. He thought this was odd because the road was fairly straight, there wasn’t a side entry road and the light appeared out of nowhere. He decided to speed up to get a better look but as soon as he did this the light sped up at the same rate, so Noel eased back on the accelerator. When he slowed down the light slowed down, when he sped up the light sped up. It was as if the light was mimicking his movements.

At the store in Calca, he turned on to a road leading to his homestead at Scales Bay. At this time no one else lived on this road except for Noel and Melva, but the light was still ahead of them, which he thought was very unusual at midnight in the middle of nowhere on a road where he was the only resident.

About half a mile along the Scales Bay road the red light took off at great speed out to sea. I asked Noel why he had waited so long to report this sighting and he explained that he had heard Dominic MacNamara (AUFORN, AURA Adelaide) on ABC radio and this prompted him to call.
Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

Source: Melbourne Argus (Melbourne, Victoria)
Farmer Mr T.P. Leeson discovered two perfectly round circles on his property near Goomalling. They were 3.6 metres across, close together and adjacent to a large area of uncleared land. Although rich grass grew in the paddock these circles were bare, until the following year when they ploughed the paddock.

07.07.56 SYDNEY (CREMORNE), NSW 1200-1300hrs
Mr Alan Light, of Lloyd Ave, Cremorne and other residents had noticed two unusual objects in the sky that day. Mr Light, who was a radar equipment operator with the RAAF in WW2, said: “The objects had a metallic appearance and gave off a bright light. They appeared between noon and 1pm in the afternoon. They were about 2000ft up and were almost stationary. The objects disappeared for about an hour but one of them re-appeared again about 2.10pm. They weren’t aircraft nor were they weather balloons - I’ve seen plenty of them”..

An RAAF plane flew over North Sydney to investigate. However, the pilot found no explanation for the sighting of the objects.

A silver grey ‘bullet’ was noticed descending to the ground, by a lady. It then flew slowly up the slope of her drive at a 3 metre altitude. The object appeared to be solid, and had no wings or ‘landing gear’. Size was put at 6 metres long with a ‘cabin’ and an attachment at the back.

07.12.56 TAMBAR SPRINGS, NSW 1215hrs (DO)
Source: Pages 71-67 & 81-85 on digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 1.Original file reference 5/1/air (11a)

Heard jet engines and saw object in E “coming down.” White in colour. “Disk shaped” and spinning. “At one stage a wing was visible, appeared to have one wing on one side.” Then “…went straight up until it became a speck in the sky. It then went to the East, and straight up out of sight.” Duration: 10 minutes. Witnesses: Two. AURA

Received 12th August 2008 - New

JULY/AUGUST 1956 DARWIN (NT) middle of day (DL)

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mr. Keith x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 15 to 20 minutes
Number of Objects: 1
Size: star size
Colour: white

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

I was lying on Mindel beach in Darwin just lying there in the middle of the day it was a very clear sky looking upwards there was star just has you would see
a star at night this star was in the time, it was just there straight up. It did not move it was there for 1/4 of an hour 20 minutes. I watched it on and off then all of sudden it was gone.


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