Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 3680 Reported 20.08.06
Graham was phoning in after a visit back to his hometown at Woomera. The visit reminded him of when he was about 7-8 years old and when at school during the day Graham witnessed some UFOs. (this was back in the 1960's)

Graham stated that the UFOs were a disc like shape, approx the size of an old 2 cent coin at arms length. There were about a dozen of these zipping around in the sky in random directions, not always in formation to one another. Some were a greyish color while others were black. There were also plenty of other kids who also witnessed this happening-approximately 100 children. He couldn't remember exactly the date/year, he was only a child. But he definitely remembers what he saw. Graham was reading up on some recent news about some files released re: 'UFOs in Woomera', so he decided to call the hotline. Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 3592 Reported 19.11.05
David has been living in the Somers area since 1998. On a few occasions he has seen something with a regular bright flash, like a strobe or a camera flash, moving and flashing about every twelve seconds. It doesn’t seem to be anything in orbit. It is sometimes seen in and around various constellations. He has always seen this with the naked eye. It usually moves off and disappears.

He also recounted how he saw something in 1960, over a sperm whale’s head on the Ninety Mile Beach. It was a very bright light which was skimming above the sand dunes, then disappeared. There was no vehicular access in the area in those days. He still wonders what it might have been. George Simpson, AUFORN VIC

17.03.60 KANGAROO ISLAND, SA 1900hrs
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p139.
Orange flare like object seen.

14.05.60 MT GAMBIER, SA 1850hrs (CE1)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p139.
SA 1960-001
A man reported that a 3m diameter red light had paced his car. The object "?appeared and stayed in front of his vehicle for fifteen miles." Two Police constables searched the area but found nothing. UFORSA

20.05.60 SA 2030hrs (NL)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p140.
A rocket-like object with a yellow tail travelled soundlessly across the sky. Was brighter and larger than any star in the sky. Seen as well from Mt Gambier.

13.06.60 ADELAIDE (PROSPECT), SA 2000hrs
Source: Adelaide "Advertiser" 14.06.60; Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p140.
Yellow-red object trailing light travelled from SE to NW. Duration: 30 seconds.

Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p140.
Bright object moved NE to SW until it went out.

Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p140. Wrong date. Adelaide "Advertiser" of 26.07.63 has this story as a recent event
Object glowing like the Sun was sighted travelling at speed from NE to SW, trailing a brilliant white light. He believed it crashed into the sea as he heard the then calm sea "roar" for 30 seconds.

24.07.60 ADELAIDE (PARA HILLS), SA 2100hrs (NL)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p140.
A red light was seen going W, gaining altitude.

AUGUST 1960 BELMONT, NSW 0130-0200hrs
Awoken by a buzzing noise a lady looked outside and saw a bright light coming from a round object. She then noted a ‘person’ 1-1.5 metres tall, average build, normal humanoid appearance, wearing a dull olive green skin-tight suit with a helmet and white/grey footwear approaching the house, looking at the ground. When he was three metres away she went to get someone else. When they returned nothing was in view.

04.10.60 CRESSY, TAS 1810hrs
Source: Pages 19-29, 32, 34 ,54-55 and 59 on digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 2. Original file reference 704/1/P1 (2A) Hobart. [Astronomical]; AURA
TA 1960-002
A Church of England minister, the Rev Lionel Browning of Cressy and his wife saw on Tuesday evening early in October, several objects.

“We saw the objects about three or four miles away. We were looking east through the rectory window at a rainbow when my wife spotted a grey, cigar-shaped object emerging from the rainstorm. The object was about 300ft long and had a dull surface. Any noise from it would have been drowned by the wind. At first I thought it must have been refracted light, but the thing had too much substance. It was travelling below fifty mph and was certainly no normal aircraft because it was moving below stalling speed. After about a minute the ship stopped. It hovered about three miles from us. Then out of the clouds, above and behind, came shooting five or six small discs. They moved at terrific speed towards the big ship. They came like stones skipping on water. They looked like real saucers - flat underneath with a dome on top. They stationed around the mother ship. Then all moved back into the cloud from which the ship had appeared. It seemed to me the ship was travelling in thick rain clouds and shed its protection for a short time. I checked with the airport people but there were definitely no planes near Cressy at that time.”

Two hours after the sighting outlying residents of Cressy were disturbed by explosions no one could account for. They shook houses and were followed by rumblings and vibrations.

NOTE: No satisfactory explanations was ever made either for the explosions or the UFOs. An RAAF report on the sightings after the Brownings were interviewed stated that in reality the spaceships were ‘phenomena as a result of a moon rise associated with meteorological conditions at the time. TUFOIC

Source: Pages 44-45 on digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 2.[Astronomical]
A USAF JB-57 aircraft crew operating out of RAAF East Sale reported seeing an unusual object. The aircraft was at 40,000 feet at 350 knots flying a heading of 340 degrees. The object was estimated to be at 35,000 feet heading 140 degrees at high speed. It disappeared under the aircraft’s left wing. The pilot banked the plane but they did not re-establish visual. In colour the object was said to be ?rather translucent.? ?There were no sharp edges but rather fuzzy.? The size was estimated at 90 feet in diameter, and it did not appear to have any depth to it. Duration: 5-7 Seconds. AURA

21.12.60 ADELAIDE, SA (NL)
Adelaider "Advertiser" 22.12.60
Mystery object reported travelling NW to NE.

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