1964 nr.BABINDA, QLD bet.0100 & 0500hrs
QB 1978-033
An ex-sugar cane loco driver related an old sighting of an unusual object he saw between 1.00 and 5.00am in 1964 (exact date unknown) while driving his locomotive.

"....Had come across Babinda Creek bridge and round a bend, as the loco straightened up the lights (on the loco) picked up the object, it was a silver, cigar shape with a highly polished surface. It seemed to be about 1/2 a mile away in the air just above tree level and hovering."

"At this time loco's were mounted with two lights, one pointing down and one pointing up in the air to illuminate towed cane trucks. As they came over a hill, the lights illuminated and reflected off the object."

Almost as soon as the object was struck by these lights a red glow issued from one end and the object took off like a bondi-tram to the south-south-east. Mr T stated further that the object was about the size of a DC-9 aircraft and he heard no sound above the loco's engines.

1964 DERWENT BRIDGE, TAS 2130hrs (CE1)
TA 1984-012
Mrs R and a passenger were driving towards Queenstown. They observed three silvery-grey, tear-shaped objects flying northwards at thirty degrees elevation. The objects were in a horizontal line formation and the leading object appeared much larger than the following two. At Derwent Bridge, the objects were at the observer’s zenith and had changed to cigar shapes. After telephoning her husband, Mrs R returned to find the objects had disappeared. Mrs R thought the objects were beautiful and relaxing whilst the passenger felt fear during the thirty-five minutes of the sighting. TUFOIC

Source: Pages 226-228 on digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 4.Original reference BS5/6/Air (91). Darwin. [Unknown]
A compass on board a boat behaved erratically over a lengthy period of time. A strange light was seen in the water. ?Ghostly white light, in the centre was a shadow which rotated in a clockwise direction causing the light to pulsate?it is estimated that it was miles across and a few hundred yards through.? Another light patch approached, then another. At 0300hrs the compass finally settled down. Duration: Five minutes. Witnesses: 5 males. AURA

Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p143.
Police constables Payne and McMillan reported seeing a "…bright globular object zig-zagged rapidly, slowed down and then accelerated at fantastic speed. The object came from the west then swiftly turned towards the north and vanished."

Source: Adelaide "Advertiser" 22.02.64
A grazier telephoned the Adelaide "Advertiser" newspaper from the Salt Creek post office to report that "…a 200 foot flying saucer had followed his car along a quiet stretch of highway near Tilley Swamp, 30 miles north of Kingston…It was at least three chains long (200ft) and it made a noise similar to a high-pitched generator whine. At 6.17 exactly I was driving along and I heard this sound. I looked out to the right hand side of the road and I saw this great big shadow. It seemed to be going along with me. It seemed to be hanging there like it was on a cord. It seemed to be a silvery kind of colour. I only saw it for a couple of seconds and then it moved off and then took off at an incredible speed."

03.02.64 GUM CREEK, SA 0230hrs (CE3)
Source: Keith Basterfield, John Burford, Peter Horne, Garry Little, Paul Johnson & Tony Rundle
SA 1964-004
A farmer’s wife awoke to suddenly see a ‘man’ holding a ‘black box’ in the front garden. Described as a male humanoid about 162 centimetres, brown balaclava helmet, blue/green overalls, brown open jacket, the figure walked towards where the woman was looking through the window. She slipped down into bed and fell asleep. UFORSA

19.02.64 GUM CREEK, SA (CE1)
SA 1964-001
The same percipient as the 3rd Feb 1964 event observed an object approach the house, and hover close by it. She saw a ‘man’ standing at a ‘wooden railing’ inside the object. It eventually departed into the sky. Keith Basterfield UFORSA

29.02.64 PLYMPTON, SA 1400hrs (CE3)
Source: AFSRS; FSR 16/4/32
SA 1964-002
A young boy reportedly saw a large oval ‘saucer’ descending into a paddock, in a busy suburb in broad daylight. A tall figure emerged from it and walked around for a while before re-entering it. The object took off, observed by the initial witness and an another young boy. Investigation has cast some doubts on the account. Keith Basterfield UFORSA

13.03.64 SALT CREEK, SA (CE1)
A farmer was followed by a seventy metre long object, near Tilley Swamp. A ‘noise similar to a high pitched generator whine’ was heard, following which the object took off at great speed.

05.06.64 WOOMERA, SA (PHOTO)
Source: FSR Sep/Oct 1964 p 4.
This photograph was taken at the launching of a Blue Streak rocket, and shows an oval blob of light near the rocket. A black and white print in the Flying Saucer Review was apparently from a colour movie.

02.08.64 WITTENOOM, WA (CE1)
Residents called police to say they had observed a cigar-shape lined with windows which shone with red, white, orange, and yellow lights. There was a red tail, and it was about 50 metres long, being only some 10 metres above the ground.

Source: Phillip Ainsworth, UFO Society Western Society
Shape: saucer
Size: 4-6metres width
Objects: 1 saucer
Colour: lights, no colours
Sound: humming
Speed: slow
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Direction : landing at a 35 degree angle
Witnesses: Anna, (boy next door also saw being in his room)

In 1964, between the months of October to November, the subject was living with her parents at Villawood. At that time, the subject was 11 years of age. She claims to have gone to bed at about 10pm, shortly before the parents had. Approximately 15-20 minutes later, the subject had noticed a "deep humming" sound coming from the back yard. She immediately looked out her bedroom window to investigate. The subject claims to have sighted a disc shaped object slowly descending. The structure itself appeared to be at an approximate 35-degree angle (same angle of descent) at about 6-8 meters from the ground.

The object appeared to be slightly illumines with 4 apparent lights located in sections around the objects lower rim. However there were other faint lights projected towards the landing site, (lighting up the garden beneath) its source was not visible but appeared to have come from the under section of the object. The object then levelled itself and landed in the subject’s back yard between the two-side neighbours fence.

The distinctive "deep humming" sound then ceased. She claims that the object was the size of her current lounge room (4-6 metres in width) and silvery in colour. The object was described to be a "round saucery shape". In all, the subject watched the event for approximately 2 minutes before going back to bed in fear. She then immediately fell asleep. The following morning (a Sunday), the subject woke up to hear her father upset about his burnt garden. For the coming years, her parents had difficulties growing any vegetation with in the vicinity of the apparent landing area. The subject also claims that a "tennis ball sized bottomless hole" was discovered in the neighbours back yard, next to the fence.

The neighbour’s son called Kevin who was 8-10 years old at the time of the event claims to have seen unusual humanoid life forms in his room (little green men). Kevin refuses to be interviewed. However, Phil and I met the mother Mrs Schofield on 5/9/00 after taking soil samples in Anna’s mother’s back yard at the alleged landing site in Villawood. Mrs Schofield lives at number 24. Mrs Schofield claims that Kevin, who is now 44 years of age, told her how there was this little man (3.5-4 ft tall) with an exceptionally large head and thin body stood in his room (which at the time faced the back yard) staring at him. The boy said he was frightened and drew his head under the blanket. Shortly after he peered out to see if the figure had disappeared. It had not. Finally the boy became so frightened, he jumped out of his bed and snuck in to his sisters bed who was lying next to Kevin, asleep.

The boy drew his sisters blanket over his head, only to check on the figure shortly after. It was still watching the boy. Kevin drew the blanket over himself and fell asleep. We asked Mrs Schofield if Kevin could contact us through e-mail or phone call. We are still waiting to hear from Kevin. Regarding the landing, there were no other witnesses and the back yard was not illuminated by any other external lighting.

The subject suffers from migraines and is light and heat sensitive. She claims to have had spiritual encounters (being held down in her bed some years later and released after closing her eyes and praying). Also feels a sense of paranoia as if something or some things are watching her. She says to have seen dark figures with large eyes embeded in the wall of her previous residence. Subject collects statues of Siamese cats with large heads and large tear shaped eyes and thin bodies. She says that she collects them, but dislikes them and feels uncomfortable when they are in front of her or "when they stare" at her. The subject seems to be immune to common colds, viruses etc. Phillip Ainsworth UFOSWS

Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3795 27.12.04
Exactly one year later on a Friday night in November 1964, Gordon Atze and Alfred arrived in Pinnaroo. Gordon was very agitated and could hardly talk. It was in broad daylight when they saw a large circular craft hovering above. It tracked them for three quarters of a mile. They accelerated up to 60 mph. The vehicle above them tracked until they were almost at the point of the previous year’s sighting, then it suddenly shot upwards. Ross points out that the second sighting was a mile behind where he had his sighting.

Another sighting in the Mallee District, about a hundred miles from these sightings is reported in an advertiser or wireless report at the same time stating that a policeman and councilman out walking just before dark on a Sunday night, east of Pernong, saw a large circular craft hovering above an open field. They walked towards it. Suddenly it shot up at great speed. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

Near Glenraigh, an abandoned railway crossing has provided accounts of ‘ghost’ lights. Bill Chalker

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