1966 FORESTER, NSW 2130hrs
Source: PUFORG Newsletter
A Mr M Bishenden reports that on a hot night in Forester he and a friend went for a drive. Approaching a paddock they noticed a circular shaped object in a clearing. Two "searchlights" came from the object - sky-wards. It had rectangular windows which emitted red pulsating light. After twenty minutes a figure suddenly appeared from nowhere. It was some 240cm tall, had a conical shaped head, was luminous and carried its right hand on its hip. The figure proceeded to float towards the witnesses who left at high speed.


Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 4871 Reported 14.07.05
R. (56) wanted to report strange encounters he has had since the age of five years when he lived in Parkerville West, Western Australia, and from that age he can remember seeing strange things.

One encounter happened about fifty years ago when R. had gone to bed and was watching what he thought was the moon. He called his mother to “come and look at the moon as it was getting closer”, but she told him not to be silly and get to sleep.

“I lay there watching as the moon got closer to the window and the ground. It was a big whitish ball of light outside my window. The only thing I remember after that was going to sleep and waking in the morning.” He continued to say, “All my life I’ve had strange paranormal influences like precognition which scares the hell out of me as most of what I see in my mind like earthquakes, tsunami, plane crashes, come true. My first wife thought what was happening was satanic and couldn’t accept there might be an alien side to all the happenings, so she left me as she thought I was going crazy. She was very religious.”

He recalls an experience he shared with his brother when he was fifteen which they have never been able to forget.

On night he and his brother had made arrangements to visit a friend’s place fifteen minutes down the road at Parkerville West. “On the way down the road we both noticed a strange atmospheric occurrence in the sky, the sky appeared to be filled with horizontal beams of light. We both said, ‘lets lay on our backs on the road to get a better look at what was going on’ so we did. While lying side-by-side, head-to-head, something strange must have happened. It was like we had gone to sleep on the road. When we woke, we weren’t lying head-to-head, we were head-to-toe. I was having a hard time gathering my thoughts when my brother just jumped up screaming and running off down the road, me, I had my arms out stretched to the sky, shouting ‘don’t go I haven’t seen how your engines work yet’. My brother was really upset. He kept screaming at me ‘what happened’. When we got to our mate’s place over an hour and half had passed. He was also really upset with us because he was expecting us in fifteen minutes, not an hour and a half later. We didn’t dare say why we were late, I mean how do you tell your mate you’ve fallen asleep on the road or even worse been taken away by something. They’d think you’re crazy. We didn’t want that kind stuff getting out about us.”

R. continued: “Strange things have happened to me all my life my kids see things. My daughter, who lives with her mum, tells me she sees ghosts moving around the house. My son when he was fifteen disappeared from our house. We found him naked on a beach with no idea of how he got there other than he said he had a dream of something coming into his bedroom. This scared… me as this was something I knew I couldn’t control. I couldn’t stop what was happening, I’m supposed to be the one who keeps the family safe but how do you do that with a force you can see coming.”

We finished there as R. had to pickup his son from school. This investigation is on-going and we have made arrangements to visit R. in a few weeks. Diane Frola AUFORN

A number of circular ‘nests’ were found during a two month period from February to March 1966. One was four metres across, and about six were 2-2.5 metres in diameter. Bill Chalker

01.01.66 NARRABRI, NSW 2100hrs
Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey
A brilliant disc was reported manoeuvring and diving upon a car. It then skimmed across the field and was lost to view.

19.01.66 KATANNING, NSW 0030hrs
A Mr L Marshall noticed a large object hovering 16 metres above the ground. Its top revolved and emitted a bright red, yellow and green light. Finally it ascended to 640 metres, soaring off with a hissing sound.

19.01.66 EURAMO, QLD 0900hrs
Source: UFORQLD; Sun Herald, Sydney (23.01.66); AFSR, no.9; UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey, pp.110-111 & 115; pp164-169 & 175 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 5. Original ref: 5/2/1/Air (6) Penrith; AURA
Mr George Pedley, 27 year old banana grower, made the sighting at about 9am, Wednesday, whilst driving a tractor across his neighbour’s (Mr. Albert Pennisi’s) property at Euramo, Tully, north QLD.

Mr. Pedley stated that he was within 25 yards of Horseshoe Lagoon when he saw a vapour-like, blue-grey object, about twenty feet across, nine feet high and shaped like a saucer - that is of convex shape top and bottom, rise up from the reeds. It spun at a terrific rate as it rose vertically to about sixty feet then made a shallow dive and rose sharply. Travelling at fantastic speed, it headed off in a south-easterly direction. He saw no portholes, antennae or sign of life either in or about the ship. His attention was first drawn to the object by a loud, hissing noise heard above the noise of the tractor. Except for the original hissing noise no other sound was heard and the total time of observation was no more than four seconds. He jumped from the tractor and ran across to the lagoon, pushing his way through the six or seven foot tall sword grass growing along the water’s edge, he immediately observed out in the middle of the reeds, a large circular area of slowly rotating water which was completely devoid of reeds. He further saw near the edge of the still slowly swirling water, a patch of giant water couch grass, about a square yard of which had apparently been clipped short, and the clippings removed. After a few minutes he returned to the tractor. Started the motor and went on his way. When questioned later, Mr. Pedley was adamant about restarting the tractor, but could not remember whether or not he switched the motor off, stalled it when stopping whether it just ‘cut out’ when he left it. But is quite certain that the motor was dead when he returned and clearly remembers restarting it. Both the stalling and the cutting out were considered highly unlikely. Later that morning he came back past the lagoon and on further inspection saw for the first time the floating mass of reeds which had obviously come to the surface during his absence. The reeds were radially distributed in a noticeably anti-clockwise manner, and he was emphatic that at that time the reeds in the ‘nest’, as it came to be called, were quite green as were all other reeds in the lagoon. UFORQLD

22.01.66 COOKTOWN, QLD
(Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey)
QA 1966-004
On the night questioned, Police Sergeant Hagerty, driving his wife along a lonely road came across 76 centimetre diameter ‘bubbles’ floating above the road. He drove over them. UFORQLD

Two sightseers, Mr. Tom Warren and Mr. Hank Penning, took a walk around Horseshoe Lagoon and discovered two more ‘nests’. One appeared to be some days old, but the other only a few feet away, seemed reasonably fresh. They were about twenty-five yards apart, but hidden by dense scrub. The first nest is about thirty feet in diameter. The reeds are all flattened in clockwise direction and surrounded by healthy green reeds. The fresher one is only eight feet across. The reeds were flattened in an anti-clockwise direction. All the reeds were dead but they had not been scorched or burned. A patch of couch grass about four feet square and about three feet from the perimeter of the first disc has been clipped at water level.

Mr O’Shea, who lives on a cane farm about 10 miles from Tully, noticed an impression in the ground which was similar to that of Tully nests. An urgent business trip prevented him from undertaking any investigations.

Source: AFSR, no.9, p.22 (photo)
An almost symmetrical seven metre diameter circle of reeds were found to be swirled (not broken) in a clockwise direction in a swamp.

14.02.66 WOODBRIDGE, TAS 2130hrs
TA 1966-002
Rising from the ground a large orange-red glow crossed to land on a beach on Bruny Island. TUFOIC

22.02.66 EURAMO, QLD
QA 1966-003
A large silvery disc ten metres across swooped over the bush hut of a Mr Palcic. The object had flames underneath. UFORQLD

24.02.66 TULLY, QLD 2100hrs
QA 1966-005
An orange-blue light was reportedly seen above some trees,and appeared to be rotating. It drifted eastwards. UFORQLD

27.02.66 KEITH, SA 2200hrs (CE1)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p143.
SA 1966-008
Hovering several metres above a road, 5 miles north of keith, a saucer shape inverted over another saucer shape, was observed for a while, before it left at great speed. The witness stopped and noted a smell like ozone. The object was described as five metres in diameter and as having six bluish lights on one side. UFORSA

Source: pp140-142 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 5.
Sitting in a car he saw a white coloured object, rounded in front and blunt in the rear. There were no wings or tail. No noise. Thicker in front than back. Witnesses: 1 male. AURA

Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey, p.117
QA 1966-002
A TV went ‘on the blink’ as a very bright object approached, hovered, then returned in the direction from which it had come. It was oblong, 20 metres long, and was seen from 100 metres at the closest. Mangrove swamps over which it had moved were reported shrivelled and scorched. UFORQLD

29.03.66 ADELAIDE, SA 1830hrs (NL)
"Sunday Mail" 02.04.66.
An oval object, silver-grey in colour with a thick, dark outline was seen low over North Terrace buildings. Duration: 2 seconds.

29.03.66 WAUCHOPE, NSW 2100hrs
Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey, p.117
A brilliant large oval light with glowing red portholes passed silently by, dipped low then headed away.

02.04.66 BALWYN, VIC 1402hrs
Source: AFSR, no.5, July 1966; AFSR, no.6 December 1966
A VUFORS member took a Polaroid photograph of an object which was estimated to be six-seven metres across and 40 metres up in the air . It resembled a large mushroom with a stalk.

The members description of the incident is as follows: "It was a warm, clear day, and suddenly the whole garden became lit up. It was like a reflection from some huge mirror being shone on the garden. I looked up and saw an object bright and shining, coming towards me. It would have been 20 to 25ft in diameter and was about 120ft up in the air. It seemed to float down towards me. It resembled a big mushroom with a stalk pointing towards the earth. Then it spun through an 1800 angle on its vertical axis to take up the position in which I photographed it. Then it turned slowly through another 1800 on its horizontal axis, to bring the stalk facing me. From an almost stationary position it shot off northwards at terrific speed, accelerating to what seemed to be hundreds of miles an hour in seconds. I ran and got a carpenter who was working on the house. Seconds after it took off we heard a boom, similar to the sound jets make when going through the sound barrier."

NOTE: One interesting aspect of the photograph is a shading of pink discernible on the bottom part of the UFO. This appears to be a reflection of the pink tiles of the roof over which the UFO was apparently passing at the time the photograph was taken. VUFORS

Source: Maryborough Advertiser (15.04.66); AFSR, no.5, p.12, July 1966; AUFOR, no.10, December 1969, pp.28-29; Bill Chalker; UFO Research Australia Newsletter, May-Jume 1984
Driving along, a man was startled to see his car’s headlights veer hard right for no reason at all. He pulled up, and in the middle of the paddock saw an ice cream cone shaped column of light on the ground. It rose into the sky without a sound. The car’s headlights returned to normal. A saucer-shaped depression was found, where the light had been seen. It was 1.3 metres across, and fifteen centimetres deep, scooped out of sandy soil. No human or animal tracks were visible at the spot.

Three days later a 19-year-old youth died at that spot. A motorist travelling behind him said that he saw no reason for the youth to have swerved.

06.04.66 CLAYTON, VIC c1100hrs (WESTALL)
Source: AFSR, no.5, pp.13-14, July 1966; FSR 12(4):31; The Australian (10.08.78); Bill Chalker & Keith Basterfield
Science teacher Mr Greenwood and many other students at Westall High School, saw a silver object move about the sky and descend behind trees. It was said that as aircraft approached it, the thing tilted at a 45 degree angle and moved away, whilst minutes later, played tag with several light aircraft. In a paddock over which the object seemed to hover, the grass was crushed in an area eight-ten metres across. The man alleges he was ordered from the site by the military. Soon after the field was burnt.

A further nest was discovered soon after in a cane field close to Cairns (twenty-five miles north of Tully). Flattened stems lay in an oval-shaped area 70ft by 30ft. These were described by a horse-riding party as completely screened by standing cane.

An oval-shaped depression about 25 centimetres and seven metres by five metres was found in grass on a property.

Source: pp30-33 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 5. Original ref: 5/6/Air (139) Victoria Barracks. [Crop dusting aircraft]
An Air traffic Controller followed an unidentified radar target from 330 degrees azimuth to 280 degrees azimuth. "Ground speed observed between 0805/0814 = 87kts." "Echo signal strength was good-with the exception that between 0802 and 0804 the return was inconsistent"" Duration: 29 minutes. Witnesses" 1 male. AURA

10.05.66 MELBOURNE, VIC 0030Z (RADAR)
Source: p76 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 5. Original ref: 5/6/Air (130) Victoria barracks.
ATC reported trace on radar at range 140-150 miles bearing 261 degree True. Trace disappeared and reappeared at intervals in the same place. No known civilian aircraft in the area. Probably aircraft crop dusting. Duration: 40 minutes AURA

18.05.66 DALY WATERS, NT 0945hrs (DO)
Source: pp28-29 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 5. [Probably met balloon]
During a pilot balloon flight he saw an object the size, colour and shape of a 100g white balloon at 243 degrees azimuth 23 degrees elevation. Followed it to 320 degrees azimuth. Seen as a disc. Lost in theodolite. Saw with naked eye, then gone. Witnesses: 1 male. AURA

Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey
Peter Nielson and Tom Murkins were walking home when they saw a brilliantly lit object in the sky. After moving around the base of clouds in an eccentric manner it became motionless and hovered overhead for a while.

SA 1966-006
Upon investigating a glow on a hilltop, a farmer saw a 10 metre diameter oval, white/blue in colour. He left the area only to be followed by the light which moved overhead and then disappeared soundlessly.

05.06.66 GRAFTON, NSW 1945hrs
Two policemen pursued a bright object which manoeuvred at low altitude for two hours.

08.06.66 KINGSTON, SA
Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey
SA 1966-007
Two ice cream truck drivers reported having seen a brilliant object hovering over their vehicle for some twenty minutes. It looked like a white spotlight with a red light on top. UFORSA

08.06.66 WOOMERA, SA 1939hrs
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. Pp 145-146.
"Mr R Sharp, one of the men said :’We saw the object from Woomera village at 7.39pm. It had a light equivalent in intensity to a 200 watt bulb at 200 yards, and it appeared to leave a blue-green trail.

08.06.66 ADELAIDE (CLEARVIEW), SA 0800hrs
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p143.
Two boys reported seeing an object in the sky which hovered for a few seconds then left at speed towards the west.

Adelaide "News" 8/6/66
Two ice cream truck drivers saw a white spotlight with a red light on top. The white light was ""interlaced with smaller coloured lights." At times it seemed to hover and at other time move erratically across the sky. Duration: 20 minutes.

09.06.66 WOOMERA, SA
Report from AIUFOFSR citing D. Needleham, Engineer/ELDO employee.
There was a jet-like sound, but no aircraft were in the area. An object was then seen, white in colour, trailing a bluish-green colour. In size, it was smaller than the full Moon. It travelled
from azimuth 110 degrees to azimuth 90 degrees in 3 seconds.

09.06.66 ADELAIDE, SA 1935hrs
Greenish-yellow object moving at speed, travelling E to W and descending at a 45 degree angle. Duration: five seconds. Multi witnesses.

JULY 1966 MOLTEMA, TAS 2315hrs
TA 1966-010
Travelling by car, two people were ‘paced’ by a round, red soundless light which although at times only three metres away, didn’t seem to affect the car at all. It then moved to the north and ‘just disappeared’. TUFOIC

18.07.66 HOPE VALLEY, SA 2030hrs
SA 1966-009
Rising at great speed, a large bright light moved from the ground into the sky after having been observed on the edge of a reservoir. UFORSA

Source: (Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p155.)

Travelling by car they sighted two objects hovering to the NE. "Two round, very bright shiny metal objects, one being larger than the other, hanging in the sky."

14.08.66 KUNUNURRA, WA 2353hrs
Source: Sun-Herald, Sydney (27.11.66); AFSR, no.6, p.8; pp133-139 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 6. Original ref: 5/15/1/Air (54) Op.Cmd.
Mr P Johnson was working on a bulldozer at night when he was approached by a bright light from the SW and which slowed down and became stationary. It hovered about 200 metres away for four-five minutes. It had 6-8 red lights in a row. White light illuminated the area. It slowly went off and disappeared, but came back again later that night and also the next night. The next night it paced his vehicle 100 metres away. Shinning his torch on it he could see two doors, many windows and what looked like a front window. Silver colour and oval. 10 feet high 180 feet long-80-100 feet wide. AURA

Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p154.
"I saw this dark grey torpedo shape with green lights pass overhead from east to west." No noise.

A light stopped in mid air, hovered some four metres from the ground for three-four minutes, then took off, leaving a rainbow coloured trail.

04.09.66 YARRAM, VIC 2200-2230hrs (NL)
Source: pp108-113 & 117 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 6. Original ref: 5/6/Air (169). [Astronomical]
In a car, saw "extended light flat on the ground." Stationary to their ENE. Then it rose vertically to 100 feet darkening as it did so-then it completely disappeared. Witnesses: 1 male & 1 female + others. AURA

01.10.66 SOUTH JOHNSTONE, QLD 2000hrs
A UFO was reported by Louie Maule, thirty-five, a Tully district farmer. Near on 8pm, he was headed north driving home from South Johnstone, when he saw descending from the night sky, a large black object ringed with red lights.

"I got a shock", Maule said. "It was gigantic and looked to be slowing up."

The headlights of a passing car momentarily obscured his vision, and he slowed to a stop.

"When I looked again it was travelling towards South Johnstone at maybe 100mph."

Interviewed by Vince Mele, the motorist Louie Maule stated the UFOs altitude was about 500ft. It was circular in shape, and about sixty feet in diameter, as clearly outlined by the red lights around the perimeter. The red-ringed disc was last seen to bank and proceed towards the clouds at very high speed. On the same evening, some three miles to the north, Vince Mele had set up his mobile detector on a hill site overlooking the surrounding area. Promptly at 8pm his detector alarm sounded and it was two minutes before the alarm re-set itself automatically. After this, it was quiet for the rest of the evening.

Although it must be noted that Vince Mele did not himself see any lights, the first of October incident now seems to provide the first good evidence for independent visual sighting correlated with triggering of the detector by the ambient field of a UFO.

10.10.66 LAVERTON, VIC 2022hrs (NL)
Source: pp60-68 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 6. Original ref: 5/6/Air (3) VB. [Satellite]
Two Air Traffic Controllers saw light moving from 280 degrees magnetic to 320 degrees magnetic. It manoeuvred then remained stationary. Radar check was negative. Duration: 83 minutes. Witnesses: 2 males AURA

23.10.66 ADELAIDE SA 0230hrs
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p146.
A bright oval with a cone beneath was stationary at 20 degrees. It was a bright orange-yellow. ." Duration: 2-3 minutes. Three witnesses.

23.10.66 ADELAIDE (BURNSIDE), SA 2025hrs (NL)
Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p143.
At a bearing of 305 degrees and elevation 35 degrees, was a sodium yellow object travelling NE. It slowed, then turned N, descended, gained speed and disappeared. ." Duration: 10 minutes.

26.10.66 PORT HEADLAND TO MEEKATHARRA, WA 1930-2130hrs (NL)
Source: pp43-45 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 6. Original ref:
5/9/Air (61) Pearce.
Brilliant object seen over a wide area:

1. Port Headland 1955hrs "Funnel shaped light." [Met balloon]
2. Wherin Creek 2000hrs Cone shaped light W to E.
3. Port Headland 2130hrs "Torch upside down." W to E.
4. Derby (1930-2000hrs) "Fan" or "cone." Ascended straight up.
5. Meekatharra 2003hrs. Object brighter than the Echo satellite. Seen through theodolite. [Several WA cattle stations reported seeing moving light in sky between 7.30-8pm satellite]
Satellite with a comet-like, burn out tail. From 270.2 az 52.2 el to 299.3 az and 71.7 el 5 mins. Multi witnesses. AURA

28.10.66 KING SOUND, WA 1636S 12315E 1155Z (NL)
Source: p68 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 6. Original telex from Darwin.
MV Kabbarli. Conical shaped glow half degree across at 242 degrees azimuth, 18 degrees elevation. Travelling fast to NE. Lost when overhead in light of Moon. Duration 20 minutes. AURA

04.11.66 ADELAIDE, SA 1915hrs (DD)
Source: Hervey, M. (1969.) "UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere." Horwitz. Sydney. p147.
Two, circular silver objects due E. Both stationary. One went up the other went east. Three witnesses.

26.11.66 DALY WATERS, NT 0013Z (DO)
Source: Pp324-327 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 7.
While tracking a balloon through a theodolite, saw an object at 280 degrees az and 59.2 degrees el. Metallic grey in colour and oblong in shape. Lost in mid-air. No aircraft in the area. Duration: 2 minutes. Witnesses: 1 male AURA

Source: UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey, p.146
Two people driving in a remote area came across a group of circles on a flat stretch of earth. There were eight in total, all identical in shape and size. Some overlapped. Said to be six metres in diameter and perfectly round. Two appeared to have been burned into the earth.

1966/1967 WOOMERA, SA 1730hrs (DD)
Looked up into sky and saw at least three lots of UFOs, 40 in all. One broke away and hovered low over him. Big as a football field. Mother told him he walked home in shock and took him to Woomera hospital. UFORSA.

Australia, Wycheproof: R. Sullivan was driving toward Maryborough when his headlight beams appeared to "bend" to the right. He then observed a vertical, conical beam of light in a nearby field, very white at ground level and rainbow like up to an altitude of 7 m. Top and bottom diameters: 3 and 1 m respectively. The object producing the light flew away.

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