Source: TUFOIC Newsletter October 1997 Edition 82
Mrs G recently contacted the Centre to report a landing witnessed by her family when they lived in North East Tasmania It was a clear starry night when her two brothers called out the family to have a look at a "funny moon".

Mrs G described the sighting. We all went out to look at a magnificent white light landing in the paddock across the road from our house. It had a bright green light on top and a red one below. It landed close to a clump of large gum trees and lit up the surrounding paddock as bright as day. I can recall no noise. Great puffs of what appeared to be steam or smoke seemed to hang from the trees.

The oval shaped object seemed to have portholes around the middle. Three smaller lights appeared from the side of the object and moved down to the ground. There seemed to be some shadowy movement at the base of the lights. After 20 minutes the object rose up, move across the paddock, then shot off into the sky at a speed that can only be imagined.

Source: Followup 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5133 Reported October 2005
Bob (58), living on the Gold Coast, related a couple of experiences that he had when living in NSW.

Bob recalled that it was a warm clear night, around October-November 1969. He was coming home from college (he was studying to be a metal worker) when he saw a cigar-shaped object heading in a southern direction. The object was changing colours, from red to white to green to white etc. The object emitted no noise. the object was under 55 degrees elevation, travelling in a due west to east direction for nine seconds, changed shape to more like the appearance of a white dot, and then travelled due south at a rapid rate of knots (like a jet) for around a second when the object was over an Electrical Substation at Picnic Point. At this point Bob was about two to three miles south of this Substation. When this object disappeared, he describe the movement as four times faster than when the object was heading east.

See also 1955 SYDNEY (KOGARAH), NSW EVENING (CE1). Robert Frola AUFORN

1969 SYDNEY (PENRITH), NSW 0200hrs
Source: Psychic Australia (Sept 1976)
A young man recounted seeing a huge disc with windows, through which human shaped beings could be seen moving about. After about five minutes it rose to twenty metres, hung there, all the lights went out and flashed on again. He and some friends followed it for several kilometres before they lost sight of it.

Source: The Northern Star, Lismore, NSW.
A charred five metre diameter circle was found in a grass paddock. Originally the area appeared to be blackened by ‘Intense Heat’. Bill Chalker

QA 1969-001
Mr N Eather of Richlands along with his wife and daughter kept a UFO under observation for about seven minutes. The object, travelling on a course west to east (Ipswich to Brisbane) was viewed by Mr Eather at close range using his binoculars. The colour was a combination of yellow and bright orange and did not flicker or pulsate. Mr Eather and his daughter both noticed large square ‘windows’ when the object was level to their observation point.

The speed according to the witnesses was lazy, effortless but moving; no sound was heard during the entire sighting. Control tower at Eagle Farm Airport (now Brisbane Airport) reported no aircraft in the area during the time the object was observed. UFORQLD

A man found a five metres, partial diamond shaped marking on his lawn after rain. The marking consisted of an oily substance which later turned to a powder. Believed to be slime mould. UFORSA.

14.01.69 CHILDERS, QLD 0430hrs
Source: North QLD Register (18.01.69). Adelaide News (17.01.69); FSR 18/1/26)
Awoken by the frenzied barking of their dog, a migrant family heard a noise like a big swarm of wasps. Going outside their caravan they saw a 25-30 metre ‘Sombrero Hat’, giving off a violet glow. Three “Spacemen” descended in a tiny craft similar in shape to the large object. These men seemed to be three times the size of a normal person. They gave off a violet-yellowish glow, as they collected plants and sugar cane which were sucked up to the large craft via a transparent tube. After ten minutes the men re-entered their ship, which took off. As it did so the hair on the family’s heads and arms stood up.

Four groups of lights in ‘V’ formation and travelling on a straight course NNW, prompted Peter Kells to contact UFORQLD. The estimated speed of the objects was between 750-800 mph. UFORQLD

Two days after hearing unusual footsteps walking around a concrete path on his farm and after seven point five centimetres of rain fell, a man found a five point nine metres (inside) diameter ring with a thirty centimetres bare band of soil on its perimeter. Suspected fungus ring. UFORSA

Patches of a black, oily substance were found on a lawn in the early morning. Later it had changed to a light grey crystallised material. Suspected slime mould. UFORSA

A deposit was noticed on a lawn which appeared like ash from a fire. On the 9th the colour was a bluish grey and when the grass was shaken a "black dust" was dislodged profusely. The following day the deposit had turned to a yellowish jelly. However, by the 11th it had returned to its original state. UFORSA

A nearly complete doughnut shaped circle of a substance was noted on a lawn about 6.45 a.m. The deposit was ten to thirteen centimetres wide and about three to three point six metres in diameter. Personal investigation Keith Basterfield

17.02.69 ADELAIDE (FLINDERS PARK), SA 0250hrs (CE3)
Source: RAAF Unusual Aerial Sightings Summary No 1969; AFSRS
SA 1969-001
Awoken by a noise which sounded like a ?whir?, a lady looked out of a window to see an unusual object in an adjacent area.It appeared about 100 metres away, some ten metres across. A ?man? emerged from shadows and walked around the object. The figure was about 1.8 metres tall, lean, had light hair, and wore white overalls. He walked around the object several times before the lady ran to get neighbors. When they returned the object had gone. UFORSA

Source: Northern Star, Lismore, (27.02.69)
A six metre circular area was found inside a six metre wide cattle corridor enclosed at both ends by water troughs. There was a thirty centimetre wide circular band which seemed scorched with four distinct squares, of 45 centimetre size.

Source: Bill Chalker
Children discovered a 'nest'.

20.02.69 NORSEMAN, WA
Source: AUFOR, no.10, p.27
As a ten metre long cigar shape was noticed 24 metres away, a fully fueled car 'began to gasp' as if out of fuel. The object moved away over trees knocking up dust and leaves, before rising and disappearing.

22.02.69 ADELAIDE (RENOWN PARK), SA 0300hrs (CE1)
SA 1969-009
A lady was awoken by what she thought was a strong wind but noticed that the curtains were not moving. A pyramid shape, 61 metres away and 6 metres in diameter, dirty white in color, was seen hovering close to the ground. Her daughter also saw it. After an hour they both went back to bed. UFORSA

Source: Northern Star, Lismore, (27.02.69)
Mr B.O’Neil found an impression in a swamp. Elliptical in shape, 9 by 3.5 metres, with reeds flattened and entangled, it wasn’t scorched. From the impression, four flattened tracks led out with small half moon depressions at the end.

Source: Daily Examiner, Grafton, (25.02.69)
A “Burnt” circle covered with “ash” was found on the morning after a sighting. Examination of samples by the Dept of Agriculture indicated the circle was suffering from a leaf smut.

Source: Northern Star, Lismore, (27.02.69); UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere by Michael Hervey, p.121, date incorrect
A perfect 3.6 metre diameter circle appeared on a lawn. It was marked by a grey black sooty substance.

TA 1969-002
Mr V Stopps, his two sons and their grandfather and been fishing at Roaring Beach (Hope Beach) near South Arm. At 9pm on this fine clear evening they had returned to their car prior to travelling to South Arm. They noticed a yellow light over the hill at the Western end of the beach. It was travelling in a southerly direction but no sound was heard at anytime. Then over the sea the light seemed to hover or manoeuvre, then come towards them before continuing on its original course. They saw the light again as they turned onto Roaring Beach Road, it seemed to get brighter as it was lost to view out to sea. Although it may have been a reflection in the car window, one of the sons mentioned that on their way home to Hobart at 11pm he saw five lights out to sea apparently travelling east. They were driving over Lookout Hill at the eastern end of Roaring Beach, he was the only person to see the lights and for only a few seconds. Duration: ten minutes. TUFOIC

TA 1969-003
Witnesses on the fishing trip when a reflection on the opposite shore was noticed; it came from a stationary spherical bulk on the beach (two kilometres distance). At dusk they noticed the object again as it took on an orange/red glow. About 2100hrs it took off with a swishing noise; an orange glow lit up the bay below. The object eventually levelled off and went away to the south at extreme speed; it now seemed to have a tail behind it. TUFOIC

During the night a housewife was awoken by a loud bang. A marking was later found which consisted of three twenty two centimetre diameter circles, spaced in an equilateral triangle, of sides twelve point six seven metres in length. UFORSA

Source: The Daily Examiner, Grafton (24.04.69)
A series of deep depressions were found in the centre of some flattened saccaline crop on the NW side of a road.

A saucer shaped ring was found on the property of a Mr K Reed. UFOIC

Source: Daily Examiner, Grafton (19/21 & 22.04.69); Personal communication to Bill Chalker & from G Tesla
Four flattened areas were found in a saccaline crop, the largest being 18 by 4.5 metres. All the stalks of the crop lay in a north to south direction.

20.04.69 HARWOOD ISLAND, NSW 1930hrs
Source: Bill Chalker
Sugar cane rustled as a UFO arrived and departed, and during the sighting the object hovered 3 metres above the cane. The witness was sure there was some flattening of the crop but did not attempt to verify this.

Mr Ian Robinson, Country Party member for the NSW north coast electorate of Cowper, is baffled by what happened to his saccaline patch. Mr Robinson has a property at Bungawalbyn on the Richmond River. It is farmed by a share farmer.

Referring to the flattened crop, Mr Robinson said: “What I saw has me completely perplexed.”

An area of the crop measuring sixty feet by twenty-five feet had been flattened. All the saccaline stalks were lying from north to south and were bent over at ground level. He said that an area along one side had marks on the ground which appeared to have been made by a moving object.

“A normal wind would have blown the lot over. Indentations on the crop showed that something near the ground had moved along there. Around the flattened area the crop was intact. But some yards further on a smaller area had been flattened. It appeared as though something had landed in the big patch and travelled along the ground for some distance, then taken off, landed a few yards, travelled along the ground for a short distance and taken off again, landing twice in different places without moving along the ground.”

24.04.69 GREENACRE, NSW 1930hrs
Source: David Reneke; UFORNSW Newsletter, no.31, June/July 1971
NA 1979-078
A woman her young daughter and a taxi driver reported observing three tall humanoids in a football shaped object which hovered over a flood-lit field. The taxi driver then drove the vehicle away. UFORNSW

27.04.69 LAUNCESTON, TAS 2205hrs
Mr and Mrs Woodland at 8.05pm saw what they described as a white oval object thirty-five feet in diameter and approximately 400ft up, travelling west over the airport. No sound was heard.

Source: Pix-People Magazine (01.12.71); UFO Research Australia Newsletter 2/4
SA 1969-002
Mr E Matthew using some spare movie film took shots of a ‘star’ in the sky. However the processed film shows an actual shape, and when examined carefully the frames revealed an oval with window. Inside the window appears an ‘entity’. UFORSA

07.05.69 KELVEDON, TAS 1930hrs
Two boys saw a red glowing object 15 by 12 metres with lights in the centre, on the ground. It took off and departed across a bay towards Freycinet Peninsula.

12.05.69 CASINO, NSW 2145hrs
Source: Northern Star, Lismore (15.05.69)
After a sighting lasting 10-15 minutes of a low level UFO in heavy rain, the witness verified that a faint luminous patch was visible for over half an hour after the object had departed. Next morning no traces or marks were evident.

16.05.69 STEVEN’S WEIR, NSW 0400hrs
Four Deniliquin people who were working around the clock sowing barley, claimed they were frightened off the job at 4am by a UFO. They told local police officers the object was the size of a motor car and glowed red and green. Deniliquin is 468 miles south-west of Sydney. The sighting was made at the property Benarca at Steven’s Weir, fourteen miles west of Deniliquin. Mr Lindsay Dillon, who was driving a tractor there, told the police the object descended from a height of about 1000 ft. and hovered above his tractor. It then moved 500 yards away above a car and seed truck parked at the edge of a paddock. Mr & Mrs John Hocking, who were working near by, confirmed his report to the Deniliquin police. The property owner, Mr Tony Hocking, who arrived to relieve Dillon on the tractor at 4.10am, also claimed to have seen the UFO. All four said it disappeared and reappeared several times before they fled to the homestead.

NOTE: Two weeks ago several youths reported a similar experience near Holbrook.

19.05.69 STEVEN’S WEIR, NSW 0400hrs
A professional photographer from Deniliquin claimed he took thirteen photographs of a UFO which appeared in the Deniliquin area on the past three nights. Mr Geoff Allan with five friends, sat at Steven’s Weir through Sunday night and Monday morning.

“It appeared about 4am and stayed around until about 8.15. It seemed to come from no-where. I just couldn’t believe it. I was petrified”.

Mr. Allan said: “the thing took about five minutes to rise to about 1000 feet, then stayed there. It had no particular shape, but it was silvery white and 500 times brighter than any star in the sky at the time”

The camera used was a 35mm with a 210mm telezoom lens. UFOIC

22.05.69 GLENORCHY, TAS 2330hrs
TA 1969-005
About 11.30pm Mr Longey had seen a bright light through a window at the rear of his house, upon looking outside he saw an elliptical shaped object apparently taking off from his back lawn. It had a number of brightly lit windows in the top section, made no noise, and seemed to make a perfectly straight ascent. Mr Longey was shaken by the event and despite the fact that his wife was out he left his children with his brother-in-law and ran to a nearby call box to phone the police. En route he passed some teenagers who asked him if he had heard “that funny noise”, Unfortunately TUFOIC has no leads to follow up this possible corroborating evidence.

Mr Longey found a scorched elliptical ring of grass on his lawn, approximately eighteen feet by eleven-and-a-half feet and broken limbs on a small tree at the edge of burr mark. The police arrived and claimed there was an oily smell, but suggested that maybe someone had played a prank by lighting petrol on his back lawn. Mr Longey also contacted the RAAF who did not attempt to explain the sighting but had him fill in their official UFO Report Form.

INVESTIGATION: The report was investigated by TUFOIC and their fellow group TFSOA who took samples of grass for a radioactivity test which proved negative. Mr Longey and his brother-in-law attempted to burn the lawn with petrol but could not duplicate the original mark. The mark was still visible as late as August but was then being covered by growth from the edges. TUFOIC

23.05.69 MT LLOYD, TAS 2330hrs
Half a dozen people saw a red light like a spotlight in a paddock, floating about 4.5 metres up.

24.05.69 DUBBIN, SA 1455hrs
Mr Stephens reported that while driving his car he heard an ‘engine’ noise, and upon looking up he saw an object about 54 metres above him, hovering. It was a six metre oval of a silver color, and moved sideways 10 metres before shooting off at a 45 degree angle into the NW sky.

TA 1969-011
Lone truck driver heading south on road from Bronte to Tarraleah sees bright orange dome shaped object on ground in button grass to west of road. When witness stopped, the object took off into sky; witness drove on. TUFOIC

A butcher took four black and white photos of a "mass of spinning lights" close to his house. The shots are clear and seem to show a solid disc shape. Blowups of these shots show light and shade. Although there has been some criticism of the shots, they remain of an unidentified nature. UFORSA

04.06.69 EDEN VALLEY, SA 1835hrs (NL)
SA 1969-012
Mr G. Koch, sixteen, was driving along the Angaston road when about two kilometres north-west of Eden Valley an object passed soundlessly over the top of his car. It was described as a series of red lights in two parallel lines connected by pure white horizontal rays. The following day he reported finding three circular scorch marks on the bonnet of his car which had not been there before. UFORSA

27.06.69 MINLATON, SA 0400hrs
SA 1969-011
Working a night shift on a combine a farmer was followed home by a four metre light. Arriving home, his wife also saw it as it came so close that the light reflected off a neighbors shed. It was lost to view behind a hill. UFORSA

Received on 12th August 2008 - New

JULY 1969 CAIRNS (QLD) 0130hrs (CE1)
(Artist impressions from witness statement © Diane Frola AUFORN)

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mr. Les Childs & Stan Gees R.I.P
Number of witnesses present: 2 plus 5 more.
Sighting Duration: 8 to 10 minutes
Occupation: Police Sergeant - Cairns Police Station
Object origin: Northerly direction from the Cape.
Number of Objects: 4
Size: 1, Basketball size 3 others 1/2 the size 1 cent piece.
Colour: Silver/white

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

Les said: I was a Police sergeant in Cairns in July 1969. I was out on patrol in the early hours of the morning, this was about 1.30 am in the morning with Sergeant Stan Gees. We had just started patrol of Cairns we had to go out to Edmonton & Gordonvale because they weren't 24hrs police stations at the time.

Now on our way back we got a call to nature we got out of the car along a very quiet road going up to west Cairns and the sky was clear you could see for miles. While we were relieving ourselves all of a sudden there was well Stan called out to me, hey Les what's that up there and I could see a big silver streak coming through the sky.

After about a couple of seconds this sorta streak stopped then there appeared to be this big silver ball up in the air. If I describe it as a ball you know what a soccer ball or a basket ball is. If you're looking about 20 feet away that's how big it was. Now while we were watching a couple of minutes later a little round object came out, it came down and stopped, followed by a second one followed by a third one.

Now the one on the right went out to the right and stopped the one on the left went out and stopped the one in the middle came down and stopped.

Then they came back to where they where, then they moved across to the right hand side and stopped, they went up through the center the up over to the left hand side, they came back to the center and then after a few minutes one went inside this thing the next one appeared to go inside then the third one went in. A couple of minutes passed then there was this silver streak in the sky and away it went.

(Artist impressions from witness statement © Diane Frola AUFORN)

Stan said to me what do you think of that, well Einstein said space is endless.Maybe there's more people way out in space sorta coming to have a look at us that are a lot more advanced. We were flabbergasted.

We were thinking of putting a report in but Stan said no that they would laugh at us and so forth so we didn't we just kept it to ourselves. Anyway we did find out that someone on the Atherton Tablelands had seen this thing up near Atherton. And then there was 2 fella's out fishing and they reckon they saw it too. Then there was a milkman and he spotted it.

Stan told me, when he went down the RSL a few days later when he overheard people talking about space things and they started talking about what we saw.


Thank you Les for this interesting report..

JULY 1969 ARMADALE, WA 0630hrs
Source: Journal of Alternative Realities. Volume 11 Issue 1 2004
This sighting goes back to, as I recall, 1969 in Armadale, WA. Now, my wife and I were fairly interested in these and related phenomena at that time. What I am relating here is not just a light-in-the-sky sighting, as most of us have had, which can be written off as aircraft lights etc. I consider this sighting a close encounter of the scary, hair-raising kind. After I go into detail on this matter I will relate several other things which I think tie in with the wider phenomenon of UFOs and maybe this event.

It was a July morning, completely overcast with that even low sort of cloud that threatens drizzle. The atmosphere was clear and relatively warm for July, and as I recall, about 6:30am because I had just stepped out onto our front porch to collect the milk (in those days the milk was delivered to our front doorstep even though we had a high, long, steep driveway). Because of our high position we had a clear view across to the coast, we could see Alcoa’s smokestacks, but not the ocean. I noticed a light way out towards the coast and thought it must have been a plane, and it held my attention because of the low cloud and its apparent low altitude. As I watched, it seemed to be travelling towards me because the light was getting larger, and as it got closer over a time of about a minute or two (this time is very hard to define) its brightness started to pulsate on a cycle of dull and bright of about one second. At this point in the episode I realised this was something not ordinary so I called my wife to come and see. Unfortunately she thought I had found a new flower out in the garden and did not come out, preferring to remain in bed on that winter morning. I didn’t dare take my eyes off it in case it disappeared, so I didn’t go inside to get her.

It was about this time that this object started to take on a hazy outline of the classical UFO shape. I am colour-blind and see only three colours and to my perception it was a yellowy gold colour, rather an unreal sort of colour to me. Now, it was getting quite close to me, maybe less than l km, its outline was becoming more firm, less hazy, and it began to turn in an arc to the north. It had been travelling from the west due east and the whole time its altitude hadn’t changed, about 100m to 300m, a bit hard to be certain, but still well under that low cloud cover.

After turning it seemed to travel straight north, that is, parallel to the coast probably directly above the Armadale to Perth railway line, for approximately another minute. By this time my hair felt like it was standing on end like a frightened cat and I felt that they knew that I was watching them and that they knew that I knew that they were watching me. Scary! I feel that this slow cruise with the change in direction was the purpose of their trip and I will elaborate on this later.

As if they had done what they had to do, they did a left turn, that is, they turned into the east towards the coast and sped off at some phenomenal speed that is beyond belief, like a bullet, at maybe thousands of kilometres per hour. It did not alter altitude and it disappeared to a pinprick of light still under the cloud cover in about two or three seconds until there was no light to see, just like the Starship Enterprise at the beginning of that old TV show. I estimate the distance from my house to where the UFO appeared and disappeared to be I guess about 15-20km. Not a sound during the whole episode, and I estimate the round disc shaped craft to be the size of a small house. It pulsated the whole time and although it was completely this yellowish colour, it did not seem to be enveloped in a glowing halo.

There was something strange happened on this particular morning. There is a rail crossing on what was then Forest Road at Jandakot, possibly under the flight path of this craft, and the electric signals and boom gates failed during that same time that morning, and later workmen could find no reason for the failure. For about two weeks around that time there was a flap on with sightings all along the metropolitan coast from about Rockingham to Yanchep.

Many years ago when I lived in Collie as a boy we used to travel to Perth, sometimes by car. The sloping road going north to Perth city from the Narrogin Inn had a reputation of being a ‘magnetic hill’ and any old bomb could accelerate up this hill. Indeed, my first car, a little old thirties-something Hillman, seemed to have a new lease of life on that hill. This is virtually directly below where I saw this craft. Could it have travelled slowly searching for this site to recharge its propulsion system? Since we left our house in Armadale about thirty years ago, I have had a dream where I was looking down toward the Narrogin Inn from our house and people were emerging from a warp in space, a bit like emerging from a metro station. Maybe Armadale is a cross point of ley lines. Also, a short time after the sighting, on two occasions I had a visitation of two Greys standing in the corner of our bedroom. At the time I didn’t know what Greys were and we just referred to them as ‘space people’. Each time I saw them I said to my wife that they were there and she said to go back to sleep because there was nothing there. I knew that they meant no harm, but I don’t know why they were there. If there was any communication it was only that they conveyed to me that they meant me/us no harm. Each time there was one taller one and one shorter one and I seemed to know that they were the same male and female ones on both occasions. Of course, they wore the classical grey’s outfit.

Now my wife could not see these beings, so it could have been a very lucid couple of dreams, both identical or maybe the sight of these things is a personal thing and if you are tuned to it you see it, and if not you don’t. With the UFO I would have imagined that half of Armadale would have seen it. To my knowledge there were no reports of anything and in those days if you talked about anything like that you were considered a crackpot, and no, I did not report it. Despite all the denials and spin from politicians and sceptics I know that these things are real, they are not using Earth-based technology and I don’t think they are a threat to us. Since these events I have tried to keep it at arms length and hope that more evidence might prove to the rest of the world that they are real. Nevertheless, let me say to those people, sceptics included, who have not been in the right place at the right time to experience something like I have described, believe me, they are real. ASPR/UFORUM

A grey saucer like object was seen by four people. It was 100ft up above the trees thirty degrees above the northern horizon. It travelled away to the northwest.

It was a still and cloudy day. In fact most of the hills around Hobart were covered with cloud down to 500’ in places. Mr P Berry and Mr W Griffiths were in the yard of Mr Berry’s home in Lansdowne Cresent when, at about 10.55am, they saw what appeared to be a grey balloon disappearing over the roofline of the house. It seemed to be only 200’ above them. Moving to the front verandah, which has good views over North Hobart and the Domain, they watched what appeared to be a soundless, grey football shaped object, estimated to be 20’ in diameter and moving away towards the Domain with a sort of undulating movement.

Whilst Mr Berry hurried in to collect his camera and call his wife, Mr Griffiths saw the object stop for a minute before continuing on its way. Mrs Berry and Mrs Hickson from the flat at the Lansdowne Cresent house, joined the two men, and all saw a second similar object appear near the first over the Domain. The first object banked, thus giving a rounded effect, then it increased speed and climbed through the low clouds in a northerly direction. The second object meanwhile had just simply disappeared. Mr Berry managed to photograph the two objects, but due to their distance away they failed to show up when printed.

17.07.69 NEW TOWN, TAS 1045hrs
A further sighting on the same day was received by Mr B Scetrine, who was at TVT6 New Town about 10.45am that same morning. He tells that in the company of several other people he saw a ‘grey, upside down parachute shaped object’ of about 20’ diameter at about 500’ over Lenah Valley. He was the only person to take any real interest in the object, and he watched it for five to ten minutes as it progressed towards him in a series of zigzags. The interesting point is that the object was crossing the prevailing wind at that time by 90 degrees.

INVESTIGATION: Subsequent news reports suggested that the UFOs were wind borne waste from the Hobart Rivulet. TUFOIC followed up this line of inquiry. Waste had in fact lifted from the Rivulet in the form of large clumps of bubbles, but it had taken some two and a half hours for them to drift over to West Hobart on the light SE wind which was recorded as five knots by the weather bureau. However the descriptions of size, colour, speed and altitude all failed to tally with the reported UFO which was estimated to be travelling at 50 to 60mph before it increased its speed. A construction worker at the Salvation Army Hospital reported seeing both the industrial waste and a large square object cross the sky towards the Domain before gaining altitude.

Both RAAF and Weather Bureau were unable to give Mr Berry an explanation of this sighting. The Weather Bureau’s balloon released from Cambridge finished up 80 miles off the east coast of Tasmania. The suggestion of industrial waste cannot be ignored but the New Town sighting cannot be explained with this theory, and this lends weight to the West Hobart report.

19.07.69 PERTH, WA
Four men in different Perth suburbs claim to have seen a UFO at about 3.20am on July 19th. The men, Stanley Cooper, B Marsden, I Bonney, and S Subis described the UFO as being brilliant orange in colour and flying in a north easterly direction. They all agreed the UFO was definitely not a satellite, it made no noise and was moving very fast. An RAAF spokesman said no aircraft were flying in that area at the time of the sighting.

22.07.69 HOBART (ROSETTA), TAS 1715hrs
Mrs Haley and her husband watched a large star shaped object appear over the hills to the north of Claremont, losing brightness as it rose. It appeared to Mr Haley as a very bright white light and after reaching an apparent altitude of 500’ above the hills it stopped, then disappeared towards the NE at a fantastic speed.

24.07.69 THANGOOL, QLD
QA 1989-003
Nineteen objects were reported over the area on Thursday. UFORQLD

25.07.69 BARALABA, QLD
QA 1989-004
Mr Adrian Reimer and Mr John Major report seeing three objects similar to the old German helmet early in the morning. Objects were under observation for about two hours. UFORQLD

25.07.69 HOBART (GRANTON), TAS ca1800hrs
Mr Turner was making his way along a side road when he saw what appeared to be a light stationery over Brighton. He couldn’t estimate its speed, but it increased its speed after a time and moved northwards and upwards becoming a point of light in the sky.

Mr Turner lives at Austin’s Ferry and is familiar with that part of the country. The object appeared to be one and a quarter times as wide as the full moon. To him it seemed squat and elliptical and did not display the usual lights of an aircraft.

25.07.69 HOBART (TEN MILE HILL), TAS 1800hrs
Three days after the Rosetta sighting, another object was seen in the same area. This time it was a brilliant white or yellow elliptical light.

Mr G Barwick first saw the light as he was travelling north at Ten Mile Hill. It was about 6pm. He stopped at Zitzerman’s Garage and the two young assistants also viewed the light. It appeared as a brilliant white light, travelling slow at first, then increasing speed and climbing upwards into the overcast sky. Mr Barwick’s sighting lasted up to twelve minutes.

AUGUST 1969 ADELAIDE, SA 2140hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number Callin Code 3797, Reported 27.12.04
In August 1969, Alan was a final year trainee working a radar head dish at the Adelaide airport. He was tracking a Fokker Friendship en route to Kangaroo Island from the greater Adelaide area. An object appearing on the radar screen is called a paint and the nature of the paint gives a fair indication of the size, and the speed can be ascertained from each twelve second rotation.

When the Friendship reached the estimated area of Edithburgh, a paint more than twice the size of the plane and even bigger than that of a 727’s paint, suddenly appeared. As the plane approached, a smaller paint emerged slowly into a direct collision path. The objects then seemingly passed over each other without incident. Thereafter the smaller craft turned about and moved back to the much larger object. In one rotation the large paint moved 70 nautical miles and in the next rotation another 70 miles but by the next rotation was out of range. There were no other observers and some modifications to the raw signal were automatically made in order to remove false reading before air traffic controllers receive the signal. There were no reports from the Friendship’s crew or passengers of anything abnormal and the caller did not mention it at the time. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

24.08.69 CHIGWELL (CLAREMONT), TAS 0500hrs
TA 1969-009
Gregory Lodge and his friend Paul Warren were driving south on the Claremont end of Allunga Road, Chigwell. They noticed a round bright object some 45 degrees above the horizon. They were surprised to see it travelling down towards them from a south to south-west direction. They stopped and alighted from the car to take a better look and by now the object was the size of a 20 cent piece at arms length and was stationery about 50 feet above a ridge about one mile distant towards Collinsvale.Throughout the sighting the object was changing colour from yellow to red to orange. Lodge had a camera with him in the car and attempted to photograph the UFO but as he took the photo the object disappeared behind a ridge, and they could see the UFO half obscured by trees as it disappeared. They immediately drove the car up the Collinsvale Road to try and sight the object again, but there was nothing visible on the other side of the hill.

Lodge says that the weather at the time was fine and clear with the first hint of dawn in the sky. The UFO at its lowest point had had the hills towards Mt Wellington in the background, thus discounting the possibility of it being an astronomical object.

INVESTIGATION: TUFOIC was able to obtain the photograph taken by Mr Lodge after being viewed at the October meeting it was taken to a leading Hobart Camera shop for a professional opinion. The camera used was a Halina Dux 126, designed for daylight photography with a speed of no more than 40th of a second. The film was a Kodachrome 2, processed of course by Kodak. The slide appeared to have no flaws in it, and had only two light sources on it; the UFO just above centre and a small point of light at the top right. The UFO has left a short trail on the slide indicating its movement. There is a tinge of blue light at the top and red at its base. Our advisors felt that the camera would not photograph a star, and the lack of light is consistent with a night photo. The Tasmanian Astronomical Society representative agreed the picture does not appear to be a normal celestial body, but with no further reference points in the slide, cannot pass any further opinion. TUFOIC

24.08.69 MOONAH, TAS 2030hrs
TA 1969-010
A further sighting took place that Sunday evening at Moonah, fifteen hours after the previous object was sighted at Chigwell with a report being in the ‘Mercury’ the next day. The Stantons were seeing off some friends from their Albert Road home, when a light moving along the hills to the west caught their attention. The object appeared to them to be rounded or oval, and the apparent size of a five to ten cent cent piece held at arms length. There was a light haze around the object which was white, with flashing red and blue lights on its edge giving it the appearance that it was rotating. The object was also seen by several people in the street but TUFOIC was unable to obtain any details on their sightings.

The Stantons watched the object for some time as it moved erratically above the hills, but always progressing southwards. It was finally lost to view as it suddenly lost height towards the hills and was obscured by the house opposite. The Hobart Weather Bureau advised that their weather balloon was not in the area, and the airport stated that the last plane over the area was at 8pm. The possibility of bright stars in that part of the sky was also discounted.

NOTE: The same or similar object was seen again on the following evening at 8.15pm by the Stantons. TUFOIC

30.08.69 GRAFTON, NSW 1445hrs
Source: Bill Chalker
Streams of a white filament were seen in a river. When rolled in the hand they diminished in size, eventually disappearing. At the same time several people in Grafton observed an object passing over the town.

07.09.69 SOMERSET, TAS 0100hrs
Two Somerset residents observed a red light over the sea. It was one o’clock in the morning when the fast moving light changed to orange then back to red as it disappeared out to sea. It was the size of a cent piece at arms length, remembering that a fortnight earlier a round object changing colour from yellow to red to orange had been in the Hobart area.

Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5133. Reported October 2005
Account No.2:
Bob recalled that it was a warm clear night, around October-November 1969. He was coming home from college (he was studying to be a metal worker) when he saw a cigar-shaped object heading in a southern direction. The object was changing colours, from red to white to green to white etc. The object emitted no noise. the object was under 55 degrees elevation, travelling in a due west to east direction for nine seconds, changed shape to more like the appearance of a white dot, and then travelled due south at a rapid rate of knots (like a jet) for around a second when the object was over an Electrical Substation at Picnic Point. At this point Bob was about two to three miles south of this Substation. When this object disappeared, he describe the movement as four times faster than when the object was heading east. Conclusion: Unknown. Robert Frola AUFORN

03.11.69 WINDSOR, SA 1630hrs (CE2?)
Source: AFSRS Magazine, December 1969
SA 1969-010
Three children reported seeing a two metres long "egg" with a tail and four legs, flying around in circles which apparently landed on a back road. A diamond shaped trace was found. There were three circular holes, two and a half centimetres apart in the centre. At one end of the diamond was a small diamond shaped area not dug out (the rest of the trace was two and a half centimetres deep). There was a line seven and a half centimetres long which curved away from this end of the diamond. There were three of these shapes, one smaller than the others. UFORSA

15.11.69 MILLICENT, SA 2330hrs (CE1)
Source: The South Eastern Times newspaper 20 Nov 1969
Travelling by car they saw two green lights 200 feet from the ground behind the car. Sparks came from one of the lights. A shrill piercing whistle noise was heard. Watson said his car was covered in a thick layer of dust. AURA

07.12.69 WINDSOR, SA 1500hrs (DD/TRACE)
Source: AFSRS Magazine, December 1969
SA 1969-013
After a reported observation of an unusual object, an area of grass was found flattened in a ten metres circle. The object was said to be hovering one metre off the ground and some fifty metres away. UFORSA

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