Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 4913, Reported 08.08.05
In 1972, Mr and Mrs H. of Bellbird Park, returned home late one night around midnight and took their baby upstairs. From that room they saw for only a short moment, an object hovering above the house opposite. The object was about twenty feet long. Mrs H. reports: “It had lights all around it; very bright, and what was strange was it made no noise. We were both totally stunned and didn’t know what to think. It was shaped a little like a spinning top. I raced back inside the house to make sure our baby was okay and warm as it was cold out. When I came back out, which was not long after, it was gone.” She recalls that a friend also saw something near Wacol, Brisbane, about 8.00 pm one night. Mr H. adds: “We were on the balcony and to me it looked a lot like the fuselage of an aircraft, cigar-shaped and cruising very slowly. I originally thought it may have been a chopper but it wasn’t as it was silent. It made no noise at all. Lots of bright lights like portholes.”

Mr H. recalled another strange sighting: “I used to go fishing at Elliot Heads … There was a light in the distance. It appeared to be coming from Bundaberg way. It did two right-angle turns quickly. It was very fast. Too fast to estimate. It covered an area of about eight miles in about two seconds. Then it went into a right-angle straight upwards, high, then took off again.” Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD

1972 CAMDEN, NSW 0300hrs
Source: Dr Geoff stevens case report, ‘Camden "grey powder" case’, dated 19 March 1995; UFOICN, no.43, April/May 1975
A dark patch of grass was found, some three metres across on a front lawn, and was apparently due to slime mold.

1972 EDWARDSTOWN, SA 2130hrs (CE1)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number Callin Code 3789, Reported 27.12.04
In Edwardstown, South Australia, in 1972, E.F. was about sixteen years old and alone watching TV at 9.30 pm when she turned off the lights and went outside to look at a most unusual object. Against the stars of a clear night was a shape like a squashed up submarine turned on its side and showing an underside of a circle of lights. The lights weren’t flashing and there was no sound. It was in the southwestern sky and moved in an irregular manner, darting with severe ninety-degree turns. The sighting lasted five minutes. Her silky terrier’s fur stood straight up but the dog was quiet. Unfortunately her family did not believe her when they returned home that night. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

A brief whishing noise was heard briefly. Next day a strange mark like that left by a dragged hose pipe is found all over two gardens about .6 to 3.8cm (1/4 to 11/2 inch) deep.

14.01.72 BURRA, SA 0200hrs
A red mushroom-shaped object was seen rising from behind nearby hills. Bottom portion was blue. Its view obscured by a overhanging verandah. It disappeared into the sky. Duration: seconds.

15th JAN; GLADSTONE, QLD 2130hrs (NL)
QA 1972-001
"I first noticed what appeared to be a bright star of a distinctive amber colour approximately 45o from the horizon in a northerly direction a few degrees to the west. It was travelling quite fast in a southerly direction a few degrees to the east. It travelled in a straight direction without any zig-zag movement, approximatelt 140o from the northern horizon, then made a radvised curve to the right and in approximately 1/2 second gained altitude and disappeared....My wife and my relatives at Ambrose also witnessed it. The time of observation lasted five seconds and altitude was over 10,000 feet."

04.02.72 TOORAWEENAH, NSW 1830hrs
A circle of brown grass 100 centimetres wide and three metres across was verified by a person after a UFO observation. At about ninety degrees to the direction to ‘take-off’ was another circle 100 centimetres wide and 65 centimetres diameter which cut into the first circle forming a figure eight. UFOIC

18.03.72 MORGAN, SA 0455hrs
A bright orange sphere with two long protrusions at the top, was seen from a moving car. It was stationary at first, later seen to move to the south-eastern horizon.

QA 1972-002
Mr Neil Huth witnessed a white light, which travelled from the west 'like a satellite', before it did a sharp turn to the NNE. It travelled along this course until it disappeared. Duration: one minute. Weather Conditions at the time was clear and fine. It was also a moonless night.

03rd APR; MORETON BAY, QLD 1855hrs (DO)
QA 1972-003
Two QFSRB members and a friend from Sydney were on a cruise boat a few miles off Stradbroke Island when they saw an object, which travelled from the NE to the SW, high in the sky. It was white in colour and was observed for about one minute before it was lost to view. There were many witnesses around them but little paid any attention to the object.

03rd MAY; GLADSTONE, QLD 1823hrs (NL)
QA 1972-004
Mr Rex Warren and his wife first noticed the object 10o from his zehith and disappeared over the roof tops 60o from his zenith. It was slightly smaller than a 1st Magnitude star, bright silver in colour, pulsated, and moved in a scalloping fashion from N-S. Duration: twenty-five seconds. Estimated speed and altitude: 500mph at 20000ft. Weather conditions at the time were fine and clear. UFORQLD

04th MAY; BRISBANE (SANDGATE), QLD 1830hrs (CE1)
QA 1972-005
"At 6.30pm Henry went to the back door and saw a red light over the sea. It was steady and pulsating. Thinking it was an aircraft, he went back in the house. Fifteen minutes later he looked out of the back door and saw it was still there only brighter. He then called his wife and phoned me.

....he observed it to be a definite saucer. At this point the saucer had come down some distance. I then went outside and first saw an object going SSW at terrific speed. It was about the size of a shirt button at arm's length and left a white trail as it went, which disappeared as did the object.

We both went up the road and saw another going up slowly which stopped at a great height. Below this one and almost on the water was another just hovering above the water. We looked around the sky and saw another over near the Brisbane River. This one disappeared without movement as did the one just above the water two minutes later. The only one left, was the one still very high up, which was gone one hour later.

All had a red pulsating light (very strong and bright) which went from left to right of object. When the red light was not in view, a greenish-bluish strip of light was around the edge of all the objects."


08.05.72 EUCLA, SA 0015hrs
A man and his son driving along the main highway noticed an a red orange object in the scrub ahead of the car, two to three metres off the ground before it took off, moving eastwards. The object faded from view when it was only one third of its original angular size. Duration: four minutes.

09.05.72 IPSWICH, QLD 1500-1510hrs
A large silver object surrounded by twelve small dark objects, slowly passed behind clouds. Seen over Sandy Galop from Ipswich by six witnesses. A check with RAAF Intelligence revealed that they were not RAAF planes.

15.05.72 GLADSTONE, QLD 1820hrs
A group of reddish objects seen through binoculars. Travelling in a N-S direction, they were followed by a much smaller silver light (like a star of first magnitude); a third object followed, brighter than the second and moved in scalloping fashion.

31.05.72 MANNUM, SA 0635hrs (CE1)
A factory manager driving in his car saw a white and red light close together, with the white light on the left, and a dark oval shape in between the two. He stopped his car, fearing a collision as the object approached. It passed over the car with a swishing sound. Weather: very foggy at the time. Duration: sixty seconds. Keith Basterfield & Tony Colbert UFORSA

Source: Man Magazine (Nov 1972)
An impression in a rocky area was left after a UFO allegedly hovered for about an hour and a half.

04.06.72 BENTS BASIN, NSW 1800hrs
Source: Bill Chalker; UFORNSW Newsletter, no.45, September-October 1995
Six young people encountered an object on a hill near their vehicle and, after driving along, they heard thumping noises on the roof following which the car’s engine caught fire. Later, a huge ‘shadow’ of a human-like creature approached. It appeared to be a three metre tall ‘robot’, and ‘vanished’. Walking back pass the hill where the object had been, there was now nothing to be seen. UFORNSW

07.06.72 BEENLEIGH, QLD (CE1)
A cigar shaped object was seen by a TAA hostess.

A bright orange object ball was sighted at Hill Top. Speed of an aircraft, no sound.

QA 1974-008
Mrs Stephens' brother, while driving along Ipswich Road, saw a shining silver, cigar-shaped finned object which was stationary high in the sky. Its disappearance was not observed.


01.07.72 IPSWICH (TEVIOT), QLD 1845hrs (NL)
Six objects were seen by a camping party at Teviot.

03.07.72 FRANKSTON, VIC (CE1)
Source: Garry Little & Bill Stapleton
A woman observed a blue disc hovering over a highway while she was on her way home.

05.07.72 MT ARROWSMITH, TAS 2030hrs (CE1)
TA 1972-006
A motorist on Lyell Highway encounters a bright white cigar shaped object at road level. It goes down and seems to land on a bank alongside the road and then just goes out. Witness returned following day, to which a distinct flattened pathway was visible through the undergrowth. TUFOIC

12.07.72 MYRLA, SA 1730hrs
An object “like a full moon”, with a dark centre, and bright flashing lights circling it, was seen moving in a north-easterly direction. The postmaster at Pata saw a similar object on the same evening.

19.07.72 BRISBANE (KURABY), QLD 0200hrs (ENTITIES + CE3)
Source: Australian (22.07.72)
A man driving became aware of six objects on the side of the road which turned out to be six figures soft grey in colour. One held up a hand, and its face was seen to be covered with a sort of ‘faceted covering’ with no visible facial features. After seeing the figures and a large solid silvery object on the opposite side of the road he accelerated away. During the encounter he heard a noise like ‘p-doing, p-doing’.

24.07.72 ADELAIDE (NOVAR GARDENS), SA 2015hrs (NL)
From 80 degrees N a bright light travelled to overhead (SSE). No sound UFORSA

25.07.72 FRANKSTON, VIC 2115hrs
Source: Garry Little & Bill Stapleton
The same woman who saw a UFO on the 3rd of July in Frankston, Victoria had another experience.

The same object appeared and ‘control’ was lost of her car, as it seemed to take control of itself and stopped at the side of the road. A voice spoke to her, after which the car re-started itself, and the object left.

26.07.72 QUEENSTOWN, TAS 1800hrs
TA 1972-007
An ‘upside down parachute’ with yellow squares half way up it, floated low near the ground and was chased by workmen. TUFOIC

27.07.72 WOODSIDE, SA 2020hrs (NL)
One very bright light seen 40 degrees N travelling to the NW horizon. Duration: four minutes. UFORSA

27.07.72 ADELAIDE (ASCOT PARK), SA 2035hrs (NL)
A boomerang shaped object, shining like an electric light globe travelled from 80 degrees S to 15 degrees N. N sound. Duration: 30 seconds. UFORSA

30.07.72 ADELAIDE (SEATON), SA 2350hrs (NL)
Brilliant white light and red light close together 40 degrees SE travelling to 5-10 degrees ENE. Duration: One minute. UFORSA

AUGUST 1972 PEEBINGA, SA ca2030hrs
A humming noise was heard as a dark yellow oval shaped object was seen moving overhead. TV reception was interfered with. Light disappeared over Mallee Hill to the north. Visible only for seconds.

03.08.72 PINNAROO, SA 0450hrs (CE1)
Mrs Venning, while travelling by car on her way to catch a bus, saw to her left in a paddock, an object looking like a grey-white oval with lights on both sides. It seemed thirty metres off the ground and was soundless. She drove past it without stopping but said her hair stood on end during the observation. Duration: five minutes. Keith Basterfield UFORSA

05.08.72 YANKALLILA, SA 2250hrs (NL)
A lady driving her car saw a patch of light on her left above telegraph wires. The light separated from the wires and crossed the road in front of her. It appeared ‘cloud like’. The light disappeared over paddocks. Duration: five to six minutes. UFORSA

06.08.72 ADELAIDE (CHRISTIES BEACH), SA 2200hrs (NL)
Two sisters heard a beep beep noise, then saw a group of three or four white lights lighting up the ground on a spare block next door. Then witnesses stooped observing. UFORSA

11.08.72 ADELAIDE (SEATON), SA 2320hrs (NL)
At 5-10 degrees S she saw a stationary object which seemed to have three oblong, opaque windows. Duration: 20-25 minutes. UFORSA

27.08.72 CENTRAL AUSTRALIA 0200hrs
Whilst driving to Adelaide two women saw a yellow mushroom shaped object over hills, in paddocks and close to their car. It appeared to be following them. Duration: several hours.

28.08.72 PIMBA, SA (NIGHT)
While travelling between Darwin and Alice Springs two women repeatedly saw a mushroom-shaped object in the sky over two nights. On one occasion one reporter saw it on the ground close to the road for a brief few seconds. Keith Basterfield

28.08.72 PORT ELLIOTT, SA 2100-2130hrs
A pale blue light was seen flashing out to sea. Another blue light was then spotted under the sea about five metres offshore. Stones were thrown at it as it moved all over the harbour area. Binoculars were also used, showing a disc-like object. Three other lights were seen out to sea near the bird-sanctuary island. Whining noise was also heard.

28.08.72 CENTRAL AUSTRALIA 2300hrs
Witnesses in previous report (27th Aug, Central Aust.) saw the apparently same object on several occasions on the ground, about 100m away. The object was seen about ten metres above the ground.

Lights, one witness.

Source: Australasian Post (10.05.73 & 05.07.73)
Two large fungus rings were found.

15.09.72 HAHNDORF, SA 0240hrs (NL)
Point source of light at 30 degrees SW, brighter than any of the stars. Stationary. No sound. Bright red in colour, then turned blue, then back to bright red again. Duration: 4-5 minutes. UFORSA

15.09.72 ARMIDALE, NSW 0300hrs
Three university students heard a disturbance outside their lodgings. All three said they saw a ‘monk in a shroud’ figure hovering three metres from the door. There was a flash, the figure disappeared and it seemed to ‘enter’ one of the students who felt sick. Later another ‘flash’ left the student and entered a horse which bolted. Bill Chalker

Source: CUFOS
A lady heard a noise like a spinning wheel and found an area six metres in diameter with a scorched rim a metre wide.

21.09.72 WINULTA, SA 0400-0430hrs
The observer was awakened by a noise. The observer then saw a ball of red-yellow light of constant luminosity moving downwards, disappearing over the horizon. The object was about three times the size of the moon. Duration: one minute.

Three rings of lush growth appeared on a lawn overnight. The largest was about two metres in diameter. Examination revealed hundreds of little black spots on the grass. Slime mould. UFORSA

Source: Daily Telegraph (07.10.72)
Four metres high grass was flattened in a circular area with a radius of three metres.

06.10.72 ADELAIDE (SEATON), SA 2015hrs (NL)
Star-like l orange/white light travelled 20 degrees NW to 20 degrees E. UFORSA

25.10.72 PORT PIRIE, SA 2145hrs
A large orange object, together with three smaller lights, was seen moving to the east, where it disappeared. They all reappeared near the north-west, heading west. The small ones were following the large one. They all ‘blinked out’ near the west, smaller lights first. Duration: two minutes.

30.10.72 PADTHAWAY, SA 0200hrs
Driving home from the Bordertown railway station, a light was seen shining alongside the car. The driver turned around and headed back towards the light, which approached from the south. It stopped, then moved off, shooting flames out from its underside. A circle of amber lights were visible. The object then disappeared in the same direction from which it had come. Duration: ten minutes.

TA 1977-014
Two people were in a parked car when they noted a ‘Brightly lit railway carriage’ in the sky, moving soundlessly northwards. There were six or more separate lights in which shapes and figures were visible. The object faded away into the distance. TUFOIC

08.11.72 ADELAIDE (PORT NOARLUNGA), SA 2030hrs (NL)
Two red flashing lights one above the other travelled from 45 degree S to 45 degrees N. No sound. Duration: 5 minutes. UFORSA

30.11.72 MURRAY BRIDGE, SA 2315hrs (CE2)
SA 1972-003
Motor mechanic Mr Maxwell was out testing his vehicle when upon coming over a rise in the road, the motor and lights of his car cut out. They came back on but rose and fell in intensity several times. He decided to stop the engine and the car came to a halt.

To his left he saw a "diamond shape with the top cut off" noiselessly sitting on the ground forty five metres away in a paddock. His car radio went "funny", making a noise like a "computer on TV", a constant rhythm. As soon as he stopped the car he had tried the ignition key but when he turned it nothing happened, not even the oil light came on. He then tried the wipers and the electric air horn but they didn't work either. He locked all the doors and wound up the windows and just sat there for the next forty five minutes. After this time, the object left and he found he could restart the car quite alright. An inspection of the vehicle next day revealed no cause for the electrical problems. Allan Seer & Keith Basterfield UFORSA

09.12.72 RAGLAN CREEK, QLD 2200hrs
A single pulsating light, fifteen degrees from the western horizon, was moving in a southerly to northerly direction. Clear sky.

15.12.72 RAGLAN CREEK, QLD 1945hrs
An outline of lights, travelling north to south, was sighted. First seen about twenty degrees from zenith in the north. Estimated speed: 250mph.

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