Source: Armidale Express (04.08.74)
An account of bright lights and burnt circles was actually a spurious account based on a lecture.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number Callin Code 4972, Reported 21.08.05
Gordon reports that in 1973 three people witnessed a light show over a farm in Berrigan. It was night and a line of five or six lights stacked above each other, taking turns at being the top or uppermost light, and then they would swap; one would go out and be replaced by one from the other end, and the cycle would repeat. Suddenly all of the lights sped off in different directions, very quickly like a skyrocket, again, making no sound. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number Callin Code 3794, Reported 27.12.04
An ex-Ansett pilot contacted AUFORN with the recollection of an incident in Brisbane when a Fokker F27 Friendship crashed into Moreton Bay after an object was sighted on radar heading towards it. When the object merged with the Ansett flight blip on radar, only one blip was observed. The aircraft crashed with the lost of about 17 lives.

He says that the registry of this aircraft was VH-FNU, an ex Air France/ASA aircraft. I have looked up the registry of all Ansett aircraft and cannot find any mention of this Fokker crashing.

It started flying with Ansett in August 1970 and was decommissioned in August 1986.  During its service career, it was leased out to Air Pacific and Air Queensland.

But we have found in the archives of  The Advertiser posted on 10 June 2003 via Biniam Tekle, mention of a Fokker crash on the 10th June 1960. This was a TAA Fokker aircraft VH-TFB Abel Tasman and it crashed into the sea near Mackay.

All onboard were killed. Maybe this is the incident he is talking about" Robert Frola AUFORN & Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

Source: South Burnett Times, Gympie (29.01.75)
QA 1975-018
....Mr Arthur Martin of Scott Street said that the two objects were 'definitely saucer-shaped, with turrets in the centre'....the objects which were hovering on the eastern outskirts of the town had emitted fairly bright, flashing lights with colours including violet, blue, green and white.

"We couldn't hear any sound from the objects, but the dogs were making a row and cattle in the area were also kicking up a noise", he said.

Mr Martin said that one of the objects had disappeared very quickly. The other had changed direction moving up and down and from left to right, before heading off slowly towards the east....

Claims that an aerial disc ‘buzzed’ the building site of a house were made by several people. One man recalls seeing a blue beam of light shining through a caravan roof and then the next thing it was fading a half of a kilometre away from the van.

Source: New UFOlogist. E-MAIL: mhudson@newufo.win-uk.net
A small sharp edged circle was discovered close to the only small hill in the area. Hills are central to Meaden's atmospheric eddy vortex theory. The circle was photographed and measured. A full case study was produced which includes both photographs and a drawing of a sharp edged circle. Michael Hudson

ca.1973 MASLIN’S BEACH, SA (CE3)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 2859
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes
Lights colour:
Apparent size: small
Shape: Tube
Noise: No
Objects observed: 1
Activity when see:
Other witnesses: No

Alex is currently employed as a scrap metal dealer, and wanted to tell us about a very unusual piece of metal he saw 30 years ago. As a boy he saw a small tube of what seemed to be metal, floating on the water near Maslin’s Beach, South Australia, south of Adelaide.

It seemed odd to him that what seemed to be a piece of metal should be "floating." So he retrieved it and placed it on a rock on the beach. He put another rock on top of it to keep it in place. However, when he returned to pick up the metal it had gone. There was no trace of it. He says that now, 30 years later, it is still a mystery in his mind as to what it was. He called to ask if anyone else had ever reported anything of this kind. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

19.01.73 ADELAIDE (PARKSIDE), SA 0030hrs (NL)
On a clear night, a white ball of light was seen 30NW manoeuvring around a small area of sky. Duration: 150 minutes. UFORSA

22.01.73 ADELAIDE (SALISBURY DOWNS), SA 2315hrs (NL)
A 28 year old male witnessed two white, hazy lights at 30 N travelling S at great speed. Duration: 9-10 seconds. UFORSA

29.01.73 ADELAIDE (HOVE), SA 2200-2230hrs (NL)
A group of six, soundless, pale white coloured lights travelled from 8- degrees S to 25 degrees azimuth 345 degrees. V shaped formation like a flight of birds. UFORSA

31.01.73 GEORGETOWN, TAS 2145hrs
A lady saw a soundless orange‘oval’ come from the north, hover, then slowly rise higher in the sky and slowly disappear over the horizon.

Source: The Temora Independent 28.03.73
Three identical‘burnt off’ patches, each six metres in diameter, were discovered in otherwise lush paddocks.

03.02.73 ADELAIDE (BEDFORD PARK), SA 1520hrs (DD)
A 47 year old male sighted a dark object slightly higher than wide, not uniform in colour at 10 degree W and lost sight of it behind a tree. Duration: 5 minutes. UFORSA

04.02.73 nr KIMBA, SA 2150hrs
Source: Whyalla News 16.02.73
Four people in three separate vehicles reported seeing an orange object in a clearing. A young couple driving past said they saw a three metre high by two metre wide rectangle shape, and one of them reported a ‘man’ in a white spacesuit two metres high floating in the middle of the rectangle. The other saw an orange rectangle with a white blob on top when she looked a few seconds later. Later a semi-trailer driver reported to police that as he passed a clearing he noted what looked like an open doorway and a figure. The police checked the spot within an hour but found nothing unusual. Keith Basterfield, Peter Horne, Dean Piovesan, Ray Brooke UFORSA

06.02.73 BARRABA, NSW
A Mr and Mrs Carter discovered an eight metre wide circle with a forty centimetre band in high green grass. No indentations or scorch marks were found.

FEB/MAR 1973 GRAFTON, NSW 1900hrs
Source: Bill Chalker
Two men noticed a human like figure with a strange hump from its hind quarters, on the side of a road. It had a form of a face, with the impression of long hair and a pointed chin but no discernible facial features. The men drove past in their car and didn't stop.

Source: The Roma Star 20.03.73
Circular marks appeared in a field of sugar drip. All the heads of grain were facing the same way. These marks coincided with UFO reports.

Source: "Advertiser" Adelaide 7 Sep 1973.
A movie film was taken by a Mr W Nankervis, who had been filming a glider, when he saw a brilliant object beaming rays from one end, to a mass of "boiling stuff" at the other end. The clip of film was twenty seconds long and was examined by Prof J Allen Hynek on his Australian visit. No analysis is known to this author.

03.03.73 EDWARDSTOWN, SA 0300hrs (CE2)
A large orange domed object three metres high with a dark patch in the centre was seen outside a bedroom window, accompanied by a noise like a thump and cans banging. Triangular
markings were reportedly found on a lawn the next morning. UFORSA.

05.03.73 BRISBANE (ASPLEY), QLD 2230hrs (NL)
Four orange lights, surrounded by glare, on bearing 315 degrees and elevation about 30 degrees was sighted in the Brisbane suburb of Aspley. About the size of a biro at arm’s length, stationary for a while, then moved away along the line of sight. Sighting lasted for about eight minutes, and witnesses claimed they had not seen anything like it before. Clear, starry night.

A grazer found an eight metre circle with a five centimetre band on a property.

11.03.73 ADELAIDE (HIGHBURY), SA 0350hrs (NL)
A 27 year old male was in his car facing W when he saw a point source of white-blue light 10-15 degrees W which travelled in a straight line to S then turned and travelled E. Duration: 10 minutes. UFORSA

16.03.73 ADELAIDE (MORPETTVALE), SA 2015hrs (NL)
A flashing silver light seen 45 degrees SW travelling at great speed in a straight line SSW. No sound. Duration: 10-15 minutes. UFORSA

26.03.73 MELROSE, SA 2215hrs (NL)
Bright white light gradually darker towards the rear travelling in a straight line from 45 degrees NE to NW. Duration: 5 seconds. UFORSA

APRIL 1973 BOTHWELL, TAS 2300hrs
TA 1973-009
While returning home, two witnesses sighted a light on a nearby hillside. Later, the object approached the farm house at low level, lighting up the area like day, before moving away. An electrical humming sound was also heard. TUFOIC

For three to four minutes, a long object with three to four red lights at the back and a white light light in front was seen hovering at a five to ten degree easterly direction, after which it sped off in a north-easterly direction.

25.04.73 ANAMA, SA 1055hrs
A farmer related that an oblong grey shape with five black dots in the middle in a horizontal row, came from the east and headed south. Its trailing edge was ragged like a comet. It headed soundlessly across the wind. Keith Basterfield

Source: Junee Southern Cross 06.06.73
Certain marks were found on the ground after a UFO sighting. The object was circular and displayed yellow/orange lights.

Source: Horsham Mail Times 08.06.73
A fifty-five centimetres wide band, thirty metres in circumference, was found on bare ground. After a month vivid green grass had grown in its place. Suggestive of fungus.

02.05.73 KALYAN, SA 1930hrs (CE2)
Noting a bright light at an estimated five to ten degrees above the north-north-east horizon, through his left hand side windscreen, Mr Zadow was puzzled. Its angular size was about the size of the full Moon, and it was reddish/white in colour. No illumination of the surroundings was noted although the light was dazzling to look at. Driving at fifty five km/hr along a straight dirt road he watched the light. There was no change in size or brightness yet he had the feeling the object flew over the truck, as it rose in elevation as viewed against the windscreen. The truck's engine stopped and the lights went out leaving him rolling in darkness. Neither the red ignition light nor the green oil light came on. He instinctively braked slowly and after four to five seconds whilst the truck was still rolling, the lights and engine came back on by themselves. The outside light was not visible by this time. Investigation revealed that the light probably did not go over his truck but was at least three hundred metres away, parallel to the road. Keith Basterfield UFORSA

18.05.73 SHERLOCK, SA 2130hrs (CE2)
Three young people travelling back to Victoria recounted that a light had been following their car. They stopped the car to watch it. It hovered over trees, pulsating. The driver turned the ignition key but no lights showed and the engine wouldn't start until after a few attempts. Investigations reveal a likely cause was a combination of headlights/stars/imagination and a temporary electrical fault. UFORSA

19.05.73 GAWLER, SA
Source: The Gawler Bunyip, 11.07.73
Strange nylon like patterns were observed in the sky and the material vaporized on touch. It looked like a shower of nylon.

Source: Border Mail, Albury, 02.06.73. The Observer, 10.06.73
A 25 centimetre wide, 7 metre diameter ring was found in dry earth with a white powdery substance. A Border Mail photographer found a ten metre ring later. Suggestive of fungus.

03.06.73 OLD JUNEE, NSW 2100hrs
Source: Junee Southern Cross, 06.06.73
A circular indentation was found about 5 metres across. Close by were half a dozen pod marks, about 100 centimetre diameter, spaced at regular intervals.

Source: (RAAF annual sightings summary 1973)
An orange light was sighted from an aircraft. It travelled parallel but at a lower altitude for about sixteen kilometres before moving off at right angles. The RAAF concluded it was a reflection of the Sun rising from light aircraft.

14-15-16th JUN; MUNDUBBERA, QLD 2020hrs
QA 1973-001
A 37 year old Grazier witnessed an object which appeared over his property three nights in a row. The following is an account of what had transpired.

"The first I saw it was in the SW but I was facing NW. It was the brightness that first drew my attention....It was very bright with a half rolling effect on the NW side, changing from fluorescent blue to an orange colour. The particular size could not be estimated until it went behind the trees (a broken clump of gums) thus cutting down the brightness....on sighting this object it was the size of the centre of a rugby league football, the next night the size of a cricket ball, and the third night a bit larger than the biggest star. It was still changing colour on the second and third night but only a flicker effect...."


A circular area was found in the same vacinity as a UFO sighting. The southern portion had large amounts of white surface powder. The NNE perimeter had a charred circular area some 100 centimetres diameter. A burnt limb was in close proximity to the ill-defined mark. Bill Chalker

A freshly flattened circle was dismissed as car skid marks.

20.06.73. NORTH CARLTON Vic 2050hrs 10mins 1M Cane & 4others NL
Source: (pp106-110 of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 25)
Pilot of an aircraft Cane saw an orange LITS below his aircraft. The object paralleled the aircraft's track for some 10 mins then appeared to move at right angles to the plane. Noted at 5/6000 feet, below the aircraft. Aircraft speed was 155kts. Object maintained same speed for 10 miles. Last seen 25 miles from Melbourne below the aircraft almost abeam to Port. Lost as aircraft entered cloud. No radar trace.  [Cause cannot be determined may have been a "reflection from VH-FNQ finally affected by approaching Sunrise."]

Within 24 hours of a UFO hovering for several minutes, an area grayish in color and of thinner grass than the outside was confirmed. Bill Chalker

A green fireball grazed some trees. Two weeks later all the leaves on that side of the trees turned brown and returned to normal two weeks later again. Bill Chalker

Source: Adelaide News 07.08.73
Three Gold Coast youths claimed they were attacked by a furry creature, two metres tall with protruding eyes.

EARLY AUGUST 1973 HAGLEY, TAS 0430-0530hrs
TA 1973-015
Travelling along a highway a round, yellow, soundless ball was seen pacing a car at an estimated height of 180 metres. It then climbed at 45 degrees and moved away quickly, becoming smaller as it disappeared. TUFOIC

20.08.73 KYNUNA-JULIA CREEK AREA, QLD 2230hrs (NL)
QA 1973-012
"....my daughter and myself witnessed a light, full moon size, very bright, white and fluorescent type which appeared and flashed rapidly north to south....the surrounding countryside and timber along Gidyen Creek, a quarter mile away was momentarily very brightly illuminated.

It was only visible for approximately a second. It did not fall but rather disappeared or went out. It was not high in the sky but above the timber and between house....There was absolutely no sound....a dog was very alarmed. The brightness of the light was seen eight miles to the east.

Also a similar sighting was made by a Nun and a Priest travelling on the Kynuna-Julia Creek road approximately 11.30pm. This area being....fifteen to twenty miles SSE from here...."

Probable fungus rings on bare rocky soil, 100 centimetres wide and thirteen metres across.

02.09.73 MULLUMBIMBY, NSW 0030hrs
Mr Reynolds, who is 63 years of age and a front end loader driver, is employed on shift work by Associated Minerals, Byron Bay. He was proceeding home along the Pacific Hwy after finishing work, at midnight on Sunday. At about 12.30am Monday morning, he slowed and turned into Mullumbimby Road. Immediately after completing the left-hand turn, he saw, rising from an area of swampy land on his right, an intensely bright red cherry object. His very first thought was‘helicopter’, he stopped and watched it rise slowly into the air, at the same moment he realized it was no helicopter. It had ascended from behind (how far behind, he was unable to estimate) a small clump of trees. The trees were approximately fifty yards distant and he thought the object was about eight or nine feet in diameter. (It must be appreciated that the further away the object was from the trees, the larger its size).

He stated that:
"It was like a round glass ball in a frame."

When questioned about the ‘frame’ he said that it looked like an old time ‘buggy’, and mentioned ‘like a buggy’ a second time but could not elucidate. However, after rising from behind the trees, it moved slowly across to the bitumen road in front of his car, at an altitude of about a hundred feet, it then proceeded away from him, along the Mullumbimby Road. At this point it should be pointed out that the car’s electrical system had not been and was in no way affected. Mr Reynolds engaged gears and proceeded to follow. Almost immediately the object disappeared above the hood of the car, taking fine care not to catch up with it. When asked for his reason for not intruding into the glow, an estimated twenty feet in diameter, he said that although he did not feel in any way_ scared of the object, he felt that it would be best not to catch up with the ‘glow’, and following slowly at about 15mph. Several times he glanced out of his side window and up at the object, but never for more than a quick glance. He said that such was the intensity of the ‘cherry red light’ that he was afraid of hurting his eyes if he looked directly at it. The half-mile of road along which they travelled, is by no means straight, indeed, about half way it makes a sharp right hand turn, but never once did that‘glow’ leave the bitumen. At the end of the half-mile is a rise, at the tip of which is a deep cutting. Immediately after passing through the cutting the object made a sharp right hand turn and moved slowly across a paddock towards some not very distant hills.

Mr Reynolds said:
"I stopped the car and watched it, slowly diminish in size until it disappeared. I am POSITIVE it did NOT fade into the distance."

The whole incident occupied about five minutes of time and the object maintained a constant height from the surface of the road, which is not level all the way, of about eighty or ninety feet Mr Reynolds felt that he could have thrown a stone at the object and hit it, he was sure it was that close.

06.09.73 IVY TANKS, SA 0300hrs (CE3)
Source: Keith Basterfield & Vladimir Godic
A thirty two year old woman was a passenger in a semi-trailer travelling across to Perth. She had been asleep for about an hour when a "voice" called her name and told her to look out the window. She did so and saw an egg shaped surrounded by a "force field" on the ground. The figure of a man was walking towards the egg, while another man was sitting inside the object. The first man entered the egg; the glow died down, leaving only one white light on. The driver pulled up the truck but when asked, said he had seen nothing. They did not go back to check the spot.

10.09.73 BRISBANE (GRACEVILLE), QLD 2230hrs (NL)
QA 1973-002
The percipient, who had just got off the train at the Graceville railway Station, saw a yellow-white object move from directly above the railway station to the top of the witnesses' home. It then disappeared, reappearing a short time later. The sky was clear, no clouds were visible, being a mild night with a light breeze. It disappeared in a easterly direction.

06.10.73 BRISBANE (INALA), QLD 2057hrs (NL)
QA 1973-013
"....On leaving my mothers house by car my wife and I saw what we thought was a plane in trouble. At this time we were travelling along Serviceton & Inala Avenue. We followed in case it was, but in driving into the bush at Richlands we realised that it was not a plane but an unidentified object which was hovering above us.

It had a very warm and bright glow about it. We decided not to continue our pursuit and did a u-turn and as we did so the object seemed to do likewise. We proceeded to my mother-in-laws' house in Poinciana Street, Inala and when we stopped our car this object stopped also and seemed to just hover. My mother-in-law also observed this object.

We returned to my mother's house in Nuthatch Street and as we stopped the car outside her door the object seemed to hover over the house next door. My mother also came out to view this object. In the mean time this object seemed to rise straight up in the air.

We then left and my mother informed us this object remained there twenty to thirty minutes after we left the area...."

10 & 11.10.73 GOLD COAST (MIAMI KEYS), QLD 2115-0230hrs (NL)
QA 1973-003
A yellowey-orange object was observed moving erratically in the south-eastern sky. It would travel from the west to the south-east, then change directions and travel north. After a while it would turn back and travel in a south-easterly direction. At times it would hover for short periods of time. It would occasionally change colour from a yellowey-orange to red and after a while, go back to its original colour.

20.10.73 BRISBANE (BROWNS LEIGH), QLD 2045hrs (NL)
QA 1973-004
A married couple were reading magazines when their attention was drawn by what sounded to be several trucks in the distance. The sound enticed the husband to look out of the window. The following transpired;

"....west-south-west approximately 25o from horizon sighted the object without binoculars as a bright star object moving towards the south. Stopping and starting, climbing and descending, the object extinguished approximately three times in this sighting which lasted approximately one minute.

I sighted the object in the southerly aspect again within five minutes of the last sighting. Binoculars had been obtained by this time but no clear identification could be obtained. It appeared stationary at this time and flashed at irregular intervals, then extinguished within ten minutes....it had come back to the west-south-west position, stood stationary, then faded. No further sighting since."

It is the opinion of the observer that the noise had nothing to do with the object.


22.10.73 BRISBANE (CORINDA), QLD 1930hrs (NL)
QA 1973-005
Lights were observed for some minutes. When the observers realized that they were stationary, they stopped the car and got out to observe the lights. The lights then moved away very quickly towards the west and they observed them until they were too far to observe with the naked eye. Their 16 year old daughter also witnessed the lights.

Source: Bill Chalker

Two US servicemen stationed at the US Navy's Communications Station at North West Cape independently observed a mysterious object. The base incorporates a NSA facility within the Naval Security Group. Area 'B' within the base contains a high-frequency transmitter.

At about 7.15pm, Lt. Commander M[censored], USN, was driving south from the Communications Station to nearby Exmouth when he saw a 'large black airborne object' in the west at a distance of about 5 miles (8kl). He watched it hover, at an estimated altitude of 2000ft (600mt), for about 20-25seconds. It then flew off to the north, 'accelerating beyond belief'. Lt. Cdr. M said he had 'never experienced anything like it.' The UFO made no noise and Left no exhaust or contrail.

At much the same time, Fire Captain (USN) Bill L[censored] was on the base itself when he was called to close the officer's club. In his own words: 'I proceeded towards the Club in the Fire Department pick-up 488, when my attention was drawn to a large black object, which at first ] took to be a small cloud formation, due west of Area "B". Whilst travelling towards the Officers' Club I couldn't help but be attracted by this object's appearance.

'On alighting from pick-up 488, I stood for several minutes and watched this black sphere hovering. The skies were clear and pale green-blue. No clouds were about whatsoever. The object was completely stationary except for a halo round the center, which appeared to be either revolving or pulsating. After I had stood watching it for approx. 4 minutes, it suddenly took off at tremendous speed and disappeared in a northerly direction, in a few seconds.

'I consider this object to have been approx. 10 metres [3Oft] in diameter, hovering at 300 metres [985ft] over the hills [Mt Athol] due west of the base. It was black, maybe due to my looking in the direction of the setting sun. No tig
hts appeared on it at any time.

QA 1973-010
Margaret, a 16 year old girl, was in a bus at the Toombul Shopping Town when she saw an identical light like that observed on the 22nd of October of this year (SEE QA 1973-005 BRISBANE (CORINDA), QLD 1930hrs (NL)). She drew the attention of a friend of hers and they both watched the lights. When first observed, the lights were stationary for some minutes, before rapidly moving off.

28.10.73 KAROONDA, SA 2320hrs (NL)
Stationary orange to yellow light in the sky to the W. Faded out into clouds. UFORSA

28.10.73 KAROONDA, SA 2330hrs (PHOTO)
A photograph was taken of a stationary, intense orange object in the sky, using an instamatic camera. Investigations into similar reports of an orange object in the sky showed the causes of these were the planet Mars and flares. It is understood that the print came out black. UFORSA

A number of reports of orange lights seen in the district. UFORSA

01.11.73 ROCKHAMPTON, QLD 1900hrs (NL)
QA 1973-011
The participent of the 22nd of October sighting (SEE QA 1973-005 BRISBANE (CORINDA), QLD 1930hrs (NL)) believes he saw an identical lights like that observed in Brisbane. This time they was a lot of clouds, and as they travelled in the car through the trees observed their view of the object. The objects appeared to be stationary, until they shot off into the heavy clouds.

04.11.73 BRISBANE (FERNY HILLS), QLD 1945hrs (NL)
QA 1973-006
Mr & Mrs Cook observed a sharply defined bright light for approximately 60 to 75 seconds before disappearing. It travelled from the east to the west in a wandering manner before it straightened out. The object changed colour from white to red before it disappeared. This observation occurred during an electrical storm.

05.11.73 WYNARKA, SA 2015-2045hrs (NL)
Group of orange lights in W sky, "coming and going." UFORSA

06.11.73 KAROONDA, SA 2205hrs (NL)
Group of orange lights seen bearing 310 degrees. Three lights in a triangular formation.. Drove towards them and they seemed to be over a paddock to the right of the road. As he approached light went out and the object shot off at tremendous speed to hover over trees at a distance. UFORSA

21.11.73 BRISBANE (CAMP HILL), QLD 1925-1930hrs (NL)
QA 1973-007
Mrs McDonnell observed a star-like object traverse the sky from the west to the south. Duration: five minutes. Weather: fine with some clouds.

QA 1973-008/009
An object was seen by two family members, one from his bedroom facing Mt Coot-Tha. The object, which was described as a bright oblong light, came towards them from the north and headed in a westerly direction. It then hovered for about thirty seconds, before moving off in the opposite direction.


The other witness, who was in his room at the time, also described the object as oblong but with an array of flickering lights all over the circumference of the object.


Weather at the time was fine with no clouds visible. Duration: one to two minutes.

Source: Garry Little & Keith Basterfield
Seven circular-shaped depressions were found in an oat paddock. They ranged from 3-5 metres across and were of different ages. Oats had been swirled anti-clockwise. The police forensic squad were unable to explain the marks.

TA 1973-023
A driver saw a yellow light in a paddock, and approached it. When he got to within 300 metres it moved off about 3 metres off the ground. A sandbank about three metres high lay in the way but the light cleared this and was lost to view. The road swung away around the bank, then the light was seen again some distance away before it moved off. TUFOIC

TA 1973-022
That night, three witnesses were awoken by a roaring noise. It eventually stopped after a few minutes.

The next day a flattened circle of bracken on the next block, 3 to 3.6 metres (ten to twelve feet) across and nearby two to three smaller similar patches were found. Ferns folded over as if flattened by weight. The vegetation soon died off with the edge well defined. TUFOIC

A 3 metre diameter bare earth circle was found in the middle of a wheat field. Wheat had been swirled anti clockwise. Soil analysis revealed no cause.

31.12.73 LYMINGTON, TAS 2300hrs
Four witnesses in thundery conditions see a moon shaped object in the sky - then a large yellow cigar effect in a paddock by the house. Glow fades, and little lights are then seen. Subsequent claims of damage to a tree, house paint, refrigerator, etc; plus effects on two witnesses. Investigation at the time didn't reveal the alleged traces and the lights may be electrical in nature.

Rita H was taking photos when a light source appeared through the viewfinder. She had the impression of a close approach. She fell to the ground and the sky changed causing her extensive disorientation. Two photos were taken with a special camera and a very high ASA rated film. Prints have a light green coloured, elliptical shaped mass present on them. Woman subsequently developed lupus but this might be unrelated. UFOIC

Received 10th August 2008 - New


Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. May x
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: a couple of minutes.
Number of Objects: 1
Size: 50 cent
Colour: Silver with Blue/yellow or Blue/green lights on top.
Object origin: from south coast.
Speed: Very slow then stopped.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

My son was up the road with his mate paying the next thing I heard was them yelling out mum quick get a look at this its a flying saucer. I ran out the front and honestly it was so aery this thing was coming across the sky it was just like a flying saucer with flashing lights I can't remember the colour of the light on the bottom. It was going from he south to the north and it stopped hovered then went back again towards the south it stopped hovered then went straight up in the air. My eyes didn't leave it until it disappeared. This thing had windows all around it just looked like a hat with windows all around it.

We never reported it at the time because my husband said not to worry other people would have seen it and if they had they would call the courier mail newspaper and tell them.

The next day we bought the paper and yes there was a few reports but the explanation was it was a warning light above City Hall to warn airplanes away for it. But we saw the object in the opposite direction to the spot light, we were facing east and the Town Hall was behind us in the west the Town Hall clock was west of us.


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