While on a shooting trip, they saw a light in the distance to their N. It approached, then turned and headed W. It was lost over a hill. . There was an associated noise like a high speed motor. UFORSA

QA 1976-005
The object in question was observed over a period of 11/2 hours over a distance of about 72 miles, first sighted west of Bollon till its disappearance over St George. The witnesses were frightened by the object and did not stop to observed the object on foot.

"....At first....I thought it was a semi-trailer parked on the side of the road, with its green and red side lights. This was at a distance of approx. one mile. As we got closer it seemed to rise into the sky changing into a orange glow with a sort of vapour trail for a short period. It then moved away from us but, kept pace with us....we could see this light more reddish in colour just above tree top level. At this stage I thought it must have been the lights on the top of a water tower at Bollon (which I had never sighted before) similar to the lights we have on the water tower at Cunnamulla, which are visible from quite a distance.

....it kept us fasinated till Bollon, a distance of about twelve miles, upon going through the town the object changed direction and became, on the right hand side of the car, a brilliant white ball, hard to estimate size or distance away. It was most terrify-ing....and at one stage the light seemed to be directly above us and a little to the front, clearly visible but looking out directly from the windscreen and skywards....The light just kept pace with us....then started to rise into the sky. All very slowly. At this stage we were near St George....all the stars in the sky had vanished....this one light....was NE and very high in the sky....Eventually it too vanished...."


TA 1984-001
Two people were retiring to bed and the light had been turned off when a lady became aware of what appeared to be a figure in the passage. Thinking it was her five year old son she called his name but there was no response. Her husband turned to put on the light, but she saw the figure somehow become an intense white light which just streaked out through the window in their daughter’s room and was gone. The two children were found to be fast asleep.

TA 19770-033
A man got up to attend a young child and upon seeing an ‘‘aircraft coming down’ he went to an adjacent oval where he found an object close to the ground. Through ‘windows’ he saw ‘shapes’, although these didn’t move. There was an ‘electric motor’ type humming. The object took off and was lost to sight in the sky.

11.02.76 SWANSEA, TAS 2300hrs
TA 1976-003
A persistent noise like a jet plane, caused two witnesses to look out of their house to see a large glow in a nearby paddock. The source of the glow was obscured. As the witnesses went outside to investigate, the noise heard previously receded to the north. The glow also had disappeared.

12.02.76 MAGRA, TAS 0350hrs
TA 1976-004
Two men working on a power line saw a UFO with powerful red and green lights approaching, then hovering over a local church. It was said to be a 13 metre diameter ‘saucer’ having a shiny metallic surface. It flew off, returned, then flew off at speed.

17.02.76 LYELL HIGHWAY, TAS 0230hrs
TA 1976-005
Two truck drivers were paced in one truck for three hours. The object was described as a 16 metre yellow/white light in the shape of a dome. It paced the truck keeping an estimated 600 metres away shifting position if he men stopped the truck. They tried to use the wireless but got ‘a lot of static’ only. Finally the object climbed and disappeared.

TA 1976-037
Five lights orange in color were observed. Electromagnetic effects were noted to a vehicles headlights.

QA 1976-001
Mrs Wendy Coman and her husband Ron, retired to sleep on the above date at 11pm. At 11.30pm, Mrs Coman, who had been asleep was awakened by a loud noise outside her home and thought that a motor car was travelling rapidly up the street and waited for the car to brake when it approached the end of the street, but she heard nothing. At 11.35pm she was startled to find that her bedroom was bathed in red light. Together with the light she heard a noise which she described a powerful engine sound, and she found that a large 'whooshing' noise could be heard above the house. At this time she woke her husband who woke in time to hear the 'whooshing' noise. After this they looked out their bedroom window but could see nothing that might have caused the event. She estimated that the object took only a couple of seconds to pass over. Witnesses experienced a cold sensation and came up in 'goose-bumps' after which they witnessed a large flock of birds rose from the area which they thought very unusual considering the time of night. The next morning Mr Coman attempted to start his Falcon sedan but found it impossible to start the car. He added that the car normally starts without any trouble, and had no further trouble with the car.

QA 1977-004
While burning rubbish in the paddock, a fourteen year old boy witnessed three blue luminous saucers slowly fly across in a northerly direction. These three were flying in a triangular formation which seemed to 'float across the sky'. As they floated over the house, he ran to the front of the house, only to see three streams of white light speeding upwards, disappearing in three seconds. The night sky was clear and still. Duration: one minute.


12.04.76 PENRITH, NSW 2300hrs

A woman in bed heard a whistling noise and then saw a large black sphere with a periphery of white light outside. It was some 10 metres across and approached then stopped by a fence. A second person also noticed an orange cloud effect and also the object, which then vanished. They then noticed a bright orange sphere receding NE with a vapour trail. An area of long grass in a nearby paddock was swept outward, plus four plate sized ‘pod marks’ were noted.

18.05.76 BOTHWELL, TAS l930hrs
TA 1976-018
An oval red and white object was noted by two people.

26.05.76 LISDILLON, TAS 1850hrs
An orange-red domed object was seen by people.

31.05.76 DAW PARK, SA 0200hrs (CE3)
A silver suited being, one hundred and sixty five to one hundred and seventy five centimetres tall, with a black visor, white boots and a box with a figure eight on its chest, was reportedly seen in a back yard. When the single reporter approached the entity it flew off and entered a cigar shaped object which had been sitting in the sky. Some traces were said to have been found. However, when investigators arrived there were no traces visible. UFORSA

18.06.76 HERVEY BAY, QLD 1700hrs (CE1)
QA 1976-004
While riding his push bike, a student sighted a small black dot in front of a fat cigar-shaped light with a long tail. The cigar-shaped object was a bright steady light about as bright and as big as a quarter moon. The object was well defined. It then changed to a black dot in front of a long thin line of light, which eventually changed to just a black dot. When the light faded, a light trail which looked like a vapor trail, was seen. The student went to fetch his binoculars and on his return, the black dot-like object had disappeared. Flight was a horizontal and steady movement in a south-easterly direction. No noise was detected. Duration: five minutes. Weather: overcast and chilly. It appeared as long as a 20 cent piece held at arms' length.

07.07.76 BRIGHTON, TAS 2330hrs
Returning home, a person noticed a light extremely close behind at 7 metres up and 10 metres away. Round with a yellow centre and a pale yellow edge, the object was no longer there after a bend was rounded.

13.07.76 ROCHESTER, NSW 1930hrs
Two women, one on a motorbike, the other in a combie van were ‘attacked’ by a light which forced the motorbike off the road then swung around in front of the van and travelled away. No sound was emitted by the bright white 1 metre diameter light, although the vans radio had static on it.

MID JULY 1976 GORDONVALE, QLD ca0000hrs (CE1)
QB 1978-013
Mrs Stocks observed a rudy red object while driving south along the highway between Edmonton and Wrights Crk about 12.00pm. She said at first she thought it was an airplane or a flection of light from another vehicle.

Mrs Stocks stated that the object was not far east of her and very low, the shape was indinate and was seen as a cylindrical shaped, bright ruby-fuzzy glow. A bright ruby-red light situated in the middle of the object was pulsating at (two second) intervals and faced towards the north, its source was hidden from view. The object was moving slowly towards the north, Mrs Stocks became nervous increasing her speed. As she turned off the highway about seven minutes later, Mrs Stocks looked back and saw the object crossing over the cane fields, until it was obscured from view.


15.07.76 WALKER FLAT, SA 2115hrs (NL)
A red object, the size of the Sun was seen and the lights of a car were affected for about a minute. The object then accelerated rapidly away. UFORSA

22.07.76 RAVENSBOURNE, QLD 0330hrs (NL)
QA 1976-006
UFO Research Queensland (then the Queensland UFO Research Bureau) received a letter, dated the 22nd September 1976, from a 71 year old pensioner, who reported seeing an object approximately two months ago.

"....I observed what was undoubtedly a flying saucer....The object was plainly visible from my window and would br north-east. There was light cloud moving from the east which obscured it for a moment or two, and had then disappeared...."


29.07.76 BAGDAD, TAS 2l30hrs
A lady driving home saw two rows of flashing lights, 15 metres in length, 4 metres off the ground at 140 metres away. They seemed stationary in a paddock, then climbed away and were lost to sight in the NW. No traces were left.

31.07.76 BAGDAD, TAS l9l0hrs
A round fluorescent light headed towards a car from its right. It moved quickly and in a second or two filled up the field of vision of the occupants. Finally it shot over the roof and was gone.

A UFO was seen to land by a motorist. A figure came down a ramp then re-entered, after which the object took off vertically.

ca.01.08.76 RAVENSBOURNE, QLD (NL)
QA 1976-006
The same recipient also reported the following, of an account given to him, ten days or so, after his own sighting on the 22nd July, from a person who is the nephew of his daughter-in-law.

"....he had seen a flying saucer while returning from a dance - in the late hours of the morning....He had no knowledge of my viewing...."

02.08.76 GRANTON, TAS 0400hrs
Mr Wood was driving home when all of a sudden a screen-like projection appeared in front of him, at the same time a loud distorted music was heard. On this screen he saw a figure in profile. It wore a black tight fitting jacket, and light coloured trousers. Wood braked and seemed to drive wholly through the screen, which disappeared.

15.08.76 BOYER, TAS 0145hrs
Two people in a utility noted an approaching light which then drew back. Later ‘something’ shone a light into the back window. It seemed 125 metres away, and 250 metres up, looking like a jelly bean with a dome on top, of an orange to yellow colour. The radio volume faded and the inside of the vehicle lit up. The road then swung under a cliff and the light wasn’t seen again.

15.08.76 MORNINGTON, TAS 2015hrs
TA 1976-026
Four people watched two big yellow lights approach out of the sky, with one light seeming to land half way down the nearby hill and the other following the first. The lights just went out after several minutes. No traces were found.

08.09.76 ELEPHANT PASS, TAS 0300hrs
TA 1976-035
A motorist sighted a large house sized oval shaped object near the ground in a roadside gully. The motorist then suffered a tingling sensation. The light fails to move and the motorist drove on.

ca.17.09.76 nr WINGEN, NSW
A single male witness was driving along the New England Hwy between Muswellbrook and Tamworth, when his car suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. It was in the early hours of the morning. The man, a motor mechanic, got out and checked all components but was unable to restart the car. His lights were inoperative and the speedometer was flickering up to 40kph and down again as he was stationary. He then saw a large light coming from his left. It passed directly over him and the car, and proceeded on until lost from view over the distant mountain range. After the object disappeared he was able to start the car again, but only after experiencing unusual mechanical difficulties associated with the car. Afterwards, many problems befell the car (including ‘starting by itself’). He eventually sold it. The witness also has had eye problems which may be related.

25.09.76 KARAWINNA, VIC 23l0hrs
Four people in a vehicle noticed a group of red lights which were sitting in a paddock 150 metres away. The lights began flashing and rose straight up, hovered briefly then departed for the east. The witnesses drove after it until the lights switched off. One witness reported severe neck pains and ear trouble which required medical attention. Three days later a twenty-five metre circle of discoloured grass, and devoid of hay, was found in a paddock. Samples ware analyzed by ACOS but nothing unusual was found. The site had not been strongly heated or irradiated (thermoluminescent study).

QA 1977-018
At approximately 4am in the morning, Ms Verna Mercedes and her son witnessed a 'flying white light'. A ray of light was directed at her son's head, of which he suffered from head-aches and nightmares during the next few weeks. They then witnessed an aerial project itself from the top of the light. This protrusion remained suspended for about four minutes before the object moved very quickly, disappearing out of sight. A low constant idling type engine sound was heard throughout the observation. Duration: Fifteen minutes. Weather conditions at the time very clear skys.

10.10.76 BATEAU BAY, NSW 2015hrs
Source: UFOIC Newsletter No 49 (Sept-Oct-Nov 1976)

A creature 3 metres tall with huge arms and broad shoulders, no hair, eyes like a fly, a round mouth and arms with three joints, was seen climbing a cliff and then disturbing a group of teenagers.

Four cars travelling through a reserve were ‘disturbed’ by a disc shaped object 28 metres above the vehicles.

25.10.76 BEN BOYD NATIONAL PARK, NSW 1600hrs
Three youths on a cliff-top saw several discs hovering out to sea. They took a movie film and still photos, and then they turned to film the eclipse of the sun. After the eclipse had passed, the objects were no longer in sight. GSW computer enhancement failed to identify the images.

04.11.76 nr.BRISBANE, QLD 1900hrs (NL)
(1.  RAAF files. 2.  Bill Chalker. (1982.) UFORAN 3(4):24)
An Air Traffic Controller noticed a stationary light in the sky. The crew of an Electra aircraft then noted a light changing colour green to red to green again, appearing to move up and down. Another pilot saw a red and green object. Brisbane and Eagle Farm radar stations picked up stationary unidentified returns.

04.11.76 OVER THE EAST COAST OF QUEENSLAND bet 2040-2122hrs (NL)
QA 1976-008
At 8.40pm on a Thursday night 4KQ, a local Brisbane radio station, reported a ground sighting of a fast moving, brilliantly lit object, which passed over a house at Boonah. The witness stated that the object was travelling too fast to be local aircraft.

At 8.50pm, an Ansett Air Freight Lockheed Electra departed Brisbane for Sydney. During the flight, the Flight Crew tracked an unknown on radar. Efforts to date have been unsuccessful in tracking down the crew for comment.

At 9.08pm, a TAA commercial flight departed Brisbane for Townsville. A member of the flight crew is reported to have said that shortly after leaving Brisbane, their aircraft was chased by an object. It soon overtooked the aircraft. It situation remained the same until the flight approached Townsville. The Flight crew member said that the object showed tremendous bursts of speed. Subsequent search for the witnesses revealed only denials from the crew and have been unable to get in direct contact with the man who made the report.

At approximately 9.22pm while on a flight from Dalby to Brisbane, a private pilot is reported to have said that his aircraft was followed by a large object until he landed at Eagle Farm Airport in Brisbane. The object continued on out to Moreton Bay. Its disappearance was not observed. This pilot was also unlocateable.

06.11.76 BRISBANE (NUDGEE), QLD 1915hrs (NL)
QA 1976-009
Three people witnessed an object travelling low over the horizon in a north-easterly direction. It was a reddish-pink in colour. Duration: three to five minutes. Weather condition at the time were windy but clear. The moon was also observed.

10.11.76 BRISBANE (POINT HALLORAN), QLD 2010hrs (NL)
QA 1976-010
Mr Ray Pearson of Victoria Point saw two objects 45o apart cross the sky from N to W. The objects moved in a bobbing way. Duration: five to six minutes. Weather conditions were stormy. Witness is colour blind but believes the object was reddish-orange in colour.

12.12.76 BRISBANE (WOODRIDGE), QLD 1900hrs (NL)
QA 1977-014
"Approx at the first sighting, was inquisitive to know how a star had descended below a heavy rain cloud. After continuously watching it, I noticed that the object could rise out of sight then almost immediately return to the former position again below the rain clouds. Both my wife and mother had noticed this bright star-like object previously some nights before, and have since drawn my attention to both its presence, as the evening nears, also its movements."

16.12.76 BRISBANE (CHAPPEL HILL), QLD 2135hrs (NL)
QA 1976-011
A bright white light was observed for thirty to fourty seconds by a Chappell Hill man.

16.12.76 YORK PLAINS, TAS 2300hrs
TA 1976-033
A blue-white light came down in front of a hill near the farm, very close to the ground, passing in between the trees. The object lit up the ground and tree trunks as it went along.

24.12.76 BRISBANE (WOODRIDGE), QLD 2100hrs (NL)
QA 1977-014
"On Christmas Eve, I noted another object in the sky similar to the one already explained (12th DEC; BRISBANE, QLD 1900hrs WOODRIDGE), at first this one appeared 9pm in the evening then after, noted that I could sight both by 8pm in the evening.

NOTE: Witness tried to photograph the object with a pocket size flash but failed. Sightings occured over the Christmas Holidays, with little alteration in the time of their appearance and disappearance. The later object was always the last to disappear.

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