TA 1977-155
A red flashing light was seen by three people 200mm away from their farm, just above the ground. A check the next day revealed a tree stump freshly pushed over.

NOTE: It probably had no connection with the light.

04.01.77 LITHGOW, NSW 2l30hrs
Noting an orange glow in the distance two people in a car thought they had seen a bushfire until it moved towards and over the car. The car became enveloped in a natural fog patch which remained until the glow had passed by.

20.01.77 POINT KENNY, SA 0l45hrs
A man stepped outside his home and saw a bright flash in the sky, like lightning, with the area being lit up. Looking up he saw a bright light, a sphere, travelling along which then took off at speed.

21.01.77 PIPERS RIVER, TAS 2330hrs
TA 1977-006
Farm dogs were disturbed by an elliptical red/silver object which was sighted near the ground on a ploughed paddock. An undulating humming noise was heard. Four witnesses went to the paddock in an attempt to approach it after the object had faded out, but it reappeared suddenly and they fled. No traces.

Source: "Woman's Day" 11.12.80
Large, white light seen "…darting sideways and up and down at great speed..." Through binoculars seen as circular, with red and yellow lights with a rotating bottom. "The middle section was like a set of windows and we could see movement like shadows. "…then the object just disappeared as fast as it had appeared." Duration: 30 seconds.

03.02.77 SEVEN MILE BEACH, TAS 2030hrs
TA 1977-036
Some children at a youth camp heard a noise and saw a spinning dome with flashing lights and ‘windows’. In the centre window a figure was seen. It was thin, had a large collar, an arm to the right, and moved its head. The object moved away.

04.02.77 KINGSTON TO MOUNT GAMBIER, SA 2100hrs (CE2)
While driving between Kingston and Mount Gambier a couple observed two lights following them, alternatively at ground level and then up in the sky. Their car speedometer broke and the car clock was slow upon arrival home. UFORSA

Source: "Adelaide Advertiser" 12.03.77.
A four point three metres diameter doughnut ring was discovered on a farm property. Its centre was undisturbed and it had a circular hollow trough with a hard rim. Soil tests showed no cause.

03.03.77 BRISBANE (GEEBUNG), QLD 1900-1930hrs (NL)
QA 1977-001
Miss K witnessed a light falling straight down towards the ground until it suddenly turned left and travelled parallel to the earth. It was lost to view behind the roof tops of houses. Duration: fourty seconds.

22.03.77 EAST GOSFORD, NSW 0200hrs (NL)
Ms B, while driving back to Matcham, near Gosford, from Sydney saw a triangular, neon pink object flying slightly ahead of them, on their right. When they reached the turnoff to Terrigal, the object stopped and hovered over the Terrigal Drive. Ms B and Mr S were curious but they felt too terrified to go any closer to investigate. They drove on without the object following. UFORNSW

06.04.77 nr KING ISLAND, TAS
Source: FOI request to Department of Transport 2004.
Occurrence number 197703195. Occurrence id 77512. 16 Apr 1977. Near King Island Tas. UFO report from pilot. Passed to RAAF for study. CFT beacon abeam VH-KRY.  Cessna 401.

18.04.77 PORT MACQUARIE, NSW 0430hrs
ND 1977-002
Standing by his truck a man became aware of an eighteen metre diameter bright white light ascending over sand dunes 150 metres away. He stood there until it was thirty metres away, then entered his cabin. The light backed off, descending over the dunes and sped out to sea a little above the water before climbing away into the sky.

22.04.77 ADELAIDE (YATALA VALE), SA 2345hrs (CE2)
SA 1977-048
While driving alone on a little used road, the reporter’s car was approached by an object which apparently passed over the vehicle. As it did so, the electrical system of the car "cut out" for a few seconds then came to life. The object had initially appeared as a bright light of intermixed colours of star size. At its closest it took on a vertical oval shape with "rays" coming out of it. The oval was a mixture of red/green/yellow. Angular size eat this stage was close to full Moon size. UFORSA

01.05.77 BRISBANE (MT CROSBY), QLD 1145hrs (DO)
QA 1977-005
"While looking at the D'Angular Range and admiring the colours of green, something caught my eye to the far right beyond the bend of the range, in the sky. I thought it a small plane, and wondered where it had come from as there had been no sight of it a few seconds before....My eyes wandered along the range again, and when I looked back this object was flying along the top of the range against the sky....Then it dipped and I could see it very clearly against the greens of the mountains....It went at a steady pace about the rate as a small trainer plane goes....I noticed it had no wings....I looked closely and saw it did not have a tail piece....It just vanished."

Duration: three to five minutes. Object was oblong in shape and a silvery-white in colour. Very bright. Its size was approximately half a moon.

01.05.77 MAIDENWELL, QLD 1715-1730hrs (DO)
QA 1977-023
"....My son Colin, aged 13, had noticed the object a couple of minutes before and he ran over and stopped me. I was driving the Header. He called my attention to it. Colin said that it was moving too fast and that there wasn't any clouds about as the sky was clear.

I went on with my work driving the Header. My son was on the Header with me then. When I looked at it a few minutes later I realised it had indeed moved. I had to keep working but my son watched it until it disappeared over the Cooyar Ranges....

....It had no definite outline, but seemed white with a black object....It was very large. If you held a ruler at arms' length, it would have been approx. 10cm long. It didn't alter shape and kept a steady course and speed."

Duration: ten minutes.


02.05.77 CAL LAL, SA 2000hrs (CE1)
Source: UFORSA; Australian Co-ordination Section for the Centre for UFO Studies Bulletin (ACOSB.) No 11. p21.
Out camping, a man saw a blue trapezoid shape, ten metres away. It was two metres tall by seventy five centimetres wide at the top tapering to forty five centimetres wide at the bottom. Stationary when he saw it, he looked away and upon looking back it had simply vanished.

07.05.77 BRISBANE (SLACKS CREEK), QLD 2230hrs (NL + NOISE)
QA 1977-021
"At 10.30pm on Saturday, I was sitting in the Dining Room, working with my wife washing the dishes in the kitchen. The doors were open between these rooms. We simultaneously heard a pulsating noise consistent with something 'whirring' through the air. The direction in which the sound came from was very definite. The noise grew stronger, then remained constant for four or five seconds. The noise was certainly not that of a normal aircraft, helicopter, or traffic/TV/radio. We did not have the TV on, and our neighbours were out. My reaction was that there was something no more than two or three times the height of our lowset home hovering or spinning in the air. We were naturally both rather hesitant to run outside and I switched off the outside light. The noise seemed to move away and my wife walked outside and I followed. My wife immediately said 'Look! There - It's gone.' I regretably did not see anything...."

"My wife's description of her observation was that there was a 'fuzzy light' at approximately 45 to 60o to the horizon to the side of the gum trees in the garden....The fuzzy light or glow just disappeared, but did not give the impression of becoming smaller or more distant...."

20.05.77 MURBKO, SA 0630hrs (CE1)
Source: UFORSA; ACOSB. No 11. p21.
A young nurse saw a red glowing ball of light, five to ten metres in diameter sitting in a paddock only a few metres from her car. The ball rose into the air and was soundlessly lost to sight.

26.05.77 ORANGE, NSW 0000hrs
On hearing animal noises, a youth saw lights (possibly resting on the ground) ninety metres away from the house. His mother (investigating) saw an oblong orange glow containing ‘windows’ moving over a hill.

Physical traces were found which consisted of four small cleared patches arranged in a trapezoid. The grasses and thistles within the area were not affected in any obvious way. Upon analysis it was found that an ionizing radiation would have resulted in the ground receiving less than 100 rads and that any heating involved in forming the cleared patches would have been below 205 degrees.

Source: "Sunday Mail" Adelaide Newspaper 29.05.77 p3
Three boys, Brenton Clarke 15, Alex Madaros 14 and Neil Williams 14 related to a Newspaper that they had sighted an unusual object in a park. One boy claimed he had been thrown three metres backward from a column of light after touching the beam with his right hand. Thirty seconds later they watched as a bluish-green conical shaped object rose rapidly from a tall gum in a group of trees 20m to their right.

30.05.77 BIRDWOOD, SA 1545hrs (CE1)
A large, two hundred metres long, pink object shaped like a "jumbo jet" was reported to have landed in a paddock beneath some powerlines, then took off vertically with no sound. No traces were found and soil analyses revealed nothing unusual. UFORSA

30.05.77 OPPOSUM BAY, TAS 2230hrs
A single person out shooting reported observing a ‘silver ball edged ‘with red and a red tail’, ten metres off the ground, 400 metres away. It passed silently over the River Derwent and rose into the sky.

A yellowish football-shaped light circled the tractor operated by Douglas Stirling who was ploughing during the small hours of the morning on the Beardmore Property. The light then followed his car for several kilometres as Doug raced back to the homestead frightened. Doug alerted John Beardmore who was still able to see it receding into the sky in the north. Another person from St George was found to have had a similar experience.

03.06.77 IPSWICH, QLD 1655hrs (DO)
QA 1977-022
"The object was first seen by my son, from the back steps of our house, who notified the rest of the family. The object was seen over the NW horizon moving slowly, parallel with and 20o above the horizon. The object was an elongated eliptoid, silvery white in colour and about 11/4 times the width of the moon. It was moving at a slow steady rate and seemed to be about 20 to 30 miles away. It passed under the setting sun, and on shielding our eyes, it still appeared silvery white in colour. It moved across the horizon in a southerly direction and we moved into the street in front of our house to obtain a better view while my son fetched the binoculars. We lost sight of the object when it passed behind building across the road. The object reappeared from behind the buildings, still travelling at the same speed, but now seemed to have changed course from a south-west to a south-east direction. It appeared to be getting smaller and disappeared over the south-eastern horizon."

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes except when it disappeared behind the building for about 40 seconds.


12.06.77 COORONG, SA 0000hrs
A group of people including several married couples were camping along the Coorong, South Australia, near Tilley Swamp, enjoying a holiday break. On the night of the 12th, they were disturbed by a sound which came from the east, becoming louder and louder and finally seemed to be right over their group of tents and campervans. It consisted of a … ‘thump – silence – thump - silence’ which, when over their camp, became of a very bass quality and loud enough to disturb them and cause them to look outside. As the noise was getting louder two separate couples noticed a light illuminating the area. One couple said that a light silhouetted a motor bike outside the tent on the white tent wall. The man who had been outside also heard the sound and saw a white light moving through nearby trees away from the camp. The noise came to a sudden end before anyone had been able to see what was causing it.

23.06.77 RICHMOND, TAS 1930hrs
A rectangular shape with a pink flashing light throw metres long and one metre high, seemed to float 100 metres away and thirty metres from the ground as a woman watched it. She moved to get a closer look but the object then loft to the NW with no sound.

25.06.77 CASINO, TAS 0000hrs
Two friends returning home noted flashing lights above the car, which paced them, then disappeared into the distance. There was no solid object merely a circle of six-eight lights flashing yellow and pink/red.

02.07.77 SANDFLY, TAS 2300hrs
A bright red light -three metros off the road, 200 metres distant was noted behind a car. The car lost power for 15 to 20 seconds and had to be clutch started. The light by then had disappeared. Later on, the car did the same thing but this time there was no light visible.

05.07.77 BRISBANE (BALD HILLS), QLD 1805hrs (CE1)
QA 1977-024
On the night of July 5th, at 6.05pm., Mrs Helma Belker-Pietsch and her mother, Mrs Lucie Belker, of Burpengary, were driving along the North Coast freeway towards Brisbane in order to attend night class. Suddenly, her mother called her attention to an object on the left side, (east) which appeared to be about the size of a large star that was growing larger. Observing the glowing object through the window, they watched it grow to the size of a full moon, only the light was white. The intense light continued to approach, growing all the time. Mr Belker-Pietsch thought it odd that the light, even though it was very bright, did not throw a beam. She believed that the object had turned around by about 45 degrees as they could see that the light was not the object itself but had the appearance of an airliner (cigar-shaped). Slowing down, they saw that the object was above some tall trees and appeared to be pacing them, changing height with an up and down motion as if it were avoiding the top of a tree. Suddenly the spindle-shaped object increased speed and headed north-west. Mrs Belker-Pietsch and her mother, watching it move away, could see the light coming from what appeared to be enormous windows in the side of the craft. This excellent sighting was made approximately one mile north of the ABC broadcasting tower at Bald Hills. Apparently there was no other traffic in the area at the time.


30.07.77 BIRDWOOD, SA 1545hr5
SA 1977-102
A large (200 metres long) pink object shaped like ‘jumbo Jet’ was reported to have landed in a paddock beneath some power lines then taken off vertically, with no sound. No traces were found, and soil analysis revealed nothing unusual.

30.07.77 BRISBANE (ROTHWELL), QLD 2000hrs (CE1)
QA 1977-025
Mrs Sadie Campbell of Redcliffe, while travelling home from work along Anzac Avenue towards Rothwell, noticed this bright light suddenly appear in the sky. Upon examining the object more closely, it appeared to be round in shape with very bright green lights all around its' perimeter with a glow originating from the centre of the object. It approached from her left just above the tree tops, crossed Anzac Avenue, and travelled towards Kippa Ring, after which it disappeared. Mrs Campbell reported that she had a very strange feeling as it disappeared quickly in the direction of nearby Redcliffe. It may be interesting to note that the Redcliffe airport is not very far from where the object was observed, it did not bear any resemblance to any known type of aircraft or meteorological balloon. Duration: 2 to 3 minutes.


A depressed ring of grass appeared over night on sports oval in the town. The ring was 4.2mm (fourteen feet) in diameter. Samples taken proved negative. No UFO was reported.

Motorist observed a bright light in the NE sky. In second, the light was above his car, lighting up the area all around. The percipient thought the object was a flat rectangular shape and as big as a bus. He felt his face tingling and heard static on the car radio. Suddenly it went dark, the light gone. The duration of the observation was 10 minutes.

10.09.77 GOONDIWINDI, QLD 0300hrs (NL)
QB 1978-022
The reporter, Mr H is an experienced aircraft engineer who at the time of the incident was travelling as a passenger on a Bush Pilot Airlines Trilander flying from Cunnamulla - Brisbane via Goondiwindi. The aircraft had completed the first leg of the trip and was to land at Goondiwindi Airport and pick up passengers. Due to engine maintenance the flight had been delayed and the time was now approximately 0300hrs.

Mr H was sitting next to the pilot of the Trilander. Within a short distance of the airport Mr H and the pilot noticed what they first thought to be another aircraft approaching on a similar but opposite course. While still on final approach to the airport the pilot confirmed through Air Traffic Control (Brisbane & Sydney) that no other aircraft should be in the area. The pilot, Mr H, and another passenger (also a pilot) discussed for a few moments what the approaching lights may have been.

With the BPA aircraft and the "unknown" on what appeared to be an eventual collision course, the pilot took evasive action and turned the Trilander away from its approach to the airport. Mr H sitting on the starboard (right) side of the aircraft watched the unknown approach the airport, pass low over the runway and moved away to a position south-west of the airport. The BPA aircraft then landed as intended and while the aircraft was being loaded and refueled, mr H said that the "object hovered" and "moved about erratically" to the south-west. Passengers waiting at the airport had seen the object pass low over the runway and told Mr H it was completely soundless.

After a duration near to half an hour the BPA flight departed the airport to continue on to Brisbane. Mr H once again sat next to the pilot, he said as the Trilander began its ascent the "unknown" moved towards the aircraft, then paced it at a similar rate of speed on the starboard side and then turned away from the plane in a south-east direction disappearing into the distance. Mr H stated that the "unknown" never came very close to the aircraft and at no time was any shape discernable only two bright lights positioned above and below (at an angle) what appeared to be a "thick body". The "lights" were not the usual type fitted to aircraft. Mr H described them as changing colour from orange - white in a "psycedellic" manner.

This incident was not reported to aviation authorities.

18.09.77 IPSWICH (REDBANK PLAINS), QLD bet 2030-2100hrs (NL)
QA 1977-019
A 20 year old storeman was standing on his front varendah, when he noticed two shiny silvery white star-like objects, which appeared to be moving towards Brisbane. He then called out to his mother and sister to come out an observe them. These objects travelled slowly in different directions, one to the north-east and the other to the east. Even though they travelled in different directions, they seemed to keep a 120o to each other during the whole event. Duration: 30 minutes.

QA 1977-016
"My son had been employed on a pineapple farm in that district. While working in the pineapples he noticed a curious area of demarcation at ground level, about sixty feet in length which straddled several rows. The pineapples within this area were poor and unproductive and grass and weeds scanty. The area though circular, tapered off at one end - rather teardrop-shaped.

Upon inquiry, the foreman said that there was a similar but smaller area on a neighbouring farm, about a mile distant. The farming people evidently associated these area with mysterious lights and sightings about two years previously."

OCTOBER 1977 TATURA, VIC 2200hrs
In the latter half of October, Mr W was travelling in westerly direction on the Grigare East Rd after having sold some farm land to two brothers who live a mils mouth of Tatura. He left their premises at approximately 10.OOpm; the sky was clear and no win was apparent. He pulled out of the driveway and turned left to a westerly direction on a small back road which runs parallel to Tatura and the Midland Highway. Immediately on his left he noticed an extremely bright light coming from behind a slight hill rims approximately 1000 yards away due south-west. At the time he thought that the light, (somewhat like a spotlight at that distance) was coming from a wheal harvester. Night harvesting was done quite commonly in that district. He then proceeded slowly down the road in his purple Fairlane (white interior) keeping an eye on it all the time. The light then became increasingly brighter so he pulled his sun-shade around to blot out the glare to his eyes. Meanwhile he moved onward slowly to the next intersection (minor road).

He then noticed that it was keeping pace at forty mp at a parallel distance of approximately 800 yards away at 20-25 azimuth. There were no other cars around and he noticed that it was lighting up his car bonnet an interior with extreme brilliance. Now at this stage keeping pace with him (S-SW direction) from his car at a change of 30-40 azimuth. The object appeared at the time to show shades of red, green, and orange circulating around the object but indistinctly beneath the bright white glow that enhanced the object. A mile and a half down the road the object, still keeping t same direction, crossed above, in front of the car to direction of 270 but still at the same azimuth.

It now appeared brighter as it hovered above a farm shed on his front right hand side and drew closer it, where it then dropped to its lowest altitude of 25ft (below tree height). The witness then became concerned realizing that the object overwhelmingly lit up the shed and surroundings better than any pair of driving lights he had come across in 15 years of driving the same road here. Then as he continued further on (three miles onward) and at a second intersection, the object appeared back in its first position of S-SW in the general direction of Bendigo at the same altitude and azimuth as first mentioned.

Appearing now at approximately 500 yards and slightly more towards the front of him he pulled over and switched off his lights to get out and have a better look at the object. At this time there was a car coming in a northerly direction through the intersection which was no more than 60 feet from where he was parked. He waited approximately one minute looking around and noticed the object had now disappeared.completely since he saw the car on his left proceeding through the crossroad to the north. Once the car had passed he then moved onward at approximately 100mph, being by this time quite panicky and in a hurry to get home.

Seconds later the object appeared in front of him from out of no-where at approximately 200 yards at 400ft high. The light was now that powerful “that it lit up the dust on my purple bonnet of the car”. It then kept pace with the car again at speeds of 90-100mph to the front left of him again. Nearing the turn-off into his farm he rapidly turned northwards and noticed that the object still kept pace and lit up his cyprus driveway from at least 500 yards away. Reaching the driveway at this point the object, meanwhile, then moved southwards from the house to now 200 yards away, lighting up a willow tree in the bottom paddock....

He then went inside and frantically called the rest of the family outside, consisting of Michelle, Veronica and Dale who then saw the object now at least half a mile away to the south over the next-door-neighbour’s farm. It was, as witnessed by all four people, lighting up that particular spot where it now was with such brilliance that it could be told there was a Friesian - black and white herd of cattle and they were clearly showing up! It then disappeared in a southerly direction towards Bendigo and. was gone within 30 seconds.

02.10.77 BRISBANE (CARINA), QLD 2330hrs (NL)
QA 1977-007
Witness, a thirty-six year old housewife, observed four bright golden to orange lights, arranged in a square. She stopped the car further down the road to have another look. After one or two minutes, the lights became brighter and moved off in a vertical direction, accelerating quickly, towards the moon. She lost sight of the object by the glow of the moon. Duration: ten minutes.


16.10.77 MEEKATHARRA, WA 1410hrs
At least 12 people saw a disc shaped object rise up from a rocky outcrop. As it rose a sort of vapour rolled down the rock. The disc, with domes on top and bottom, had a smooth metallic ‘luster’. A small bright red light came out from the side of the silver one and hovered before 5hootiflg out of sight. The silver or then rose and disappeared from view.

17.10.77 MT. MAGNET, WA (NIGHT)
Two people were paced in their car by a light which stayed 50 metres from them. Later eight people went out to the spot and reported seeing 3 round, pulsating red and green objects landed in a paddock. These took off, moved and landed several times before they left. Whilst on the ground there appeared to be ‘objects’ (figures 7) around them, though these were hard to see. No ground traces were found.

QA 1977-026
Two people witnessed a star-shaped object in the sky, coloured blue, while travelling home from work, north on the North Coast Freeway. As they pulled over to the side of the Freeway, the object began to move erratically in the sky. It appeared to descend at one stage, and as it did so it started to flash on and off. A white light also appeared at this point, travelling quickly across the sky. It had window shaped lights which seemed to be red inside. Duration: 10 minutes.

28.10.77 SOUTHWEST HIGHWAY, WA 0015hrs
Miss J. Farley, aged 18 and a friend were travelling by car when they observed a series of three sets of lights moving in the sky, one set of observations following the other. The most interesting were the third set which stopped and hovered above Helmscott before moving off again and out of sight. During this particular observation a low humming noise was heard. Later, a further observation was made, at an estimated distance of only twenty metres, of a similar set of lights and what seemed to be ‘wings’ (25m wide) on them. As the reporters travelled on this last object appeared follow them, finally veering off and being last to view. Total duration of all observations was 1 hour.

QA 1977-008
"At approximately 11pm, I was sitting in my car on Sugar Road near Easton Street at Maroochydore. I was facing north and waiting for my son Derek, who was at a friends place. I had my hands resting on the steering wheel with my chin coupled in my thumbs and was looking through the windscreen. Although facing north I was looking north-east to east. At this time I saw what appeared to be a falling star or meteorite and thought 'how bright and close it was to earth.' I expected fragmentation at any moment but the face of the object continued and I was surprised how long it was lasting before fragmentation. Then the object levelled out slightly and changing its colour slightly, sped off into the western sky....

....During the last seconds of the sighting I quickly opened the door of the car and stood on the frame of the door (running board) and watched it disappear. It seemed to have a slight skipping motion like a stone thrown on water. At this time the colour became more reddish but not excessively so."


30.10.77 BRISBANE (KENMORE), QLD 0116hrs (NL)
QA 1977-020
Mrs Shirley Crago, 25 year old housewife recounted the following experience.

"I was awoken at 1.16am by a buzzing noise and when I went to my son's bedroom window I noticed an object which I first thought to be a star distorted by the fly screen. I then noticed a glow around a series of approximate three lights which were glowing on and off in accord with a buzzing noise. It didn't move....while I was watching it. I then left the room to get my husband but when we went back the object was gone but the noise remained for approximately one minute and eventually faded away"

During the sighting, the neighbourhood dogs were barking. Witness says that at approximately 1.16am, her brother-in-laws's computerised alarm system in his shop broke down. The shop is located at Redcliffe, Approximately 30 miles from Kenmore. Also at 1.20am, the witnesses' sister heard the exact noise. She lives at Kippa Ring, Redcliffe. The dogs barked again at about 1.30am for approximatelt two minutes before all returned to normal. Duration: 60 seconds.


09.11.77 KINGAROY, QLD 0440hrs
QA 1977-009
"I walked out my back door on Wednesday at 4.40am and saw what appeared to be a small orange cloud in the sky. On looking through binoculars, I saw that it appeared to be an object trailing flames. As it got further away, I saw what appeared to be a dark round ball trailing flames behind. It moved very slowly and my husband says that it would have been clearly visible for a radius of 100 miles. In a range of about five miles it took eighteen minutes to disappear. I called the Bureau of Meteorology. They knew nothing of it and referred me to your organisation."

09.11.77 BRISBANE (NORTHGATE), QLD 0500hrs
QA 1977-029
Mr May, was outside of his home collecting the milk bottles, when he saw an object with the sun reflecting of it, just above the power pole. It moved away to the SE in a straight line, disappearing at the horizon behind a tree, all the while emitting a large flame which appeared to come from the back of the object. His wife and daughter all witnessed the event. Duration: 3 to 4 minutes.

QA 1977-031
Two large objects were seen over the mountains, west of the Gold Coast. One was moving south at 2000ft while the other was moving in a westerly direction. This object was witnessed by four adults and three children. The objects were described as star size, white in colour, travelled slower than a plane and in a straight line.

12.11.77 LAKE MANCHESTER DAM, QLD bet 1930-2000hrs (NL)
QA 1977-030
The following strange account was received by UFOR(QLD), then the Queensland Flying Saucer Bureau, late in the year.

"I visited the dam alone in my car. There was nobody else there at the time. I walked acrossed the suspension bridge to get to the wall of the dam. When I arrived at the centre of the wall I heard a 'wooing' sound. Using my torch I could see nobody about and there wasn't any water going out the sluce valve, so after that, it sounded like human voices.

....I looked across the water towards the NW and to my surprise....I looked up into the stars and saw a fast moving light, without a tail, travelling at a terrific speed. The light was a very bright white...."

The object moved very strangly. It would disappear, then reappear a great distance from where it disappeared. This occurred four times before it was lost out of sight heading towards Cunninghams Gap (towards the west).

"....at no time did it make a curve, and was too fast for a satellite. I turned around with my back to the water....a huge brightness of light filled the sky. I turned back towards the water and couldn't see where it came from.

A wind came up and it sounded like somebody was walking along the suspension bridge. I shone my torch and walked onto the middle of the bridge, but nobody was about. So I jumped on the bridge and a sudden calm came over the whole area....I hurried off the bridge....the wind started again and I hurried to my car and came home. The calmness was like that experienced before a storm."

QA 1977-010
"After we had set up camp for the night, we went to bed at approximately 8.30pm. We were woken at around 11pm by bats coming into our tent and going through our food supplies. This went on for the best part of the night. I had sighted an object and observed it for what seemed some time. As I stared at it to make sure I was not seeing things....I followed it out of sight. I left it too late for my husband to see it. Duration was about two to three minutes."


23.11.77 NASHVILLE, QLD 0320hrs (NL)
QA 1977-011
A 45 year old housewife sighted an oval-shaped object, bright as a star, travel horizontally across Moreton Bay from the south to the north. It was a clear night with no clouds. Duration was a few seconds.


QA 1977-033
Mrs Pratt and her mon were awoken by a very strange noise early in the morning. It went with an eerie bleeping sound and was heard for quite some time. This was followed by what seemed to be a loud swishing noise, 'almost like a train chuffing but it seemed quite like a circular movement.' The night seemed oddly adsent of any sounds, except the eerie, unearthly sounds. Neither went to the window to see where the sounds were emitting from. Mrs Pratt's husband and brother arrived home 15 to 20 minutes after it happened and neither of them had seen or heard anything unusual.

07.12.77 BRISBANE (OXLEY), QLD 0455hrs (CE1)
QA 1977-032
A business man who resides in Labrador on the Gold Coast had an appointment with a business friend at Oxley, at 5am in the morning. He arrived ten minutes early, parked his car in the Hotel carpark and proceeded to walk to the Hotel when he witnessed an unusual very large fluorescent light type object, in an upright position, in the sky. It was of equal thickness from top to bottom and appeared to be as long as an electric light pole. It did not appear to move but faded as the sun rose higher in the sky. When his friend arrived at 4.58am, he too saw the object. It was observed for another minute before it disappeared. The object was seen to the south-east. Weather at the time was clear.

09.12.77 KUNANURRA, NT 1730hrs (NL)
Mr Lindsay McKenzie-Smith and his wife were flying in a Cessna 206 at 1675 metres, when they saw an object approaching, below their height. It passed below them and disappeared behind them.

It was oval in shape, appeared metallic and seemed to be nine metres long by two to three metres wide and probably one metre thick. It had well defined edges and a dull surface. The object flew sideways just like an aircraft wing.

24.12.77 BRISBANE (COOPERS PLAINS), QLD 2120hrs (NL)
QA 1977-012
"While coming out of the back door of my house on my way to my sisters house (which was next door), I saw two very bright white circular lights high in the sky, travelling towards me. As I watched and called for relatives nearby, the two lights, while climbing, merged into one very bright glowing object with a glow around it (like the glow around the moon when viewed behind a thin cloud). The single light then seemed to get higher and higher while moving across the top of our house towards the north and by the time the rest of the family and others arrived to view it, it was like a brightly glowing light within a small vapour cloud. It made a sharp (near right angled) turn and headed towards the north-west, finally disappearing from view...."

24.12.77 BRISBANE (MANSFIELD), QLD 2130hrs (CE1)
QA 1977-013
"We had finished 'Wigilia' (traditional Polish Christmas eve dinner), at which we did not drink alcohol etc. We started talking about things, and decided to go to bed and have a nap before going to midnight mass. My two daughters went to their rooms, and my wife and I went outside onto the patio for a cigarette....I saw a spinning blob of light, and joked 'Look, a flying saucer'. My wife replied, 'No, it's the moon'. Then we realized the moon was plainly visible - behind us. My wife called our two daughters out, meanwhile the 'saucer' got larger and seemed to be approaching us, surrounded by a greenish cloud. It seemed to tip up slightly, revealing a dark strip through the middle. Then it shot upwards, along with the cloud, at great speed. My daughters managed to see the cloud and a faint blob of light in part of it before that seemed to disappear too. We decided that it didn't fit in with any known phenomenon we were accustomed to....so we immediately rung up the UFO Research Bureau and reported the sighting."


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