"At approximately 11.50pm on a Thursday in January, Simon and I were returning from the drive in at Capalaba. On the way home I checked my watch to see how late it was because we both had to go to work the next day and didn't want to stay out to late. We were travelling down towards Cleveland Point. As we approached the football field Simon noticed a light. It was red, larger than any other star or planet which were in the sky at the time. It was travelling at a fairly slow but constant speed not far above the water. I have never seen a small aeroplane flying around at that time of night and so we decided to park the car and figure out what it was if that is possible. it was still travelling at the same speed and went around past the point (Cleveland Point) then over towards Wellington Point. When the object was about halfway between the two points the red colour started to fade and turned to a yellowish white then faded and a few seconds later reappeared, still travelling at the same speed. It was about here that a small wispy type of cloud was in the path of the object. The object seemed to go straight through it and the small cloud dispersed. It was now gaining height and at times behaved very erratically moving vertically up and down. It was because of this we decided it was not an ordinary aeroplane and we were starting to become quite concerned. We were going to leave but the temptation to find out more was irresistable so we watched as it disappeared behind Wellington Point which is a hill with a parking spot and picnic area at the foot of the hill. We sat there for a few moments waiting for it to reappear and just as I said to Simon how worried I was getting, it reappeared in front of Wellington Point. It seemed to either hover very close to the ground or actually land at Wellington Point, because it was slightly lower than the large floodlight which was on at the time in the car park at Wellington Point. It was what looked like only a matter of metres away from the floodlight. Facing Wellington Point from Cleveland Point, the object was on the left side. The object was back to it's bright red colour now. For several minutes it just sat there perfectly still. It seemed as though it was watching us and we were watching it. I was getting quite frightened so I suggested we go home. Just as Simon turned on the ignition the object decided it was coming too. By the time we had our car turned around which was not long because it is only a small Torana, it was practically on top of us, quite high up. We went across the reserve onto the road and had to turn right. It was here that the object changed direction also and we could see instead of one red light two smaller white lights, one behind the other as you would expect of such things, one light on the front and one on the rear but nothing except blackness was visible between the lights. It seemed to follow us along every curve in the road.

"On the way we passed the Courthouse which is a very popular restaurant. There were about eight to ten cars parked outside but at that time everyone was still inside. We passed the police station which seemed to be all locked up, there was absolutely no one else around. Unfortunately, just two blocks up from my street the object seemed to disappeared. Again it just faded out. Simon dropped me off and I went into my home. I was standing in my lounge room contemplating whether or not to wake my family and tell them. I was quite terrified by this stage but I was of the opinion that they would think I was mad so I went to my room closed the curtains, got changed and came into the kitchen to get myself something to calm my nerves when this extremely loud noise came from above the roof towards the back of the house. It was like a vast amount of steam escaping from a vat or boiler, except very loud. I could feel the vibrations while I was standing in the kitchen of a double brick house with a concrete slab underneath and verandahs all around. I ran to the back door to see if I could see it but it left a lot faster than I had imagined and by the time I had got to the front door it had gone. It went over the house from the back to the front. I went to bed although I didn't get much sleep and next morning after telling everyone, my mother said that she had been woken but she didn't know by what and noticed lights out the back. Being sceptical she decided that the lights must have come from the house out the back. An inspection proved that they don't even have an outside light. One of the neighbours also heard the noise and also noticed that the neighbourhood dogs had woken and were barking for some time. After it had left my place, Simon said that it followed him the rest of the way home but was very high up at this stage. He went inside his house and did not see it again."

01st JAN; TORRENS ISLAND, SA 1210hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 10, February 1981)
Warren Wuttke was driving near the vicinity of his residence when he suddenly noticed a dull-white object near the Torrens Island Power Station. The object was shaped like an American football and began to move slowly. The object rose and darted off to the left of Torrens Island.


06th JAN; MINLATON, SA 2230hrs
A silent nocturnal light of a 1/40 angular size was observed at an elevation of fourty-five degrees travelling north to south at 3/40 per second. Its colour was white and it was extremely bright. Viewed through 16x50 binoculars it appeared as an egg shape with five to seven circular lights on the underside.

17th JAN; REYNELLA, SA 0415hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Mrs Lyn Wigley sighted an object in the SSW of Reynella following the coastline. It had an oval top but the bottom was undefined. The object zig-zagged several times, then remained stationary for a few seconds, then continued travelling SSW, repeating this pattern of movement. The colour of the object was bright white, with flashing red and bluish green light. Duration of the sighting was about thirty minutes.

17th JAN; MORPHETVALE, SA 2200-2210hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
This sighting was reported by a number of people who infact rang the Police to inform them of what they had seen. The police investigated the possibilities of it being a distress flare, but their conclusions all came up negative.

The object was about the size of a full moon. It was very bright with an orange-red glow around it, and was trailing smoke. The object was approximately 500 feet from the ground travelling a 50o angle earthwards. Most witnesses expected it to hit the ground, but it just faded away, although the smoke trail was still visible.

Walking along the beach at Surfers Paradise main beach in the company of a friend, John N Lindsay of Southport, they were suddenly attracted by a bright light which seemed to originate several miles out to sea. On first seeing it, John thought that it must have been a ship on fire but we soon realised that it was too high on the horizon, although it was very low. After about one minute, as further proof that it could not possibly be a vessel of any kind, it began to rise and to come towards us. The colour can best be described as a bright golden flame colour, and the light that was reflecting from it was very bright, giving the impression of a tremendous energy release. There were a number of large, low, cululous type clouds in the sky, so that some idea of the height of the saucer may be gained as it was for the most part visible below these. After hovering for a minute or so, the object then came towards us again at a very low altitude and it's shape become clearly distinguishable outlined against the whiteness of the clouds, which it illuminated to a considerable degree.

(sketch below)

The above sketch shows the shape but due to the terrific brightness of the light that it gave off, we were unable to make out any markings, such as port holes. The object hovered for about a minute at this close range, and I consided it to have been one of the clearest and closest views of a saucer That could be gained, without the ship actually passing overhead, possibly. As we could actually see it, it was about The size of the largest type of meat-plate, so I could guess that it was only a couple of miles away at most, though I am a poor judge of distances. The saucer then rose slightly and receded until it was hidden by cloud. We remained watching and it again reappeared, but this time it was only the size of a small tea-cup saucer. After hovering for a short time, it shot upwards and disappeared in a second. We remained watching for some time, but did not sight it again.

06 FEB; ATHELSTONE, SA 2045hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Mrs Sue Burgess observed one object for a lengthy period of time. It was a bright white sphere with red and green lights at the base. It was about 30o above the horizon and performed erratic movements and changes in speed. The object was first sighted in the NW and disappeared to the NW. Sue was amazed at which the object moved and knew because of the movements it was not a star, as the night was clear and stars were in abundance.

08/09th FEB; nr FLINDERS ISLAND 2300hrs
At about 11pm two white lights were seen from a yacht 140km north-east of Flinders Island, running in rough conditions on a heading of 180 to 1900, at a few degrees elevation. A beam of light pulsed irregularly between the two from left to right.

Later a twenty metre area around the yacht was illuminated by an unseen source. At 9am the battery was found to be flat although fully charged the day before. A battery operated clock had also stopped.

10th FEB; WOODVILLE, SA 2212hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Mr Ted Sheppard sighted three circular objects in the NW, passing over his residence. They were coloured a very bright white. They were about 8-10000 feet up and about the size of an eight inch dinner plate. The sighting was brief and the objects moved very fast. The flight path of these objects was to the north.

10th FEB; CAMPBELLTOWN, SA 2315hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Mrs Joan Reynolds observed an object, with a blue dome surrounded by a fog, from her window. The fog was more dense around the base of the object. It travelled across the sky from E to W about 20o above the horizon. It was slightly larger than a football. The witness contacted both the police and the Edinburgh Air Base but was not given an explanation for her sighting.

14th FEB; POINT TURTON, SA 0130hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Mr J Plimlott sighted three bright lights about 700 feet up and a mile distant to the NW. The left and centre lights were together with the right light being more remote. The left light was possibly orange, the other two lights were pearly. Later they appeared as five pearly lights abreast, except that the centre light was positioned slightly higher. They were about the size of a six inch circle and remained stationary. There was a slight drizzle and the witness considered the idea that the lights could have been aircraft about to crash, only the lights did not move from the latter position.

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Mr & Mrs Ozella, who recently purchased land at McLarenvale, were surprised to find unusual ring marks on the property.

Upon investigation, AIUFOFSR found the ring marks to be fourty by fourty-two feet and thirty-six by twenty-seven feet. The grass was flattened in an anti-clockwise manner, with circular burnt patches in the centre of each ring.

Two people noticed a huge white ball with silver/blue edge stationary about 200m away over a paddock, and 100m up. The ball seemed to explode into a large area of intense light brighter than day. The light then seemed to contract back to the original ball. The ball was then replaced by a sphere, white with red edges, falling. The witnesses left the area and did not look back.

04th MAR; BUTCHERS HILL, QLD 2000hrs
Five people watched four bright object, at times through binoculars. One was larger than the others and also brighter. All were bright white with an orange/golden glow around the bottom and round to oval in shape. The smaller objects manoeuvred around the larger, eventually going down behind the horizon. About twenty minutes after this, the larger one moved slowly upwards and southwards, growing smaller as it did. It 'merged' with the position of the planet Jupiter and was not seen again.

NOTE: Six photos taken were examined by the ACUFOS photographic consultant, but the photos were blank, apparently due to the witnesses not knowing the camera properly.

18th MAR; BRISBANE, QLD 2000-2030hrs (ASPLEY)
Sometime between 8pm and 8.30pm, Barbara and her mother of Aspley, were watching television, when Barbara heard a loud noise coming from overhead. It was described as a droning deep bass not fluctuating in intensity, similar to the sound produced by a group of WW2 bombers. It was not like a jet for it lacked the high-pitched whine. Neither was it like the throbbing sound produced by a helicopter. Intrigued by this unusual loud noise, Barbara moved out to the front driveway. Overhead was a cluster of small red lights roughly in the shape of an oval with the long dimension in the direction of travel. The front of the house faced exactly due west. The cluster appeared to stay at approximately the same altitude but moved slowly towards the horizon dissappearing behind trees at a point which a compass showed to be the direction WSW of the observation point. The smaller elevation at this point was roughly fifteen degrees. When asked for angular sizes of the object on the morning of the interview (21.03.81), Barbara guessed an initial size of a fifty cent piece diminishing to a size smaller than a twenty cent piece (ie. three degrees down to two degrees) and finally to star-size before disappearing. Barbara estimated the length of observation to be of the order of three minutes. She was impressed by the object's slow 'stately' passage through the sky.

Source: Daily Telegraph (Brisbane/23.03.81)
A group of people said to number twenty observed a large red object with flashing lights. It reportedly 'swooped' low over houses at Gumdale, an outer Brisbane suburb. It was not an aircraft. It left at speed, vertically.

NOTE: UFOR(QLD) were unable to conduct full investigations due to witness un-cooperation.

24th MAR; HENLEY BEACH, SA 1930hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
The object was luminous green, and moved slowly from NNW in a straight line to the NE. It was round with orange-red sparks coming from the rear. It was about 35o above the horizon and was viewed for about seven seconds.

28th MAR; HENLEY BEACH, SA 2120hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Mr Trevor Weatherspoon sighted an oval object, dark grey with a white light at the front. A few seconds later it was followed by five to seven more objects which were identical to the first object. They came from the south and travelled to the north where they abruptly disappeared.

02nd APR; TEMPLARS, SA 2100hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Mr Robert Rosewall and friends sighted four objects stationed at separate points in the sky. They were circular, about twice the size of a star, and were coloured red and green. The objects stationed north and west moved towards each other, but the objects at east and south moved in a zig-zag pattern, but always returned to their original position.

When the north object moved towards the witnesses, an unexplained fear caused them to seek the shelter of their house. Duration of the sighting was about two hours.

04th APR; TINAMBA, VIC 1910hrs
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin (June 1981 Edition))
Tinamba is via Maffra in the Gippsland area. Sighting occured on a share farm run by Mr Henry Gallatly.

Mr Gallatley's son Guy was putting petrol in his car when he observed a flashing red light about 800 yards from the house, flying around the paddock at fence height.

This light had been observed over the past twelve months by other neighbours in the area. Guy observed the light for a few minutes then turned his car headlights in its direction. The red light immediately switched off and a very brilliant white light replaced it as it sped off in a northerly direction.

(Source: Central Western (Orange,NSW/06.04.81))
Three Millthorpe youths claimed yesterday they were terrorised by an unidentified flying object early yesterday morning while spotlight shooting between Panuara and Cadia. One of the youths said he fired a rifle at the object when it started to move towards them. The youths said they heard the bullet ricochet off the side of the silver, dome-shaped object.

Chris Harvey and Dean Mitchell, both year 12 students at Blayney High School, and Kevin Parker, employed with Blayney Shire Council, reported what they saw to the police. Mr Harvey said the group was terrified when the object started moving towards them and when it shone a huge, bright spotlight on them before speeding away. He said they tried to chase the object when it sped off, but lost it because of its speed. The youths had left their homes at about 2am yesterday to go spotlight shooting in the Panuara district.

Mr Harvey said at about 5.45am just as daylight was breaking, he noticed what he thought was a big star on the horizon. The group were travelling along Cadia Road. Mr Harvey said when they came to a farm called Wire Gully, they saw the object hovering in a paddock about 200 to 250 yards from the road. He said it was about two car lengths long and about one car wide. Using the telescopic sight on his rifle, Mr Harvey said he was able to get a close look at the object.

He said it was a silver dome with a red light, two green lights and several smaller white lights, which could have been windows, along the side. The lights were suspended on what looked like small bars from the side of the dome. He said as they were watching it the object moved upwards and hovered at about fifteen to twenty feet before it started to move across their path.

The three youths got out of the car to get a closer look at the object. Mr Harvey said it was about fifty feet off the ground and started moving towards them when he fired the bullet at it. He said the object then moved back and moved upwards and started coming towards them when it turned a spotlight, two to three feet across, on them.

"I was scared stiff and thought we were finished", he said.

He said the object then suddenly moved away from them at a rapidly increasing speed. The group followed it for about five miles down Cadia Road but it sped out of their sight.

Mr Harvey said the group went back to where they first saw the object, but could find no trace of burn marks on the ground. He said the underneath of the object had criss-crossed pieces of metal that looked like a type of landing base. The group had not noticed the big spotlight when they first saw the object.

Mr Harvey said they had the object in their sight for more than two minutes altogether. He said they would be going back to the spot to see if they could see the object again.

They were also interested to know if anyone else saw the object, because a utility was seen in the area when they returned to the spot after the object sped away.

10th APR; ROSSLYN PARK, SA 1915hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Andrew Mann sighted a very bright object travelling from NNW to NNE. The object was 71o from the horizon and followed the contours of the earth before fading from view.

What looked like a plane's light was seen at ten degrees north-west travelling to the south and pulsing a red colour. After travelling, it stopped to their south-west and dropped into a dip in the hills. They left off watching and when they came back after five minutes there was nothing to be seen. No aircraft were known to be in the area.

12th APR; LAKE COLAC, VIC 0000-0230hrs
(Source: Herald (Colac/15.04.81))
....Mr Gerhard Loechert of Hampton, a Melbourne VicRail employee, fishing on Lake Colac, said he saw lights in the sky to the south-east of Colac about midnight.

He said they remained in the sky for most of the time until about 2.30am....

....Mr Loechert said he first saw a bright light in the sky to the south-east of Colac, but this had faded and seemed to reappear further to the west.

He said when it had 'reappeared' it had been extremely large. He said while the second light was still in the sky, a light had appeared about the same place in the sky where he had seen the first. Mr Loechert said other people fishing on the lake had also seen the lights.

There have been several UFO sightings in the sky over Apollo Bay and Bass Strait in recent years....

12th APR; BIRREGURRA, VIC 0030hrs
(Source: Herald (Colac/15.04.81))
....reported sighting was by a twenty-eight year old man and a fifteen year old boy....

....The man, who did not wish to be named, said they had seen three lights in the southern sky for about thirty minutes between 12.30am and 1am Sunday.

He said they saw two long, cigar-shaped objects, about twenty metres long, and a third object, similar to the first two but with a glowing end.

All three were glowing red, and were stationery. The first two were parallel, with the third some distance away. Eventually, all three objects faded away.

The man said he had never seen an unidentified flying object before, but had believed they might exist - he was now sure they did....

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 11, May 1981)
Michael and David Mudge sighted an unusual object about 45o above the horizon. When first sighted the object was hovering. When observed more closely at an altitude of 2500-3000 feet, they got a good view of the object. It was shaped like an arched door with two lights at the top of the arch and four lights down one side of the object. It was coloured greyish black and the lights changed together in sequence from red to yellow to orange to green. The object appeared to descend about 500 feet then took off to the NE very rapidly.

15th APR; MALANDA, QLD 1845hrs
Eight people from two different properties observed an unusual light. A big, bright light 'like a spotlight' stationary and low in the sky to the north was seen. It seemed that an area of light appeared to be directed onto the brow of a hill illuminating the vegetation. The 'spotlight' simply switched off after eight minutes and shrank down to a small pink light. It then moved away in a zig-zag trajectory and disappeared in the north-east.

(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin (June 1981 Edition))
On Thursday, Mr Gallatly discovered three complete, burnt rings seventeen feet in diameter on his property. The three circles connected, forming a triangle in the centre.

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
A resident of Langhorne Creek sighted an object NE of their home. The object was spherical and coloured yellow-orange. It was low in the sky and followed through a variety of speeds and manoeuvres, from fast to stationary, and from descending, ascending, and wavering from left to right. Rays shone from the object which were brightest when ascending and not visible when wavering. The witness watched the object for a lengthy period of time, and when it disappeared, it tended to dissolve into a large star, or small planet.

03rd MAY; EDWARDSTOWN, SA 2230hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mrs Maureen Stone watched an object through a telescope for about ten minutes. She was very amazed at what she saw. The object was stationary at the time and was situated about 30o above the horizon to the NNW. It was a red oval shape with a black dome in the centre and the whole object was surrounded by a hazy green glow. The object moved slowly away to the west.

16th MAY; nr COCKLEDIDDY, WA 1915hrs
Fifty kilometres west of Cocklediddy on the Nullarbor Plains was the location of this event.

It was pitch dark and the outside air temperature was cold. A few metres in front of their vehicle, just off to the right side of the road they saw a dome-like structure. It was glowing brightly red, stationary and soundless. As they came level with it, it simply 'disappeared'. Looking through the rear vision mirror they saw a pale pink glow, high in the sky disappearing westwards. Both reporters noted an uncomfortable heating of their bodies.

18th MAY; PORT NOARLUNGA, SA 0606hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mr Tony Peak viewed a star-like object that was white, tinged with blue, from the window of his home. It travelled at medium speed from south to north over the sea, and was lost to sight due to the angle of the window. At first he thought it was a flare because it rose in the sky before descending, but changed his mind when the object levelled off and continued its flight to the north.

25th MAY; ATHELSTONE, SA 2045hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Janine Findlow sighted two objects in the Athelstone area. The objects were travelling from NE to the west at a height of approximately 100 feet. The objects were oval in shape and were glowing a very bright white which changed to a red oval shape before fading in the distance. The duration of the sighting was one to two minutes.

26th MAY; OAKLANDS PARK, SA 0830hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mr Hislop, of Hallet Cove was travelling in the train towards Adelaide, when he observed a round, saucer shaped object. He first saw it through the trees at the station, and noticed that the object was stationary. But when the train was clear of the station, the object accelerated at incredible speed and disappeared in the SE. The object had a domed top and a flat bottom which reflected light from the sun, and was first seen at a height of 300 to 500 feet and about 800 metres distant.


30th MAY; MUIRS HIGHWAY, WA 0200-0300hrs
Two nurses were travelling between Nyamud and Deeside on a cloudy night when the driver noticed a very bright light on the horizon. The passenger also saw it. As they continued, the object grew nearer, although not moving itself. At the closest point to it they parked the vehicle. From this position the object appeared as a white dome set behind trees. From the surface of the dome came straight rays of light with rainbow colours. No noise was noted. The two decided to leave the area and drove off.

01st JUN; CAVAN, SA 0545hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mr Glen Watson was driving to work, and as he passed a redio booster station, he noticed a massive ball of white-blue light, about the size of a house, on his right hand side. It rolled right across the front of his vehicle, which passed straight through it. The light enveloped his car, and he felt as if he was inside a strobe light. His car radio went silent and he did not hear any noises. There was complete silence. After passing through the light he noticed that all the street lights were out and that his car would not activate traffic signals, although they did respond to other vehicles.

21st JUN; STRATHALBYN, SA 2050hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mr Gary Lewis of Mount Barker was driving his daughter at the above location when he saw a bright white light that flashed slowly. When the light flashed, the brightness surrounded his car for a distance of about seventy-five yards. He stopped his car to get a better look, and the light stopped flashing but recommenced when the car was re-started. The light disappeared after about five minutes.

22nd JUN; FORRESTON, SA 1855hrs
A woman, her daughter and son were travelling by car when they noted a large orange glow over pine trees ahead of them. It was a dark, rainy, misty night with limited visibility. The glow filled the front windscreen, and pulsed on and off at one second intervals. They seemed to drive underneath it, and stopped the car. Nothing was then visible.

(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin (September 1981 Edition))
"On Tuesday, 23rd June at around 6pm my wife and I were returning home from work when we saw three strange lights hovering above the roof-tops.

"I met my wife at the railway station at 5.30pm and while on the way home we stopped to buy some take-away food. This made us a little later than usual and by the time we arrived at the top of our street it was quite dark.

"We had just turned the corner into our street when my wife first caught sight of the lights hovering above the houses. She was surprised by the lights and as I looked to see what all the excitement was about I too was quite surprised.

"There were three large lights, (more like spot-lights) grouped closely together forming a triangle. They were so bright that we could not see anything above them and as the sky was so dark we couldn't see any silhouette, shape or outline of any craft. At first I thought that they were attached to an aeroplane or helicopter but I ruled out an aeroplane as the lights continued to hover back and forth.

"As we drove further down the road we both watched the lights move back and forward as if searching for something. I couldn't keep my eyes on them all the time as I was driving but my wife watched continuously until suddenly they dipped behind some trees and we lost sight of them for about thirty seconds.

"As we turned into our driveway we caught sight of them again but this time they were heading directly away from us and rising upward very rapidly towards the west. We both leapt from the car and I watched the lights as my wife raced inside to fetch the binoculars. She was only a faction of a minute but by the time she returned the lights were so high and distant that they appeared as just a bright star.

"We both took turns peering through the binoculars at the fading lights for about fifteen minutes until they were out of sight.

"I knew that the lights were not part of an aeroplane because of the way they hovered. I also knew that they weren't part of a helicopter because of the speed and height attained when they flew off. Another strange fact about the lights was that we could hear no noise coming from them. No engine noises, nor sound of propellar or blade; the lights or object carrying them hadn't made a sound, or a sound that we could detect."

28th JUN; NORTH PLYMPTON, SA 0215hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mr Grant Dawkins was entering his car when he observed a bright white sphere high in the sky to the SW. It was travelling at a medium speed in an up and down, zig-zag pattern. At first he thought it was a small aircraft, but watched closer when he realised it was not carrying other navigation lights. When the object reached due south, it became stationary, and gradually faded in the distance. The object made no noise and was observed for approximately thirty seconds.

29th JUN; SOUTH BAY, SA 1730hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mr Nash, of Port Lincoln, observed two grey cigar shaped objects at a distance of two to five kilometres. They travelled extremely fast at various altitudes before disappearing to the east behind a small island. The sighting lasted approximately thirty seconds.

TA 1985-080
Couple approaching a thermal power station sighted a white glow. Reaching a point of vantage, they saw an object, stationary at treetop level, which radiated a very bright light from an array of oscillating lights moving in a circular fashion. The lights were like floodlights and lit up the surrounding area. Having to get to work, the witnesses left the area, but could still see the glare in the night sky. Others arriving at the workplace allegedly related similar observations.

A family of eight were travelling between Cairns and Mt Isa along the Barkley Highway when a large object began pacing their car. Described as 'huge' with red lights along its side and white beams underneath it is said to have illuminated trees and hills in the vicinity. It left after half an hour, returning for ten minutes before finally leaving.

19th JUL; HALLETT, SA 1715hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mr Robert Hoppo and Mrs Doreen Hughes, who reside at Hallett, sighted the same objects. It consisted of one large and three smaller objects which merged together. They were coloured blue, red, and off white. The objects travelled slow, then fast, and at times remained stationary at a height approximately 30o above the horizon before disappearing behind a range of hills to the west. The sighting lasted for up to ten minutes.

20th JUL; LONSDALE, SA 0105hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mr Bruce Chalmers of Seaford sighted an unusual phenomenona which travelled on a straight course from SSw to NNE. It travelled slowly at a height of approximately 1000 feet. Although he could not identify any shape, it shot out blue and orange sparks at the front which stayed horizontal before dispersing. He watched the phenomenona for approximately one minute before buildings blocked his line of sight.

This is also confirmed by reports of the same phenomenona being seen at the same time by a number of people at Iron Knob.

20th JUL; ADELAIDE, SA 0107hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Ms Xavier Foulbert sighted three circular objects from the vicinity of Grote Street. The height of the objects were approximately 60o. From the car she saw two bluish lights with one yellowish light, followed by a beautiful orangy tail consisting of apparent particles, disappearing and re-appearing. The movement was of a slow curve downswards. The duration of this sighting was approximately 11/2 minutes, and the objects were travelling E to NE and were lost to sight behind buildings.

20th JUL; NORWOOD, SA 0108hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Mr & Mrs Gaston were driving along Portrush Road when they noticed two large white lights travelling from the SW to the NE. When observed more closely, the objects had a tail which were approximately one to two miles long and 100 feet wide and thousands of redish lights with tails that were very bright, that followed along with the objects. They did not extinguish. They observed the whole incident for about 11/2 minutes, and also this incident was reported on TV News.

22.07.81 WHYALLA, SA 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: "Whyalla News" newspaper 24.07.81 p22)
Two fishermen reported seeing a massive, dark red/orange object about 300m up. It had neither wings nor tail and was silent. It moved slowly for 30 seconds then accelerated out of sight.

22nd JUL; WHYALLA, SA 1930hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Mr Errol Turrell of Whyalla sighted an object over the Whyalla Airport. The shape of the object was oblong and the colour was a beautiful orange. When he first noticed it, the object was approximately two miles distant and 1/2 mile from the ground, and was moving from W to S. Mr Turrell goes on to say,

"The object appeared suddenly west of me moving very slowly at first then accelerating at enormous rate into the atmosphere. The size of the object was quite enormous, many hundreds of feet long. It was not frightening, I was just amazed at the size of the object and thinking...What the hell is it."

The duration of the sighting was about four minutes.

22nd JUL; WIRRAPPA, SA 1945hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Mrs Shanne Adele Smith and her husband were driving their car from Mount Gunson Mines to Woomera. At Warrappa they thought they had a flat tyre. They got out of the car to check, and at this point they happened to look up into the sky and saw an object the size of a football and the shape of a wedge. The object was approximately at a distance of one kilometer and approximately 400 to 500 feet in height. They observed the object for about two to three minutes before it just vanished in front of their eyes.

02nd AUG; DARKEY FOREST, NSW 1830hrs
A coalminer travelling to work saw an unusual object pass an estimated 200m over his head. It was described as 'coffin' shaped with angular sides and corners. Size was said to be 'house in the sky', two full hands at arms length. A ring of yellow and white lights in the top section were observed going on and off, as was a large blue light in the centre of the object. A faint yellow beam swept from side to side in the direction of travel. Travelling from north-east to south-west a faint humming noise was heard. No vehicle or radio interference was noted.

02nd AUG; MENINGIE, SA 1905hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Mr Donald Semler sighted two cigar-shaped objects north of Meningie. The size of the objects at arm's length was approximately two inches, and approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile away and at a height of two to three thousand feet. The objects were travelling from W to NW and seemed to hover for a few seconds here and there and each time, they were emitting a beam of light earthwards. After viewing the objects for approximately three to four minutes, they just seemed to vanish into thin air.


25th AUG; AUBURN, SA 0400hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 12, August 1981)
Mrs E Neilson was driving her husband to Adelaide to the Airport when they noticed an object in the sky. It was described as a round red ball, and they watched it for about half an hour. Her husband thought at first it must be a light on a radio mast, but it proved to be much higher. As they approached Edinburgh Airfield, a plane took off and headed in the direction of the object. The object disappeared before the plane got anywhere near to it.

NOTE: There was a curfew on all aircraft in Adelaide at that time of the morning.

25th AUG; BUNBURY, WA 1600hrs
(Source: News (Perth/26.08.81))
A 'formation' of objects were reported by three men off the coast. Fifteen bright, silver objects travelling in formation about two kilometres offshore were noted. They had hovered at one time then moved north rapidly and suddenly shot up vertically without changing speed. No aircraft were in the area.

26th AUG; ALBANY, WA 1900hrs
(Source: Advertiser (Albany/27.08.81))
Two men said a noiseless object flew across in front of them and into paddocks at the side of the road. Mr Beckerley is quoted as saying he stopped his car and got out and watched it hovering for about a minute. It had three red lights and two flashing white ones. Moving off in an undulating fashion it was soon lost to view.

(Source: Daily Mirror (Sydney/16.09.81) Pix-People (13.01.82))
A Mr F Burke is reported to have been driving home from work when his car was enveloped in blazing light. Various effects are alleged including a melted tape recorder, sore leg and fingernails.

NOTE: The Centre (ACUFOS) has been unable to mount an investigation todate.

02nd SEPT; MT BARKER, SA 2010hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Mr Bruce Wilson states, when first sighted, the direction of the object was SSW and disappeared in the SE. He goes on to say,

"After parking my car in a friend's drive, I sighted the object in the southerly direction. It appeared to move towards me for approximately ten minutes, and then curved south and moved very slowly until out of sight, appearing to go away in a line. It was an oval-shaped object, very bright orange flickering light, very slow moving."

02nd SEPT; MT BARKER, SA 2120hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
The nurse states that the object was travelling SSW to NNE.

"I was driving along the road with my sister, travelling to Strathalbyn via Adelaide Road, Mount Barker. Then we first sighted this object, approximately 1/4 mile distant and about 100 feet from the ground. We got a hell of a shock. The object was following the car, and was stationary for a few seconds as if it was searching for something, then suddenly it passed right over our car and a beam of light lit up the road like daylight. We didn't hang around to see how it disappeared......We disappeared first."

02nd SEPT; MT BARKER, SA 2130hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Mr Bellman said about the sighting,

I was driving along the road when I noticed this object, so I stopped the car to get a better lok. I was so puzzled I could not believe my eyes. I thought it seemed to be hovering very slowly in a zig-zag movement. It seemed to come over in my direction, so I turned the car around. I kept watching it, but it started to go away at tremendous speed."

NOTE: The object sighted by these reportees (2010hrs/2120hrs/2130hrs over Mt Barker) was an oval-shape, coloured a beautiful orange-red. Height of the object was approximately 1000 feet.


05th SEPT; BRIDGEWATER, SA 2030hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Master Andrew Byrne sighted a circular shaped object the size of a soccer ball travelling from the northerly direction over Mount Lofty Ranges. The object was travelling very slowly and was approximately 200 feet from the ground and a 1/4 of a kilometre away. The colour was bright white. Andrew goes on to say,

"When I first saw the object, the dogs made a lot of noise, barking and howling etc., but when the object turned west towards Adelaide, the dogs went very silent as if they were frightened."

09th SEPT; PENOLA, SA 2040hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Mr Gregory O'Connor and nine other people sighted an object west of Penola. The object was a circular shape and the colour was a beauitful yellow with a red light on the bottom and a green light on the side. When he first sighted the object, it was moving at a medium speed from a westerly direction and doing an unusual zig-zag movement, for approximately twenty minutes flashing red and green lights several times. Mr O'Connor states,

"I first noticed the object because it was much brighter than nearby stars and bigger. Upon studying the object, everyone said the red light was obvious and the green light apparent. All agreed it could not be a plane or helicopter. It remained too still for a plane, and if it had been a helicopter we could have heard it because of the calm night. The attitude of the sightees was that all were glad to have seen something, but no one could give a logical explanation as to what it was. It left us wondering."


15th SEPT; TOOPERANG, SA 2130hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Mr Terry Hunter is a farmer and was riding his motor bike to check on his pigs which were approximately 1/2 to 1 mile from his house. He goes on to say,

"I was in a paddock a mile from the house beaming the headlight of my bike into the pig pen, when this beam of light lit up me and the pig. I got on my bike and rode home, and the beam of light followed me perfectly, about ten feet in diameter, all the way. My eyes were blurred after I looked up at the beam of light. They became very sore for four days after, also, it was a very unusual experience."

(Source: Murray Valley Standard (Tooperang/05.11.81))
Whilst riding a motorbike an intense 'tube of light' about three metres across shone onto a farmer. There was no smell, nor noise, nor object. He rode home with the beam following him. Suddenly it just shut off. Following this he says he came down with red watery eyes for five days and aching 'like the flu'.

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Rita May Lucey and Michael Clan sighted an object over the West Beach or Glenelg area. The colour of the object was like a bright star, similar to Venus, but a lot bigger and brighter, and it also had a halo or aura surrounding it.

"We first noticed it in the western part of the sky. It was moving extremely fast, then it suddenly stopped for approximately three minutes. It then took off at fast speed...backwards...Planes could be seen at the same time, so we compared it, but there were no landing lights to compare it with. We thought it might have been a large satellite until it took off at great speed backwards. We also saw the same thing over Glenelg twelve years ago in broad daylight."

The duration of this sighting was about five minutes.

17th SEPT; TOOPERANG, SA 2000hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 13, November 1981)
Johannes Van Osch, a farmer, sighted an object the size of a football, coloured green, with a glow surrounding it.

"I was at a neighbour's house and I noticed this object travelling from W going to the SW. When I arrived home, I spotted it in a SW direction, whereby it moved up and down and across about ten feet each way and down again,and disappeared behind a hill and the glow went out. I was curious, and the movement could not be explained. It did not appear to be a plane or helicopter as there was no noise, so I went in the car to see what I could see behind the hill, but found no more signs of anything."

This sighting lasted about fourty minutes.

28th SEPT; LINGISFAME, TAS 2100hrs
Whilst observing the planet Venus, another light three times 'larger' was seen. Amber in colour and stationary for five minutes, it then moved southwards and zig-zagged upwards over the top of some mountains, then disappeared quickly after initially moving slowly. As it moved there seemed to be rays below.

17th OCT; NEWCASTLE, NSW 0200hrs
(Source: The Bulletin of UFO Research Far North Queensland 1981.)
An Air Cargo L188 aircraft flying between Sydney and Brisbane noted two targets on the plane's RCA AVQ 30 radar (range 270nm) at an estimated 40nm west of their track, north-west of the plane at that time. The targets were also seen by Sydney ATC and were not any known traffic. Nearing Newcastle both targets were lost from the plane's radar. Duration of sighting: twenty minutes.

25th OCT; SANDERGROVE, SA 0325hrs
Woken by his four dogs barking a twenty-five year old farmer investigated the cause for their behaviour. There was an unusual sound like an engine audible, and he noted an area of ground outside the house was all lit up. After a few seconds the noise increased in volume, the light moved off to the south, hesitated then sped off to the north.

25.10.81 CLARE, SA 2235-2305hrs (NL)
An intense white light 'paced' the car of Ms Glassenbury, a twenty-one year old dental nurse, whilst she was driving alone from Snowtown to Clare. The object was reported as 1/2 degree across, and brighter than the planet Venus which was also visible at the same time. Whilst behind her car, the object may have had some affect on the car's radio because she noticed static and also the radio cut out completely a few times. At another point the object lit up the surrounding countryside with a beam of light. Going into Clare the object was lost to view. UFORSA

(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin (September 1982 Edition))
Location: 7.4 miles out of Beolah in north-west Victoria, the fields number was No50 and the area at the time was dry, very flat with no rivers and very little tree growth.

On the 8th of December 1981, a farmer, while he was harvesting his Wheat Field, noticed something unusual up ahead. As he cat closer to the area he saw to his complete surprise four perfect circles, with very straight walls cut into the wheat growth.

The most remarkable thing about this story is that the locals who have lived in this area all their lives and had done the same work in the fields their fathers had started had not until that day seen anything like it before. Next day was to prove this true as just on 90% of the town came out to have a look at the mystery circles. Because of the unusual nature of the circles the VUFORS came to investigate the area.

02nd NOV; WINGFIELD, SA 2325hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 14, February 1982)
Mr Desmond Richards sighted a cigar-shaped object over the Wingfield Dump area. At first he thought it was a cloud, or smoke, because smoke was coming from the dump. He soon changed his mind when he saw two oval-shaped objects emerge from the bottom of the cigar-shaped object. The objects were coloured white, but when the sun shone on them, they were a metallic silvery colour. The movements of these two were consistent, doing various zig-zag, hovering, fast acceleration, stopping and loops motions. After a duration of approximately two minutes, the two smaller objects returned and entered the cigar-shaped object, and then took off at tremendous speed towards the SW. Mr Richards viewed the objects for approximately five minutes.

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 14, February 1982)
John Kalemba was in bed when he turned and looked out of his window and saw a strange object. It was pink and surrounded by four white and one red light which flashed on and off about every thirty seconds. It was stationary, and John watched it for about fifteen to seventeen minutes. Mr Kalemba went back to bed, but got up about three minutes later and went back to the window. The object had disappeared.


(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 14, February 1982)
Ms Gail Harwood sighted an object the 'shape of a flat bottom and a sleek saucer top'. The size was approximately that of a 50 cent piece held at arm's length, and the colour was a dull brown. The object was hovering for approximately thirty seconds and also doing some zig zag movements as well. Then the object took off at 'tremendous speed', travelling north-east and 'vanished within a few seconds.


(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)
Caroline Shaw sighted an object about the size of a football. Caroline states that the object was approximately about 800 feet up from the ground and about 75 degrees from the horizon.

"...and it was just sitting there."

The object had about eight red lights on the base, and the top was glowing a beautiful whitish-blue glow. She goes on to say,

"I wanted to communicate with the occupants and found it possible through telepathy. I felt very calm whilst gazing at the object. I felt the occupants to be peace loving but powerful."


10th DEC; SALISBURY EAST, SA 2025hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)
Mr Cecil Yates sighted eight silvery metallic oval-shaped objects travelling from the south-west. The size of the objects at arm's length was approximately that of a fifty cent piece. The objects were about 1000 feet up.

Mr Yates goes on to say,

"At first I thought they were Orion Aircraft from the Air Base at Salisbury because they were flying about the area, but I soon changed my mind when these objects moved to form a 'horseshoe-shaped formation'. As they did this, the whole eight of them zig-zagged, tumbled and did ninety degree turns, etc. Then the objects just hovered for a few seconds and then they moved into a straight line and took off rapidly with enormous speed to the north-east and disappeared in a few seconds."


11th DEC; MAGILL, SA 2030hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 14, February 1982)
Mrs Esther Denby reports....

"My youngest son was looking through the window towards the west at the pink clouds when he suddenly shouted 'Mum, there's something out there.' My daughter and I both ran out the front door behind him. We were able to look straight up at a flying object. It was very exciting. I called my older son and he came out and saw it also."

The Denby's described the object as being about the size of a football and below cloud level. It was a round disc with a small dome and its colour was black with a silver edge. It was moving in a straight line with a tumbling action. As it tumbled, something protruded from underneath the object, as if a door or something likewise dropped open.


(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 14, February 1982)
Mr Andrew Young sighted an object around the Gawler area. The object was a 'very bright rounded-shaped' object which was 'flickering a multitude of colours. Mr Young goes on to say,

"My wife and I were returning from a dinner when I spotted this object which was stationary in the sky and flickering a multitude of colours. It began to descend, and I decided to go and have a closer look. As we approached it, it moved ahead of us, but staying parallele with us. We followed it as far as the road went, then we stopped the car and turned off the engine. The only sound we heard was a humming sound, then the object took off through the clouds and vanished."

The duration of this sighting was approximately fifteen minutes.

Lying down on his lawn a man noticed a single round bright object passing in front of the Sun, followed by two other lights. All were soundless and were seen for some ten minutes.

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