Mr G Carter and family were travelling when they noticed a bright star-like light in the south-east. As they continued along the highway the 'star' came closer and passed slowly over them. Mr Carter said it first appeared to be a Hercules aircraft, however, there was no sound, no standard navigation lights or landing lights. The 'wings' were very rounded and extremely short with a blue light under the right and a green light under the left. There also seemed to be an open hatch or door. Speed seemed only thirty km/h. Closest approach fifty metres. The craft was lost over the north-western horizon. No civil or RAAF aircraft were known to be in the area.

11th JAN; CAMPBELLTOWN, SA 2215hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)

15th JAN; SWAIN REEF, QLD 0005hrs
QA 1982-008
A very precise report of an unusual object was made by a person from the ship MV Ampol Surel. At 0005hrs whilst at twenty-two degrees 3'E, 151 degrees 2'E, with a patchy cloud cover, calm sea, five knot wind and a bright moon, the object was sighted. It moved slowly from behind a black rain cloud and stopped in front of it, for some four to five seconds. It then made a very fast U-turn and went back behind the cloud. twenty to thirty seconds later a similar or the same light moved from behind the cloud, left to right for three seconds. It stopped for eight to ten seconds, started moving up and away slowly increasing in elevation, increasing speed and receded in size until it vanished.

(refer to sketch)

20th JAN; PETFORD, QLD 2000hrs
Whilst walking towards an outside toilet a twenty-two year old man noticed a bright light moving towards a farm property reservoir from the south-east. The soundless round light was an estimated 400m away travelling at ground level across the reservoir at about 60km/h. It made a left turn after crossing the water and disappeared into scrub.

22nd JAN; HACKHAM WEST, SA 0600hrs
A twenty-four year old housewife was feeding her baby when a bright light caught her eye. It was very bright, oval in shape and hovered for about five minutes before moving off slowly at first then extremely fast.

23rd JAN; BELLENDEN KER, QLD 2100hrs
Two ten year old boys observed an unusual object for one and a half hour whilst swimming in a pool watching an electrical storm. The light was moving around and on one occasion shone a beam of white light towards the ground which moved around the arc. They went to fetch their mother but it had gone upon their return.

24th JAN; SEAFORD, SA 0000-0100hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)

TA 1982-018/019/020/021/022
A complex number of reports of a loud, pulsating/swishing, noise heard on various evenings have been reported. On occassions, a large erratic red light was reported to have been seen. A sound recording exists of the noise. In general, the sound would attract the attention of people who might then see a large red light, often appearing from the north-east, which would move erratically over the town. At other times the noise would be heard then the light would just appear, often disappearing in the same manner.

TUFOIC investigation revealed that the police had not received any calls regarding the light and that there were no burglar alarms in the town's shopping centre. The fire brigade's alarm had not gone off at the reported times. No local industry was the cause of the noise. No RAAF flights at the time. In consistent with aircraft. Unexplained to date.

13th FEB; ADELAIDE, SA 0045hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)

14th FEB; NAREMBURM, NSW 2013hrs
Four percipients saw a disc-shaped object move from overhead to the SSW horizon. The object was described as being a dark-grey, metallic colour and one reporter thought she could see windows along the side of the object. Motion of the object appeared to be in a straight line, except at one point where it appeared to do two 'flips'. It was eventually lost to sight in the distance. Duration about 40-60 seconds.

08th MAR; GLENDEVIE, TAS 0645-0700hrs
TA 1982-009
An auxillary nurse was returning home from shift work, along a route she often travels, where her attention was drawn to a light on the top of a hill to the north-west. The witness stopped her car and viewed the light for three minutes. It was a golden yellow colour, stationary, and estimated to be larger than the moon in angular size. Shaken, the nurse drove off losing sight of the light. Weather was fine and clear. Sun had already risen. Hill was covered with bushes.

10th MAR; MURRAY BRIDGE, SA 2330hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)

14th MAR; WOODSTOCK, QLD 0330hrs
(Source: Bulletin (Townsville/15.03;29.03;13.04.82) Sunday Mail (Brisbane/28.03.82))
A brilliant red object was reported by four people, about 40kms west of Townsville. Mrs T Morelli said that the object hovered over a paddock about thirty metres from the house before darting off. Describing it as a 'big round bright light' she said it had first been seen by a friend Mrs Movliatti, who then woke her up. The area was lit up at first like daylight, and the object had then gradually faded away in the distance.

NOTE: There were spurious media reports that cattle and ducks had disappeared.

21st MAR; CARDWELL, QLD 0100hrs
QA 1982-003
A woman going to the bathroom during the night viewed what looked like a fire in nearby hills. Realising that recent rains made a fire very unlikely she went into the backyard and watched for five minutes. The cigarette shape was in the NW sky, stationary, viewed in partly cloudy conditions. Finally the 'sparkling' object just faded away.

21st MAR; CALLINGTON, SA 1930hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)

23rd MAR; DELAMERE, SA 2015hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 16, August 1982)

(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin (June 1982 Edition))
Mrs M C reported that she observed an extremely bright light in the sky. A noise like the screaming of tyres on a road surface drew her attention to the light. She awoke thinking someone was doing 'wheelies' on the road and would wake the baby. She was reluctant to discuss the incident further.

28th MAR; CRANBOURNE AREA, VIC 0230-0300hrs
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin (June 1982 Edition))
Farmer A W was returning home at 2.30-3am, when suddenly a bright light appeared in the south-east and approached his car. He discribed the light as star-shaped, and it paced his car all the way to the gates of his farm. The light lit up the area to such a degree, that he could have driven home without using his headlights. When he arrived at the farm gates, the light disappeared. No noise from the object was heard during the incident.

(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin (June 1982 Edition))
Mr C S dropped his girlfriend off on Sunday 28th March and was on his way to Pearcedale at approximately 3am, when he observed a diamond-shaped light hovering in the sky. The light gradually approached his moving vehicle until it was approximately 400 yards away and at an angle of about 45 degrees.

The area around him was lit up by a plae white glow. The object then raced ahead of him, following the direction of the road. Mr C chased the light for miles up to speeds of 130kph. The object eventually changed direction and was lost by the witness.

28th MAR; ESPERANCE, WA 0300hrs
(Source: Weekend News (Perth/10.04.82) Sunday Observer (Perth/15.08.82) Independent (Perth/15.08.82) Pix-People (08.06.82))
After travelling through the night two ladies in a van noted a very bright soundless object in the sky, apparently close to their vehicle. It was seen over a distance of some 100kms and they reported the vehicle's power appeared affected by the presence of the light.

TA 1982-060
A fifty-one year old man spent three minutes watching an unusual light in the sky. Leaving his garage he noted a large light at fifty degrees SE in the clear sky. It seemed to 'shimmer' or 'sparkle' and was moving to the west in a horizontal movement. Suddenly it made an instant change of direction and moved back to the east. Later it reversed direction again. Finally it just 'blinked o

01st APR; KILKENNY, SA 0325hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 16, August 1982)

17th APR; BEAUMONT, SA 0815hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 16, August 1982)

(Channel 9 TV news 24.04.82)
Saw two objects on the same night. First one was a square shape. Second was like "two eggs." Red in colour. 5 seconds on, then off, then on again. Flying low over Cavan or Modbury.

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)

24th APR; RIVERTON, SA 2130hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 16, August 1982)

25.04.82 CLARE, SA 2030hrs (NL)
(Adelaide "Advertiser" newspaper 27/4/82 & AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 15, May 1982)
Returning from a birthday party three people in a vehicle noted a bright red glow in the sky. It seemed to follow their car as they drove on. After three kilometers it was lost to view behind some large pine trees. Described as a ball of fire with white streaks through it.

NOTE: The Bureau of Meteorology later suggested the report might have been of an aurora visible in most country centres of the state at the time.

08th MAY; GEORGETOWN, TAS 0000hrs
(Source: Advocate (Burnie/02.07.82))
TA 1982-018/019/020/021/022/126
The Riley Family were watching TV when a noise from outside nearly drowned out the set. Looking out, a bright, large red light was visible to the north-east. They managed to make a tape recording of the noise, being a repetitive squeaky/whistling type of noise.

NOTE: Over the next month the light and sound were noted by the Rileys and others in the area on other occasions.

10th MAY; CLAPHAM, SA 0500hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 16, August 1982)

14th MAY; ROKEBY, TAS 0515hrs
TA 1982-024
A forty-five year old laboratory assistant woke up as usual to go to work. He was lying in bed. In the eastern sky Venus was visible. He saw a ball of light, with a tail, falling at an angle towards the south. The light stopped for a second or two, lost its tail, moved horizontally, approached Venus and climbed over it, dropped to its previous level, and moved away. Finally, it increased its speed and faded away in the south-eastern sky. Duration: Two minutes.

15th MAY; KILBUM, SA 1900hrs
SA 1982-002
Hanging out the washing a lady saw an object with three flashing lights on it in the sky. It hovered for five seconds then moved off to the west. Finally it took off like a rocket and went out of sight behind a house.

(Source: UFO Research Qld (Sunshine Coast Branch))
QA 1990-001
The witness and her husband were driving along Golf Course Road when they saw a bright star, low on the horizon, which then just 'switched' off. When the object 'came back on', it then resembled a saucer shaped craft, metallic pewter in colour, with many portholes in the lower section. The UFO emitted a blue beam of light as it flew towards and around the front of the witnesses's car. When the UFO was above the car, the blue beam vanished.

The journey normally takes about three minutes to drive from the Golf Course to the bridge, yet the witnesses felt that twelve minutes had elapsed. Strong possibility of 'Missing Time'. Witnesses have had flashbacks of a being six and a half feet tall in a silver suit with soft facial features and very small eyes, no eyebrows, small nose, and possibly of female persvasion. The female witness was four months pregnant at the time of the sighting. She believes that her daughter is psychic.

23rd MAY; BOWNA, VIC 0330hrs
(Source: Border Morning Mail (Albury/24.05.82))
An anonymous Melbourne man is said to have been pursued along the Hume Highway by an object. It was sighted as it moved parallel to his car some 200m away and only seven metres or so off the ground. The man stopped his car and switched off his lights. The noiseless object hung in the air. Near Mullengandra it passed over his car fifteen metres up. Arriving at his mother's house she also saw a bright diamond shape light, stationary, but flickering every few moments.

25th MAY; STIRLING, SA 0315hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 16, August 1982)

28th MAY; CAMPBELLTOWN, SA 2302hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 16, August 1982)

AX 1986-003
Single witness claims to have seen a metallic, disc-shaped object move slowly and erratically at tree-top level over a period of thirty minutes in isolated, mountainous counrty.

NOTE: Comments of a highly speculative and paranoid nature cast doubt on witness objectivity.

QA 1982-005
One Saturday night a lady and a friend reported observing an object whilst out driving in the suburb of Sunnybank. It was stationary, spherical and white. Suddenly it shot off at a tremendous speed.

24th JUN; LYNDOCH, SA 1940hrs
SA 1982-003
On leaving home in his car a milk vendor aged forty watched a brilliant yellow-orange moon sized object low down in the NW sky, seen through trees.

24th JUN; VERONA SANDS, TAS 2310hrs
TA 1982-031
An erratically moving light was observed for fifty-five minutes by a twenty-nine year old housewife. The light was the colour and size of a star and was finally lost to view behind a tree to the south.

(Source: Examiner (Launceston/07.07.82))
TA 1982-033
Whilst onboard an Ansett 737 aircraft inbound to Launceston airport a fourty year old machanical engineer observed an unusual object for some two minutes. Looking down at an angle of thirty degrees he noted a sphercial shape, with no wings, nor lights, moving at the same speed as the aircraft. It was clearly seen when illuminated by the sun which broke through clouds. It had a metallic colour. It then moved upwards and to the north and was last seen to the rear of the plane.

Investigations by TUFOIC revealed that no other report had been made to the Launceston Airport ATC, and that according to Ansett airlines the crew had not seen the object.

It is the opinion of this editor, that the object observed was nothing stranger than the tip of the 737 or part of its fuselage in which he was flying seen through the curved edge of the plane's windows. You can see the same effects for yourself by looking at the world through an empty milk bottle.? Robert Frola

(Source: Advocate (Burnie/07-08.07.82) Mercury (Hobart/07.07.82))
TA 1982-034
Whilst approaching the small locality of Hampshire, by car, a man found his vehicle (a 1982 Toyota Crown) was gradually losing power. The vehicle stopped and he turned off the ignition and the lights, which were still on. The man released the bonnet catch, opened the door and put one foot on the ground when he noticed an adjacent barbed wire fence was throwing off sparks. twenty to thirty metres beyond the fence, six metres off the ground, a stationary object was observed hanging over the paddock. The object reminded the witness of a large army helicopter. He closed the door and sat for about a minute watching both the object and the fence. Besides the fizzing fence, there was no noise. Size was estimated to be bus-sized. Colour, blue/black. It seemed to the witness that an orange like glow or glare was visible. The object seemed to be gradually going away to the west as it diminished in size - this took a minute and a half. The fence stopped sparking and the man was able to start the car and leave. Nothing was found to be wrong with the car and nothing abnormal was located in the paddock.

AX 1984-002
Whilst walking through overgrown bush along a creek bed, two women in their early twenties came upon a cylindrical object about twenty metres ahead of them. The object was about 'twelve inches in length and three inches thick' (300mm by 80mm) and was moving slightly up and down about one metre from the ground. It was a 'colour between yellow and pink metallic'. After about five minutes, the percipients ran back to their car, hearing two loud screeches along the way. During the sighting there was no sound of wildlife which had previously been heard in abundance.

10th JUL; TASMAN HIGHWAY, TAS 1800-2010hrs
TA 1982-039
Two sisters were returning from Swansea to Hobart when they noticed a white star-like light to the north-west at forty-five to sixty degrees elevation which later grew to be Venus sized off to the front of the right side of the car. The light maintained this position and was described as off-white to yellowish, it 'paced' the car despite the road changing direction. No effects were noted on the vehicle. Car radio was not on. About three and a half kms north of Sorell it disappeared, lost to sight behind hills to the east. No aircraft in area at time.

11th JUL; MT BARKER, WA 0520hrs
(Source: West Australian (Perth/12.07.82) Advertiser (Albany/13.07.82))
Four kangaroo hunters all saw an odd glow above a group of trees near their camp. It was said to glow yellow and red whilst hovering in the air for ten minutes before slowly moving off in a northerly direction. Total duration: one hour.

19th JUL; NORTH LARGS, SA 0300hrs
SA 1982-004
Another milk vendor viewed for ten seconds a white light moving from forty-five degrees west to forty-five degrees north-east. Later he reported seeing four motionless lights to the north-east.

22nd JUL; LARGS BAY, SA 1855hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 17, November 1982)

24th JUL; HENLEY BEACH, SA 1830hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 17, November 1982)

30th JUL; ALDINGA, SA 0400hrs
SA 1982-005
Three stationary bright 'headlights' were seen in the eastern sky by an eighty-five year old lady, from her bedroom window. She states they were illuminating her backyard. Suddenly a rocket-like object shot across the yard t speed and was lost to view behind a nearby house.

TA 1987-046
Two men fishing at Meadowbank Dam noticed a large light just above low hills in the east. The light alternately pulsed a deep red and orange colours. It moved slowly, stopped and then continued on just above the hills, before dropping out of sight behind them. Duration: thirty minutes.

02nd AUG; HENLEY BEACH, SA 2205hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 17, November 1982)

21st AUG; VICTOR HARBOUR, SA 1845hrs
SA 1982-008
A nineteen year old unemployed man noticed several faint yellow glows travelling from eighty-five degrees NE to twenty degrees SW over eight seconds. Two minutes later three sets of lights passed overhead travelling NE to SW over a further eight to ten seconds. They were all lost to view behind pine trees.

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 17, November 1982)

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 17, November 1982)

TA 1982-032
A sixteen year old boy heard an unusual, fast whizzing noise comming from outside the house. He went to the front door and noticed a stationary, circular, pulsating red light about five degrees above the horizon and in the general direction of the noise. The sound was recorded on a cassette recorder. His parents and sister apparently also heard the noise and observed the light.

NOTE: The 'Georgetown Sound' has been heard by various residents on several occassions since May 1982.

16th SEPT; FERRYDEN PARK, SA 0453hrs
SA 1982-009
Whilst attending to her son a thirty year old woman saw two bright lights in the eastern sky. They were close together and very bright.

19th SEPT; DOVER GARDENS, SA 1540hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 17, November 1982)

19th SEPT; LARGS BAY, SA 1845hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 17, November 1982)

(Source: E-mail Report via AUFORN@yahoogroups.com 24.02.04)
Karen Sheffield, a Qld government social worker was in a government vehicle driven by Mark Poulson, a Qld government social worker in the area for 25 years & at the time of the incident was & still is the Youth worker for the Normanton to Boulia area. They were driving from Dajarra to the Gregory River, south of Mt Isa visiting Aboriginal communities and had several Aboriginal children in the back of the utility. At 3 pm driving under clear sunny skies they observed ahead of them a pink object several kms in front of them that they could not identify. As they drew closer they realised that they were approaching a vast stationary pink bubble possibly 10 kms wide & a km high, the edges of the giant bubble were distinct but blurry. It sat on the desert with the blue sky surrounding it. They could not understand what it was that they were approaching until the Aboriginal children began excitedly yelling “Min Min Light, Min Min Light” and then Mark Poulson became very excited & stated that he had heard about the giant pink Min Min Light from others that had observed it over a 25 year period but had never seen it and stated that “he couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to finally see it.

It spread right across the road with a distinct but blurry edge as if it was fog and they drove right into it, stopped the car, got out and wandered around completely bathed in the hot pink light. They were euphoric & all of them sang and danced around for a considerable period of time. Eventually the returned to the car & drove through it & out the other side. Travelling at 100 kms an hour it took about 5 minutes to drive through that portion of the bubble of light that covered the road. The pink bubble of light had nothing to do with sunset which took place at 8 pm, 5 hours later. The pink bubble of light was a distinct phenomena that remained for the entire time that it took to travel to it, through it and away from it. They had no explanation for its existence. Gary Opit

04th OCT; TONEBRIDGE, WA 1920hrs
Perth UFO Research Group Investigation
Farmer G S Hinks was indoors when he heard a loud roaring noise. Going outside he saw a bright, white, light moving quickly from east to west. The noise lasted seven seconds, the observation two seconds. Mr Hinks states the approaching noise sounded as though an aircraft would hit the house, but the noise became too loud to be a conventional plane. The noise was to the south and the light to the north-west.

Nearby farmers John and Doris Chapman also heard the loud roaring noise but by the time they gor outside there was nothing to see. It was lightly raining at the time. Another farmer, Mr Laurie Tuckett reported very much the same. At first he thought it was a twin engined aircraft, but the noise it made changed his mind. It was like a heavy truck going up a steep hill, roaring like hell. He had visual sighting for about thirty seconds. There were five other witnesses to this sighting.

INVESTIGATION: No aircraft were in the area, civilian or ?military. The Bureau of Meteorology's weather report for the ?area at that time was as follows:

RAINFALL - 5mm bet 1500hrs 4th OCT & 0900hrs 5th OCT
FULL CLOUD COVERAGE 1500hrs 9000-12,000 ft (Altostratus) 1900hrs 9000-12,000 ft

The noise that the object made was heard over a large area, from Qualeup South to Mordalup and west to Curunup. There was no report of any interference to phones or television, no strange behaviour from dogs or indeed any other farm animals.

13th OCT; TULLY, QLD 0300hrs
QA 1983-004
A twenty yeay old farmer's hand saw a round orange light almost overhead which 'started off big and then got smaller and went.'

29th OCT; TULLY, QLD 2250hrs
QA 1982-007
Two Tully residents viewed for seven minutes two objects, both cigar shaped and in the NE sky. They were observed over the De Luca hill area of Mt Mackay, travelling steadily in a SE direction and finally they were lost to view.

03rd NOV; FULLARTON, SA 2015hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 18, February 1983)

03rd NOV; ECHUNGA, SA 2145hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 18, February 1983)

07th NOV; CAIRNS, QLD Ca. 1910hrs
QB 1982-010
Whilst out fishing two people reported seeing a bright white light which moved in a straight line along mangrove trees only 1.3 metres off the ground. It made a sudden U-turn and went back along the same route. Noiselessly it disappeared in the trees. Later several similar unusual lights were seen moving around.

07th NOV; MIRIWINNI, QLD 1940hrs
QB 1982-012
Sitting watching television a man noted a group of three flashing lights in the north-western sky, moving alongside a mountain. They were observed for five minutes moving along a ridge in a south-westerly direction until they disappeared.

UFORFNQ consider the observation to be similar to that of an aircraft. However, inquiries failed to locate any in the area at the time.

11th NOV; MIRIWINNI, QLD 1940hrs
QB 1982-013
The same witness as in the 7th November Miriwinni sighting, reported two white lights set one above the other moving downwards then across in front of a mountain range. Inquiries showed no aircraft in the area.

13th NOV; PORT WAKEFIELD, SA 0530hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 18, February 1983)

13th NOV; ROCKHAMPTON, QLD 2315hrs
(Source: Daily Sun (Brisbane/16.11.82))
Police and seven Rockhampton residents are mystified by a UFO they saw at the weekend. They have been unable to solve the mystery of four strange lights that hovered for more than half an hour.

The lights, accompanied by a "weird, crackling noise", were first seen by a resident of Eton Street Rockhampton, about 11.15pm on Saturday. Within minutes, seven people were watching the lights "dancing" above them. They called police who also sighted the UFO briefly.

The police watched for several minutes before the lights disappeared. Police checked with the Department of Transport who reported no aircraft in the area at the time.

"I'm not ready for a lunatic asylum but I certainly saw something very strange. I've never believed in UFOs but I'll be looking for those lights again every night of my life", said Mr Kevin Dinsdale, a local hardware operator who lives in Eton Street.

Const. Trevor Edwards saw four reddish lights "in the shape of the Southern Cross" hovering above the street.

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 18, February 1983)

(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 18, February 1983)

10th DEC; SALISBURY EAST, SA 2025hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 18, February 1983)

11th DEC; WISTOW, SA 2120hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 18, February 1983)

QA 1982-002
A man was getting a drink of water and upon looking out of his kitchen window noted a concentration of light at ten degrees east. He was suddenly overcome by a 'blinding headache'. As he watched the light, originally stationary, it traversed thirty degrees to the right in about one second. After stopping it shrunk to a point and disappeared. As it went so did the man's headache.

21st DEC; MADDINGTON, WA 1345hrs
Whilst travelling home a man, who thought he was being followed by a motor bike realised an orange 'ball' 1.3 to 1.6 metres above the road was followed him. The man slowed down and so did the light. Suddenly it disappeared, then reappeared five seconds later about 800 metres behind him.

22nd DEC; ABERFOYLE PARK, SA 1415hrs
(Source: AIUFOFSR Newsletter, No 18, February 1983)

1982 MORPHETT VALE 2030hrs (SA) New
Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Miss. Melinda Sxxx
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 1 - 2 minutes
Occupation: Media relations
Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts

Observation: I was approximately eight or nine years old and it was a hot summer evening (right on dusk) and I was playing cricket with my next door neighbour on his front yard who was three years younger than me.

I remember him hitting the ball into the air for me to catch and I was running to pick up the ball off the road when he yelled at me 'What's that?' as he pointed above.

I looked up to see an oval shaped object slowly tumbling over and over its self. It was gunmetal grey on the outside and light silver in the middle. You could see what look like metal bolts along the edge of the inner silver middle. All the way around the rim of the object were a series of rectangle lights flashing at various intervals pastel colours such as pale green, blue and pink.

I remember saying 'wow that looks like a ufo' and we ran over to our fathers who were talking on the front driveway of my house to get them to look up above the street but when we went to show them it had vanished.Description: No - only what I've written above.

Location: Brodie Road, Morphett Vale, South Australia Apparent Size: Dinner Plate. Actual Size: Two large cars. Altitude: just below the cloud line. Object Origin: came from the west - travelling in an south-easterly direction. Object Destination: not sure Weather Temp: Warm, Cloudy.

Received 4/06/2008 10:36:03 - New

1982/83 near SWAN HILL 1800hrs (VIC)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Mr. David x
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes

Observation: in 1982 0r 83 December January approx.
I was traveling to swan hill from Melbourne and 30 minutes before arriving where ever that was there where farms and open land either side of me. I witnessed a truck in a paddock onto of a slight undulating hill from the road. I would say it was approx. 350 to 400 meters away from the road. The truck had all its lights on on top and on the bottom. It had no trailer and was just the cab..at the top of the hill there where pine trees in the silhouette of dusk, the other side of the hill was lit more brightly as the sun was going down on that side highlighting the trees on the ridge.

Description: The truck had all its high beams on an object that was the size of a helicopter .. with flashing lights on the out skirts. The truck slowly moved towards the object. The object moved so fast up then down that I was lost for the interpretation of such movement.. and also the truck had turned its steering wheel and floored the wheels as the dust was evident in the light of the truck. It looked like slow motion because of the distance of the truck from me, but emphasized the incredible agility of this object. The truck turned around and slowly crept up to the object once again with all its lights on the object and once again this objected jumped up and across and came back and the truck was still turning and dust in its headlights showing me whatever the truckie saw was terrifying, but was curious it happened one more time and it blasted off straight up like it never was there.

Location: The 2 passengers in my car where crying as I tried to find an opening in the paddock, so I continued to Swan Hill I also seen the flashing lights.. they where rotating because it was a sphere the ends would flash more because of the distance .. it was flashing like the was a major accident.

I know that it was not of this earth by the distance and the comparable truck responses in response to the object ... 1000% not of this earth.

I am hoping that truck driver will or would have made a report that by coincidence will confirm each other, there's a little more to the story that only he would know and me.

I now what I saw and I used the environment to show me distance and logic and it defies my understanding of the world still today.

There is a truck driver that has the story and I am the witness that he does not know exists on a lonely road 25 odd years ago one summers day. Apparent Size: Dinner Plate. Altitude: tree top hight just below Weather Visibility: Clear. Effects Psychological: I am different to most Effects Other: it cant be explained, lets say knowledgeable.

Received 12th August 2008 - New


Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. Sherly x
Number of witnesses present: 5 to 10
Sighting Duration: 2 hours or more.
Number of Objects: 1
Size: the size of our house
Colour: white with Oval windows.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

I lived on top of the range at Toowoomba near Picnic Point where the big telescope is you can see all around the country side. Anyway we were all there there was 5 of us, it was a beautiful night I happened to go out side for something. It was early in the night it had just got dark there was no clouds. I look up and I see this thing coming across the sky moving up and down and across then it stopped and stayed stationary.

I thought what in the world is that, so I went and called everybody to come out and have look. I didn't have a camera in those days so I couldn't take a photo of it. I got my binoculars which pulled it down a little bit closer. honest to God it stayed there for an hour, it was there when we went to bed we got sick of watching it.

Q: (What did it look like.)

It was silver it had ridge on top of it, it was the saucer shape it had oval lights all around it, every light shone a different colour it was absolutely gorgeous. My husband said lets go out the back see if it looks different, as though it going to look different w did but it didn't look different. We gave up in an hour and went to bed.

The next morning my friend rang me from the other side of Toowoomba she lives half way down the range at Murphy's Creek she told me she got a call from one of our other friends who had told her she had seen a flying saucer, she laughed and said how silly is that.

I told my friend it was true Sue did see the saucer and she had a pill of friends with her she was out in the yard at Murphy's Creek.

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