15.02.84 BRISBANE (RUNCORN), QLD 2020hrs (CE1)

Woman saw a light drop down in the sky and then appear to fly over her. The light was now seen as a dome-shaped object with white flashing lights underneath. Another two, similar objects were then consecutively seen. A soft, rumbling sound was heard prior the objects disappearing. The first object displayed a searchlight.

14.03.84 URANGAN, QLD 2145hrs (CE1)
A family of three observed an orange 'stingray shape' moving about the clouds. Binoculars were used.


The full moon would have been in the eastern sky at about forty-five degrees above the horizon. However, the witness described the object's size as 'double star size' which though quantitatively meaningless, indicates a very small angular dimension, much less than the moon. Also, the object resided in the sky to the witness' south-south-east. The witness also states seeing the moon as well.

20.03.84 BRISBANE (SPRING HILL), QLD 2045hrs (CE1)
A twenty-three year old credit officer reported seeing faint blue lights in the shape of a zeppelin, travelling northwards.

27.03.84 BRISBANE (ASCOT), QLD 0051hrs (CE1)
Sleeping lightly, a woman was awoken by a steady 'wooshing' noise. She went to the open window of her bedroom, from where she saw a long shape with large round windows or port-holes. The object was a very bright white, while through the port-holes shone a 'kind of orange' light. The object moved slowly through the sky, and was observed until it moved to the side of the house. The witness estimated the object to be within one block distance of her.


The witness' guard dog, which was locked in the bathroom, made no noise during the encounter.

27.03.84 BRISBANE (DURACK), QLD 1645hrs (DO)
A thirty-four year old architect from Durack reported seeing a shiny object flying eastwards at about 400m above ground level at high speed. The witness had sufficient time to retrieve his binoculars and observe it again for thirty seconds before it faded into the distance. The witness described the object as roughly spherical and highly reflective. According to the witness, its brightness was totally due to its reflecting the sun's rays.

27.03.84 BRISBANE (WOODRIDGE), QLD 2140hrs (NL + CE1)
A thirteen year old boy was listening to 4IP when he heard of several people calling in reporting unusual things in the sky. Excited, the boy went outside to look for these. After a short while, he did see something and he brought his parents outside so that they could also see it. The family possessed a small telescope, so they set that up and observed the object through it. The boy described the object as being shiny white, with a flashing orange light at the rear. His mother described it as a huge roundish object with a flickering orangey-yellow light at the back, and with four port-holes. Her husband, an ex-paratrooper, described it as a set of three lights in an equilateral triangle formation, point forward, with a flashing red light to the rear.

02.04.84 BRISBANE (KALLANGUR), QLD 0310hrs (NL)
Checking on his young children, a man noticed an enormous white light visible through an open window facing north. It moved slowly upwards and away to the north, pulsing off at approximately one second intervals.

15.06.84 TOOGOOLAWAH, QLD 2026hrs (NL)
A thirty-three year old witnessed a flickering light descend, level out and increase speed. Brisbane airport reported no traffic in the area.

(Source: "Courier" newspaper 18.07.84)
"After an unsubstantiated claim of birds and cattle being found dead on a Mt barker property, disturbed Hills residents were encouraged last week to speak on an Adelaide radio breakfast show." Mrs Hubbard reported "…an illuminated half circle in the sky" which travelled across the sky. Denise Size believed she saw the same object 2-3weeks ago in Mt Barker. An anonymous Hahndorf man spoke to Bazz and Pilko, radio announcers about "…loss of livestock, power failures and strange objects in the sky…"

(Source: Independent Investigation by Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD)
Witnesses: Dieter (pilot, ultra-light aircraft) passenger (also ultra-light aircraft pilot) both male.

Report: Dieter and passenger were heading north to a remote airstrip when driver decided to pull over to the side of the road for a brief rest. They had been travelling for a while. Where they stopped was not a designated rest area, just a long stretch of road between Ingham and Cardwell range. Only 5 meters in on both sides of the road was a thick scrub.

Both witnesses got out of the vehicle to swap over from driving when a soft yellow pulsating light pulsing at 1 second intervals, started in the scrub on the left hand side of the road, 30 degrees left to the front of the vehicle only 10 meters away.

The passenger immediately hopped back into the vehicle, a little concerned as there was not a soul in sight for many miles and they had not seen any other vehicles for some time. Dieter proceeded over to the light for a closer look. A he was walking around the front of the vehicle to approach, the pulsating light backed away into the scrub keeping an even distance between them at all times (approx. 5010 meters).

"The light was about the size of a large cup saucer, it was spherical with a bright stem in the center, approx.... 4-5 feet in the air. I tried to get closer but each time I tried it would back away keeping an even distance between us". Dieter said. "I couldn’t get into the scrub so did not proceed. My passenger was asking me to get back into the vehicle, he was getting very concerned now."

When Dieter walked back to the car and hopped into drive away, the light had now appeared directly beside the left side of the Vehicle. Both occupants witnessed the light move from the front of the vehicle in the scrub, directly to the side of the passenger door. Still keeping an even distance from them. They watched for a short moment while inside the vehicle then proceeded to leave.

Both occupants are very sure what they saw was not a hoax or nay council roadwork lights as there was no roadworks at all in the area. They both recognised artificial lighting through their knowledge and experience as pilots. Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00493)
Shape: Ball of light
Size: size of full moon
Objects: One
Colour: Green and Yellow
Sound: None
Speed: Hovered, moved slow
Witnesses: Five +

Working on a highway upgrade at the Langwood Forest NT with five other workmen, Noel and Fellow workers witnessed a Ball of green light the size of a full moon move over some trees and land a few kilometres away and turned to yellow just before landing. The glow was seen 5km around. Many other locals saw it as well. All the men were on their earthmovers and other machinery but there was no EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) interference or sound. The men got jittery and most left the job saying that "something is not quite right". Kay McCullock AUFORN QLD

Received 6/08/2008 09:50:27 - New

1984 HOME HILL (QLD) 1700hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Ms. Victoria L
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 3 - 4 seconds
Occupation: Tutor, Art Theory, SCA, USYD and Artist.
Qualifications: PhD Candidate

Observation: It was late afternoon. I was playing with the kids next door in their backyard and looked up to see large pink (yes...rose pink) structures in the sky. I wondered if they were pink because it was about the time of the sunset. though I didn't think so. it didn't look like sun colours and nothing else was showing the same pink. There was about 3 of them one closer than the others. They were about the height of the large mango tree in our place next door but slightly further off.

they looked kind of like spinning tops (almost an inverted conical shape) with a larger roundish (bevelled) section at the top with an area that looked stratified (horizontal) in the middle and a pointy (maybe bevelled again) bottom. It looked like it was made of industrial metal.

The colour seemed to be an aura of sorts. I'm not sure if it was the actual colour of the machines hard to know they were gone in a couple of seconds. I've always wondered if I really saw them but I remember them and they've always been there in my memory. Description: the pink colour was unusual. but beautiful. they really weren't there for very long. Location: (near the corner of 11th Ave) Home Hill, NQ.

Other Witnesses: there were two little kids in the back yard with me but they were both about 7 and under--Bryce and Dean W. We are out of touch and I don't know their contact details. they were playing further down the yard and probably didn't see it. they didn't say anything to me about it. Apparent Size Other: it was about the size of a plane going overhead when its coming into land. Actual Size: About the size of a 6 floor building? it did look as though it had levels. but they were huge.

Altitude: about the height of a plane coming into land over the suburbs but not quite at the airport. low but not too low. Object Origin: I'm not sure, south east? they were at an angle to each other in a south west direction. they came and disappeared so fast its hard to tell.

Object Destination: see above. Weather Visibility: Clear,Warm, Sunny,Calm Weather Comments: It was a nice Qld late afternoon. Not quite twilight. Other Experiences: I have had clairvoyant experiences.

Received on 12/08/2009 16:09:17 NEW

1984 KATHRINE HILL BAY (NSW) 20:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Greg
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 Hours
Occupations: House painter

Observation: I thought it to be the fire brigade mopping up after fire. But didn't take long to find out it was a ufo and orbs the orbs were cherry red and nice blue in colour they were going back and fourth through the bush zig zag and moving in the most unreal unreal way. As if searching for something they would go back to main ufo then back to doing more searching the main ufo would just hover and let out hundreds of white lights then would go back into one central white light at times I was in telepathic contact with them as I asked it to come closer and the cherry red orb stated coming down the track towards my camp then I said no go back and it backed off

Description: there was no sound the objects were not more than 400 meters from my camp the main ship was much bigger than the orbs as the night went on I was amazed to see 5 beings which looked like they were in red overalls stepping out from which I can only say from behind 5 tall trees

Location: I was near Kathryn hill bay central coast NSW down of the main road going into Kathryn by a cemetery come open bush land come camp ground right near the beach

Other Witnesses: my girlfriend was there but she was a sleep when I try to wake her she would be very drowsy and go back to sleep there was 5 guys my age at the time up from my camp ground. I walked up to them and said I don't want to spoil your weekend but come and look at this. We looked for 10 minutes then 4 of the guys walked back to their camp as one stayed with me, he had a touch and was really into what I had been seeing for some time now I told him to blink the touch at the main ship, and as he did the main ship went off with a great display of white lights, then I said blink one and a half times he had a thing on the touch which could do that no sooner did he do that when this object blinked back the same I felt we were in contact with it by this time and said to this guy we should stop as it was getting real weird the guy looked at me and said he was feeling sleepy, so he suddenly left and I went back to look at it on my own

Apparent Size Other: orbs pea sized and main ship dinner plate. - Actual Size: the orbs I would say where 10 feet and the main ship at 50 feet.- Altitude: orbs on the ground main ship about 3 feet of the ground. - Object Origin: as I was looking up into the heavens, I saw the object come in as big as a star later I meet some guy, who was fishing down on the rocks near the beach. He said he saw it come in with not a sound this guy was a bloke I had never met before, and I kept running into him everywhere I went, for some reason, he was very open to what had happened, which was great because anyone else would look at me, as if I was making it up and that was the same as my girlfriend, she just could not believe it even when I tried to wake her up she just didn't what to now about it very strange.

Object Destination: I did not see the object disappear as I got very scared in the end as it felt like I was about to have contact with the
beings from this ship, so I just laid down on the bed with my girlfriend and put the blanket over my head and the last thing I remember was a pressure or something pushing on my head. I knew this was it the next thing it was morning. I got up and this car was leaving the camp grounds with some guys not shore if it was the guys I was with but one of them looked weird he just looked at me as the car went by me, it just didn't fit in, for some reason, his eyes seemed different to most human eyes and the way he looked at me, as if he knew my thoughts.

Moon Visible: I don't think the moon was visible. - Planets Visible: yes when I looked up at the stars that's when all of this stared as if that was like a call sign to get ready for about to happen the first thing I have seen in the bush looked like a motor bike going up a hill with its back brake lights going off and for some reason, looking at a NSW number plate shining of the object as if it didn't want to be seen as it was at that moment but as the night went on it showed its self as a round Orb which done some amazing moves. Weather Temp: Pleasant.

Effects Physical: yes as the next morning we packed up and drove up to the other beach, I kept looking back to the spot where this happened and saying to my girlfriend it was so unreal, and she just said no nothing happened, I said yes this was a real event but she, for some reason, up until this day has not believed me not until Xmas 2008 when a group of people and now my wife saw a UFO right in front of us to me. It wasn't such a big event but for them, they haven't stopped taking about it.

I had a very close encounter with beings back in 1975 where my car stopped and my ex girlfriend at the time and myself were taking from the car, they just put their hand out and put us to sleep when we woke the car was going, and we were back on the road. - Effects Psychological: yes a feeling of lonely ness as I did not find anyone around me that believed this happened but for a few

Effects Other Witnesses: the guy with the touch was so amazed at this event but for some reason his friends just did not seem to care
Other Experiences: since I was just a boy I have had lots of unreal things happen around me.

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