16.01.85 OOLDEA, SA (NL)
Source: AAP text 18.01.85
The Australian National Railways stated that enginemen on a Perth bound train had reported seeing bright lights. The train had broken down. ANR said the two events were unconnected.

24.01.85 CAIRNS, QLD 2200hrs (NL)
Source: Bunyip (Gawler, SA/31.01.85)
Bright lights were reported by witnesses in Cairns, Mossman, Mareeba, Innisfail and Bamaga. Most witnesses said the lights were orange, but some believed there were red and yellow lights around the perimeter of an object.

Russell Bounty of UFORFNQ is quoted as having received four reports, the most detailed of which described three or four lights in a row, the lights in the centre pulsating orange to green, with a white light at the back of the object.

24.01.85 HOLLOWAYS BEACH, QLD 2200hrs (NL)
Two people travelling in a car sighted a group of lights travelling west to east. At the front end were flashing orange lights, behind which was a steady white light. Duration: twelve seconds.

NOTE: Possible aircraft.

24.01.85 nr.MAREEBA, QLD 2201hrs (NL)
Two witnesses observed, from within their residence, a formation of lights apparently attached to a single object. There were two orange and two white lights in front, and one orange and one white light trailing. The orange lights flashed approximately once per second. No body shape was distinquished. The object or objects appeared to travel towards the witnesses from the west, and then turned NE. Sighting duration of approximately forty-five seconds.

24.01.85 BABINDA, QLD 2202hrs (CE1)
A couple were in bed listening to the radio when they noticed a flash of light shine through the windows. Over the next minute, they observed a large glowing object which travelled across the sky from above Mt Bartle Frere to the north between two peaks of the Bellanden Ker Range. The object was slightly oval in shape, glowed with a dull yellowish-white light, had tiny twinkling pinpoints of lights around its perimeter, and was followed by a fan-shaped area of sparks.

24.01.85 MT MOLLOY, QLD 2210hrs (CE1)
Another couple were disturbed by a bright light which swept through the window of their dwelling. They observed a rectangular-shaped object with rounded ends. It had three bright lights on its front end, multi-coloured lights (red, blue, green, yellow) in the middle, and two red lights at the rear. The object was viewed for about twelve seconds whilst it moved off to the north-east.

On the night of the 24th, many sightings were reported in the Far North Queensland area. Most were attributed to two aircraft in the vicinity of Cairns airport, but in several cases, namely sightings QB85-001 to 005, the times and locations were judged to rule out the aircraft explanation. See also 'Cairns Post', 25th Jan, 26th Jan and the 8th Feb 85.

31.01.85 BRISBANE (CAPALABA), QLD 2025hrs (CE1/IFO)
Motorist sighted a greyish, wing or boomerang shaped object carrying coloured lights along its middle and a steady red light on its surface in Capalaba. The object moved from S to SW, disappearing behind houses. Reaching home, the witness called out a neighbour and they watched a bright light in the west, which gradually dimmed and extinguished.

NOTE: Investigator attributes the second part of the sighting to the planet Venus.

31.01.85 BRISBANE (BOOVAL), QLD 1445hrs (DD)
A police seargent at Booval was hanging out the washing when he saw a jet fly over. He then saw a circular, half moon-sized, metallic object travel from E to W. Just past overhead, the object stopped. A second, identical object approached, also from the E. As it came to a position behind and to the left of the first one, both objects now travelled in unison to the W till they were lost to view in the glare of the sun. Sighting duration ten to twelve seconds.

APRIL 1985 BRIGHTON, SA 2230 hrs (USO)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5199 08.11.05
The witness described how he and his wife were walking their dog on the beach, north of the Brighton Jetty about 10.30 pm in late April 1985 when suddenly his wife said, “Look at that”. An orangey yellow glow, like the colour of a really healthy egg yolk, shone out from beneath the water as it drew in towards them from the sea, heading directly towards the couple. In order to be accurate as to where they were on the beach, the witness states he was approximately between the Minda home address of the esplanade behind them and the shoreline. The object in the water stopped dead about 30 m away then edged closer and by now the couple’s ‘hair was standing on end with goosebumps’.“What is this?” were the only words spoken between them. The object was a circle approx. 20 m in diameter, having a perimeter of bubbling water but with no surge current in the water’s surface when the object moved! The ripple of water bubbling around it was above the water surface. The witnesses stepped back a bit and looked behind themselves and along the beachfront and found themselves completely alone. It was a calm sea night and the sky was clear.

Even though the object never left the water, this massive beam came up from it and locked onto a bunch of birds and the beam followed them. Suddenly the light beam cut out and the object took off underwater at a rate of knots in a northwesterly direction. It was gone in a flash, so fast in fact that the witness thought it took less than a couple of seconds to disappear from sight! The water did not surge when it went and there was never any noise throughout.

The whole event probably only lasted a few minutes at most.

In a separate statement, the witness relayed a story told to him by his father. It was a father to son talk where the witness was the only listener and had no reason to disbelieve a man who was jolted into remembrance by the sighting his son had told him.

“My dad never told anyone about this, but he used to be a guard on the railway years ago, doing the interstate and country freight. Shunting out of Callington one night and leaning out of the brake van, as they went through this clearing, he saw this thing about three foot tall, glowing pink in colour with massive ears and piercing dark eyes, arms like a gorilla. He could not believe what he saw as they passed the train siding, sometime in the mid 1960s.” Not another living soul was ever told. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

19.05.85 WANNEROO, SA 0230hrs (NL)
One round object with yellow lights. Appeared to be in two sections. Seemed low down. Witness left the area. UFORSA

09.06.85 Mt Newman WA 2000hrs 20 mins
Two pilots flying a Budget Charter Navajo twin engine aircraft had left Mt Newman and climbed to 10,000 feet when they observed a bright orange light approaching from the West at a fast rate of knots. At first they thought it was an aircraft going into Mt Newman, but after checking they realised it was not an aircraft.

After the initial sighting, the object had stopped dead and pulled away from them, dropping to about 2000 feet. The pilots stayed at 10,000 feet. The light stayed with them for 20 minutes before disappearing.

29.07.85 BRISBANE (NEW FARM), QLD 1830 (NL)
Three witnesses sighted, over a forty-five minute period, a bright, bluish-white, star-like light. Initially it travelled slowly south to north, accelerated and vanished with a flash of light. It reappeared, heading south. Then it was seen moving slowly to the north-east where it vanished.

18.09.85 PIN GIN HILL, QLD 0515hrs (CE1)
Source: Weekend Advocate (Innisfail/21.09.85)
Motorist driving south observed four objects through the top left of his windscreen. The objects all appeared as a ring of silver-white light within another similar ring; the outer ring having an unknown number of red-yellow flashing lights attached at intervals around the circumference. Three of the objects moved west whilst one remained stationary and was lost to sight. Two of the objects slowly disappeared behind a hill in the west. Total duration: ten to fifteen minutes. There was no known aircraft traffic in the area at the time, according to air traffic control records.

18.11.85 nr.INGHAM, QLD 1315hrs (CE1)
QB 1986-001
A sugar cane farmer reported seeing, from his moving vehicle, a silver, cigar-shaped object without wings or tail. The object, which was comparable in size to a jumbo jet, travelled in a straight line from east to SSE until it disappeared as a dot in the distance.

NOTE: Press reports (see HERBERT RIVER EXPRESS, 21.11.85) indicate three other witnesses independently observed the same or similar object.

13.12.85 WOOMBYE, QLD 2135hrs (Possible Satellite)
Two children sighted a spherical, silent object move from horizon to horizon, east to west, at a sixty to sixty-five degree angle of elevation, in five to six seconds. The object appeared to be dark brown or black with its front quarter (crescent) illuminated.

1985, INNALOO (WA) 1230hrs (NL) New
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Steven Txx
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 15 - 20 minutes
Occupation: Mining

Observation: It was early morning, about 12:30ish and I was working part time running on a milk round, it was still dark outside. I had been gazing at the stars while hanging off the side of the truck with my feet on the running boards. I used to try and find the southern cross on clear nights. This one evening I'd found it I was amazed to see another in close proximity. I thought nothing of this at the time. Another hour or so later I looked to the heavens again, but the first southern cross was moving. I looked again to check, the little star that sits at the bottom right started to move from that position to the top pointer, sat for a brief moment and then started forward alone. It moved someways across the
heavens, turned around, came back and got the others. The whole lot of them them moved in formation across the heavens over the horizons out of sight.

Description: No, Location: In or near Innaloo. W.A.
Other Witnesses: 2 people were there, one lady who was out getting her milk, I showed her the stars disappearing over the horizon. And the van driver, this is the guy who drove the milk truck. Bare in mind this was 20 or so years ago. These other 2 people could well have left this mortal clump Apparent Size: Pea-Sized. Actual Size: It is hard to guess as they could have been billions of miles away or relatively close. Altitude: Unknown Object Origin: West To East. Object Destination: Western Moon Size Comparison: Small. Dot sized. Planets Visible: Yes, many stars were present Weather Visibility: Clear, Warm, Calm, Effects Physical: No, just excitement:

Other Experiences: One occasion,when I was very young. I lived in New Zealand, as a child I'd play in an abandoned army barrack with friends, climbing up to the rafters and stomping on the plaster boards. One time, when we were in the ceiling, I looked toward the end of the roof to where a slatted wooden vent sat, triangular in shape. I saw what only can be described as a balloon with a sheet over it pass through unbroken plaster board and then through the steel roof. We all saw this and ran home. 2 days later the place was burnt down. Not by us but the army was using it as fire training.

Received 7/10/2008 04:32:35 NEW

1985. MONBULK (VIC) 1600hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Matthew L
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 5 seconds

Observation: hello Diane, AUFORN I would like to add my sightingfor the record.

When I was about 11 or 12 I was walking home from school. and had just started walking across my paddock when, (bizarrely) I felt," um, whos looking at me?" I looked across the to the sky above the houses nearby and I saw plain as day exactly who it was! a perfect 'egg', made of metal, about 10m high and 6m wide(I guess), hovering about 300m away.

It was so shiny that it appeared to be reflecting the green trees below on its bottom and the blue sky above on it's top. Next thing I know, I'm standing about 50m's lower down in the paddock, I have tears streaming down my face, and it's gone.

I start running across my paddock screaming for my mum/anyone to help me,(was not in good state of mind to be honest). I told my mum, (later also my dad, brother, sister, eventually everyone), who tried her best to calm me
down, and then spent the next two hours or so sitting on our porch overlooking
the paddock ( and the rest of my life bewildered, to say the least.) My life then went on as normal, and I never saw that egg again.

I have now been hypnotized in an attempt to get more information (if at all possible) from my sub-conscience, but was unable to access any new 'thoughts/memories', sadly (but well suspect there's more I do.)

Description: I only saw it for 2-4 seconds, before it was 'gone' noticed no movement or sounds.

Location: I was in the back paddock of the old family house, on Invermay Rd Monbulk. (had just taken the short-cut from the main street through the neighbours/forest, whist walking home from [grade 5-ish, primary] school. E.T.A ish= 3:40 -4:00pm)

Other Witnesses: mum was JUST entering the paddock to feed the cows, when I turned and started my 'run'; I found she did not see anything.

Apparent Size Other: two tennis balls high held at arms length - Actual Size: 10m high by 6 m wideish (a perfect 'chicken' egg shape) - Altitude: about 10 or twenty meters above the trees. Moon Size Comparison: two/three moons?? (two tennis balls held at arms length) - Weather: Pleasant, Cloudy, fine day, partly cloudy. - Effects Physical: previously described. except I found a 'scoop mark' only just realised, stupidly. I don't know if in fact has anything at all to do with 'UFO' phenomenon.. but have one all the same.)

Effects Psychological: bewilderment.

Other Experiences: when I was about 4 I had a dream that I found myself in a what appeared to be someone's backyard at night, standing in a group of about six or seven other kids, waiting for something(?) when what I thought was ' a falling star', (little and shining in a bright yellow light) came gently, slowly down and one of us caught it. Then we all had a turn at holding it. (I have had many dreams, but this one simply has always felt quite different.)

My next was not so pleasant. When I was about 5 or six I stayed at a friends
house, two houses down from mine, and had a terrible nightmare and I mean terrible. I can't remember how it started, but I found myself to be in another land, that I took as being filled with witches and monsters, ( I don't know why, as I'm not sure if I had seen any, but thats sure how I felt about the place!).

I came across a car to hide in, and there were other kids hiding in it too, one of whom I knew. I was in the back seat, he was in the front, and we were all very scared, hoping the monsters wouldn't find us and try to get in. then, unfortunately, what I thought was my friend in the front seat turns around, and looks at me. He has what looks like silver paint on his face now, and big black eyes, again seemingly painted.

I cannot describe just how 'wrong' it looked! and thats when I 'lost it', reached over the seat, grabbed hold of him, and shook him violently to make him 'stop' being that way! next, I am awake in the bed, am screaming in absolute terror, and spending the next hour being comforted by my friends mum in the lounge room. I was never invited back to stay there again, that I know. I don't blame them.

It seems is obvious to 'me' now, that it was not my friend I was shaking,it was a little 'grey' and I think that they are light buggers, because when I was 'shaking him' he was really copping a good shake, to say the least.

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