12.01.86 EARLWOOD, SYDNEY, NSW 2000hrs (CE1)
E-mail UFO Report, reported January 2007
Jason was about ten years old, swimming in the family pool on a clear warm summer’s night, when he noticed what he thought were two moons. He stopped swimming to concentrate on the extra moon. To his surprise it was a silent UFO, floating above the pool, travelling at about 5 knots from east to west, at the height of a low flying helicopter. The pool lights were on, which made the pool glow bright green. Jason described the UFO as “almost exactly like a Gravitron”, an old sideshow ride where you walk into a UFO, which spins and you stick to the walls. The UFO was white with oscillating yellow and red lights around the circumference, about 16 feet high by maybe 28 feet diameter. Jason was initially scared and held his breath under the water hoping it would go away. Jason’s uncle was also there, swimming with his baby daughter, and passed off the sighting as “some sort of new army toy”. The uncle was ex-military. Jason continued to watch slow arc movement of the UFO over his green pool. “To this day I still think it was scooping out my pool, because I kid you not, my pool glowed so bright green you almost needed sunglasses to look at it.”

For the next few nights Jason and his brother went out at night to look for the UFO, which they did see from their uncle’s home down the road from their home. It was the same UFO, on the same flight path, height and speed over their home.

Jason describes the sighting: “A slow smooth movement across the sky [east to west] almost circling my pool in an wide one kilometre half-circle motion. The UFO dipping on one side so closest side to us is lower than the rear and I can see the roof clearly. It’s like when a tiger circles its prey. Slow and calculating. When the red and yellow oscillating lights met or crossed each other going in opposite directions in the middle they produced a bright white silver colour briefly which happened every two seconds.”

.04.86 BRISBANE (CHERMSIDE), QLD 2325hrs (CE1)
QA 1986-001
Twenty-eight year old dental technician was looking for Halley's Comet whilst returning from a drive-in. She noticed a 'cloud' which obscured the stars in the east. The object flew from the north to south-south-east in twenty seconds. It appeared to have 'blobs' on its four extremities.

02.05.86 ADELAIDE, SA (NL)
Source: Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004
Witnesses at the top of Kensington Road (Aldana?) saw a low slow moving white light going south of Adelaide and heading downwards. AURA

04.05.86 ADELAIDE, SA ca1800hrs (NL)
Source: Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004
Over Adelaide a bolide(?) seen through cloud cover. AURA

25.05.86 BRISBANE (WEST END), QLD 1630hrs (CE1)
QA 1986-004
Mother and nine-year-old daughter observed a cluster of some six, small, mostly silver-coloured objects which milled about at high altitude. In front of the cluster was a larger object which appeared to turn, alternately showing a silver and red side. The mother thought the larger object was triangular whilst her daughter sketched a hat-shaped object.


Investigator noted that the date of the sighting was the same as that of the Sport Aid Fun Run and the objects may have been balloons released from the direction of the city.

21.06.86 BRISBANE (CALAMVALE), QLD 2140hrs (CE1)
QA 1986-002
A car-load of witnesses saw two lights. As the lights came closer, one apparently disappeared from view. The remaining object was now seen as a cut-off triangle made up of many circular lights. The witnesses stopped the car and viewed the object from outside, but left after the children became frightened. Duration: five minutes.


30.08.86 MARYBOROUGH, QLD 0215hrs (NL)
QA 1987-001
Source: Maryborough Chronicle (Maryborough/1-2.09.86)
Three truck drivers were shaken by a UFO sighting while carting cane along the Bay Road to the Maryborough Sugar Factory early on Saturday morning. They said a bright blue light followed them from River Heads Road to the 4MB radio tower about 2.15am.

"I saw a bright light, as large as a spotlight which flashed twenty to thirty times for about two seconds," a truck driver, who did not wish to be named, said.

He said it had lit up the trees. It had been constantly on his right hand side about half a kilometer away, throughout the fourteen kilometre journey. He was being directly followed by another truck driver who first alerted him to the light by CB radio.

"It sure frightened us. We were really worried for a while."

The truck driver said they stopped outside the Maryborough aerodrome for about fifteen minutes to see if an aircraft was landing. he said that the aerodrome lights were on but nothing had landed. Another truck driver, who was trailing several kilometers behind the first two trucks, also saw the UFO. A fourth driver, working in the Island Plantation area heard the alarmed conversation over the radio, caught a glimpse of the flying object.

Aviation authorities offered several possible explanations for the UFO sighted on the Bay Road at 2.15am on Saturday. White strobe lights which flash on the wing tips could have had a blue tinge on a clear night. Aircraft can fly past the Maryborough Aerodrome and activate the lights by radio, just to see where the aerodrome is, without landing there. Once activated, the Maryborough Aerodrome lights stay on for an hour. There was no air force activity nor any commercial flights at the time of the sighting.

22.09.86 nr EDMONTON, QLD 2120hrs (NL)
QB 1986-003
The same vehicle as in QB 1986-002 was being used by a father and son when they observed a round, 'bright green light' over the road 200m ahead. The light moved in a downward trajectory towards a cane field on the right side of the road and appeared to land in the paddock. The witnesses drove on though the father returned the next day without finding any trace or crop damage.

NOTE: Three weeks earlier, four circular marks had been found in the crop near this site. However, from the description of the traces (now obliterated by harvesting), the investigator concluded they had been caused by wind damage.

20.10.86 GREEN HILL, QLD 2120hrs (CE2)
QB 1986-002
Single witness was driving home when her 1967 Toyota ute's steering suddenly became hard to control and the vehicle began to pull to the right side of the road. 400m down the road, the dash and headlights almost faded out, a sound 'like hundreds of mosquitoes buzzing' was heard and the engine lost power. Through the windscreen, the percipient saw a bright, oval, blue-green light moving slowly north at fifteen degrees elevation. Over the next four kilometres, the engine seemed only to idle and the vehicle moved slowly despite having the 'foot flat to the floor'. After crossing a one-lane bridge, the ute 'suddenly took off', the lights came on, the buzzing sound stopped and steering was regained. The still visible UFO was lost sight of whilst negotiating the next bridge crossing. After the five to ten minute sighting, the percipient was excited and frightened and her hands were red from tightly holding the steering wheel. The vehicle had external rust but was machanically sound with a twelve month old battery. It had functioned without problems prior to and since the UFO incident.

21.10.86 WEIPA, QLD 2100hrs (NL)
Source: Daily Sun (Brisbane/22.10.86)
A man reported seeing a 'white light' about thirty kilometres west of Weipa. The light, about five degrees above the horizon, was moving quickly, then appeared to slow as it gained height and departed at jet speed.

At least 14 reports were made from locations as varied as Balaklava, Olympic Dam, Adelaide, Port Augusta, Barmera, Loxton, Gawler, and Wilmington of a series of lights in the sky. Observations came in of a ball with a blue tail, a blue green ball, a white then blue green light, an orange ball. There may have been multiple sightings of several distinct objects between 2030 and 2300hrs. UFORSA

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