15 Jan 1987 Corryong Vic
(ACUFOS Reports Digest  Dec 1987.  No. 28)
A commercial pilot flying a twin-engine Aero Commander from Canberra to Moorabbin was overtaken by a "mystery light" which paced his aircraft until he reached Eildon. The light then shot away from his aircraft, rapidly accelerating towards the east.

18.01.87 nr CABOOLTURE, QLD 0230hrs (CE1)
QA 1987-010
A housewife woke up suddenly and saw, through the window, what looked like an aircraft breaking up into pieces. However, the disc-shaped metallic pieces were spread across the sky and did not fall down. After dabbing her eyes with water and waking her thirteen year old granddaughter, the woman went to the back window and saw a big circle on the hill. It had a tyre-like, metallic rim with an outer ring of many twinkling, silver and gold/orange, star-like lights (reminiscent of a ferris wheel). Two other similar objects were visible at the top of trees to the right, and above a banana plantation on the left. Suddenly twenty-five to thirty round, fawn to biscuit-coloured objects moved in formation and disappeared quickly. Total sighting duration: fifteen minutes.

20.01.87 EURAMO (nr.TULLY), QLD (TRACE)
QB 1987-005
A sugar cane farmer, who has experienced UFO activity on his property in the 1960s and 1970s, has discovered a further six, circular ground traces. Inspecting his property on 20th February, Mr Pennisi noticed two areas of swirled vegetation in a lagoon. The following day he again inspected the lagoon and found another three similarly affected areas. Initially the markings appeared as swirled, matted areas of green vegetation. Although overcast and wet weather conditions were prevalent, the vegetation within the markings appeared dead and dehydrated within days of the occurrence. A further, less defined marking was found in a waterway closer to the farm residence.

Russell Boundy, of UFO Research Far North Queensland, visited the site on 11th March and prepared this description of the traces:

"There were five markings discernible in the lagoon; two of the markings overlap (joined). One of the first discovered (far west) is less discernible than the others. The markings are not all clearly defined circles now, as they were when first discovered, since a new growth of swamp grass has commenced within the affected areas.The vegetation within the markings is matted together in generally a clockwise direction and, apart from the new shoots, appear dryed, dehydrated and pushed flat. The dead vegetation is floating just on and below the surface of the water. This floating mat is approximately 300mm thick. The depth of the water varies from one to one-point-two metres in the area of the markings.

Under the circles of matted vegetation the lagoon floor is clear and smooth with no vegetation growing up; in definite contrast this does NOT occur in the surrounding water plant growth. The surrounding vegetation is healthy, green and unaffected outside the markings. Within the markings some of the vegetation has blackened. This does not appear to be carbonated but rather dehydrated; other dark material is due to the effect of the dead plant stems and leaves, etc, rotting in the near stagnant water of the lagoon. The two types of vegetation in the lagoon and the affected areas are (1) a fast growing grass prominent in North Queensland wet areas and (2) a flowering, thick stemmed creeping plant also common in wetland areas."

Another similar marking is located in a waterway closer to the farm residence. It is about nine metres from a farm track which crosses the drain. This one is not as well defined as the five in the lagoon. A log of dead wood projecting out of the water within this trace has been stripped of plant growth which previously adhered to it.

(1) HOAX - extremely unlikely due to location and nature of affected area.

(2) LOCAL FAUNA - also consided extremely unlikely.

(3) PLANT DISEASE - TWO separate types of plants are affected. Mr Pennisi had not used any weedicide nearby at the time of discovery.

(4) POLLUTION - there is no pollution problem or source which would have caused these effects in the area.

(5) WIND - The prevailing winds are from the SE. A whirlwind potentially would be expected to do much more diverse damage to vegetation contained in the area of the lagoon. The other separate traces is in a waterway protected from the wind by a row of trees. A whirlwind-type phenomenon, if at all possible to swirl the plants under the water, cannot explain the dehydrated effect caused. The investigator's observations of wind damaged vegetation in North Queensland areas shows that it generally remains green and immediately attempts to regrow.

Overall, the markings are unusual. They appear to have been created by a combination of a VERY STRONG WIND FORCE effect (possible suction) and a HEATING effect.

Mr Pennisi has not seen markings like this since the incidents during the late sixties and early seventies in which visual UFO phenomena occurred in collusion with the traces found. The last incidents occurred some eleven years ago. Generally, the markings are smaller and not as "swirled" as in the earlier traces. Mr Pennisi is convinced that these recent traces are not caused naturally and that UFOs are again responsible. It is the conclusion of the investigator that although no UFO sighting appears associated with the finding of these recent circles, they must be classed as ... POSSIBLE UFO TRACE.

NOTE: A series of five photographs of the lagoon traces were taken, though the photos aren't as clear or impressive as the traces seen first-hand.

Received 22/10/2008 12:26:51 NEW

Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 30 minutes
Occupation: Retired Police Officer TAS

Observation: Was patrolling in company with another officer on the Maquarie Plains road between Gretna and Bushy Park in an easterly direction when our attention was drawn to several lights in the Eastern sky. The distance is difficult to estimate, hazarding 10km to 20km plus or minus. Initially I thought it was a transport plane as these were quite common around that time. My partner stated there was something unusual about their behaviour, hazarding a plane may have been in some difficulties. I pulled to the side of the road, doused the headlights and we alighted the vehicle. Initially I could see three lights in a triangle formation. Their colour was orange/deep yellow. After approximately two minutes these lights were joined by another three, appeared apparently from nowhere. I commented it was more than likely nothing more than a star configuration with the other lights appearing due to cloud movement. I contacted our communications section to enquire if they could do relevant checks to ascertain if their were any aircraft in the area. They advised being in contact with I believe air traffic control. I don't know if this was a local controller or mainland. They advised their was no air traffic in the area.

Description: Two of the lights then travelled vertically, then horizontally with such speed and changes of direction that it ruled out any form of conventional aircraft I knew of. The other lights then followed in a similar pattern. It was a very clear night, other stars were highly visible and there was no street or other types of lighting to obscure my view. The lights we observed were far brighter and denser in colour than surrounding stars. We continued to observe and gained the impression that some kind of a grid search was being conducted. I have observed helicopters doing this during search and rescue operations but not at these speeds or so late at night. Helicopter resources at the time were simply not adequately fitted out for such night time operations. I considered military exercises as these are known to occur over Tasmania but again, the manoeuvres ruled this out. I would describe the objects as being elliptical in shape, their size was difficult to estimate because of the distance but were around 10 times larger than the brightest stars. After around 30 minutes the objects gathered together in a box like formation then went off in separate directions at terrific acceleration, within seconds they disappeared completely.

Location: Maquarie Plains, Bushy Park approximately four kilometres west of the Lyell highway travelling easterly. - Other Witnesses: An incident report was entered into our log book detailed as "unusual sighting". No official report was ever made re the incident. My partner and I have discussed this many times over the years but owing to his present employment which is classified he does not want his name revealed.

Apparent Size Other: Between pea sized and tennis ball Actual Size: Not knowing their actual distance makes this difficult, if I hazard a guess of say 10km distant their size would be around that of a large family sedan car, at 20km I would have to double that estimate. Altitude: Around 1000m. - Object Origin: Appeared from the east and joined by others from same direction - Object Destination: North and South Moon Visible: Don't recall - Planets Visible: Yes - Weather Visibility: Clear Effects Psychological: Curious and somewhat doubtful then positive.

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1987 Feb HAIG Plains (NSW) 1218hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mrs. Debbie M
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: Several seconds
Occupation: Property Manager

Observation: I was driving from adelaide to sydney for a friends engagement. My partner was asleep in the front seat.

I had just driven through the Haig Plains (not sure of spelling) in NSW it was around midnight or so when I saw this huge white round light appear in the sky it was bigger than the moon, and whiter than any of the stars or moon in the sky. I turned a bend in the road and there it was it was descending and then hovered above my car I was trying to wake my partner up to tell him to look and it just took off directly upwards into the sky and became smaller and smaller till it disappeared. This all happened within a split of a second so fast and yet the distance it went upwards was incredible it ended up being a small dot then couldn't see it any more.

Description: No it was round I didn't see any metal or any thing just a big round light about 2 times bigger than a full moon. Location: I think the Stuart hwy just after the Haig Plains I was coming down a winding hill and there was some sort of power station near Other Witnesses: Rick but he did not see anything did not manage to wake him up in time, it happened too fast. - Apparent Size Other: twice as big as the moon. - Altitude: it is hard to tell but i think when it was just hovering there 20 story building Object Origin: I think from straight up I was travelling east - Object Destination: straight up towards the east - Moon Visible: yes I don't know where it was but I remember looking at the moon and thinking this thing was way brighter than the moon- Moon Size Comparison: about 2 times the size or bigger. - Weather Visibility: Clear - Weather Comments: it was night, sky very clear out in the middle of nowhere. Effects Physical: no just very afraid - Effects Psychological: petrified.

26.02.87 TANUNDA, SA 1140hrs (DO)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh.
First seen 75 deg N. Passed directly overhead. Eight white lights. Seen with naked eye and binoculars. Duration: 15 minutes. AURA

28.02.87 WOOPEN CREEK, QLD 0410hrs (CE1)
QB 1987-004
The single male witness had been sleeping. He awoke at 4.10am to visit the toilet, upon walking to the back window of his house he observed ten brightly lit objects in the sky outside. The objects were stationary and arranged in a U-shaped formation approximately 500 metres distant and about 25 degrees elevation in the sky to the north-west. The witness observed the objects for approximately twenty minutes, during which time the whole of the objects remained stationary although each individually moved randomly from side to side (horizontal movement). Each object appeared as a round, bright yellow light, with a separate outer ring of brighter flickering yellow lights. The witness left the window for approximately nine minutes and, upon returning found the objects no longer present.

No sound was heard by the witness, and although his two pet dogs were nearby in the house, they seemed un-disturbed during the incident.


26.03.87 POSSIBLE LOCATION SA 2021hrs (NL)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
One red long cigar shaped object seen 45 deg SW to 45 deg NE. Assessed of no military significance. Duration: 10 seconds. AURA

30th MAY; WOOPEN CREEK, QLD 2300hrs
QB 1987-008
Two police officers driving a patrol car west on Woopen Creek Road at approximately 1000hrs observed an object move across the sky, above the road ahead. Both sides of the road where the sighting occurred, are flanked by sugar cane fields, which afforded the witnesses a limited view of the object. The officers described a bright green circular light, about thirty metres altitude and about 400 metres distant. The object left no trail and travelled in a straight horizontal trajectory. Both officers first considered the object to be a flare as it appeared similar in size. A check was made at nearby farms by the officers to establish where the light had come from, without success.

As will all UFO sightings there are always curious and inexplicable features of UFO sightings that, on the surface seem credible enough at first sight. This is not to say that I disbelieve the sighting in any way, on the contrary I feel that the witnesses are level-headed individuals who have nothing to gain from distortion of the events as described to me and the other investigators present. The total distance between the two properties is about six kilometres in a near north/south direction. The object was sighted about four kilometres north of Maidenhead homestead over rather featureless hilly, lightly wooded sheep farming property lying between the Chandler property and the Maidenhead homestead property. The object was first sighted by Mrs Vivien Wallis and she phoned the neighbouring property and alerted Jenny Chandler of Benandre property. She then alerted her husband and daughter who all saw the object. Mrs Wallis viewed the object through X10 field glasses and though she was further away, would have seen more detail than the Chandlers who viewed with the naked eye. Mrs Chandler is a little short sighted and said that her report may not be as good as her daughters. This is to be taken with the weight of the rest of the report. Night sightings are always difficult and on moonless nights, it is difficult to locate the bearing over difficult terrain. Both groups of observers seem to be viewing the same object as they agreed to the location of the event in a particular valley between the properties. Using a prismatic compass, the size of the object is in agreement, from the angles subtended by the viewers. A curious feature of the sighting was the obvious mismatch in the bearings leading to an imprecision in the location of the object in an east/west direction of about two kilometres. This will be discussed later. The description of the object differed slightly between the observers. Mrs Wallis saw no real outline except a dull apricot glow, however the Chandlers saw a more definite oval shape within the glow. Mrs Wallis saw three rows of lights. The topmost set were very tiny, and were lemon yellow, and flashed erratically and rapidly 'like Christmas tree lights'. The second row below these top little lights were oval red large lights. These were characterized by being very bright and were like disco light chasers moving from left to right as she was viewing it. The third row of lights were like portholes on a ship, green coloured, smaller than the red lights but larger than the yellow lights. There were a large number of red and green lights, and fewer yellow lights arrayed about the periphery.

The description given by the Chandlers differ in the type and form of the lights. Mrs Jenny Chandler saw a slightly flattened sphere with red and green lights only, whereas Miss Kelly Chandler saw a very flattened cigar shape with all types of coloured lights, red, green, blue, and white flashing and moving in a band from left to right. It is to be remarked that the Chandlers were only two kilometres away from the 100 metre diameter object, however they viewed it with the naked eye. Mrs Vivien Wallis viewed with X10 binoculars and should have a better description of the details of the object overall. All viewers agreed that it was very dark and the exact bearing of the object would have been difficult under these conditions. There is considerable disagreement between Jenny and her daughter Kelly leading to a possible discrepancy 0.5 kilometre E/W in a distance of two kilometres (ratio .25). All viewers seem to confirm the same overall size of the object allowing for the distance. Mrs Wallis has the greatest discrepancy of around 1.5 kilometers from the mean position of the other two, however this may be a better estimate since this is over a distance of four kilometers (ratio .375). These ratios can be evaluated from the map and depends on which observer's reckoning is the more accurate. Another factor is the elapsed space of time between the observation and our recording of this information. Time blurs details once fresh in the mind.

I am convinced personally, that the two groups saw something, and that it was about 100 metres in diameter. Mr Tom Wallis was not present at his wife's sighting and Mr Chandler, though present, was not able to be present at our interviews. This was a bit of a dilemma as to the accuracy of the observations in terms of compass bearings. None of the women had used a compass before, nor an abney level for determining the elevation (about four degrees). The object was seen for about two hours. Rising slowly above the surrounding hills. No evidence of ground trace was seen, however after such a period of time between the event and our efforts to find a ground trace, it is not surprising. No noise was made by the brightly illuminated object as it rose tediously upwards into the sky. Mrs Wallis agreed that the object looked very much like the Swan Airship, however this was not in the area at the time and did not have correct lighting for such a vehicle.

I now digress into speculation to attempt some explanation for its strange behavior.

Question 1:
Why did the object ascend so slowly into the sky?

I believe that the object was attempting to avoid radar contact. Radar screens are of two kinds. The first kind is the normal radar which picks up reflections from all objects, both big and small, the interpretation is made by the observer as to what is a 'target' and what is not a target. Since the object ascended in quiet, hilly territory near the border ranges, a spot that did not move in latitude or longitude would not be noticed since spots come and go in the area. The other kind of radar would be the kind that discriminates moving objects from stationary objects. This is done by computer processing all the reflected data and comparisons are made between successive sweeps to see any differences between these pictures. To remove the presence of reflections from motor cars, the signals are processed to remove all objects whose speeds are below a critical threshold (say 120Km/hr), this leaves a relatively 'clean' radar screen showing only planes and objects having the necessary high speed to show up as moving objects. 'Knowns' such as Civil and Military aircraft respond to the beacons interrogating signal and re-transmits an identification signal which identifies the aircraft on the screen. We know that the UFO was not spinning, at least physically, on the outside. This slow moving object would not be seen on either type of radar. The isolation of the site makes it unlikely that any other property would have seen it until it was high in the sky. Another possibility is that it was performing some kind of reconnaissance. The area is not obviously distinctive, but who are we to say what is interesting or not to possible occupants of such a vehicle. another possibility is that it was damaged and was being repaired at the time.

Question 2:
Why was there so much of a discrepancy between the two groups of sightings, and even so much variation within the Chandler sightings themselves?

On a dark night it is difficult to determine exact bearings, especially since the observers in both cases, at least the ones available, are not conscious of the necessity of bearings and in the absence of any outstanding landmarks, exact location is difficult anyway. There was a great deal of discrepancy of detail between the two groups and this bodes well for the fact that there was a lack of collaboration between the families. This is a 'good' sign bearing in mind the lack of expertise among them. This is not all that good for determining real facts on the matter. A good point was the agreement as to where it was roughly as both families reckoned it to be. The Chandlers said the object was 'small' and Mrs Wallis said it was 'large'. The angle subtended at the Wallis' property (between 19.5 and 21.0N) was half that subtended at the Chandler's property (between 195 and 198S or between 187 and 189S). This suggests that the object was 2/3 the distance between the two properties. The size on that scale is consistently 100 metres. It is possible that the object moved back and forth over the valley during the course of the two hours and the discrepancy is due to the different periods when it was seen by the observers. There were overlapping times of viewing. Only Mrs Wallis watched for two hours. Another possible explanation is an optical phenomena produced by the distorting field of the UFO, leading to a refractive index variation outwards from the UFO. This would lead to a possible curving of the light path away from the UFO. If this was the case perhaps the UFO hovered above the roadway between the properties, it would be a reasonable compromise as to it's position. The different means of viewing, may have led to perceptual variation as well. We may never know.

Question 3:
The size and colourful nature of this UFO makes it very unusual in UFO lore, it looked like something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind rather than the normal UFO?

I think that there are many similiarities between this sighting and the Gill sightings in New Guinea decades before. It is a pity that more detail is not known. The hovering nature, the ambient glow around it, even the sparkling lights on the top of the UFO suggest a similiar origin. No 'aliens' were seen on the top but a suggestion that there may have been a fault in the object is made by Mrs Wallis with the suggestion that one of the red lights was not quite as bright as the others. Could they have stopped for emergency repairs in this deserted area and, hovered for a while then attempted 'communication' with another ship while repairs were being made? The little yellow rapidly but irregularly flashing lights on the top of the object could have been used to signal a mother craft in deep space using directed laser communication. Radio could be monitored by our communications, whereas laser optical communication is virtually impossible to intercept and impossible to jam. This was seen with the Gill sightings and I think we can see similiarities here too.

No ultimate conclusion can be drawn from so little information. My speculations are just that without further detail. Contact was made with the families involved and if an event of this kind occurs again, then more expedient measures will be taken. An awareness of the phenomena may make the residents more receptive to signs and attributes of UFO landings. A good PR exercise in all. Though all witnesses believed the object was cigar shaped, the report detail suggests that it could have been more easily explained by the object having an oblate spheroid shape, no end on view was seen.

I would like to thank the Wallis family for putting us up for the night.

JULY 1987 nr TULLY, QLD 0010hrs (CE1)
QA 1987-017
A car serviceman was sitting outdoors when he saw an object shaped like a Mexican sombrero turned upside down. It had cream, red and orange lights revolving around a 'cupola'. The object moved across the sky and disappeared behind the foothills of Mt Markett in the north-west. Duration: fifteen minutes.

13.07.87 PORT LINCOLN (CE1)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
Object triangular with red and green lights passed over car at low altitude. Assessed as no military significance-possibly an aircraft-not RAAF. AURA

11.08.87 nr.PETERBOROUGH, SA (CE2)
RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh citing RAAF have not heard of this report directly, record of conversation with a Broken Hill newspaper
Bus driver reported a bright green light traveled parallel to the bus. Affected bus electrics. AURA

24.08.87 MT ISA, QLD 1805hrs (DO + PHOTO)
Source: North West Star, Mt Isa 28.10.87
NA 1987-002
Witnesses were at a scenic lookout waiting to photograph the sunset when they saw an object approach from the east and travel in front of them towards the west. The object flew into the smoke plume emanating from a chimney stack, moved up in the plume, and then moved out and away again. A single photograph was taken using a Ricoh 35mm camera with 70/210mm zoom lens. The photo shows the object as a silver-foil, 'teddy-bear' shaped object. The witnesses' subjective estimate of the object's size was that of a small car. Duration was a few minutes.

NOTE: The sighting was also reported to the RAAF. A story about the sighting was published in the local newspaper but did not bring forward any further witnesses. The described appearance of the object is suggestive of a balloon. However, prior to entering the smoke plume, the object had moved in a steady, straight path apparently against the wind direction - as indicated by the behaviour of the plume in previous photographs.

06.10.87 BRISBANE (BRIGHTON), QLD 1935hrs (NL)
QA 1987-020
Fisherman observed a bright silver 'star' which was stationary for ten minutes. It then slowly moved towards the north-west, and then the north-east, in an upwards zig-zag motion. The light faded and disappeared after twenty to thirty seconds.

09.10.87 ADELAIDE (PARAFIELD), SA 2145hrs (NL)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh.
Bright soundless ball flew over. AURA

27.10.87 SYDNEY, NSW 0230hrs (NL)
Source: Associated Press 10/27 0122 BRF Australia-UFO
Orange and red lights streaked across the sky over Sydney early today, sparking a rash of reports of unidentified flying objects.

The Daily Mirror, a Sydney newspaper, said that police switchboards were jammed with calls from people claiming to have seen a UFO. But astronomers who watched the lights from the Canberra Mount Stromlo Observatory said they believed the phenomena was caused by space "junk" returning to earth.

In a statement, professors Don Mathewson and Vince Ford said that at about 2:30 a.m. they saw a streak of fire move from northwest to southeast parallel to the horizon.

"At first we thought it might have been an aircraft on fire but our best guess now is that it was a very large bit of space debris re-entering the earth's atmosphere," they said.

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