03.01.88 SOUTH COAST, NSW 1930hrs (NL)
NA 1988-001
After sunset, a group of people observed a very bright, stationary object which one witness likened to an 'aeroplane on fire'. It appeared as a very bright tail a few degrees in length and parallel to the horizon. To the naked eye, it was a yellow-orange colour similar to a sodium flare. When briefly observed through a sixty millimetre refractor telescope, it appeared as a red-orange parabola. Duration: five minutes.

06.01.88 SOUTH COAST, NSW (NL)
The same object (as in report NA 1988-001) was again observed by multiple witnesses (when it was photographed).

07.01.88 SOUTH COAST, NSW (NL)
Again, the same object was observed. It had the same brilliance but smaller tail. It remained visible for just a few minutes before it faded away quickly within a six second period.

The object's position was close to that of Comet Ichimura (discovered in Nov 87), but comet experts consulted are puzzled by the object's unusually fast fading and that no other people (including astronomical observatories) had reported seeing such a bright object.

18.01.88 nr BARNAWATHA, VIC 2035hrs (NL)
AX 1988-002
Several people observed a stationary white light four degrees above the south-east horizon. One described it as a rectangular-shaped object tilted fifty-five degrees from the horizontal. Another thought it was just a star. Duration: thirty-five minutes.

Apart from the incident involving the Knowles, a number of other sightings have been reported to have occured in or around the Nullabor Plain region. Initial media stories reported on the sighting of unusual lights by tuna boat crews in the Great Australian Bight. According to one police interview record with a tuna boat crew (the complete transcript is currently being requested by the investigators), the light that they observed was apparently not the same light or object that the Knowles saw.

20.01.88 nr CEDUNA, SA 0240hrs (UNUSUAL CONDITIONS)
Source: Advocate (Burnie TAS/25.01.88)
A man (resident of Burnie, Tasmania) and his girlfriend were travelling along the Eyre Highway between Penong and Ceduna when he heard a loud thump come from above the vehicle.

"At first I thought it was the gas bottle on top of the car, but there's no way it could come off because it's screwed down."

He then saw a series of white flashing lights coming towards the earth over a fifteen minute period. The vehicle was simultaneously buffeted by near gale-force winds that shook parts off the roof and completely bent the aerial, but caused minimal damage otherwise. The wind lasted for about an hour and they were blown all over the road.

"It frightened the living daylights out of me," he said.

He woke his girlfriend up and continued driving, stopping only to refuel.

NOTE: This sighting occurred about 380kms away and about three hours prior to the Mundrabilla incident.

20.01.88 MUNDRABILLA, WA 0500hrs (CE2)
Sources: Daily Telegraph/Sun/Daily Mirror (Sydney/21-22.01.88) Sun-Herald/Sunday Telegraph (Sydney/24.01.88)
On the 20th of January 1988, Mrs Fay Knowles and sons Sean, Patrick and Wayne were travelling in a 1984 blue Ford Telstar from Perth, WA to Melbourne, Vic. At a point some fourty kilometres west of Mundrabilla, Sean, the driver, saw what he at first took to be a truck's light approaching along the road from the east. It was 'jumping about a bit', disappeared, became visible again and continued to approach their vehicle. Sean commented that it looked like a 'spaceship'. It became bigger and brighter. They kept driving towards it. It then disappeared.

The next thing they knew it was behind them. Sean accelerated the car in an attempt to get away from it. Suddenly it was in front again. At some stage, Sean did a U-turn and travelled west for a while, then did another U-turn to resume the original east travel.It is not clear whether this was an attempt to elude or follow the light. At another time, the light was seen close to their vehicle and they swerved to miss it and nearly hit a car and caravan coming the other way.

The exact sequence of events from here is very confused, but included:
-The rear right tyre blew out whilst travelling at speed. Sean braked the car to a halt.
-Mrs Knowles placed her hand on the car's roof and felt a 'spongy substance'. She retracted it after feeling the material. Immediately the back of her hand felt warm for a few seconds, then the sensation of heat faded.

-The family wound down the windows and a 'greyish-black mist' came into the car.
-The sound of their voices changed in pitch and appeared to slow down.
-They believed the object had landed on the roof of the car, although upon questioning, they said they did not see anything front, rear or over the sides of the car.
-A humming sound was heard.
-Sean blacked out for a period.
-They all became hysterical, shouting and crying. Mrs Knowles said she believed they were going to die.

-They believed the car was lifted off the road. However, when asked if they had looked out and saw the car off the ground, they said they had not done so.
-They reported the vehicle dropped to the ground and the tyre burst.
-Their two dogs went 'crazy'.
-They reported a smell like 'dead bodies' in the air.

After a period of time, Sean stopped the car and they all got out to hide in adjacent scrub. They reported the light/object remained in the vicinity of the car and then departed. Some fifteen minutes after stopping, the family returned to the car and rapidly changed the tyre. They proceeded to the Mundrabilla Motor Hotel in WA.

Four vehicles were involved. Three travelled east towards Eucla; one travelled west towards Perth. These vehicles were spread over at least a ten to fifteen kilometre distance. Initial media reports that there was a fifth vehicle travelling west now appears spurious.

Vehicle 1 was a car and caravan which was almost collided with when Sean, driving the Knowles vehicle, swerved to avoid the object. The identity of Vehicle 1's occupant (s) has not been discovered despite an article placed in a Perth paper requesting the driver to come forward. Vehicle 2 was a truck driven by Graham Henley, fifty-seven, a transport operator of Forest Hill, VIC, some ten to fifteen kilometres ahead of the Knowles' car. He has so far not responded to requests for an interview. Vehicle 3 was the Knowles' car. Vehicle 4 was a truck owned by transport operator, 'Porky' De Jong. It was being driven by a woman friend named Anne at an unknown distance behind the Knowles' car.

A sample of the 'soot/ash' found on and in the car was collected ten hours after the event by a police forensic squad officer who was at Ceduna Police Station on another matter.

Mr 'Porky' De Jong and friend Anne were interviewed on the 19th and 23rd of February 1988. The two were travelling by truck from Perth to Adelaide at a speed of about 95-100km/h on a clear, moonless night. At a point fourty kilometres west of Mundrabilla, Anne, who was driving, saw two people waving on the right hand side of the road. 150m further on was a car also on the right hand side. It was between 1400 and 1430 local time. The truck drivers continued on. Later, a car with its lights off, overtook them at speed.

Arriving at Mundrabilla at about 0445, they noted another truck driver, Graham Henley, was present and talking to a group of people around a car. It was established that they were the Knowles family and that they had been the people at the side of the road and had driven the overtaking car. De Jong said the woman appeared hysterical and the boys disturbed, one with a white-coloured face. Mrs Knowles had a red blotch on the back of her left hand and kept repeating:

"Someone's got to do something. Someone's going to get hurt."

The Knowles told them the story of their UFO encounter. When asked about the noise they heard, the family said it was definitely different from that of a helicopter, the sound being a 'whirry' noise rather than a helicopter 'chuffy' sound. The two truck drivers volunteered to take the family back to look at the sighting location, but the family declined. Graham told Porky that he had seen an unusual lightin his rear-vision mirror.

Henley and De Jong inspected the Knowles' vehicle. They found nothing inside the burst tyre's casing, nor any sign of black ash or dust in or on the vehicle - only normal road road dust. They found four indentations at each corner of the roof. They looked the sameas a mark one would make by hitting the roof with a fist. They detected a smell like 'bakelite'.

After the Knowles resumed their trip, Henley, De Jong and Anne borrowed a ute from the roadhouse and went slowly along the road to the site of the encounter. Despite knowing the area well, they could find no sign of rubber on the bitumen (which would indicate a blowout); pieces of glass from the driver's side mirror (reportedly smashed by a collision with a kangaroo); nor a car jack and car jack handle (reportedly left at the scene). However, upon locating the spot where they had seen the car stationary on the side of the road, they found a skid mark some fifteen to twenty metres long apparently made by the rear left hand tyre when the car pulled up; four sets of footprints heading away into the bush as if running; and a car jack impression in the ground. There was no sign of the actual car jack or clothes (from the boot) reportedly left at the scene. (However, one media account suggested the car jack was picked up by police.)

De Jong and Anne subsequently talked to the Knowles again when they stopped in Wudinna. Later, De Jong appeared in a short interview on Adelaide's Channel 9.

POLICE REPORT: In his official statement, policeman SC1G Trebilcock, of Port lincoln Crime Scene Section (forensic squad), reported:

"At about 1pm (SA time) on Wednesday 20th January, 1988, I was approached at the Ceduna Police Station by two male persons (Sean KNOWLES and his brother Patrick KNOWLES). They reported to me that while driving on the Eyre Highway at a point between Madura and Mundrabilla in Western Australia at about 5.30am (WA time) this date they were confronted by an extremely white light about fifty to sixty feet in front of their vehicle. They described the light as being extremely bright, was white with a yellow core. They told of the dmage to the vehicle's roof and of being showered by a 'black ash type dust'. They displayed great anxiety and were visibly shaken by the ordeal."

SC1G Trebilcock inspected the vehicle and found 'superficial dents to the four corners of the hood although the remainder of the hood appeared undamaged, The exterior of the vehicle was covered by a fine black/grey dust similar to a road film left on a vehicle in need of washing. That same dust was obvious on the upholstery within the vehicle.' The officer also inspected the damaged tyre and spoke to an also shaken Mrs Knowles.

VEHICLE EXAMINATION: The Knowles' vehicle is a blue 1984 Ford AR Telstar GL, front drive, automatic sedan. It was inspected by Keith Basterfield and Ray Brooke on the 2nd of February 1988. THe vehicle was generally in a good condition, barring a shattered driver's mirror which apparently resulted from hitting a kangaroo during the trip. Speedometer reading indicated 102,414,2kms had been travelled to date.

All five tires were Dunlop Grand Prix steel-belted radials, type P185/75 SR 14. The damage tyre, found in the boot, had blown out along a line where a steel belt finishes and starts to go up the wall of the tyre, in a circular fashion. Its tread was good, perhaps half its original life left, but slightly worn on the outside. The entire valve, for pumping air into the tyre, was missing.

From a distance of a few metres, it was difficult to see the four reported indentations in the roof. At close range, it was possible to locate four, small in area, shallow in depth, indentations at the corners of the roof. The paint in these spots was still intact. No luggage rack was present. A check of the vehicle's electrical system - including all lights, switches, guages, battery, radio and clock - were operable, with the exception of the right, rear, red brake light. (No electrical effects were reported in the incident.)

There was generally no evidence of the reported internal and external black deposits. However, the vehicle had travelled from Mundrabilla to Adelaide, a distance of 1100kms by air, under its own power and by truck. Also, the previous day, Paul Norman of VUFORS had vacuumed the vehicle to take samples. The exception to the above was a black deposit found only on the metal trims of the two front tyres. Its distribution was consistent with coming from the fitted disc brake pads (ie. worn brake linings).


The report, dated 29th of January 1988, contained the following conclusions:

1) Three shallow dents were observed on the roof of the vehicle ... approximately fifty millimetres long and point five of a millimetre deep ... The dents were consistent with an object being pressed into the roof, rather than an attempt to lift the roof.

2) Inspection of the vehicle using a radiation meter revealed no areas showing count rates above the background levels. Areas inspected included the roof, front and back seats, and the front wheels.

3) Analysis of the dust showed a major concentration of iron oxide plus lesser concentrationsof silicon, crystalline magnetite and brass. The analyses are considered to be characteristic of dust from wearing brake pads and discs. No significant foreign compounds were present in the dust samples.

4) The investigation revealed that the damage to the tyre was consistent with running on a deflated tyre for an extended period. It is considered that this would account for the odour, smoke and vibrations sensed during the incident. John Auchettl, Keith Basterfield, Ray Brooke & Paul Norman

20-21.01.88 off BEECROFT PENNINSULA, TAS 2300-0300hrs (NL)
TA 1988-074
During the Hobart to Sydney boat race, Capt. H T Van Der Doe sailing his yacht 'Aquarella' sighted together with one of his crew, a number of sightings which lasted 4 hours, the first of which was a light which they both thought could be a plane or helicopter. The weather conditions were overcasted. Wind was at 40 knots with choppy seas (7 to 8 metres high).

03.02.88 KINGSTON, TAS 2120hrs (CE1)
TA 1988-021
Wife and husband were sitting in the lounge when the wife got up to go to the window to observe the twilight. At once she noticed a flame coloured area just above a hill to the north but possibly below the skyline some kmts beyond. The witness thought at first of a bush fire but it seemed to be contained.

She called her husband to came and have a look. Whilst he was crossing the room the cone-shaped area of orange light went out. It had been in view for some 30 seconds. Almost at once a white light was seen instead. The husband arrived in time to see this light and its 5/10 seconds flight to the east as it travelled away in level flight. The light moved off to be above the skyline and either went over the the hilltops or just went out of sight in the sky. It was too hard to tell due to its low elevation.

08.02.88 nr.PORT AUGUSTA (12.4km NNW FROM HIGHWAY 87) SA 2340hrs (NL)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
Police were responding to a civilian report of a UFO when they saw a very bright white light increasing in intensity and appearing to rise 2-3 degrees then it disappeared. AURA

14.02.88 nr.CLERMONT, QLD 2010hrs (NL)
QA 1988-001
A grazier and her son were driving home on an isolated road when they noticed a star-sized, white light which moved from south to north. The light became brighter and took up a stationary position for at least two minutes.

"Suddenly it started to come directly for us and was by this time like a large spotlight. We became very frightened and drove off quickly and then stopped about 1/2km further on. When we then looked the light had disappeared completely..."

No noise at all was heard.

20.02.88 TULLY, QLD 2015hrs (NL)
QA 1988-003
Four witnesses at a party sighted a bright light, which moved at intervals, above the mountain west of Tully. The light then vanished. Thinking it may have moved positions, the witness again relocated the light. This time in the north-west towards Feluga. Twenty-six others also saw this. Duration: 31/2 hours. Weather: clear.

17.03.88 ADELAIDE (FINDON), SA 0050hrs (NL)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
Object reporte
d near civilian aircraft. Duration: 7 minutes. AURA

.03.88 YOUNGTOWN, TAS 1915hrs (NL)
TA 1988-029
Two witnesses initially saw a bright light just above the horizon. After 5 to 10 minutes observing this, another appeared beside it. This new edition began to circle the other for about 2 to 4 minutes, at which time it moved away in a NE direction at a very quick rate disappearing below the horizon. The other light continued with its steady pace and passed the observers to their west in the direction of Westeon Junction.

.03.88 COONABARABRAN, NSW 2100hrs (CE1)
NA 1988-002
A motorist was driving home along a road that passes only a few farm properties. He had his headlights on full beam. He saw a very bright light and then made out an object shaped like a half-moon taking up most of the road in front of him. Its estimated size was bigger than a house. The motorist switched off his full beam and came up to a hill. The object was now on a farm property on the left hand side of the road. Its light turned on for two seconds of every five second period. When he reached home, the witness could now see the object on his own property. He viewed it with his twelve year old son. The light turned on and off about six more times before disappearing.

QA 1989-009
The witness actually didn't see the object, nor did his guide, when the photo was taken on top of the only hill of the area. When the witness returned to France, and the photos developed, he was surprised to see an object. He had it examined for flaws. There were none. Weather: Clear and cloudless.


.05.88 BRISBANE (WEST END), QLD 1207-1242hrs (DO)
QA 1988-005
Robert Frola, Sightings Officer, was having his lunch, when hearing an aircraft circling the area, went outside to take a look on what was going on. He quickly located the aircraft in question, immediately seeing a bright, star-like, highly reflective object above the aircraft. By the time he got his binoculars, the object had moved over the Brisbane centre.

After viewing the object for a number of minutes, he proceeded to call John Walsh, also a Sightings Officer for UFOR(QLD), to ask him if he can see the object from his place. Having successfully contacting him, Phillip relocated the object again and observed it until its disappearance.

.05.88 BRISBANE (MOOROOKA), QLD 1220-1235hrs (DO)
QA 1988-006
While entertaining a friend, John Walsh received a call from West End informing him of an aerial object over EXPO. Not visible with the naked eye, he used his binoculars and quickly located the object in question. His friend also viewed the object via the binoculars, which appeared as a white sphere, sometimes metallic in appearance. Two photographs were attempted by aiming the Practica 35mm SLR Camera in the general direction of the object. The object was lost to view after these attempts. Duration: 15 minutes.

NOTE: Object was later assessed to be about six feet long and four to five feet high. In October 1989, Phillip found another witness to this sighting. A female Security Officer at EXPO also saw an object similar to the one described above.

Source: Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004
A group of RAAF relay runners on charity run reported seeing a green light estimated to be the size of a car, and heard voices. A RAAF Commander explained: They were fooled by some children swinging a light on the end of a string. AURA

ca.20.05.88 HOLBROOK, NSW 1900hrs (CE1)
Master B., aged 10, was standing next to his father's utility, on the family farm, 14Km south-west of Holbrook, when he heard a noise "like an owl flying" coming from above him. Looking up, he saw a "shiny grey object flying at tree top height and looking like a flying steam iron." The object was about the size of an average car and was estimated to be flying at about 300km/hr. The object was also seen by Master B's brother. Both boys thought they saw a door of some sort on the side of the craft. UFORNSW

20.06.88 FRANKLIN VILLAGE, TAS 2035hrs (CE1)
TA 1988-070
The witness was returning home from work when she noticed an oval mass of white light, maybe more than half moon size to the SE, possibly a few kilometres away. There was a blue light flashing at the base and the witness had the impression that the oval was spinning.

The object was stationary but it suddenly went straight up and looks as if it disappeared into a cloud or into the distance. The mass of light was gone in a second at a very fast speed.

05.07.88 DODGES FERRY, TAS 2145hrs (CE1)
TA 1988-060
The witness was sitting watching TV when suddenly a bright green shape catches his attention (there is a large window in the dinning room in which he can see through into the back garden) as it falls across the window from the right towards bottom left. It was falling in a SE direction. The object was visible as a defined shape against the dark night sky, angling down until a shed at the end of the block obscured any further view of the object.

The object was cone-shaped and a luminous green in colour. It was not as wide as the moon (apparent) but considerably longer. Although the cone shape was bright there was no glow once it went out of sight. The witness had the impression it was over the vacent block behind the shed. Trees are visible behind the shed where the cone was last seen and the witness felt that the object had passed in front of the trees.

10.07.88 BRISBANE (EAGLE FARM), QLD 1345hrs (CE1)
QA 1988-013
While playing golf at the Royal Queensland Golf Club, four members witnessed an object about eighteen inches long which passed over their heads at about twenty feet above the ground. it was very fast and very noisy - 'like a rocket taking off'. Duration: four seconds.

13.07.88 BENDIGO, VIC 0823hrs (DD)
AX 1988-003
While cycling to school, a teenager noticed a bright metallic, disc-like object in the eastern sky for about a minute, before it disappeared from view.

Source: Diane Harrison, Australian UFO Research Network e-mail: auforn@hypermax.net.au
REPORT RECEIVED ON: 4th February 1999
DATE OF SIGHTING: 21st July 1988
LOCATION: 25nm SSW of Wycliffe Well, N.T.
TIME: 35mins past first light
DURATION: +/- 10 minutes

NOTE: All identifiable information has been deleted. The witness wants to remain anonymous.

The morning was clear with no clouds, no wind and good visibility. Returning to Alice Springs early on Sunday morning, on July 21st 1988. Flying in the aircraft reg. no:- xxx, at the required altitude of 5500ft, and have been flying for 35 minutes after day break in an S-SW direction.

After flying near Wycliffe Well (400 km north of Alice Springs and 25 nautical miles south of Wycliffe Well), I performed a regular DR (Dead Reckoning) check of my track, before the days of the G.P.S.

I looked down at the ranges, and saw a faint movement at about 450 angle from me, and sighted what appeared to be a dull silver frosty, disk/round object. I thought it may have been a balloon, as it was travelling quite slowly, and I could see an elongated shadow on the ground .. The shadow was casted a fair way, gave the impression of a balloon, because of its oblong shape.

I called up Alice Springs Flight Service.

FROM xxx # Alice Springs. This is xxx 5500ft 25 nautical miles S-SW of Wycliffe Well. Do you have any known traffic in the area?

FROM A/S # xxx Wait out!

FROM xxx # Acknowledge!

FROM A/S # xxx This is Alice Springs!

FROM xxx # Copy!

FROM A/S # xxx re your last known traffic, confirm sighting and position of other aircraft!
Note: This I thought was a strange way of putting it. Normally the Flight Service would say…. Confirm position and apparent altitude of other aircraft.

At that particular moment, as I was flying over the top of it, the object of which I’ve been watching suddenly accelerated. It was heading towards some ranges 10 lm away as I was watching…. It accelerated rapidly towards the ranges, then curved to the right, as if to go parallel with the ranges. It turned on its side and it just vanished on the spot, in thin air!

FROM A/S # xxx Acknowledge
Waiting for my response

I was completely dumbfounded. I then realized I was in a very invidious position. I came back.

FROM xxx # Disregard. Appears it may have been an optical illusion.

FROM A/S # xxx Acknowledge: -

I continued on. I put my flight in the logbook.

It took me weeks of agonizing about whether to write something or not. I did write it in a notebook, of which I still have. The object gave me the impression it was hearing the transmission, because as soon as we became a two party affair (A/S & xxx) <pause> When I was talking to someone, this thing suddenly went away in seconds.

When Alice Springs Flight Service said xxx, it was difficult to read (hear) the transmission. I also recall my N.D.B. Arrow (Non Directional Beacon) moved too the direction of the object on the right, and shortly after the object vanished, possibly after observing it for 5 minutes. Then the N.D.B. needle came back on track. The N.D.B only misbehaves in tropical storms, as the needle would point at the storm.

NOTE: Non Directional Beacon arrow points to where you are going.

The morning was clear, and I have flown over this area before with no trouble. The object had no visible markings, just a large, dull, silver frosty disc. flying below the ranges and casting a large shadow beneath it. (Meaning it was close to the ground and was at least three times as large as a house.

Keith Douglass reports that even 11 years later, the witness still seemed quite stunned by his sighting. He was skeptical up to this point. One curious point Keith makes out. Why didn't the object skip over the mountain ranges? Keith Douglass

24.07.88 CLARENDON, TAS 0510hrs (CE1)
TA 1988-064
Witnesses live at Clarendon about 30+ kilometres SSE of Launceston. They work at Launceston Casino and are familiar with travel home at night time.

It was a fine starlit and frosty night when they took their usual route via Western Junction, Evandale, and Nile Rd to Clarendon. They were nearly to Evandale some 10k from home when a bright light was noticed in the eastern sky. Not much notice was taken until after they had passed through Evanadale when the light seemed lower and closer.

It had now taken on the appearance of a 1/2 moon-sized round shape. Below was a dimmer line of lights whilst an yellow glow surrounded it. The glow was visible to the driver in the car's sunroof.

The object was on the passenger's side and looked to be keeping pace with them as they travelled along the Nile Rd heading SE. The driver decided to stop a couple of kmts from home for a better view. He got out and observed a bright large star with the object lower and further to the south. It had stopped and there was no noise. The passenger got a bit uneasy.

However, the car was hard to start but the driver says this may have been a coincidence. They now swung SW on Clarendon Rd. The object now at its closest was still on the passenger's side so it must have turned with them. They thought it was a couple of kilometres away. Once again they stopped to open the gate to their property. At this stage the round shape became dimmer and just faded out, despite the fact that the sky was clear with stars all around.

Source: Tom Coote interview Feb 1991. Lloyd also appeared on the Couchman show Sep 1991.
Bronte Lloyd, a farmer, and his son in law sighted a red light. Later that same evening, Bronte, now alone, saw an object sitting near the ground and he approached it to within six metres. It was metallic, three point six metres wide, and two point one metres high, with a circular upper body tapering to a square base. It rested on a couple of support legs. Two prominent ribs ran around the outside of it. There appeared to be portholes at regular intervals and three "headlights."

Lloyd retreated inside, and a possible CE3 event followed. The police were called to investigate. A square shaped depression, apparently formed through weight, was found. There were also "footprints" found in wet grass. Biochemist Tom Coote took some "blind" samples from Lloyd, and some electrolyte level (salt levels) anomalies were found.

28.07.88 GLENORCHY, TAS 0300hrs (LIGHT + NOISE)
TA 1988-066
The witness has awoken in the early hours to go to the toilet. She did not turn on any lights. After reaching the toilet she became aware of the birds twittering as if it was dawn. The dogs in the area also started 'crying' as a yellow light lit up the toilet from outside. This was accompanied by a humming top like noise.

The witness was too frightened to look out and see what was going on. She stayed in the toilet for several minutes then decided to go and have a look out the back window of the unit.

On looking out she could see an area of the backyard and an adjoining block (vacant) was lit up by a light with the sound seeming to come from somewhere above. She could not ascertain the source of the light or noise. She went off to wake her husband up but by the time they came back there was no noise or light. She was not aware of when the noise stopped.

TA 1988-078
Witnesses to the sighting were working at the new King River Power Station site, one witness driving a truck, another being the Supervisor at the works. The truck driver was driving up to the Quarry Dump when he saw an oval/round object in the eastern sky...the object was pale green with a stronger beam of light below (it did not reach the ground), it may have had a smaller light either side. The driver estimated it was 1/4 moon size. It moved south then stopped. It seemed to be shaking. Next it disappeared behind Mt Jukes.

When the driver left the object had risen slowly from behind Mt Jukes again, but this was the last he saw of the object as he continued on work.

Meanwhile the Supervisor who was also at the dump site had seen a beam of light before an object rose from behind Mt Jukes, to him it looked disc-shaped with a beam of light below. It rose vertically...then swooped down behind Mt Jukes. This was the part of the sighting seen by the truck driver. The Supervisor then picked up another vehicle and drove up the Mt Jukes Road when he saw the object reappear then go back behind Mt Jukes for a second time.

Returning to the worksite he saw the object appear again in the sky. It suddenly sent off 3 traces of red light travelling fast through the sky to the west. They just disappeared into the distance in a few seconds. The object then went again behind Mt Jukes and was not seen again. Duration: 45 minutes.

17.08.88 BARMERA, SA 2330hrs (NL)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
Big bright blue/silver and gold light over Lake Bonney. AURA

25.08.88 CASINO, NSW 1840hrs (NL)
NA 1988-001
Two men travelling by car were about five kilometres from Casino when they noticed a bright, steady, yellow-white light 'quite stationary' above the township. The night was clear and calm and there was a full moon (which was about twenty-five degrees above the horizon in the east-northeast sky). The light was about half the diameter of the full moon, and at about 300 metres altitude. They stopped the car for a better look. The light turned into an aqua-green coloured ball and moved vertically at great speed to a height of about 2000-3000 metres. It then changed direction to the west-southwest, and sped away across Tenterfield. The incident was reported to the Casino Police.

NOTE: A resident in Drake reported a similar unusual light in the direction of Casino, at the same time.

07.09.88 BRISBANE (CBD), QLD 1450hrs (DO)
QA 1988-031
Whilst standing atop of the Civil Engineering Building at QIT watching a couple of helicopters, the witness sighted an object coming in from the north-west (just west of Mt Cootha). The object then changed directions, heading due east right across the city. Its movement was like that of an inbound aircraft. The object was totally black and was surrounded by a violet haze. There was no apparent windows or other protrudences. The witness estimated the object to have a diameter of approximately thirty to forty feet. The object passed over Brisbane Airport and out over Moreton Bay. Duration: three minutes. Weather: Clear with very high cloud cover.

In the early hours of the morning Des's wife woke up to find her husband in a frenzy resembling a heart attack. He was gasping for breath, his temperature was high and he was shaking. He kept saying that 'they' wanted him to go with 'them'. It was still dark. She managed to get him calmed down and then they talked about his 'dream'. Des said that it was no dream; there was someone out there and they wanted him to go with them but he wouldn't. He said he felt uneasy at first and then he saw the faces at the window and thinks there were three or four faces but one in particular that he saw clearly. He said he would never forget that face. The faces where human in form but only the one made an impression on him. Once he told them he wouldn't go with them he started to feel stifled and they seemed to pull at his emotions. Next thing he knew his wife was trying to calm him down. This event happened approximately two years ago and sometime after, Des cannot recall how long exactly but it was within twelve months, he became very ill, so ill the doctors thought he was going to die. They did not know what caused his illness and yet many tests were performed. He finally won his battle with the mysterious illness and after many months recuperating he is completely over the ordeal. The footnote to this experience:- This man was a disbeliever of any type of surrealistic phenomena. This experience has had quite an extraordinary affect on him. Also, their bedroom is on the second floor of their home with no balcony or platform for anyone to stand on to look through the window.

08.09.88 STRATHALBYN, SA 1850hrs (NL)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
45 deg NE. Very fast light in sky.

.09.88 BALLARAT, VIC 2005hrs (NL)
AX 1988-001
Looking south-westwards towards a distant storm, two men noticed a white, spherical light pulsating on and off, and moving erratically in step-like motions. The noiseless object quickly moved in a north-easterly direction until it was lost from sight, after about five minutes.

.09.88 MOREE, NSW 2005hrs (NL)
AX 1988-004
Two people were walking down a street in Moree when they noticed a white point source travelling over the south-west horizon. It moved erratically, at a speed greater than your normal satellite. It was noiseless and blinked erratically (in duration and light intensity).

The observer reports that this object may have been a weather balloon released by the Moree Meteorological Office at 2000hrs.

TA 1988-085
Witnesses were asleep in the front room at Battery Point, an inner city suburb of Hobart when they were awoken by a noise, seeing an area lit up outside their residence.

A whirring whooshing/whirring sound is heard accompanied by a tinsel/wind chime type sound. It seemed to be from ouside in the street, in fact both witnesses saw that the sky was lit up like daytime by a bright gold or pink light. The sound was perceived as moving from E to W or roughly along the street in the wrong direction for traffic as it is a one way street.

Although it was bright outside no light reflected into the room although the event was of only seconds duration. The noise stopped and it went all dark again. One witness thought he could smell a bakery type smell. The light gave the impression it was from above and the sound seemed to move fast.

28.09.88 ADELAIDE, SA 2100hrs (NL)
Source: Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004 citing TV news update either 7,9,or 10 between programes at 2130hrs
An oval, green and yellow coloured ufo came from over the sea, crossing Henley beach, hovered briefly over North Adelaide then sped off at high velocity towards the hills, shortly after 9pm. AURA

10 or 17.10.88 CEDUNA, SA (NL)
Source: Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004
A coach driver and some of the passengers saw a bright white light in the sky follow them fro 10kms out of Ceduna towards Mundrabilla WA. An Adelaide University astronomer explained it as bright planets and noctilucent clouds. AURA

TA 1988-101
Late that evening, something woke the witness up. The dog gave just one bark. This is most unusual as the dog will bark at strangers etc. The sound that subsequently was heard for about 5 hours was then noticed. It never varied. 4 perp noises, followed by a break then on it would go again. The dog kept close to the witness almost pushing against her. When the dog followed her out into the garden, its hair bristled up. The sound eminated from an area of garden about 30 to 40 metres east of the house, but there was nothing there to hide any animal etc. When the witness returned back into the house, she heard a rustling sound that came from the eastern side of the house. It sounded similar to rustling paper.

Later, while looking out of her veranda window from a darkened room, a yellowish light appeared from nowhere which lasted for a second and came from within the room, between her and the window. A strong ammonia smell was noticable immediately after the beam of light. Later she had trouble settling the dog. Clockes were also affected.

09.11.88 NUNAMARA, TAS 0920hrs (NL)
TA 1988-102
Mrs Cox and her daughter live at Patersonia NE of Launceston and on the evening concerned were returning home along the Tasman Hwy. The turn off for home was some 20k from Launceston at Nunamara. The incident commenced when they were well over half way to Nunamara. The daughter was looking up in the night sky at the brightest star (Jupiter to the NE) when almost at once she noticed a star like light to the SE. It was moving across their view to the NW. She pointed it out to her mother.

Almost at once the light seemed to fall down like a shooting star with a bit of a tail. It came towards the car but stopped at a position 45o to the left. The object was smaller than moon-sized, round with a brilliant white with a greenish tinge inside light. It displayed an orange glow around the light. As they travelled on, the light continued to pace the vehicle. It remained at tree top height and in constant view to the witnesses. This continued for another 3/4k (three minutes or so) when it suddenly shot ahead and took up a position over the road, approximately 200m away and some 10m off the ground.

At this stage, the witnesses were quite frightened and Mrs Cox pulled up, turned their 1981 Diesel Suzuki Ute around, and headed back towards Launceston, some 90 to 100k away. The daughter now kept watch out of the back of the Ute as the object started to follow them. During the trip back, the object's position varied. At one stage it was to the SE, then on the northern side but always following along behind them. It was finally lost to view behind some trees on the outer suburbs of Launceston.

11.11.88 WEST HINDMARSH, SA 2248hrs (CE1)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 Unusual Aerial Sightings 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
Long ov
al shape reported. AURA

.11.88 LITTLE TAYLOR BAY, TAS 2130hrs (NL)
TA 1988-104
The television had been playing up that evening and the witness, Mr K, decided to take his dog out for a walk. As he got to the back door, the dog stopped, refusing to go outside. It was looking up at something outside. Above some young gum trees, fifty metres from the house, he saw two dull orange round lights, sitting side by side.

Suddenly, a brilliant white light appeared. He called his wife to come out and see this. Mr K then moved and stood next to the clothes line, some ten metres from the house, as his wife appeared at the back door. Both watched as another white light appeared from the orange lights. It travelled towards Mr K, passing through the gum trees and hitting the ground. It was 'like a kids rocket' with a tail like a shooting star.

He returned to the house, turned off all the lights, and continued to watch the object in complete darkness from the back door. After five minutes a car's headlights arched across his backyard. As this happened, the orange lights turned off. As soon as the car went away, the lights came back on. The objects, now two orange and one white, appeared to be in front of a hill to the SE of the property. No noise was heard. No movement was detected. He watched them for another fifteen minutes, before returning inside. He didn't witnessed their disappearance. Duration: Twenty minutes. Weather: drizzle and cloudy.

26 OR 27.12.88 nr.KEMPSEY, NSW ca.0130hrs (CE1)
On 26 or 27 December 1988, Rob and a friend were driving north on the Pacific Highway to Byron Bay. They were young and looking forward to the surf in Byron so they left that evening hoping to get a reasonable way up north. Rob reports: I can't exactly remember the time however it was very early in the morning. I will admit my mate and I were tired however I was at the wheel and we decided we would grab a rest site near Kempsey to stay the night. It was probably 1.30 am and about 50 km south of Kempsey. We were driving in a line of traffic. Obviously we were in the height of the Christmas rush north.

At this point a streak of light came across the sky. It was incredible and it was fast. Immediately (in front of us) it stopped and what definitely was a ship began to descend into the forest ahead. It was triangular in shape, bright and was definitely in a landing-type mode. My mate and I were absolutely shocked. There were many cars in front of us that saw this incident. I said we should pull up and discuss this with witnesses as you could see the brake lights on the cars in front as it was obvious there were many witnesses to what we had seen. Although it looked like many contemplated pulling over, it was the fact it was dark and the eeriness of the situation that deterred this.

We moved on and parked about ten kilometres south of Kempsey to rest. I had a wagon and we were sleeping in the back. The luggage in the rear was spread across the back, the seat was down and I could not recline to sleep. I decided to sleep outside on the ground but my mate would have no part of this as he wondered what could be out there. I slept that night without incident, however it was one hell of a sighting and many witnessed it. Bill Chalker

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