Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5984.

Reported 18.02.07
Late on 18 February 2007

Report: Julie reported seeing a large dark shape that she thought was very strange. It was the Holden Airship (blimp) that was brought over to Adelaide for the Clipsal 500 Touring Car Race.

Julie did want to tell the story of a strange encounter she had with her husband in the early 1990s. They were travelling on Main North Road at about 10.00 pm on a clear night when their vehicle became enveloped in a thick white cotton-like cloud. Julie noticed on the passenger side of the car, where she was sitting, a row of red lights that appeared to be flashing quite brightly and moving along with the vehicle. She described the thick cotton-like mist as being so thick that it was as if a white pillow was put on front windscreen of the vehicle. As they drove through the thick cloud, Julie stated that she suddenly got a very a painful headache and got a sensation of being suffocated. She started to get very scared, as she did not know what was going on or what was going to happen. She also had a very strange sensation of reality and time not feeling right. Julie thinks they were enveloped in the mysterious cloud for about five minutes. Julie said even her husband was very concerned about what they had experienced but had no explanation for this very strange experience. Julie believes they could have encountered a UFO of some kind and feels that the encounter affected her health for a number of years after the encounter.

Julie stated that the strange feelings in her head that she encountered on that night lasted about two years and the painful headaches only started going away about two years ago. Jeff Fausch AUFORN SA

01.01.90 nr MALANDA, QLD 2050hrs (NL)
QB 1990-002
At approximately 8.50pm Mrs D entered the main bedroom at the back of the house where Mr D was sleeping on the bed. She woke Mr D and pointed out that light which was entering through the window. This light was white then went a brilliant reddish. Looking out of the window Mr D saw that the source of the light was coming through the trees from the north-west. Mrs D and he went back through the house and told their grandsons to come outside.

NOTE: The grandsons aged 15, 20 and 23 were watching the television at the time but did not notice any interference with the set.

The five witnesses then walked up a slope at the rear of the house and saw the light source approaching from behind trees until it was at an approximate sixty degrees elevation, where it stopped. Mr D estimated at this point that the height of the UO was approximately 1500ft altitude and about 200 yards distant. It was approximately 200 to 250mm at arms length in size. The object glowed and was extremely bright, although the witnesses say that they could look at it without any disconfort. Mr D stated that it was like looking right into it. Above this object about 150 feet was a smaller white, clear light, similar to a spotlight, approximately the size of a car. This light seemed dimmed down by the intense red surrounding the main object. Both moved as one unit.


After approximately thirty seconds the UO moved away from the witnesses at an approximately fourty-four degree angle to its initial approach trajectory. (ie north-north-west). The object moved fast and went beyond the visible horizon (approximately three kilometres) in five to seven seconds, where it went downward and a red glow eminated which then illuminated the cloud base a distance back towards the witnesses for fifteen seconds. A white glow was also seen to the left of this at first.

Approximately thirty seconds after the UO departure Mr D observed the lights of a light aircraft in the same general direction though more distant, perhaps heading towards Atherton. Duration: approximately two minutes.

NOTE: Two other independant witnesses also saw this object from locations nearby.

Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 “Unusual Aerial Sightings” 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
bject seen at 45 deg NNE. Duration: 25 minutes. AURA

14.02.90 MAGRA, TAS 0945hrs (DO)
TA 1990-007
Witness was outside in the backgarden of her Magra house hosing down the walls. Her 3 year old son was playing on the lawn behind her.

Her son called out to her a couple of times saying "Whats that in the sky Mummy?" Finally she went up and had a look. At once she noticed something white against the clear blue sky. She thought it was a balloon. It was stationary and presented a round appearance. It was in the NW at some 25 to 30o elevation.

Within seconds it moved across the northern sky at a gradual climb. It just seemed to move instantly, but as it went it seemed to zig-zag or wobble as it now looked to be disc-shaped with the aspect changing as it travelled at a fast pace across the sky. It stopped again for a number of seconds. Once more looking round as if edge on. Then it was off again travelling away into the north to NNE sky, fading into the distance at about a 30 to 35o elevation. There was no sound.

Her son said before she looked the object had been moving across the sky from further to the left (west). She thinks he viewed it maybe 30 seconds to a minute before she went to have a look.

17.02.90 BRISBANE (SHERWOOD PARK), QLD 0630hrs (NL)
QA 1990-012
An elderly lady, while out walking in Sherwood Park, saw an orange-red object moving slowly north. Several others also witnessed the event. All agreed as to its appearance. It first appeared at an elevation of 30o to the east and disappeared behind trees at about 10o after about five to six minutes.

The object was spherical with a cylindrical column below. The column was about half the diameter of the upper part. It appeared to be larger than the rising sun.

20.03.90 BRISBANE (COOPAROO), QLD 0245hrs (NOISE)
QA 1990-025
Vince heard a noise of about two seconds duration like the sound of an F-111 booster, immediately followed by a bright flash of light which lit up the sky. Thirty seconds later, Vince heard a police patrol siren and sounds of a car chase.

While replaying a video tape of a laser display a man noted an unusual bright light on the film, which he had not noticed when filming. Investigation by Ray Brooke determined that the most probable cause was that he had filmed a street light. Ray Brooke UFORSA

April 1990, CAROLINE SPRINGS (VIC) 0200hrs (NL) New
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Ms. M Bxxxxx
Number of witnesses present: 4
Sighting Duration: minutes?
Occupation: Self Employed.

Observation: Myself and two friends had gone out for a drive(it was around March/April 1990)we ended up in the back streets of Deer Park in a brand new estate with only a few new homes in this particular area, along a railway line.(Which is now I believe The Caroline Springs area). We drove into a little court where we parked the car smoked cigarettes and simply sat talking about our upcoming overseas journey we were about to embark on. As it started to get late we decided we should be heading home, so my friend started the car and began to drive out of the court, when out of nowhere right infront of us hovering directly above/infront of the car, appeared what we still describe as an unbelievable sight. A Huge Huge UFO, it was big, it was shaped almost like a Volkswagon Shape, with the most amazing bright lights almost neon colored, flashing on and off, illuminating the outline and the shape of this incredible object/ufo. It stopped us(the car) in our tracks, and our jaws fell wide open, we didn't move, we couldn't move, we were completely awe struck and couldn't take our eyes off it - we couldn't believe what we were seeing and as we watched this incredible object hovering infront and above us, it felt as though time had stopped and everything was silent, it could have been moments or minutes, but it felt more like long minutes, and than as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone in a flash, disappeared.

We couldn't move and our mouths were still wide open. We sat there for some time trying to absorb what we had just seen what we had just witnessed.

I remember finally being able to speak and all I could muster saying was "Did you see that?" and both of my friends replied with a stunned "Yes".

Description: No sounds at all, the lights of this craft would flash on then flash off, when they flashed on they would light up the aircraft especially the outline of it, displaying just how enormous it was and when they flashed off you couldn't see the craft. It hovered without a sound and when it was done, it simply vanished in a flash. The colors from memory were BLUE RED GREEN PINK - Neon colors bright.

Location: The back of Deer Park Melbourne Victoria, before it was really developed. The nearest main rd was Ballarat Rd Western Highway. The area now is The Caroline Springs area, however back in 1990 it was alot of paddocks. Other Witnesses: Jacqui Jenkins and Tony xxxx Apparent Size Other: Incredibly big. Actual Size: Big, bigger than our car. A giant volkswagon. Altitude: Tree top height. Object Origin: The West. Object Destination: The West to South West.

Moon Size Comparison: This UFO was Huge it wasn't something small, when it appeared in it's entirity when the lights would flash on, it was huge. Planets Visible: Have no idea, I just remember it being very dark, around the back paddocks of Deer Park not alot of street lights around, however there was a street light in the court. But clear visibility that night. Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Calm

Effects Physical: I don't recall any unusual physical effects apart from being shocked and priveleged at the same time - and the feeling that we shouldn't really talk about this too much.

Effects Psychological: I know I was unable to speak about it to anyone for a very long time, aside from my two friends who had also witnessed this incredible. It was almost like it was sacred that we shouldn't speak about what we had just seen. My friends also felt this. We spoke about it amongst ourselves, but even then it was spoken about very rarely- even today it's the same. And a strange belief that it was better not to speak too often about this event. Effects Other Witnesses: Yes all of the above.

08.04.90 MIDWAY POINT, TAS 0400hrs (NL)
TA 1990-016
Mrs Cullen had been to see her sister who had a new child in the family. They had talked from about midnight to after 3.30am. Soon after she set off home in her 1978 Toyota, a drive of some fifteen minutes to her home at Midway Point. The night was calm, fine with some clouds.

Just after Cambridge, the highway heads about NE as it approaches the intersection with Acton Road. The witness noticed to her right front a very bright green light. This light moved across her sky to the left (north) seeming to move over the Cambridge Airport area to her left (north) of the Tasman Hwy.

Then as the witness approached it returned or bobbed back to the right front again. The road at this point runs just south of east. She noticed a car in the far distance and sped up to 100kph as she felt a bit disturbed by the light's presence and did not want to be alone.

She says at times she just didn't look at the light because she did not want to see it. She recalls the flashing light and lights at Hobart Airport, then the green light through the trees as she passed the Tasmanian Golf Club. The other car was still well ahead but she was catching it up as they both crossed the Causeway to Midway Point.

The light was now out over Pittwater reflecting onto the water itself. It was still a bright green. The road is now heading well to the NE, then swings more just north of east on the rise into Midway Point. The road the witness was turning off up in Midway Point heads west of north.

She recalls the light as being out over the water as she drove up to the intersection ahead. She finally caught up to the car up front, an old style utility with a white canopy. To the right of the intersection is a service station with a large driveway cover. This bright mass of green light suddenly seemed to come up over the service station. It looked much bigger. The green light seemed to have a shape in the middle of which she could only see the left hand end, a level top with a sloping left edge.

The object seemingly came over the road and above her car on the right side. The ute was at this stage turning off to the right up a side street. The object also looked to veer away to the right and was out of her sight towards the NE. She quickly drove home.

15.04.90 TOWNSVILLE, QLD 0405 & 0410hrs (CE1)
QA 1990-029
Peter Pasini, UFOR(QLD) Sightings Officer, while watching Venus rise from the east, saw a cigar-shaped object with white and red pulsating lights to the south. It hovered and then disappeared into the night sky. Five minutes later a dark cloud was observed in the direction where the object had hovered.

25.04.90 COONDOO, QLD 0200 & 0300hrs (NL)
QA 1990-034
A woman was awoken at 2am in the morning by dogs and cattle exhibiting agitation. An hour later she was awoken again and saw a very bright light moving through trees. The bright light dimmed and lines of yellow light were seen blinking. Although it was a cold night a hot breeze coincided with the dimming of the top white light. There was a swishing sound and shafts of blue light were observed. A loss of time may have occurred.


Investigations were conducted on the 17th May 1990 and the property was searched for physical evidence but nothing unusual was detected.

02.05.90 TOWNSVILLE, QLD 0208hrs (NL)
QA 1990-044
Mr Gary Pasini and his wife Ellen witnessed a bright green light while getting out of a taxi at work in the early hours of the morning at Wonderland. This object hovered for about four seconds before taking off at great speed.

02.05.90 bet YELARBON & BRISBANE, QLD 0230-0645hrs (NL)
QA 1990-031
Mr Stanford, a truck driver for twenty years, was followed by a bright star-like object for over four hours between the towns of Yelarbon (west of Warwick) and the Logan Motorway in Brisbane. The bright star-like object appeared to have the circumference of a pencil held at arm's length. On three occasions, Mr Stanford stopped his vehicle to observed the object.

This object remained at a constant 45O elevation in front of the vehicle as well as above. During the sighting the object changed sides several times. Mr Stanford lost sight of the object near Cunningham's Gap due to fog, but gain sight of it again on the downward leg. This time the object was much higher up. This object was observed until sunrise in Brisbane.

This sighting occurred near large bodies of water, namely the Coolmunda Dam, Leslie Dam and Lake Moogera. It is the opinion of the investigator that the second part of the sighting was due to a bright star, namely the .......

07.05.90 TOWNSVILLE, QLD 1140hrs (DO)
QA 1990-045
Peter Pasini witnessed a ball-like object, greyish in colour and bright as the sun, behind and slightly higher than an inbound Australian Airline jet. This object left no smoke or vapour trail nor was there any sound eminating from it. He glanced at his watch, and upon resuming his observation, the object had disappeared.

28.05.90 KIRWAN, QLD 0230hrs (NL)
QB 1990-011
John Bentley was standing outside facing east, waiting to observe the Comet Austin when he saw an object travelling at 'sonic speed', travelling from a northerly to southerly direction. It was lost to view ten seconds after first seeing the object. No noise was heard.


Received 24/08/2008 19:55:00 - New

JUNE 1990 ADELAIDE (SA) 2300hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Mat x
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes
Occupation: Senior Consultant [Construction Industry]
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree

Observation: Myself and two close friends I'd known for over 10 years we parked on about the 8th-10th floor in a multistorey carpark in Adelaide city centre with a view to the west. Whilst we were deep in conversation about the universe a small yellowy-white light appeared from behind a building in the western sky. The object moved in very odd directions, almost buzzing around like an insect, up-down and sideways. The object would come into sight, then dart back behind the building, then creep out again fly around and shoot back behind the building. This continued on and off for about 5 minutes. It was almost like it was playing a game with us? It looked as though the object was quite far away, hovering just up above the horizon out over the ocean. The object was much larger than a star or planet appears in the sky. It was truly awesome.

Apparent Size: Pea-Sized - Altitude: 1000m? very hard to tell, as it was very far away and more than likely over the ocean. - Object Origin: western sky, from behind a building. - Object Destination: from where it came Weather Temp: Cold. - Effects Physical: heightened awareness

Other Experiences: This was the first, although I have experienced a handful since. One in Aldinga, SA, another at Carrickalinga. Then two in Dubai. I have photos of both in Dubai if you are interested?

04.06.90 SUNSHINE COAST (BUDERIM), QLD 1920hrs (CE1)
Source: UFO Research Queensland (Sunshine Coast Branch)
QA 1990-040
While waiting for a lift to the local hall, a green spherical object, approximately the size of a soccer ball, came into view of the witness. Passing over the roof of her home, it flew parallel to the roadway and the power lines. Its estimated height was thirty feet and travelled at a steady speed and was lost to view behind trees.

26.06.90 GYMPIE, QLD 2243hrs (NL)
Source: UFO Research Queensland (Gympie Branch)
QA 1990-069
Three people saw an orange-red light low in the eastern sky at tree top level. It moved across the sky at tremendous speed to the north-west. When it reached the northern horizon, it suddenly performed an upward movement, then down again. It seemed to stop, then travelled on and out of sight.

03.07.90 SUNSHINE COAST (BOKARINA), QLD 1810hrs (NL)
Source: UFO Research Queensland (Sunshine Coast Branch)
QA 1990-041
On a still, warm night three people were surf fishing when they noticed a large, bright moon sized light. The object remianed stationary for several minutes, then started moving towards the sea. All the witnesses felt physically affected, some nauseous.

06.07.90 SUNSHINE COAST (WURTULLA), QLD 1930hrs (NL)
Source: UFO Research Queensland (Sunshine Coast Branch)
QA 1990-042
Whilst driving, a man noted a bright, low, hovering, object which looked like a street lamp some 300m away and 150m up. As he manoeuvred his car for a better look, the object disappeared/switched off. Duration: fifteen seconds.

ca.12.07.90 nr.HARVEY CREEK, QLD bet 0330 & 0345hrs (CE2)
QB 1990-012
Fireman Fred Torre and Engine Driver Leo Sorbello were in the cabin of a Babinda Sugar Mill Locomotive travelling south along the loco line (unemcombered by cane bins) between Strouds Nursery, Deeral and Harvey Creek. The engine driver had a fleeting glimpse of an illuminated object move at high speed from the government railway line to the right of the loco straight into the engine area of the loco. This happened in one or two seconds.

The fireman, Mr Torre, was looking out of the left front window of the loco with his chin resting on the windowsill. The loco window is shaped thus and Mr Torre had the glass slid back (the window was open). The time was between 3.30am and 3,45am and the sky was overcast with a light drizzle. The men had just completed a work shift and were returning the loco to the mill.

The loco had its headlights on but as these are focussed about ten feet in front of the loco the area in front of the cabin is in darkness. The whole front of the engine of the loco lit up (a reddish colour) and Mr Torre called to the loco driver (Mr Sorbello) "Leo we're on fire!". Mr Sorbello immediately applied the brakes. As the loco was travelling at top speed (about 15mph) it took about twenty seconds and travelled about 20 feet before it stopped.

During this time, Mr Torre saw a glowing round object move from in front of the battery box and torque converter inside the engine of the loco back into the area between the battery box and torque converter, a gap of a little over 3 inches. The object elongated itself, "stretched out like chewing gum but didn't separate in two", to get into this space. Mr Torre said he does not know why but he got the impression that it was losing energy while it was trapped in this area. It didn't seem to have the strength to lift itself over the battery box and away from the locomotive.

The object then moved through one of the gaps in the chassis (engine floor) and hit one of the wheels. It turned red, "glowed like a coal", and went a full circuit of the wheel before disappearing under the loco. By this time the loco had come to a stop and Mr Torre grabbed his torch and billy can and lept out of the loco cab to try to capture whatever this thing was. He said that if he caught it he could at least fit a bit of it in his billy can. He searched under the loco, the tracks around the loco and the surrounding area for about 10 minutes without success. He could have stayed longer but the loco driver was becoming extremely agitated and so they went back to the mill.

The shape of the object was round with a definate edge. The shape changed when it squeezed through a gap of about 3 inches. It was app. 11/2 to 2ft in diameter and its colour was a pale, flurosecent, moonlight like colour - whitish yellow which changed to a reddish glow when it hit the wheels.


17.07.90 INNISFAIL, QLD 1710hrs (NL)
QB 1990-013/014
Two policemen witnessed an object, like the flame from a bunsen burner turned on its side and approximately the same as the diameter of a full moon, move slowly across the sky. Duration: 3 minutes.

17.07.90 ALICE CREEK, QLD 1730hrs (NL)
QB 1990-020
A witness observed a yellowish shiny object move across the sky in a WNW direction. Duratioon: 2 to 3 minutes.

17.07.90 CAIRNS, QLD 1815hrs (NL)
QB 1990-016
A male witness, while sitting at the Pier Shopping Complex looking NW, saw a bright orange object generating a trail move across the sky from SW towards the NW. Duration: 1 minute.

17.07.90 CAIRNS, QLD 1950hrs (NL)
QB 1990-015
Two painters, while packing up their gear, saw an enormous orange flame like object heading towards the Mareeba area to the NW. It left a long trail in the sky and even though they were looking towards the setting sun, the head of the object appeared to be silver in colour and was very brightly illuminated. Witnesses took photos of the object. Duration: 5 minutes.

ca.21.07.90 BRISBANE (BROWNS PLAIN), QLD 1925hrs (CE1)
QA 1990-058
A young couple had just arrived home. While Michelle was parking the car in the garage, Wayne witnessed a 'light' which descended in two to three seconds. The 'light' stopped and started five times during its descent. A few seconds later, the 'light' reappeared. By this time, Michelle had parked the car in the garage and had come outside. It blinked red, blue and white, before moving once again. The 'light' then vanished to a small point of light.

Three to four seconds later, it reappeared quite suddenly (as if someone had turned on a large spotlight). They saw four lights on the underside of the object. When Michelle saked what it was, the object descended behind a house. A couple of seconds later, it reappeared again, moving back into the sky at a much slower pace then before. It moved towards them, passing over their home. The object maintained a starting, stopping motion. As the couple ran to their backyard, the movement stablised, disappearing in the direction of Brisbane.

The object was shaped like an aircraft with no wings. It had a soft blinking red light on its tail and lights on its underside. A jet whoosing sound was heard as it passed over them.

It is the opinion of the investigators that the second part of the sighting could be attributed to a small business jet. The first light seen does not correspond with anything astronomical or man made.

23.07.90 nr.MOUNT ISA, QLD 1835hrs (CE1)
QB 1990-017
A couple, while travelling home to Camooweal from Mount Isa, saw a sausage-shaped object, which appeared to be about a foot long. It had a number of green lights, and one large, very bright, white light. They stopped the car to observe the object, and kept it in sight for 5 minutes, before it 'took off'. It went down to a pinhead in 1 second before disappearing towards the Gulf, between Darwin and Normanton.

28.07.90 BRISBANE (THORNSLAND), QLD 2120-2125hrs (CE1)
QA 1990-063
While travelling home on the night of the 28th, Amanda Green and her three children sighted an unusual object hovering to their left at Thornsland. It was white and flashing red/green/white and yellow lights. She drove quite near it to get home, almost passing underneath it. When she got home, the object was still visible. Hoping to get her husband out to also see this thing, Amanda ran into her home only to find that when they returned outside the object had vanished. The duration of the sighting was only five minutes. The kids later complained of sore eyes.


It was a typical saucer-shaped object with a dome on the upperstructure.

03.08.90 nr.GALLET'S CREEK, QLD 0545hrs (CE1)
QB 1990-024
Miss Rhonda Feldman was driving south along the Bruce Hwy south of Gallet's Creek at 5.45am. To the front and right of the vehicle she saw what she first thought was aircraft lights in the sky.

As she travelled further southwards, she realized that the lights were stationary. Rhonda also realized that she was getting closer to them. Soon, she was close enough to see that there were actually two banks of lights with a dark area in between. The front lights (those on the north facing side of the object) were a row of horizontally alligned pulsating lights. These lights pulsed in sequence from the centre to the outer edges. Behind this dark area Rhonda had the impression it was rectangular in shape. At the other end of the object (southern side), there was a bank of lights in a triangular formation which glowed steadily.

She continued travelling south, passing the object and it was lost to view behind her. The object remained stationary throughout the sighting.

04.08.90 BRISBANE (DARRA), QLD 2320hrs (NL)
QA 1990-082
While returning home from a meeting, Martin Gottschall (then UFORQLD Chairperson) witnessed a bright light, 2mm in diameter at arm's length, moving in a east to west direction at a 20o elevation. Its motion was steady with the object appearing to be several kilometres away. Martins line of sight rotated 30o in one second before disappearing abruptly.

13.08.90 BRISBANE (SUNNYBANK), QLD 0420hrs (NL)
QA 1990-076
Mrs Campbell finished her work at the Taco Den at approximately 4.15am when she saw an object 'wizz' into her field of vision. It slowed down to a crawl, turning on what appeared to be a spot light. The object then sped away. It maintained a lateral trajectory of about 9o above the horizon (tree-top level).

The object was like an inverted teaspoon end on with 'flourescent blue/purple' lights on the underside. The spot-light was orange in colour.


13.08.90 BRISBANE (THORNLANDS), QLD 2120hrs (CE1)
QA 1990-116/117
The witness was driving south along Redland Bay Road with her neighbour when they saw a large spot-light like object above a chicken shed, lighting up the whole roof. When they stopped at the intersection of Redland Bay, Duncan and Taylor Roads, the object started to move away from them along Taylor Road. They followed the object along this road for a short distance when it changed directions again. The object, at this staged, was behind trees.

As the object passed overhead, it hovered momentarily, before moving back towards Redland Bay Road. When the object was above their car, the witnesses turned off their radio and the engine to see if they can hear anything. No sound was detected. The area was dead quiet. The underside of the object was 'three leaf clover' in shape with a red light in each section. The red lights blinked in sequence.

They followed the object back down Redland Bay Road towards Alexandra Hills but lost contact with it as it sped away behind trees. Duration: Twenty Minutes. Later, near the witnesses place, they saw a small star-like object, flashing red/white lights, in the general direction where the large clover-shaped object was last observed. They stopped the car, and watched this object for another twenty minutes or so. The object did not disappear but faded to a point into the distance before it can no longer be observed with the naked eye. At this point two other aircraft were observed. One landing and one well on its way to its destination. The lights on the aircraft were different to the lights on this object. The object remained stationary at all times.

15.08.90 BABINDA, QLD AFTER 2000hrs (CE1)
QB 1990-021
Two people witnessed a large, bright moon-sized object, oval in shaped with smaller lights along its circumference hovering in the sky. Even though the object was brightly lit, the witnesses could still see stars as pin pricks through it. The witnesses lost sight of the object while driving along the Bruce Hwy in the southerly direction. No noise was heard. Duration: 3 minutes.


09.10.90 AUBURN, SA 2230hrs (NL)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 “Unusual Aerial Sightings” 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
Driving when saw 20 deg W a blue/orange ball with sparks. Duration: 25 seconds. AURA

19.10.90 IPSWICH (LEICHHARDT), QLD 1135hrs (DO)
Source: UFO Research Queensland (Ipswich Branch)
QA 1990-102
While observing two F-111s doing 'touch and go' manoeuvres, Peter Pasini Co-ordinator of the Ipswich Branch, observed a silver ball like object following the jets through a 75x Tasco Telescope with a 20mm diagonal prism eyepiece. The object followed the F-111s for about two minutes when it stopped. It then changed directions and retraced its steps. The telescope was checked for any flaws, but none were detected.

22.10.90 SUNSHINE COAST (POMONA), QLD 1545hrs (CE1)
Source: UFO Research Queensland (Gympie Branch)
QA 1990-072
While feeding the birds, Mrs Dinah Dhlberg witnessed a silver rectangular object moving in a north to southerly direction at a steady and slow pace. The witness suffers from myoptic and needs glasses to drive. The witness was not wearing them at the time of the sighting. Duration of sighting: sixty seconds. Her neighbour's television as well as her own went on the brink and no noise was heard. Mrs Dhlberg did not observe the object's disappearance.

30.10.90 TEROWIE, SA (TRACE)
Source: RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 “Unusual Aerial Sightings” 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh
“A UFO may have landed in his wheat crop. 30 foot diameter circle. Wheat within circle flattened in anti-clockwise direction. Are at about 4 feet from circle where wheat upright and another circle at about ten feet where wheat flattened anticlockwise.. Wheat greater than two feet high. Witness ex-army.
Photos taken.” AURA

.10.90 GIN GIN, QLD 2240hrs (NL)
QA 1990-080
"On the night in question (I've forgotten the date) my husband and I finished watching a movie at 10.30pm - went out to the shed to get fuel, then down to the dam to refuel our irrigation pump. Vince saw a shooting star (falling meteorite?) to the north about 3 minutes before we saw the U.F.O. Just as we stepped over the gate, he said "what's that?" and pointed. We were facing east, it was travelling from south to north, in a perspective, where we see the planes going through. i.e. 45 degrees to 50 degrees from horizon. It was large - round at front - with a huge tail. We sat, spellbound at the sight and speed of it. Much faster than anything I have ever seen in the sky - no noise. We've watched jets breaking the sound barrier and they pass fairly quickly, but this UFO travelled at an obviously tremendous velocity. Anyway 10 to 15 seconds passed as it crossed the night sky - then it disappeared behind a bank of cloud to the north. We watched for a few more minutes hoping to catch another glimpse of it, but it didn't show again. What really amazed me is that it was travelling horizontal, there was no decline in it's trajectory at all. Stars look white in the sky, this UFO was yellowish/orange.

My personal impression was;
1. very high in the sky. ie, just inside the atmosphere.
2. Very,very large object.
3. Travelling at a speed so fast it's tail would have been miles long if up there with it.
4. It was going somewhere - not falling at all."

03.11.90 EDMONTON, QLD 2008hrs (CE1)
QB 1990-025
Three witnesses were driving home from Cairns when they saw a bright light in the sky near Edmonton. The object remained stationary as they drove towards Gordonvale, and it was then that the object appeared to be the size of a helicopter with a large round white with four smaller lights (red and white) underneath it. No noise was heard. When they got to within 800 metres away from ther object, it moved at high speed towards Cairns.

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