18.02.92 WESTERN HIGHWAY, VIC 2040hrs (CE1)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin)
We have recently received a report of a sighting, which occurred 18th-February, 1992 of a triangular object five times larger than a stealth bomber. A retired Government Department Archive Officer reported it.

The sighting occurred near Ballarat around 8:40 p.m. The colour appeared to be designed as night camouflage, black underneath with lights arranged to mimic stars above. As it flew directly overhead the wing spread was about 500 ft wide. The highway is about 300 ft. The impression of the observer was that it was "mapping"?

Weather conditions were clear from a warm day. The observer said that he had a very uneasy feeling. He was afraid and numbed. He hesitated to report the sighting until recently. VUFORS

12.04.92 WIVENHOE DAM, QLD 0300hrs (NL)
"Captain Logan Camping Ground - In the morning of 12.4.92 3am there were three of us watching for UFO when one us notice a glow of light, I thought it are campfire, but when it rise three UFO over the tree one UFO went near the water are glow of the UFO reflect on water orange colour, one of UFO went back behind the trees other two UFO stood level over trees for about two minutes and move off in distance slowly till the UFOs disappeared."

11.05.92 BRISBANE (RANSOME), QLD 0510hrs (NL)
Sighting of Unidentified Flying Object by Sergeant Robert John SOLWAY, Registered Number 2111.

"At 0510 hours even date, I was standing on the back landing of my house which is located at 319 Rickertt Road, Ransome, Brisbane and which faces a southerly direction, when I saw two (2) lights resembling stars travelling one behind the other approaching me from the west. They appeared to be high in the sky and appeared to be about one (1) inch apart, (it was not possible to see if both lights were connected). They were travelling in a straight line and no sound was heard when they passed, and no navigation lights were observed. When they were approximately over head the rear light which was marginally brighter than the front omitted a pencil thin flash of light out of the right side. I called to my wife and we both watched them as they disappeared behind trees to the east. Weather conditions were fine and clear, there were no clouds and the sky was still black (night time). At approximately 0630 hours even date I telephoned the Civil Aviation Authority (Air Traffic Control) at Eagle Farm Airport on Telephone number 8663560 and spoke to a Mr John Swan who informed me that there was no Civil or Military Aircraft flying over the area at the time of the sighting, he further stated that a number of calls had been received from the Beenleigh area earlier that evening by witnesses stating that they had also seen a number of lights travelling in straight lines and performing other manoeuvres. I had the object under observation for approximately 20 - 30 seconds."

05.07.92 ADELAIDE (HECTORVILLE), SA 1830hrs (NO)
SA 1992-009
Initially the reporter saw a very bright, white, almost blinding light of an apparent angular size half that of the full Moon. The light then dimmed down, and he saw a long, oblong shape with windows present. There were lots (30 or so) bright, flickering lights around it. There was no sound, and it moved behind trees then went behind the hills. Duration: 1.5 minutes. UFORSA

31.07.92 PORT PIRIE, SA 0310hrs (CE1)
SA 1992-029
A milkman was making a delivery in a residential area, and was standing on a footpath when his attention was drawn being him where he saw an object. When first seen it was to his south at an estimated height of 60-100m. It was described as "huge", with an estimated angular size of 20 degrees. It was cigar shaped, and a blue-green colour. It had three amber lights at the left hand side, plus pulsating lights on it. There was no noise. There was no wind at the time, and there was full cloud cover. It was lost to view over a house. Duration: 2-3 minutes. UFORSA

SA 1992-013
After finishing work, he looked into the sky and saw a fast moving white light with no noise. It was not a plane due to the speed it travelled. The object then began to circle in the sky. He became aware of two other lights that seemed to be circling the white light in its centre. These lights were yellow and green and extremely bright. All the lights then simply disappeared. UFORSA

ca 02.08.92 NARARA, NSW 0230hrs (NL)
Mrs M, while feeding her baby during the night, saw a glowing, oval shaped object, through her open window, after watching it for a while, the object just "vanished", despite their being no clouds in the sky. UFORNSW

02.08.92 ADELAIDE (NORTH PLYMPTON), SA 1105hrs (DD)
SA 1992-014
While mowing his lawn a man’s attention was drawn to 30 degrees south, when he saw an unusual object. It was round, star sized, and of a matt silver colour. It slowly rotated as it travelled in a straight line until it disappeared, into clear blue sky, at 40 degrees north. Weather conditions were a fine day with some cirro-stratus clouds present. He took a photograph of the blue line left by the object. When developed the film turned out to be damaged. Duration: 1.5 minutes. UFORSA

SA 1992-020
While he was asleep he thought he had the following experience in the backyard of his property. At 70 degrees West he saw a tear drop shaped object with lines hanging down. With figures hanging from them. Then a bright light and an entity appeared and spoke to him. He then found himself in Jamestown and talking to an entity. Suddenly he was back at home and the entity told him they would return. For 4-5 days after this episode he felt unusually tired. UFORSA

07.09.92 ADELAIDE (MARLESTON), SA 1912hrs (NL)
SA 1992-018
Out walking they saw a very bright white star like object at 35 degrees SE. For 4 minutes it moved around in the same general area slowly. Then it became stationary. After arriving
home they saw it in a different part of the sky. It was eventually lost to view by reduction of apparent size and intensity. Duration: 18 minutes. UFORSA

13.09.92 ADELAIDE (GLENELG), SA 0330hrs (NL)
SA 1992-017
Two lights, of an oval shape were seen and moved close to each other. UFORSA

22.09.92 ADELAIDE (REDWOOD PARK), SA 2130hrs (NO)
SA 1992-019
Reported hearing a noise and seeing a submarine shaped object which went behind clouds. Duration: 4-5 seconds. UFORSA

01.10.92 BROKEN HILL, NSW 1930-2030hrs 10-20secs 32 M (NL)
SA 1992-025
Two lights, travelling from W to E in formation. Low on the horizon. There was no noise. One or both could have had a slight tail on them. UFORSA

01.10.92 CLARE, SA 1900hrs (NL)
SA 1992-024
In the backyard when they saw low down in the NW sky two lights travelling to the NE Lost behind trees. Cigar shaped, thicker in the middle with a hazy glow around it. UFORSA

01.10.92 BURRA, SA 1905hrs (NL)
First saw three objects, then only two. Brighter at the rear. Seen in the N travelling E.

01.10.92 bet. PORT AUGUSTA & WHYALLA, SA 1908hrs (DD)
SA 1992-022
Three objects were seen, in the North. Seemed to have 5-8 illuminated windows like 3 B52 aircraft. Disappeared behind hill. Hazy around objects. Duration: 5-10 seconds. UFORSA

01.10.92 BROKEN HILL, NSW 1907hrs (NL)
SA 1992-026
Saw four lights drop out of the sky in formation. No noise. To the North. Low down. UFORSA

04.10.92 MILDURA, VIC 1930hrs (NL)
SA 1992-028
Travelling West Mildura to Yambi. Cloudy and windy night. Watching bright star. Then it dropped straight down out of the sky and disappeared. After stopping to refuel they saw it again in the W sky, but this time it looked smaller and higher in the sky. UFORSA

05.10.92 ADELAIDE (MARLESTON), SA 2330hrs (NL)
Two star sized orange lights appeared at about 40 degrees NE flying slowly southwards. They became stationary for about 8 minutes at 80 degrees E and then moved parallel and E for 5 minutes, and then added out of sight. Duration: 15 minutes. UFORSA

14.10.92 ADELAIDE (EDWARDSTOWN), SA 2045hrs (CE3)
Home in bed when noticed a flash of light in the lounge. Three humanoids appeared. 145 cm tall, grey/silver. Long thin arms and three fingers and a thumb on the hand. There was a period of missing time. UFORSA

19.10.92 ADELAIDE (BRIDGEWATER), SA 1930-1940hrs (NL)
SA 1992-030
Driving along, saw a big orange ball of flame 70 degrees W. It stopped and hovered for a while then pulsated. After 10 minutes of this, it went out. UFORSA

22.10.92 ADELAIDE (GLENELG), SA 1430-1545hrs
Saw vapour would last about 30 seconds, then disappeared. Then happened again and again. Aircraft in area seemed to be "investigating." UFORSA

15.11.92 ADELAIDE (GOODWOOD), SA 2045hrs (NL)
SA 1992-034
Saw large orange light heading W. Disappeared behind houses. Saw second light which accelerated and caught up with first. Wobbly trajectory. No flickering. Much brighter than Venus. UFORSA

30.11.92 ADELAIDE (VALLEY VIEW), SA 0705hrs (DD)
SA 1992-035
Heard noise like rushing wind. Looked to E and saw at tree top level, a half oval shape of considerable size. It was orange or coppery in colour with a black underneath.. It approached him. It seemed to stop only 100m away and 60m up. There were three flashing exhaust underneath going in an anti-clockwise direction. There were 5-6 exhausts at the rear for thrust and two rudders airglows at the rear. It started to climb away and he could see a cabin on top of it. There was a roar like a train and it climbed away and was lost to sight. Duration: 2 minutes. UFORSA

10.12.92 ADELAIDE (WYNN VALE), SA 2235hrs (NL)
SA 1993-007
Sitting having a cigarette he saw a bright star sized orange light on the horizon to the E. It started moving quickly and erratically in a NW direction. It disappeared suddenly in full view. Duration: 30 seconds. UFORSA

1992 BROKEN HILL (NSW) 1800/1900hrs (NL) New
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Miss. Rebecca x
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 2 minutes.
Occupation: Early Childhood Teacher/ Student/ Mother/ Housekeeper
Qualifications: Currently studying teaching at UNISA, Adelaide

Observation: I am 12 years old then. I am running outside, to call my younger
brother inside for dinner. He is sitting on top of a pergola area, which he has climbed with his scool friend, Jxx. They are both about 9 years old. As I run to the backyard, I look up at them both on top of the pergola. "Jaxx, Jxx, its time for...", that is all I can get out as my jaw drops, and I am absolutely speechless as I just slowly point to the sky, just above where they are sitting. I stare, frozen, as I see a bright pink, room-sized 'ball' shape just hovering several meters above them. I freeze, all I can do is point. They turn around and look up, and scream as they see the ufo fighting to clamber down thew pergola. I turn and run, screaming, back inside. They follow. We all have the same account of what we saw. Inside, I yelled to my parents that we had seen something. Dad, in disbelief, pulled back the curtains. "There is nuthin there" he said. "Dad...look.." I said. In the distance we could see a small aircraft of some kind, which was moving in an uncontrolled, zig-zag motion across the sky. Up, down, diagonally it zoomed, in sharp, quick, sporadic movements...most unusual.

Location: I was living with my family in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia. It occurred out in our back yard. - Apparent Size Other: house sized Actual Size: house sized, maybe 30 x 30 meters - Altitude: tree top height, just above the roof - Object Origin: I only saw it as a hovering object, but I think it left to the east, north-east. - Object Destination: east, north-east Moon Visible: sunset - Planets Visible: no, sunset.

1992 KANGAROO GROUND (VIC) 22:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. James
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: ?
Occupation: labourer for bricklayers

I was a young 12 yr old at the time.
Sighting saw triangle - Abductions came next.
Observation: Me and my sister where taking out the bins at night time. She noticed a craft hovering over us, she was scared but I knew who it was. Days after this a black helicopter hovered over our house then I started getting visits at night while in bed I would awake to bright light through my window. then I would be levitated through my window and onto the craft where I met different types of beings...they did DNA tests on me and gave me information about existence and the whole truth about human existence.

Description: I first saw 5 flying lights forming a circle flying in sync together. Then it somehow turn itself into 1 triangle craft as one!....after hovering over us I knew it was them and they knew I knew who they were. All of a sudden this craft just took off at hyper-speed with no sound apart from the similar sound of high voltage power-lines.

Location: kangaroo ground. I still know where it landed and would like a team of people to help me document the soil it landed on. - Other Witnesses: my sister was there but can not recall this situation - Apparent Size Other: very large triangle..it looked a lot bigger inside. - Actual Size: no idea - Altitude: 30 - 40 - 50 ft I n the air - Object Origin: no idea - Object Destination: towards the Dandeong Ranges. vanished faster than a light switch - Moon Visible: did not notice. - Planets Visible: clear night no stars visible - Weather Temp: Cold

Effects Physical: they abducted me many times - Effects Psychological: just confusion about my time loss,and how I became standing at my window after they went back up into the sky that scared me. - Effects Other Witnesses: my sister can not recall the sighting - Other Experiences: I saw a ghost when I was 5 in my nans house. New

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