05.01.93 ADELAIDE (MARLSTON), SA 0145hrs (NL)
While walking he noted a large orange soundless glowing object in the partly cloudy W sky, travelling N. The light seemed to decrease in brightness and size every seven seconds and then return to original size. Lost sight at 15 degrees N. Duration: 10 minutes. UFORSA

(Source: Undated detailed report by the witness; PRA Journal No 17 March 1995 pp43-50)
A man was out taking photographs of the Sunrise when he sighted a grey object on the sea surface. The object rose out of the sea, and approached him. He then saw a second, smaller object approaching the first, and "dock" with it. He took four 35mm colour pictures. The photographs show a clearly defined, metallic looking "craft."

A cluster of five objects travelled from 20-25 degrees SW to 20-25 degrees NE. Circular in shape but not point sources. Yellow orange in colour. 4 objects moving about fifth centre object. UFORSA

30.10.93 SINGLETON, NSW 2040hrs (CE1)
NA 1993-0060
A grazier, Mr R living in an isolated rural area, on a property between Singleton and Muswellbrook, was watching television in the evening, when he became aware of a very bright light moving around outside near the house. He opened the curtains to see what it was. On doing so, he saw a brilliantly lit 'circular' or spherical object flying over the property at a height of about 120m and at about a similar distance. The object had a white circumference with a light blue middle, and was giving off a blue halo. The object was watched for about 7 secs till it disappeared behind a hill, heading in a NW direction. Duration: 7 seconds. UFORNSW

30.11.93 MOORA, WA 1900hrs (NL)
(Source: www.ufor.asn.au)
Mrs B. was driving north on the old coast road, north of Moora, when she noticed a light in her rear vision mirror, on her left hand side. Thinking it was a vehicle with one light out, she noticed that the light was now in the middle of the rear vision mirror. “I then thought it must be a motor bike as only the light was buoyant. I became scared as I was on my own, then with that thought, it was then high in my rear vision mirror like a stop light on a four wheel drive. I was so nervous that I looked around again and it encompassed my whole back window as if it was in the back seat. The light was so beautiful. I was thinking to myself I wished for car lights ahead of me and then I could see them way off in the distance. With that thought, the light in the back seat of my car took off so quickly. I watched it go off to the right of me and then disappear into the sky. I don’t know how long all this took but I arrived half an hour earlier at my destination, so in fact I gained half an hour of unaccounted time.” Elizabeth Budek, UFORNSW

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