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Around 18 January 1994, Tanya was heading from her parents’ home along the old Port Wakefield Road, heading south, when suddenly an orange light, somewhat distant, appeared on her horizon. It came from nowhere until almost without noticing it, the object was almost upon her car, directly in front. The witness took evasive action by U-turning in the dirt and speeding off in the opposite direction but the object was now firmly tracking her from close quarters directly behind her car. The witness had her 2 year old child in the back of the car. The 4WD was driven at speeds of up to 160 km/h with this object looming large in the back window. By the time the witness had crossed Hayman Road and over the railway line, the object was gone. The witness described it as being the size of a car, no noise, and that she was quite scared. Later that week, she was listening to the radio and heard a story that on or around the same night, RAAF Edinburgh technicians had been tracking six objects of similar description. This last fact is so far unconfirmed by AURA. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

16.08.94  EL QUESTRO STATION, WA  1500hrs  (CE1)
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During 1994 Ms S. was involved in a horse ride from Broome to Darwin when, on 16 August 1994, the group were on the Gibb River Road, Western Australia, floating some horses into El Questro Station across the Penticoss River at around 3.00 pm. The car and float were moving extremely slowly due to the roughness of the road and they didn’t want to spook the horses. She states, "I was travelling on the back of the ute, keeping an eye on the animals when out of the corner of my eye I saw what I at first thought to be three planes coming in low to my left. I thought it odd because they were travelling really close together, and as I have flown planes before, I know how dangerous that can be unless properly trained. The reason I thought they were planes was because of the red and green lights and as a lot of the very rich stay at this station I thought it might be a private airfield. Anyway they came in quite low and then just stopped and hovered about 200 yards to my left, ovoid in shape (typical saucer shape). First it had a red and then green light travelling horizontally around the middle of the saucer. They were still there at 10.30 pm that night. At one stage there I felt I could almost touch them. They were completely silent and did nothing at all till they left that night". There were two more witnesses during the day’s sighting and ‘probably about 30 or so’ at night when only the lights could be seen. The witness says it was ‘huge’ but there was nothing in the sky to compare its size: "Maybe 400-500 feet across and 40 to 50 feet at the centre, top to bottom." The object appeared from the west and left moving towards the west. It was a typical clear hot day in the dry season. The sighting lasted seven hours. Anthony Clarke UFORNSW

Source: TUFOIC Newsletter
The witness and a friend were returning to Scottsdale after an evening of fishing. They had taken the Snake Track Road, a short cut from Ledgerwood to the Tasman Highway. The witness who was driving tells how they rounded a sharp curve only to be confronted by an object only 50 mts from the roadside. The witness slowed down the car but his friend said they should get out of there. Hovering just above the ground was a disc shaped object with a dome above around which were a line of portholes or lights. It was estimated to have a diameter around 10 to 15 mts. Coming from beneath the disc was a very bright beam of light, this beam was about 5 mts across at its base on the ground. The witnesses left the scene at once and are not aware of what happened to the object. The road entered dense bush and on looking back nothing could be seen. The similarity between this and other cases from northeast Tasmania about that time are of great interest. Sketches of an object seen at Scamander complete with beam below are almost identical. Other cases such as Tayene, The Sideling, and near St Helens all had similar features as objects were seen by motorists alongside the road. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

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