11.02.96 BRISBANE (MANLY WEST), QLD  2330hrs  (NL)
The witness was in her bedroom when she observed a large white light/UFO with a blue light outlining the right side of the white light, the UFO passed over a telegraph pole, then over a large tree and it then appeared to be descending towards the ground (behind some houses). The UFO was described to be larger than the moon. UFOICQ

12.02.96  DALBY, QLD  2030hrs (NL)

Source: Cathy Kilah, Dalby UFO Research Club.
Two witnesses saw a moon sized, oval shaped UFO moved slowly across the sky, blinking off  before disappearing completely. Colour: Orange.

17.02.96  DALBY, QLD  2015hrs  (NL)

Source: Cathy Kilah, Dalby UFO Research Club.
"I saw a bright light due west. Position 120o. No cricket sound was heard while the light was visible. The light would fluctuate from very bright to very dim. The light (when at its brightest) was white in the middle, had two red lights on either side, with an orange glow surrounding the entire object. At 8.28pm, the light disappeared, reappearing two minutes later, disappearing once again at about 8.33pm."

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