(Source: INUFOR Digest Vol.4 No.2 October 1998)
"Mary Adams" and a friend were driving from west to east – passing Honeymoon Gap (10 km west of Alice Springs) when they noticed a bright blue "glow" in the trees at the base of the mountain about 1/2km away. It was very low, and lit up the ground, and Mary believes it had actually landed.

Suddenly the "light" rose up, and moved towards them. They could see it was a solid object, about 40 metres in diameter, with a flat base and a rounded top. It was huge – "the size of a semi-trailer, with lines around the bottom". The blue light formed a "halo" around the craft, and as it "floated" overhead they could hear a "whirly noise". It was about 11.20pm and as the object followed them "above the car" for a short time, they felt they were being "watched". They were relieved when it flew back over the hills towards Pine Gap. Keith Douglass UFORAS

TUFOIC received, over a fortnight, calls regarding the discovery of "UFO slime" in gardens and a roadside cafe. The substance appears to be clear and jelly-like, although the two Kempton deposits disappear unless kept moist. The slime has been found in gardens, on concrete and on lawns., Reports have come from the North West and North of the state. In no report has any associated UFO phenomenon been reported, following initial publicity it seems that a UFO group was to place to lodge slime sightings. Samples were obtained and analysis revealed one sample was mollusc eggs, and another to be a substance from potting mix. TUFOIC

01.11.96  BEENLEIGH,  QLD  2100 hrs  (IDENTIFIED: FLARES)

Witness at Beenleigh was hanging out washing on the evening of  01.11.96.  She heard leaves rustling in nearby banana trees.  When she turned to investigate, she observed a huge red light above the trees.  The red light was moving slowly across the top of the banana trees.  When the Witness looked at herself she was also glowing red.  The light moved slowly over the house to the other side.  There was no noise.  The next day she noticed the top leaves of the banana leaves were burnt.  She phoned our Hotline and an investigation was conducted.  The lights were identified at the investigation.  Our investigators spoke with her next door neighbours, who informed us that the red lights were flares, because one of them had landed in their backyard and landed under their car, which almost caught fire.  The police were called in.  The police found children in a nearby park setting off the flares. Robert Frola UFOICQ

02.11.96 FERN TREE, TAS 2100hrs (NL)
Two witnesses notice star like light travelling to the NNE. At first they assumed it was a satellite, but the it fades a bit and does a U turn and moves quickly to the south. TUFOIC

03.11.96 LONGFORD, TAS 2251hrs (NL)
Two witnesses travelling home to farm see moon sized, orange light over paddock lighting up ground. After arriving home, the light moves up and around the sky, moving into clouds. It is still visible through e cloud sending out a beam. Disappears whilst witness is in house. TUFOIC

05.11.96 CORNWALL, TAS 2115hrs (CE1?)
Dogs barking/daughter screaming alerted mother to something going on. Daughter claims that a round UFO was above house and it moved off towards a nearby hill. That night father has a dream of aliens placing device on forehead, wakes in morning to find brown marks on forehead and cut on wrist. Had no prior interest in UFO phenomenon. TUFOIC

05.11.96 CYGNET, TAS 2130hrs (NL)
Witness notices bright star like object to the NNW. It is moving slowly over Cygnet when it slows, changes direction and gains speed as it goes off to the NNE. TUFOIC

These three sighting were very similar when reported.  The witnesses observed one large white object with several small white objects moving around the larger one.  I have also observed this phenomena, and truly believed that 15 UFOs were going to land on top of my car.  An investigation was conducted.  The UFOs were identified as the Southbank Park spotlights.
Robert Frola UFOICQ

06.11.96 CORNWALL, TAS 2000hrs (NL)
Same family as in Nov 5 report sight similar object to east of town moving away to the north-east and disappearing behind hills. Also seen by neighbours on this occasion. TUFOIC

08.11.96 BRISBANE (CALAMVALE), QLD 2145hrs (NL)
(Source: UFO Encounter Volume 173 Oct-Dec 1996)
Several people observed a very large object directly overhead. It finally just vanished, with a "large cloud appeared in the place of the object.". Duration: 90 minutes.

10.11.96 BRISBANE, QLD 1905-1910hrs (NL)
(Source: UFO Encounter Volume 173 Oct-Dec 1996)
A member of the UFOR(QLD) committee saw a silent, red light travelling S to N while driving. Initially seen at 45 degrees, and lost near the horizon.

(Source: UFO Encounter Volume 173 Oct-Dec 1996)
On holidays, a finally sighted a number of lights, moving generally N. A colour change in one from white to orange was observed, while another appeared to "zig zag.". Duration: A few minutes.

10.11.96  BRISBANE (BELMONT),  QLD  2200hrs (CE3)
Three Witnesses in a Belmont park experienced a CE3. Whilst looking toward the northern sky they observed a long object coming from the north to north east (from the Gateway Bridge area).  The UFO was high in the sky and moved slowly in their direction.  When it was directly over them, they noticed the light on the inside of the UFO was green and the outside lights, surrounding the perimeter of the UFO were Blue and Red.  The UFO beamed them (shone a spotlight on them).  When this occurred, they heard a humming noise, the temperature changed from cool to warm and they felt as if they were in a trance.  The UFO moved south to  south east (toward the Redland Bay area).  An investigation is underway for this encounter. Robert Frola UFOICQ

12.11.96  MARYBOROUGH,  QLD  (CE1)
A flying instructor at the Maryborough Airport and his student observed a disc or orb shaped UFO whilst training his student.  His student noticed the UFO first, through the plane window.  It was bright metallic blue.  The UFO did a vertical dive 300 to 400 feet directly over the plane and turned twodog legs back toward Hervey Bay.  The UFO was flying at approximately 8,000 feet. The Witnesses observed the UFO for approximately 1 minute. Robert Frola UFOICQ

13.11.96   INGLEWOOD,  QLD 2045hrs   (CE1)
A truck driver and his partner, whilst travelling north the Inglewood on a highway area, witnessed 3 triangular  lights (1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue) shoot up from the ground and fly left to right in front of the truck, then hover near the ground, and then flew to the back of the truck, and headed toward the Dalby area. Robert Frola UFOICQ

24.11.96 PERTH, WA (CE1)
(Source: Ross Dowe - Australia's National UFO Hotline)
On Sunday night, November 24, 1996, residents of Perth, spotted "a large bright cigar- shaped object traveling from north to south." At arm's length, the object was estimated to be one inch long and 1/8 of an inch wide, "about 55 degrees in the sky and 20-plus miles away."

25.11.96 ADELAIDE, SA 0125hrs (NL)
(Source: Ross Dowe - Australia's National UFO Hotline)
Early Monday morning, November 25, at 1:25 a.m., people spied "a number of white balls of light" speeding through the sky in a southeasterly direction over the city of Adelaide, in South Australia. Suddenly, they changed direction, shooting off to the west. Within seconds, they altered course again, flying away to the northwest.

25.11.96 CANBERRA, ACT 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: Ross Dowe - Australia's National UFO Hotline)
At 10:30 p.m. Monday evening, November 25, people saw a flight of "intense bright orange fireball lights" speeding through the sky over Canberra, the nation's capital. The UFO's rocketed away toward the northwest.

25.11.96 ALICE SPRINGS, NT 2315hrs (NL)
(Source: Ross Dowe - Australia's National UFO Hotline)
At 11:15 p.m., Monday, November 25, four "intensely bright orange fireball lights" appeared over Alice Springs, just north of the Queensland/South Australia border. The UFOs flew off to the west. An on-duty police officer was a witness and submitted a report to the IPP.

25/ 26/27.11.96 ALICE SPRINGS NIGHT (NL)
Nocturnal lights, orange in colour were seen and photographed. QUFON

(Source: UFO Encounter Volume 173 Oct-Dec 1996)
A cluster of green and white flashing lights was noticed to the N. Initially hovering, they then moved swiftly to the E. No aircraft movements fitted this observation. Duration: 3 minutes.

Source: John Hayes UFOINFO.com
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Round-Disc shaped
Weather Conditions: clear

Description: I was standing at the top of coopers park and I saw two disc like shapes flying at very fast speeds crisscrossing each other-over Sydney.

It lasted five minutes-and was very clear-they definitely were not bats or birds or known flying machines-and within minutes a helicopter arrived and torches were shined from a nearby point.

They were black yet very luminous and visible
I am still amazed no-one else reported this seemingly.
I am pretty sure I was not imagining.

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