Compiled by Keith Basterfield

GPO Box 1894, ADELAIDE, Sth Aust 5001


This listing has been compiled with the assistance of many of the 31 Australian UFO organisations currently in existence. I wish to thank all those people who have submitted data for this list.


Lights seen by witnesses as leave friends home. The lights are moving to the west over the hill tops. When they arrive home some 10k away the lights are now in a dip in the hills to the north. The light mass was elliptical to dome shaped with lights moving around the base and a beam shinning down towards the ground. Disappearance not observed. (TUFOIC)


Several witnesses saw two bright orange lights side by side. Seen 3 times. Mr B noticed a "porthole" from which the light seemed to be coming from. Then a fast moving light was seen moving towards the coast. Also seen and videotaped on another night. (B Taylor)


6 women reported seeing an unusual cloud formation, two groups of UFO shaped clouds. To the right, a large cigar shaped "Mother ship" cloud was visible. Unlike other clouds these were stationary. (B Taylor)

4 Jan STREAKY BAY SA 2145hrs 75mins NL

A silent triangular shaped light was seen to the W. Over time it descended lower in the sky. It was orange/yellow/white/silver/blue in colour. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)


Sky lit up close to horizon and a light shot out over the land. No thunder. Oval, dark shape with light streaming out of it. Power went off for 5-10secs. Humming sound which ceased and power resumed. (UFOR Sunshine Coast).

5 Jan MANNUM SA 2115hrs NL

Dianne Bean, and a friend noted two bright, white lights at 45 degrees elevation in the NE sky. They seemed to move away and then return. Watched through binoculars. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)

12 Jan FREELING SA 1230hrs 2mins DD

Brenton Galls sighted a white, circular, silver or transparent object on a clear, hot day. His initial thought was that it was a plastic bag aloft in the wind, but there was no wind at ground level. After rolling sideways, then stopping for a few seconds, it went straight up into the sky. It was lost to view as a dot. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)


Two people saw a "twinkling" orange light. It was 25-30 degrees elevation, moving silently, NE to NW. A smaller object dropped down from the larger object. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)

16 Jan PETERHEAD ADELAIDE SA 2040hrs 20 secs NL

Jason Allman, 23, sighted a bright, white, triangular object stationary at 35 degrees elevation to the SE. Seen from a car, in a clear blue sky, the object was described as bright, with a flashing segment to it. The object simply disappeared.. (AIUFSR. NL May 96.)

17 Jan FENTONBURY TAS 2300hrs NL

2 lights crossing SW sky, one behind the other. Red flashes of light in between as if firing at each other. (TUFOIC.)

17 Jan KINGSTON TAS 2230hrs NL

2 lights seen to merge before third light moves away to E. (TUFOIC.)

19 Jan FENTONBURY TAS 2300hrs NL

2 lights crossing sky, stop and start, and change positions. (TUFOIC.)

19 Jan CLAREMONT TAS 2315hrs NL

2 lights cross over in sky, depart in different directions. (TUFOIC.)

19 Jan LAKE SORELL TAS 2130hrs NL

2 large lights to W release 3rd small red light. (TUFOIC.)

20 Jan KAPUNDA-ANGASTON SA 2025hrs 5 mins NL

Michael and Margaret Rogers, travelling by car, watched a brilliant white coloured, rectangular light, stationary. It had suddenly appeared, fading. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)

21 Jan WARRANE TAS 0025hrs CE1

Fourth case from same area. Motorist sees rectangular shape with rotating white light over highway, disappears N. (TUFOIC.)


About a week after the first encounter the witness again woke in the early hours with the feeling she had to go outside. Again there was a figure in the garden but no object in the paddock this time, the same metallic smell seemed to be present. The same (or similar) 2m tall thin figure seemed to be surrounded by a bright mist effect. It looked to have a one piece silvery suit with a band around the waist. She was not sure if it covered the head, whilst she did not notice the lower legs. It seemed to have long wrap around eyes that sloped up at the outside, also the ears looked flat and pointed. Also present were two smaller rounded figures to either side of the main figure. They were less than a meter tall, fat in the body with small arms and legs. They moved in a jerky fashion as they looked at the ground. One figure had a trowel like instrument which it kept pointing at the ground. The witness had a feeling to follow the figure but on this occasion retreated into the house and locked the door. Looking out the window she was unable to locate the figures. (TUFOIC)


Eight friends were out camping at night when the area around them was lit up like daylight. They saw an oval shaped object about 100 feet above them and as big as a small plane. There was no noise. The object was stationary for about 10 seconds and then moved off along a nearby river with a blue light trailing. The group seemed to become more subdued by the experience., and they were not interested in reporting their sighting or finding out what they had seen. (UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175 p8)


Mrs H was awoken by a loud "whooshing" sound one night. (B Taylor)


A bronze coloured disk, trailing a flame sped from North to South in the Eastern sky, observed by Mr C. His wife and a service station attendant also saw the saw object. (B Taylor)


In the East an orange/red, sometimes blue in colour, light floated slowly downwards, then moved up again. It just "switched off." (B Taylor)

7 Feb MALENY QLD 1920hrs NL

Circular light with hollow centre, red flashing light within. Smaller circle appeared to turn within larger. Object in view 20 secs. Lower than Venus. (UFORSunshine Coast.)

7 Feb PAPER BEACH TAS 2030hrs CE1

Noise from 3 large white lights 20m above Tamar River. Witness contacts. Details to be obtained. (TUFOIC.)

Feb 10th 1996 HUON VALLEY TAS 02.00 CE3

Witness woke in early hours to find room lit up by light, had a feeling must go outside. From the verandah she saw the source of the light was a brilliant long elliptical shape 50m away in the paddock. There was a brilliant blue/white light and a metallic type smell you could almost taste. Standing in the garden was a tall thin figure estimated over 2m tall.

The figure beckoned the witness with its left hand. The witness went down the steps into the garden before being alarmed and returning to the verandah. She threw some furniture from the verandah at which point everything went dark as her companion came out to see what was going on. (TUFOIC)

12 Feb PEARCEDALE VIC 1600hrs 1.5 mins DD

Peter Costello was driving, admiring the clouds when he sighted a cigar shape at 40 degrees elevation directly in front of him. There was no noise from the object which described a figure of eight path. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)

13 Feb GAGEBROOK TAS 2315hrs NL

Large, erratic light, radiates glow, drops to W. (TUFOIC.)

13 Feb VALLEY VIEW ADELAIDE SA 2200hrs 15 mins NL

Bruce Hoskins noted five "gold to yellow", pin point sized, oval objects, 15-45 degrees elevation in the N and SW sky. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)


In a light drizzle, two objects looking like fuzzy stars, green in colour, were noted. After travelling parallel, they separated. One went downwards and continued on, while the other took an upward trajectory , turned left sharply and disappeared. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)

25 Feb LAKE SORELL TAS 2300hrs NL

Triangular white shape over hill to E moves off to S. (TUFOIC.)


Bright pole shaped object goes down to ground. (TUFOIC.)

29 Feb ROBIGANA TAS 2220hrs NL

Flashing white light approaches from NW, stops, then departs upward at great speed. (TUFOIC.)


Two witnesses watch an elliptical object half moon sized moving about in the north east sky. The object is accompanied by 4 smaller lights that moved around the main object. They are lost to view later behind cloud cover. (TUFOIC)


An unusual "circle" appeared overnight in a grass meadow. (INUFOR Digest Vol 2 No 1.)

Mar SOUTH BALLINA NSW 0344hrs 6 mins NL

A woman watched a bright light. (B Taylor)


Woken and looking through a bedroom window, a woman saw a bright yellow/white light which dropped down and stopped above sugar cane fields. (B Taylor)

Mar BALLINA NSW 0344hrs 6 mins NL

A lady suddenly awoke to see through her bedroom window, a large. yellowish light slowly moving in the sky. Suddenly it dropped to tree top level and moved back and forwards over sugar cane crops until it slowly moved off out of sight. (Barry Taylor.)


Miss C reported a triangular shaped, white hazy light in the Western sky, just south of Sirius. (B Taylor)

Mid Mar YAMBA NSW 0725hrs NL

A falling light, trailing a spiralling tail was seen by a young man. It exploded into a brilliant white light. The spiralling trail stayed in the sky for several minutes. (B Taylor)


Two electrical blackouts south west of Nambour saw six huge orange lights. Three high in two columns. Drifted to coast one by one at a certain level. Then disappeared. (UFOR Sunshine Coast.)

10 Mar KETTERING TAS 1700hrs DD

2 flashing white lights moving rapidly S, separate then rejoin, fade into distance. (TUFOIC.)

10 Mar COOBER PEDY (250km n of) SA

Teacher saw a vertical lights in the sky. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)

11 Mar ROSEBERY TAS 1120hrs DD

Silvery shape, rotating in sky to S of town, moves away to S. No air traffic known in area at time. (TUFOIC.)


Group of sheep shearers saw a bright, vertical light travel across the sky. (AIUFSR

NL May 96.)

15 Mar MT TORRENS SA 2115hrs NL

Darryl Chapman, of Springton, saw a dark shape with three lights attached, while out driving. There was wind and lightning that night, as the object approached from the NE. Initially seen as a red and white light at 30 degrees elevation to his right, the object got in front of him, crossing over him at 45 degrees elevation. At this time it seemed to be 150m up, and he saw two orange "orbs" some 6m apart and a red light behind them. It was lost to view in the NW. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)

15 Mar DORRIGO NSW 0130hrs NL

Awoken by a loud "humming" noise Mr Jeff Joratowitch went outside to see a large light in the sky. Through binoculars he saw a large, dark, round object with "sparks" flickering over its underside. It moved slowly northwards. (B Taylor)


A group of telephonists reported seeing three separate red lights over the town. (B Taylor)


A 'V" formation of single lights at low altitude were seen by John McLean, passing overhead. They were all a dull yellow colour. (B Taylor)

16 Mar NORTH CASINO NSW 2230hrs NL

2 people reported a blue and yellow light. This appeared to have two "wings" attached to it. (B Taylor)

16 Mar GRAFTON NSW 2310hrs 6-8 secs NL

Barry Taylor observed a "V" formation of 10-12, round, yellow objects travelling from South to North, as a group. A "whitish haze" surrounded the formation. (B Taylor)

16 Mar GRAFTON NSW 2320hrs NL

Barry Taylor and friend saw a "group of many small white lights" with a white haze, moving East to West. (B Taylor)

16 Mar LISMORE to KYOGLE NSW 2330hrs

Mrs P watched a very unusual cloud with a flat bottom which lit up an orange/lilac colour. (B Taylor)

16 Mar CASINO NSW Evening CE4

Couple plus 2 young children note lights close to their car. Later under regression a complex abduction scenario emerged involving a number of different types of entities. (AUASC NL Vol 3 No 3 June 96.)


Flashing white light in the east, 300m away. Object had two fins at the base corners, with a flat base and bulging curved top, orange and white in fins. (UFOR Sunshine Coast.)

17 Mar GRAFTON NSW 0010hrs NL

To the West Barry Taylor noted a large cluster of "small white lights" going North to South. They were close, only an estimated 100m away, and below 200m in altitude, travelling silently. (B Taylor)

17 Mar GRAFTON NSW 0200hrs NL

Miss Fiona McClennon saw a large group of small white lights at low altitude, over Grafton. They were moving from North to South and turned East before being lost to view behind trees. (B Taylor)

18 Mar LISMORE NSW 2230hrs 10 mins NL

High in the Northern sky, a circular group of "silver/white" lights were seen by a man. These seemed to be stationary and flashing. (B Taylor)

21 Mar CARLTON BEACH TAS 0015hrs CE1

Swish noise, orange glow from outside. Lights seen moving away to W. No known aircraft in area at time. (TUFOIC.)

23 Mar LISMORE NSW 0002HRS 60 mins NL

Miss H and friend noted large, bright, white lights in the Northern sky with three white beams coming from it. Two smaller orange lights were nearby. After this they simply disappeared. (B Taylor)

23 Mar KAYENA TAS 0303hrs NL

Gold cigar object reported to NE, departs to N at high speed. (TUFOIC.)


Kerry Walker sighted four, very bright, red, stationary round lights. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)

25 Mar BLI BLI & COOLUM QLD 1850hrs CE1

Several female witnesses saw a ring of 10-12 outer lights counter rotating against an inner ring of five lights. 5-10 minutes to go from Coolum to Maroochydore. 200m below clouds (UFOR Sunshine Coast.)

25 Mar EVANDALE TAS 0045hrs NL

Set of four orange lights low to S seen moving away into distance. (TUFOIC.)


Mrs Verna Martin sighted a semi circular set of lights, which looked like huge headlights. White/blue in colour they were stationary. Photos were taken. (AIUFSR NL May 96.)


Mrs K observed a large orange/yellow light hovering over the Pacific highway. (B Taylor)

Apr RED HILLS TAS 1915hrs CE1

Motorist paced by bright blue ball for about a kilometre. (TUFOIC.)


Two people watched a white light to the East, just below the height of trees on the main road a block away. It passed right across the sky north of them and away to the west. (UFORSA)

4 Apr CORNWALL TAS 2120hrs CE1

Motorist sees 2 white lights fill up rear window, then car is lit up by light from above. (TUFOIC.)

6 Apr BRISBANE QLD 1925hrs NL

A fast moving, bright, white light was seen by a Mr Ben Douglas, moving to the East. The light split into two, then three, then five. It carried out complicated manoeuvres until they disappeared. (B Taylor)

10 Apr MORPHETT VALE SA 1901hrs NL

A woman saw two very large, orange lights pulsing on and off. (UFORSA.)

10 Apr MORPHETT VALE SA 1900hrs 5 mins NL

Debra Payne watched two identical, orange coloured, oval shaped lights. They travelled from NNW to the ENE at approximately 30 degrees elevation. They were under the cloud cover. The lights pulsed on and off. Compared to an aircraft seen soon after they were larger than an aircraft's lights. (AIUFSR. NL May 96.)


Unusual lights were reported by Miss H about 4 times in 20 minutes. (B Taylor)


Mr Robert Borland and four others watched a bright, silent orange object. He saw 3-4 balls of flame fall straight down from the object. It approached closer and he noted red and white lights rotating around the object's top third. It travelled South, turned and went out to sea. (B Taylor)


Out of a kitchen window a woman saw a slow moving, dark red light, about the size of a "cricket ball" moving South. (B Taylor)

18 Apr LAWRENCE NSW 2030hrs 10 mins NL

A large orange light was reported just above ground level and it lit up the surrounding area. It seemed to quickly approach then return to its original position. Seen within 200m. (B Taylor)

18 Apr MAITLAND SA 2000hrs 90 mins NL

UFORSA members, alerted to a light in the NE sky attempt to verify its identity. Appears to be a scintillating star. (UFORSA.)


A large, bright, white light, seen by a Mrs C dispersed several, similar green lights. The larger light seemed to go to a low altitude to the East of her. (B Taylor)

19 Apr SYDNEY NSW 1900hrs NL

A "v" formation of white lights was seen by a woman who subsequently found her washing rearranged on the line. (B Taylor)

22 Apr OAKLANDS PARK ADELAIDE SA 0545hrs 10 secs NL

A bright orange light passed directly overhead travelling south, emitting a "crackling" noise. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

25 Apr DALBY/OAKY QLD 0030hrs 1 min NL

Two people in a taxi saw a cluster of 2 white/10 red lights coming from the South South West and moving to North East. It slowed, climbed and left at speed. (UFORQLD NL)

26 Apr HENLEY BEACH SA 2140hrs 4 secs NL

Terri Tamlin watched a dull brown coloured, dome shape, 30 degrees above the western horizon. It moved quickly to the south-west. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

28 Apr WEST WYONG NSW 2110hrs NL

Darren Chamings saw a clear object shaped like a jelly fish with "aqua-blue veins." It went straight over the top of his car. Another then collided with the left hand front of his vehicle. He felt no impact. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)


Driving a man noted an aircraft with its navigation lights on, travelling north. "Out of nowhere" appeared a very bright light in the SW sky moving to the south. Teardrop shaped, as bright as the Sun, it seemed 2-3km away, but only 300m above tree tops

Lost to view. (INUFOR Digest Vol 2 No 1.)

1 May MEADOWS SA 1910hrs NL

To the north, a woman noted two bright, stationary lights, which went on and off. A third light appeared, then a fourth and a fifth. (AIUSRS Newsletter Nov 96.)


Emma and Jamie Fitzgerald saw a large, round, white light coming through clouds. It gradually turned to a pale blue colour. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

3 May STOCKPORT SA (2200-0030) 3-5mins NL

A white, oval light was seen to the south. It slowly moved then reverted to where it had been. Overall, it seemed to move slowly up. (AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97)


Caller reports LITS changing colours red/green/blue, low down in the SE sky. Appears to be a star. (Keith Basterfield.)

8 May PAPER BEACH TAS 1940hrs NL

Cone shaped object to NE radiates red and green lights or beams, shoots off. (TUFOIC.)

15 May PAPER BEACH TAS 1925hrs CE1

Huge light low over river, lights up foreshore. (TUFOIC.)

Mid May MOOLOOBAH QLD 1030hrs CE1

Cigar shaped object three to four kilometres off the ground. White coloured object with no wings or lights. Very fast. Constant sound. No wavering, trail behind ten to twenty lengths of object. (UFOR Sunshine Coast.)

16 May St LUCIA QLD 2045hrs 60 mins NL

While hanging out washing a woman saw a brilliant white light approach her. It came to within 20m over her fence. Coming from the South it left to the North. (UFORQLD NL)

22 May PAPER BEACH TAS 2230hrs NL

Bright light low down moving fast to N. (TUFOIC.)


A woman heard a noise above her house, and her back yard was lit up. She went out but saw nothing. (UFORQLD-NL)

22 May IPSWICH QLD 0015hrs CE3

A woman was out with the dog when she noticed 2, short, glowing beings "with no apparent clothes and dark eyes." During the event the beings "seemed to reassure her mentally." The entities then faded and were no longer present. The event, seemed to occupy one and a quarter hours, but to her lasted only 5 minutes. (UFORQLD NL)

22 May GLADSTONE QLD 2055hrs

Residents reported seeing a light in the sky. Star shaped. Police also saw it and said it was silent and moving too fast to be an aircraft. Joan Mann took a video which appeared on the ADELAIDE channel 10 news. Margaret Noye also saw it. It fluttered and turned from white to blue and red. Air Services Australia stated that there was a helicopter out searching for an emergency beacon signal. (Undated Channel 10 News.)

22 May LILYDALE VIC 1730hrs DD

Rae Fleming noted a round, white object heading East. It moved in a wave like motion, before finally shooting up into the clouds. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

23 May CALOUNDRA QLD 0100-0200hrs 1 hour NL

Two witnesses saw a v shaped object. Three orange lights in left, one blue light in middle at base and three more orange lights on right arm. Distance five hundred metres. Height ten to fifteen metres. (UFOR Sunshine Coast.)

23 May IPSWICH QLD 0500hrs CE3

The same woman as the previous report saw three similar beings in bushland



Lights were reported near the horizon, with rapid movements, and flashing various colours. (UFORQLD NL)

23 May STANTHORPE QLD Early afternoon 20 secs DD

Witness saw a silver disk, reflecting sunlight, in the northern sky. It was travelling quickly. (UFORQLD NL)

24 May PT FAIRY VIC 1920hrs 5 mins CE1

Three people saw three lights, one 300m away, travelling westwards. Each silent light was white and triangular. (AIUSRS NL Nov 96.)

24 May MOYSTON VIC 1915hrs

Simon Clayfield reported a delta-shaped object. It had 2 orange/red lights at the rear, and a flashing blue light on the underside near the front. It silently moved at only some 60-60 km/hr at constant height. (AIUFOFSR Newsletter Aug 96)

24 May ATHELSTONE ADELAIDE SA 2240hrs 10 mins NL

4 people in car see 3 pulsating lights in horizontal line, white in colour. Lost to view by fading. (Keith Basterfield.)


Pink saucer shape in sky, moves off to E. Gone in seconds. (TUFOIC.)

24 May ECHUCA VIC 0050hrs 5-7 mins NL

A witness was on a houseboat on the Murray river about 15km east of Echuca and saw a bright, white light which grew and became a rectangle. It hovered in the sky moving up and down, with red lights around its periphery. It changed to a crescent moon shape and points of light like dust fell from it. It disappeared and appeared again as a sphere. The sighting lasted 5-7 minutes. That day the witness heard of a sighting made from Deniliquin over ABC radio.

(UFORQLD "Encounter" no 175 p8)

26 May NARRE WARREN VIC 2330hrs 20 mins NL

One orange light moving fast and silently. 2 witnesses. (UE)

26 May NARRE WARREN VIC 2330hrs NL

One orange/red light stationary seen by one person. (UE)

26 May CRANBOURNE VIC 2330hrs 10 mins

One orange light, moving fast, flashing and silent. 3 witnesses.(UE)

27 May NARRE WARREN VIC 2330hrs 10mins NL

2 orange/yellow lights moving silently. 1 witness (UE)

27 May NARRE WARREN VIC 2340hrs 15 mins NL

2 orange lights seen by two people. One light was moving while the other appeared. Both silent. (UE)

28 May NARRE WARREN VIC 1950hrs NL

11 people reported 3 orange lights moving fast and silent. (UE)

28 May NARRE WARREN VIC 1945hrs 15 mins NL

One person saw 3 orange lights. Moved silently off in triangle. (UE)

28 May NARRE WARREN VIC 2315hrs 15 mins NL

2 people reported 1 orange light moving silently and fast (UE)

28 May NARRE WARREN VIC 1930hrs NL

1 person saw 2 orange/red lights moving fast and silent. (UE)

28 May NARRE WARREN VIC 1945hrs 10 mins NL

2 orange lights seen. 1 flamed/changed into ball of light. Silent. 2 witnesses. (UE)

28 May HAMPTON PARK VIC 0020hrs NL

1 red light seen moving slowly/flashing. 1 witness. (UE)

28 May BERWICK VIC 1945hrs NL

4 people reported 3 orange lights. 2 lights/another joined/1 stationary/1 circled around the stationary one. (UE)

28 may ENDEV HILLS VIC 1945hrs 20 secs NL

One person saw 3 orange/red/white lights. Triangle/flashing/gliding/silent. (UE)

28 May ENDEV HILLS VIC 2 mins NL

3 white lights seen by one person. Moving circular formation/disappeared. (UE)

28 May NARRE WARREN VIC 1940hrs 10 mins NL

8 people see 3 orange lights moving fast/silent. (UE)

28 May NARRE WARREN VIC 1930hrs 10 mins NL

3 orange/yellow lights seen by two people. 3rd joined 2nd/went into 1/moving fast/silent.

29 May CARLTON VIC 2038hrs NL

1 red lights moving low/disappeared. 1 witness. (UE)

29 May CLAYTON VIC 1845hrs 6 mins NL

1flame seen moving slow/appeared on fire. 1 witness. (1 flame)

29 May NARRE WARREN VIC 0115hrs 15mins NL

2 people see 4 orange lights. Triangle/silent. (UE)

30 May NARRE WARREN VIC 2213hrs NL

2 people. 2 orange/yellow moving/silent lights. (UE)

30 May NARRE WARREN VIC 2107hrs NL

1 orange light by one person. Triangle shape/silent/gliding. (UE)

30 May HAMPTON PARK VIC 1945hrs NL

2 people. 1 orange light moving fast/disappeared. (UE)

30 May 2200hrs NARRE WARREN 20 mins. NL

2 orange lights moving fast seen by 2 people. (UE)

30 May

2 lights by 1 person. Moving/silent. (UE)

30 May NARRE WARREN VIC 2130hrs NL

3 white/blue/silver/orange lights. Stationary, white object/blue and silver sparks spinning/2 orange balls moved from white object. Seen by 6 people. (UE)

31 May CRANBOURNE, MELBOURNE VIC 1400hrs 3-4 mins DD

A woman and two others reported seeing a silver disk She described it as being the size of two large jet planes put together. It was stationary and was seen to have bright lights underneath it. The day was clear and sunny, and yet she spoke of the UFO being within a mist. After a few minutes it simply disappeared in front of their eyes. (UE)

31 May CRANBOURNE VIC 1400hrs 4 mins DD

1 huge, silver disc hovering/orange lights below/vanished. (UE)

31 May DANDENONG VIC 2100hrs 2 secs NL

1 person. 1 green lights. Disappeared in a flash. (UE)

31 May DOVETON VIC 2330hrs 40 secs N:

2 people. 1 orange light. Gliding low/silent. (UE)

31 May NARRE WARREN VIC 0110hrs NL

2 people. 4 orange lights. 3 triangle and 1 following/stationary. (UE)

31 May DOVETON VIC 2200hrs 5 mins. NL

4 people see 1 flame. Oval shape/not solid/silent/gliding. (UE)

31 May ENDEV HILLS VIC 2130hrs NL

3 people see 1 orange light. Moving fast/disappeared. (UE)

Undated May/June IPSWICH QLD NL?

Michelle Mulby's doors and windows vibrated by themselves. (Channel 10 News.)

Undated May/June MT MORGAN QLD NL

Janet Burgess watched a spinning blue light which came from the ground and took off to the SE. (Undated Channel 10 News.)

2 May ECHUCA VIC 0050hrs 5-7 mins NL

A witness was on a houseboat on the Murray river about 15km east of Echuca and saw a bright, white light which grew and became a rectangle. It hovered in the sky moving up and down, with red lights around its periphery. It changed to a crescent moon shape and points of light like dust fell from it. It disappeared and appeared again as a sphere. The sighting lasted 5-7 minutes. That day the witness heard of a sighting made from Deniliquin over ABC radio.

(UFORQ:LD "Encounter" no 175 p8)

Jun ST LUCIA QLD 1900hrs 30mins CE1

Two women watched a bright light approaching their house and heard a noise like a helicopter. They realised it was a round disk which then proceeded to land in her backyard, which is a very small area. She switched off the dining room light to get a better view. It was the size of a small car. She was amazed how it could have come down without touching the clothes line or the trees. The helicopter hovered over the other side of the house. The daughter, aged 17 went to her room to look out of a triangle window (A frame house) near her book case. As she looked the reflection of the Moon shone on it making it look like a shiny, silver paper.

The object then rose to eye level and she saw yellow/orange lights like holographic swirling. then it went up over the house and flew off in a westerly direction followed by the helicopter. The time was now 1930hrs.

Glennys is still investigating. However, it seems that three streets away a lady hanging out her washing reported a UFO flew over her house and disappeared somewhere down the street. A man phones radio 4BC and claimed he saw a UFO while driving towards Indooroopilly around 1900hrs. (Glennys Mackay.)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1940hrs 10mins NL

3 orange lights seen by 1 witness. Moving fast/silent. (UE)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1800hrs 15 mins NL

6 people see 3 orange lights. Moving slow/on top of each other. (UE)

2 Jun DEVON MEADOWS VIC 2115hrs 5 mins NL

1 flame seen by 1 person. Stationary. (UE)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 0600hrs 15 mins NL

4 people. 2 orange lights. 2 stationary/1 white object came from the objects and flashed/disappeared. (UE)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN 1945hrs 10 mins NL

2 people. 2 orange/red lights. 1 moved slowly before the other/silent. (UE)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1900hrs 10 mins NL

2 orange lights seen by 2 people. Rotating/silent/flashing. (UE)

2 Jun BERWICK VIC 2130hrs 2 mins. NL

2 people. 1 orange light moving fast/dimming/silent. (UE)

2 Jun ENDEV HILLS VIC 2300hrs NL

2 people. I orange/white light/ "V" shape flashing/silent/moved over top of car. (UE)

2 Jun ENDEV HILLS VIC 2100hrs NL

4 people. 1 white light moving fast/silent. (UE)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1845hrs 10 mins NL

4 people. 2 orange/red lights. 2 together/stopped/1 went off the other flashing/silent/both disappeared. (UE)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1845hrs 5 mins NL

2 people. 2 orange/yellow lights moving fast/silent. (UE)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2121hrs 3 mins NL

2 people. 2 orange lights. 1 moving then reversed/another one joined and started flashing/silent. (UE)

2 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2030hrs 15 mins NL

2 people. 1 fire. Silent/ball of fire moved fast over house. (UE)

4 Jun BERWICK VIC 2000hrs 15 mins NL

2 people. 1 orange light moving slow and flashing. (UE)


2 people. 3 orange lights. Silent/3 together, 1 shot off/another shot off. (UE)

4 Jun SPRINGVALE VIC 2000hrs 3 mins NL

1 witness. 1 yellow light. Stationary/silent/disappeared. (UE)

6 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2115hrs 3 mins.NL

1 witness. 4 orange lights moving in horizontal line/silent. (UE)

6 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2115hrs 5 mins NL

4 people. 4 orange/red lights. 1 stationary light then 4 in horizontal line/3 formed a triangle/all joined together then faded/silent. (UE)

6 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2115hrs 5 mins NL

2 people. 4 orange lights. 1 lower then the other 3/arc formation as they moved slowly. (UE)

6 Jun ENDEV HILLS VIC 2120hrs 30 mins NL

7 witnesses see 7 gold lights. 3 in step formation/another joined in a horizontal line/Another joined and one by one they flashed and disappeared. (UE)

6 Jun BERWICK VIC 1940hrs 4 mins NL

1 person. 1 orange/red light moving slow. (UE)

6 Jun BERWICK VIC 1945hrs 2 mins. NL

1 person. 1 orange/red light moving fast in an arc/silent. (UE)

7 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 0115hrs 12 mins NL

1 person. 4 yellow lights. Low moving horizontal line/silent./1 changed to oval shape. (UE)

7 Jun PRESTON VIC 2320hrs 5 mins NL

2 people. 1 orange light moving low/silent/disappeared. (UE)


30 people. 6 orange lights. Vertical position/dropped behind trees. (UE)

7 Jun PAKENHAM VIC 2230hrs 10 mins. NL

2 people. 3 orange lights. 2 close together/another 1 joined/silent/slow moving. (UE)


4 people. 5 orange lights moving horizontal/silent. (UE)

7 Jun CRANBOURNE VIC 2130hrs 15 mins. NL

3 people. 5 orange lights moving silently horizontal. (UE)


6 people. 5 orange/red lights moving horizontal/silent. (UE)

7 Jun CRANBOURNE VIC 2000hrs 10 mins NL

8 people. 5 orange lights stationary/moved/disappeared in a flash/silent. (UE)


2 people. 4 orange lights. 3 in triangle/1 apart/moving then stationary. (UE)

7 Jun CRANBOURNE VIC 2130hrs 20 mins NL

3 people. 5 orange lights. 5 in "L" shape/3 kept formation/other 2 drifted apart. (UE)

8 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2037hrs 8 mins NL

1 person. 6 orange lights. 3 in triangle/3 more appeared/flames. (UE)

8 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2100hrs 3 mins NL

2 people. 3 orange lights. 1 light/2 lights/3lights/ 2 crossed paths/1 had something fall from it. (UE)


2 people. 5 orange lights. 1 appeared/4 joined/silent. (UE)

8 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2130hrs 5 mins NL

2 people. 6 orange lights. Moving fast/disappeared/silent/1 like a flame. (UE)


2 people. 5 orange lights. 1 lower in horizontal line. (UE)

8 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2145hrs 10 mins. NL

5 people. 5 orange lights. 2 lights/followed by 3 more/moving fast/silent. (UE)

8 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2045hrs 5 mins. NL

2 people. 5 orange/red lights. 2 lights/followed by 3/broke formation heading 2 different directions/silent/ fast/ moving. (UE)

8 Jun BERWICK VIC 2050hrs NL

12 people. 3 orange lights/slow moving/silent. (UE)

8 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2045hrs 10 mins NL

23 people. 4 orange lights. 1 light moved fast then stopped/others moved in another direction/silent. (UE)

8 Jun DARGO VIC 2200hrs NL

3 people. 1 orange light moving fast/silent. (UE)


1 person. 5 orange lights spread over different directions. (UE)

8 Jun MAGILL SA 2140hrs NL

2 people saw 7 very bright red/orange lights moving slowly West. The lights finally disappeared to the North East after about 7 minutes. (UFORSA.)

8 Jun TRANMERE SA 2150hrs NL

2 people saw 6-8 red/orange lights moving to the East. with slow vertical and horizontal movement. The objects took 20-25 minutes to disappear from view, possibly behind the hills. (UFORSA).

8 Jun MAGILL ADELAIDE SA 2205hrs 7 mins NL

Maureen Roberts saw 7 bright yellow lights to her East. The intensity of the lights decreased as they travelled across the eastern sky. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

9 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2200hrs 4 mins NL

2 people. 1 orange light slow moving. (UE)


3 people. 2 yellow lights side by side/1 moved followed by the other. (UE)

9 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2115hrs 5 mins NL

1 person. 1 orange/red pulsating light. (UE)

10 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1915hrs NL

1 person. 2 orange lights moving fast. (UE)

10 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1905hrs 15 mins NL

4 people. 1 orange lights seen moving in one direction then changed/silent/pulsating. (UE)

10 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1930hrs 15 mins NL

2 people. 1 orange light moving in one direction then changed/silent/pulsating. (UE)

11 Jun BELL BAY TAS 2030hrs NL

A single witness reported a dull grey, domed top object. Lights appeared beneath it as it curved towards the witness, who quickly went indoors. (TUFOIC.)

11 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1900hrs 10 mins. NL

3 people. 1 orange light silent/moving. (UE)

11 Jun DOVETON VIC 1900hrs 10 mins NL

2 people. 1 orange pulsating light. (UE)

11 Jun GLENROY VIC 2030hrs 10 mins NL

2 people. 1 orange light. Zig/zag movements/ silent/tail of light flicking every few seconds. (UE)

11 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1905hrs NL

3 people. 1 orange light hovering/travelled parallel to witnesses in car. (UE)

12 Jun SA

An oil rig worker saw a dark shape with orange lights buzzing around it like bees. The lights eventually went into the shape which disappeared. On the following night another oil worker, not knowing of the first incident, saw a dark shape with one orange light buzzing around it. This single light also went into the shape which disappeared. (UFORSA.)


1 person. 1 orange light moving/silent/disappeared/came back 20 mins later. (UE)


2 people. 1 white light changed to red sphere/dimmed and travelled/changed into silver disc/2 more nearby/disc changed into an orange sphere then red and blue flashing lights. (UE)


A lady at Henley Beach had a very real "dream" of an orange light in/around her bed room. She awoke terrified, convinced there was a presence in her room. On the 14 June there were many sightings of orange lights over ADELAIDE, however the woman maintained that she had no knowledge of this until the morning of the 15 June. (UFORSA.)

14 Jun KEW VIC 2245hrs NL

1 person. 3 yellow lights moving fast/changed into triangle formation/silent. (UE)14 14


6 people. 3 orange/red lights. 2 passed over each other and formed a triangle/silent. (UE)

14 Jun NTH BALWYN VIC 2230hrs 15 mins NL

4 people. 3 orange/red lights in triangular formation/hovering/silent. (UE)15 June

15 Jun SYDNEY NSW 0900hrs DD

Man reported seeing a silver, point source sized object in a clear sky. Travelling N. (Keith Basterfield.)

15 Jun DANDENONG NORTH VIC 1830hrs 6 mins NL

2 people. 1 orange light below cloud line/rose in an arc/moving fast/dimmed/disappeared. (UE)

15 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 1830hrs 3 mins. NL

1 person. 1 orange light moving fast/silent/disappeared. (UE)

15 Jun CRYSTAL BROOK SA 2020hrs NL

A bullet shaped blinking orange light was seen, heading south. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

16 Jun WOODEND VIC 0330hrs Noise/glow

1 person. Loud bang/outside all the trees had an orange glow. (UE)


1 person. 8-9 orange/red lights moving slowly in formation. (UE)

16 Jun STH CAULFIELD VIC 2340hrs 10 mins NL

2 people. 6 orange lights moving fast/star pattern/silent. (UE)

16 Jun KEW VIC 2330hrs 20 mins NL

1 person. 9 orange lights. 8 moving lights/another joined/silent/gathered in groups of 3 as they disappeared. (UE)

16 Jun HAWTHORN VIC 2330hrs 10 mins NL

4 people. 9 orange lights moving over house/silent/3 triangle 5 cross 1 following. (UE)

17 Jun SEATON ADELAIDE SA 2110hrs 6 mins NL

Ron Jackson watched an orange, cigar shaped light, move silently heading West. He saw r balls come down, three were white, one blue the other red. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

17 Jun 96 KIMBA SA 0530hrsNL

Laurel Foote woke to view a large, orange light in her bedroom window. It was round, purple on the outside and orange in the centre. The light disappeared from this western window and shone through her northern window. Her dog, was asleep at the end of the bed, but was undisturbed. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

17 Jun BERWICK VIC 1900hrs NL

1 person. 1 orange light moving fast/disappeared/silent. (UE)

17 Jun RUSHWORTH VIC 1905hrs NL

1 person. 8 orange lights moving fast/silent. (UE)

17 Jun CLAYTON VIC 1930hrs 10 mins. NL

3 people. Slow moving white, blinking lights/silent. (UE)

17 Jun CAUFIELD VIC 1840hrs 3 mins NL

2 people. 1 red/blue/white light moving fast/flashing/silent. (UE)

18 Jun SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS NSW 2145hrs Approx 15 sec NL

Mr Mark Griffiths and a workmate of Moss Vale watched a large object, gold to burnished silver in colour, travel from the South-West to north East. A change of altitude and direction was noticed. There was no sound, and no navigation lights. It left a vapour trail in clear sky. (ACRUFO).

18 Jun SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS NSW 0900hrs 20 secs DD

Mr Steven Gotting of Mittagong was mobile in Victoria street, Bowral. He stopped his vehicle and noticed a large, black, solid looking object (tubular in shape) hover, before moving off at high speed towards the East. It was a clear, morning sky. There was no sound and no wind at ground level. (ACRUFO).

19 Jun KIMBA SA 1745hrs 10mins NL

Six people saw a red light on an evening where there were several short duration local power failures. (AIUFSRS NL Nov 96.)

19 Jun MEADOWS SA 1910hrs NL

A family saw 2 white lights with a dark oval shape fly over them for about 6 minutes. (UFORSA.)

19 Jun MORUYA NSW 1955hrs CE1

Three women in a vehicle sighted a large object, hovering over scrub near the side of the road. They decided not to stop. (INUFOR Digest Vol 2 No 1.)

19 Jun NAROOMA NSW 2035hrs NL

Hovering over trees, a bright, white light was seen by a family to their west. Larger than the Moon they watched through binoculars. It had two large lights on it, and a series of smaller, dimmer lights. It moved off slowly then shot off to the west. (INUFOR Digest Vol 2 No 1.)

20 Jun NAROOMA NSW 0600hrs NL

On the way to his work a witness sighted a larger than Moon sized white light. (INUFOR Digest Vol 2 No 1.)

20 Jun NOARLUNGA SA 0630hrs NL

A woman saw 3 lights in a triangular shape.. A white light appeared to shine up from the formation to the clouds. The husband of the woman also saw an object at Aldinga at 0545hrs. (UFORSA.)

21 Jun BONBEACH VIC 2330hrs NL

2 people. 6 orange lights. Stationary/wits under the lights/moving slow/silent. (UE)


A triangular shaped object was seen. It had 2 red lights on the ends and a group of white lights on the underside near the middle. It was stationary for 5 minutes then banked and when nearly at ground level it disappeared. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

22 Jun SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS NSW 2320hrs 10 sec NL

A motorist and two passengers travelling south on the F5 highway at Canyonliegh, watched one large, and two smaller objects travel from the North East to the South West, flying in formation. They were dull yellow to orange in colour. They had no navigation lights on, and their altitude was estimated at 1500 (met report check confirmed 1200m). The witnesses arrived at East Goulburn and was told by the host of the barbecue they were attending that they had also seen the objects go over. (Southern Highland News and Highlands Post). (ACRUFO).

22 Jun NARRE WARREN VIC 2340hrs (10-15mins) NL

Two orange lights were watched by 8 people as they came from the SSW straight towards the observers. They were travelling faster than normal aircraft. They slowed down after about 3-4 minutes to a very slow speed, holding an equal distance apart. About 2 minutes into the observation they began to roll in formation in a clockwise direction. When at about 45 degrees, they began to move apart again. One appeared to move back while moving up at approximately 10 degrees to the SSE. The other appeared top move back to the SW maintaining level flight. The first was lost in cloud cover, the other moved away until too dim to see. They were completely silent, and flying into the wind. (Melbourne Nexus Association.)

22 June SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS NSW 2315hrs 30 sec NL

Master Jason Wood and a mate of Welby were staying at his Grandfather's home. They called to the Grandfather and asked him to look out side at the bright light moving over the house. He told the kids to settle down for the night. The next day Jason and his mate were drawing what they had seen the night before. Mr Woodward thought no more about it until he picked up the paper on Monday morning (Headlines UFOs seen over Highlands). He telephoned Les at ACRUFO to report what his Grandson had seen. (ACRUFO).

24 Jun VALE PARK ADELAIDE SA 2010hrs 5 mins NL

An object which hovered and seemed to move slowly up and down was visible. Two bright, white lights were flashing on the front and back, while other dimmer lights flashed in a line between the bright lights. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)

24 Jun HAMPTON VIC 2115hrs NL

1 witness. 2 orange lights ,hovering slow/silent/3 hrs later 1 over the house. (UE)


A group of 10 people saw a large, orange light which flared green and dropped 2 fire balls before disappearing to the south. (UFORSA.)

28 Jun DOVETON VIC 2105hrs NL

2 witnesses. 1 orange light moving fast. (UE)

28 Jun BELLENDER KER QLD 2130 5-10mins CE1

9 people, travelling in a station wagon observed a stationary object as they drove along. It shot off at speed to the SE then stopped. As they travelled on it approached on a converging course with them, to a height of some 150m. It stopped above the highway to their W. All of them got out of the vehicle to look.

Some 40 secs later it moved off slowly to the WNW, climbing upwards and gaining speed. It was described as triangular in shape with a bank of huge, circular lights underneath it. Although bright, these lights did not illuminated the ground. On the back of the object were purple and red lights blinking, with a row of blinking green lights above them. No sound reported. (UFORFNQ)


Four adults saw a silent, golden to silver object, as large as a jet fighter. Seen to hover over the path of a commercial airliner, before moving off at high speed. (ACRUFO)


3 people noted three objects, one larger than the others, information, travelling from North East to South West under cloud cover (1500m). (ACRUFO)


Mr Craig Brown and three other adults were camped in the Meryla State Forest at a point called Patons fire Trail;. They were watching an airliner heading South West when they noticed an object travel across the path of the airliner. It appeared to stop over the plane before pendulating, then moved off at high speed. It was goldish to bright silver in colour. There was no sound and no navigation lights visible. They watched the object move across the sky and go behind a large bank of clouds forming in the West. Miss Annamaranda Witzel, the second witness told Les that both her boyfriend and his father both had flying experience. (ACRUFO).

1 Jul SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS NSW 2350hrs 12-15sec NL

Mr Derik Bowers of Yerrinbool had just arrived at his home and was getting out of his car when he was startled by a blinding flash. He said it appeared to light up all of the ground around his house. He looked up to see an airliner going South and noticed a white/silver vapour trail over the plane that only lasted for a couple of seconds. (ACRUFO).

1 Jul HAPPY VALLEY SA 0440hrs CE1

A rectangular object was reportedly hovering 2-3m above a house for thirty minutes. Red/green/blue/yellow lights were noted. It then moved slowly away. (AIUFSRS NL Nov 96.)

7 July BOX HILL VIC 2100hrs 45 secs NL

2 witnesses reported 1 flashing white light with precise fast movement. It seemed to be high and moved behind a cloud, but still could be seen flashing. (UE)

8 Jul KENSINGTON SA 1630hrs 10-15mins DD

A student noted a golden/silver cigar/circular object which moved slowly across the sky, then made a sharp turn and moved south-east. It flashed every 4 seconds. (AIUFSRS NL Nov 96.)

13 Jul SEAFORD VIC 2035hrs 10 mins NL

2 large orange lights, silently travelled, at a high altitude, moving close together seen by 8 people. (UE)

14 Jul CRAIGMORE SA 2035HRS 2-3mins NL

Two golden/white lights moved to the south-east and simply vanished. (AIUFSRS NL Nov 96.)


A male reported seeing an orange light in the sky. (UFORSA)

16 Jul CARRUM DOWNS VIC 2355hrs 5 mins NL

2 large, orange lights were seen at low level, moving silently and slowly. (UE)

16 Jul SEAFORD VIC 2230hrs 20mins NL

2 very bright orange lights were seen at high level. They were joined by another 2 orange lights. All were silent. One veered off and the other three travelled on. (UE)

16 Jul FRANKSTON NORTH VIC 2245hrs 15 mins NL

4 people reported seeing 4 orange lights travelling in formation. 2 together and 2 behind. All were silent. One of them then emitted a ray of light and moved away from the others. Lost sight of another leaving 2. One of these descended, flickered and disappeared. (UE)

16 Jul FRANKSTON NORTH VIC 2230hrs 15 mins NL

4 orange lights moving steadily were seen by 3 people. The lights were close together and moved silently. One descended then disappeared (UE)

16 Jul FRANKSTON NORTH VIC 2230hrs 4 mins NL

6 people telephoned to report 4 orange lights, 2 lower than the others. They were silent, steady movement, then disappeared. (UE)

17 Jul YARRA JUNCTION VIC 1930hrs 5 mins NL

2 orange/red lights moving slowly horizontally/darting back and forth, then disappeared. (UE)

17 Jul BERWICK VIC 2340hrs 45 mins NL

1 orange light stationary, then moved off very fast with a white and lime green flash. (UE)

17 Jul FRANKSTON VIC 2230hrs 20 secs NL

4 white/orange lights silently moved together across the sky. (UE)

17 Jul SOUTHERN TABLELANDS NSW 0100hrs 50-60 sec CE1

Mr Bruce Claymore of South Nowra was camping with four mates at a place called Abercrombie (river flat crossing). They said they had pitched their tent in the sandy river bed and decided to go spot lighting up on Bumble Top mountain. They had just reached the top when they saw a dull glow in the valley below them. They stopped their vehicle and watched as the light became brighter. Mr Claymore said he thought it might be more spotlighters and turned the lights off on his 4 X 4. The unknown light appeared to be shining out of something, and that the object stopped for only a second and then shot up vertically from the valley floor to within only a few meters of them. It moved back and forth and then moved off at high speed. The main witness's report came to Les via a garage attendant who said the men told them they were not going back for the camping gear. (ACRUFO.)

18 Jul LAGUNA BAY QLD 0745hrs NL

Taxi driver at Noosa observed red lights over bay accompanied by brown and blue light. On same day reports of red and blue flashing lights over from Noose-Cabundra. (UFOR Sunshine Coast.)


One orange/red light pulsated as it moved across the sky. Just before the light was seen, a white flash was seen in the sky. Then a helicopter moved across the sky from right to left. Just as the helicopter disappeared, the orange light came from the same direction as the helicopter and moved in the same direction, until no longer seen. (UE)


A trainee pilot reported a light following the aircraft. It was seen after landing, to be a bright light to the north. Further details when known. (TUFOIC.)


Robert and Julia Verbis sighted three silent, bright, slightly oval, orange lights moving from the NE to the E below cloud level. (AIUFOFSR NL Aug 96)


A wedding party saw strange orange lights. (INUFOR Digest Vol 2 No 1.)

21 Jul PARK HOLME ADELAIDE SA 0000hrs 3-4 secs NL

A yellow/orange light was seen which disappeared into clouds. (UFORSA)


A light was observed which the witness said turned out to be a star. (UFORSA)

24 Jul GREENWITH, ADELAIDE SA 2300hrs Mins N

A young woman noted an unusual set of lights at night. Alerting others, a total of six women, viewing through a large window, which provides a view down a gully on the outskirts of ADELAIDE, saw the lights. These lights were described as a s et of four red/orange lights in a square, surrounding by smaller lights. These smaller lights were alternatively navy blue and white. The whole set was stationary. One woman went for binoculars but by the time she returned the lights had faded slowly, come back on momentarily then faded and went out. No associated sound. In daylight the women thought the object had been on the ground some 1km away on a hillside. A number of them walked to the location and reported finding a cluster of small holes in the ground. Alan Jones and Keith Basterfield inspected the spot but believed the holes may have been due to spiders. (UFORSA).

25 Jul KILSYTH VIC 2315hrs 1 min NL

One orange light silently moved overhead, seen by 1 person. (UE)

26 Jul UPPER BEACONSFIELD NSW 2300hrs 8 mins NL

2 orange/yellow lights/stationary in a vertical position. Silent, then moved to be parallel to each other. (UE)

26 Jul EAST RINGWOOD VIC 1845hrs 10 mins NL

1 big, stationary, low down, white light emitting a white glow. (UE)

28 Jul CLEARVIEW SA 0110hrs 5mins NL

Three orange lights, sighted by two people. Two lights were travelling slowly, but the third one was moving quickly. (AIUFSRS NL Nov 96.)

29 Jul GRAFTON NSW (0730-1035hrs)

20 people observed a "star" visible in the clear morning sky. The object over the period of observation moved towards the south At 1035hrs Barry observed a small, bright light came into view. It was moving fast towards the south. The silver orb was kept in sight for about 10 seconds. It seemed to veer to the left as it went into the distance. It seemed to be 6000 metres up.

That evening at 2045hrs, Barry and another person saw a bright orange/red light in the sky. It slowly moved towards him. An identical light followed the first. Their altitude was about 500-600 metres and about 5-800 metres away. They seemed to float past, in a smooth steady flight. There was no sound. 8 minutes worth of video was secured, until they slowly went from view in the east north eastern direction over Mount Tucabia. (Barry Taylor.)

2 Aug FREELING SA 2000hrs 10 mins NL-ID

A call was received from a Mrs F. reporting that she had seen a white light in the direction of Gawler, some 20-30 degrees above her horizon. This light, which was ill defined, i.e. not clearly outlined, was ,moving backwards and forwards in the sky.

TV channel 7 carried a news item the following night with interviews of some Gawler residents who had seen a similar light. On the following night the same channel advised during its news service that a searchlight was responsible for the sightings. (UFORSA).

5 Aug BACHUS MARSH VIC 1920hrs 20 mins NL

One red/green light moving fast, disappearing then appearing. Another light, the same, moved towards it then disappeared. (UE)

6 Aug TABULUM NSW 1030hrs

At least six people observed a UFO. It was seen hovering and slowly moving about the Tabulum area, west of Casino. Radio station ZZZ in Lismore was alerted. (Barry Taylor.)

6 Aug PORT AUGUSTA SA 2330hrs 45-50secs NL

A man sighted a white light travelling to the south-east. It was brighter than anything else in the sky and turned a blue white light as it moved down to the horizon, being lost to sight behind trees. There was no sound; the light did not break into parts. The sky was clear. (UFORSA)

7 Aug FRANKSTON VIC 1905hrs 1 min NL

One person reported seeing a flash in the sky, then a bright, white light came from the same direction, travelling very fast and silent. (UE)

9 Aug BORDERTOWN SA 2145hrs 5 secs CE1

A woman, travelling by car, sighted an intense light and heard a sound. It seemed only 50m up and disappeared. (AIUFSRS NL Nov 96.)

10 Aug NARACOORTE SA 2130hrs NL

A woman travelling by car saw a blue light for a couple of seconds, ahead to the left of the vehicle. It was large, round and of constant brightness. (UFORSA.)

11 Aug ALTONA VIC 2037hrs NL

One white light moved across the sky very fast, then turned and travelled in the other direction. It turned back again then disappeared. It was high up and silent. (UE)

11 Aug WALLAROO SA 2330hrs

A 17 year old man watched a strange object in the sky. It was bullet shaped and had a flame coming from it. It was zig zagging around. There was an unusual noise coming from it, which was not described. (UFORSA)


While driving along Nelson Road a woman looked up through the windscreen to see 3 lights in the sky. The centre one was pulsing while the other 2 weren't. She looked back and the lights had gone. (UFORSA)

12 Aug HACKHAM WEST, ADELAIDE, SA 2105hrs 1-2mins NL

A woman was inside a house looking East. She saw 2 red lights, oval in shape, in the East. They went in a straight line, one behind the other. There was no sound. (UFORSA)


A man travelling some 50km out of Glen Innes reported seeing a large light hovering over trees, only some 200m away from him. (K Basterfield.)

14 Aug KADINA SA 0600hrs 30mins NL

Three people spotted a bright light in the Northern sky. A red light on it flashed from time to time. It was stationary. Probably astronomical source. (UFORSA.)

14 Aug NARACOORTE SA 2130hrs Secs NL

A woman, travelling by car, saw a blue light to the left front of the vehicle. It was about the size of a star. (UFORSA)

16 Aug QLD

An ADELAIDE radio report spoke of an "intense blue light" 'lighting up' South-East Queensland like an 'atom bomb.' (K Basterfield.)

20 Aug MINLATON SA 1830hrs NL

Leaving work, a man saw two lights in the sky to his ENE. These lights radiated red and blue colours. Some 3km later, he stopped his car and saw that the lights hadn't changed position. He viewed them through binoculars. One minute later, one of the lights, the bottom one, took off into the SSE and vanished over the horizon in 30 seconds. The other light remained stationary. (UFORSA.)

23 Aug CAMPBELL TOWN TAS 2030hrs Poss CE1

Two witnesses travelling north on highway reported a silver/grey, cigar shaped object, low to the west of the road. It moved over the road ahead and was last seen above paddocks. (TUFOIC.)

24 Aug TORRENSVILLE, ADELAIDE, SA (0410-0415hrs) 5 mins NL

Two people saw a circular shape, sized between a star and a full moon size. It was orange and slowly pulsing. It travelled in a straight line from SE to NE at a 45 degree angle. It then reversed direction.

3 weeks ago at 0015hrs the same witness saw a single orange light 45 degree in the NE. It made a sudden directional and speed change.

In 1979 the same witness, when at Coober Pedy, SA, watched a bright white light pass between him and a hill 600m away. It emitted a series of coloured lights. It came low, and a white light came from it and went to the ground. It stayed around for 1 minute then it departed. (UFORSA.)

24 Aug GULNARE SA 0445hrs

A man rose to see why his dogs were barking. He saw a red light to the north-east low down near the horizon. There was no sound and it appeared 2-3 long as it was wide. (UFORSA)

25 Aug SNOWTOWN SA 1915hrs NL

Eyewitnesses reported a bright, orange light, travelling from north to south. Half an hour later, more orange lights were noted. They were seen above Snowtown, with two in front and four behind flying in a roughly diamond shape. One light departed from the rest until it hit the ground. Police investigations indicate the source was a flight of plastic garbage bags. (The Plains Producer 28/8/96.)


Between 1830-0040hrs reports from numerous persons of large orange lights or balls, carrying out various unusual manoeuvres, e.g. launching off the ground, drifting, changing direction, hovering, even dropping into the ocean. Durations ranged from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. (UFOR Sunshine Coast.)


On two occasions a man woke to recall "voices" had been talking to him during the night. (K Basterfield.)

28 Aug PROSPECT, ADELAIDE, SA 0240hrs 45mins NL

A young woman went outside to have a cigarette and to look at the stars. She saw a white, pulsating light in the sky to the East over the ADELAIDE hills. She lined it up with the side of a wall and it moved, soundlessly, to the left and upward. Most likely an astronomical source. (UFORSA.)


Two witnesses travelling by car see a pinkish glowing area over a hilltop to their south west. There seemed to be a number of star like lights inside the glow. The lights were just moving about in an erratic manner. After watching several minutes the witness drove on. (TUFOIC)


A Mr Brian Evens reported an unusual red "star" in the night sky to the east north east. The object was very slowly moving away. (Barry Taylor.)


A Mr Brian Evens reported an unusual red "star" in the night sky to the east north east. The object was very slowly moving away. (Barry Taylor.)


A "burning object" was reported in the sky. (UFORSA.)

2 Sep

Peter Khoury received a call from a Mr Crawford who had just watched the Midday programme on Channel 9 and noticed Kelly Cahill was discussing her 1993 UFO encounter in the Dandenong Ranges. He remembered the night he was woken up between 1 and 3 a.m. by a noise in the night sky. He looked outside his bedroom window and saw an object about 100 metres up and 3-400 metres away to the north north west. It was shining a bright light which lit up the area as bright as day. Mr Crawford woke his wife and they both watched the object. "In the blink of an eye it was 100 metres up and 50 metres away to the north north west.' Mr Crawford pulled on his trousers and grabbed a camera and raced outside but the object was out of sight. (UFOESA.)

4 Sep BURNSIDE, ADELAIDE, SA 2245hrs 2 mins NL

A bright, yellow light, with a tail "like a comet" travelled West to East with a lateral shaking movement. There was no noise. It disappeared over hills as it was watched by 4 people. (UFORSA.)

5 Sep PROSPECT SA 2120hrs 10mins NL

Three white lights were observed in the north-western sky by a student. After zig zagging around there was a flash of light and they disappeared. (AIUFSRS NL Nov 96.)

5 Sep GOLDEN GROVE SA 0130hrs NL

A white triangular mass of light was viewed in the NW sky over a few minutes. (K Basterfield.)


Five people sighted a very bright, white light to the north north east. It was at 10,000 metres or less. Stationary at first, it slowly rose up, then moved to the west a short distance, stopped and went down. It then moved off towards the east, where it suddenly spiralled downwards, until buildings obscured their view. (Barry Taylor.)

7 Sep ALLENBY GARDENS SA 2335hrs 3-4mins NL

In the north western sky, an orange, circular object was seen. After moving, it stopped for 30-60 seconds before moving off again. (AIUFSRS NL Nov 96.)

7 Sep MORGAN SA 2000hrs NL

While out camping a bright orange light travelled NW to E. It dulled in colour, changed direction and went south, then shot off, becoming very bright.

At (2100-2130)hrs another bright orange light was seen going W to E. It changed to bright orange then shot off to the East. There was nil sound.

Next morning the neighbour reported seeing a similar thing. (UFORSA.)


One kilometre out of Kadina driving towards Wallaroo, a woman noted a collection of lights. One big white one with a bluish tinge. There was a light on either side. (UFORSA.)


Two adults and children in a car noted a "large star" which grew bigger in size. It became a huge, white light which split into two. There was no effect on the car. The two lights merged into one. Later, it repeated this splitting and reunion. (UFORSA.)

9 Sep EASTERN AUSTRALIA 2030hrs Few secs

Mt Victoria NSW

A pilot reported a bright, white light travelling to the NW which lit up trees.

Coonabarabran NSW

Astronomer noted a cigar shape, silver coloured object moving to the NW.

Upper Caboolture QLD

Two people noted what appeared to be a "flaming object" descending. An orange flash then lit the sky. Seen to the SW. (Martin Gottschall UFORQLD NL 172 p 14 citing Paul Sowiak of UFORNSW.)

9 Sep KADINA SA 2115hrs 30 secs NL

A number of people were in a car when they saw a light in the sky. It looked like one big light with 2 or 3 smaller lights on either side. The light was very bright white, with a bluish tinge. They no sooner saw it than it disappeared. (UFORSA.)

9 Sep GYMPIE QLD (2000-2030hrs) 10 mins

A Mr G. B. of Gympie was driving along Pine Street Gympie eastern side towards the Bruce Highway when he noticed a bright, orange ball of coloured light in the sky. He stoped the car and got out. The object was about 45 degrees elevation and off to the west. It was travelling slowly towards the east. It looked like it was only about 300-500 metres high, as it seemed to light up the ground below, i.e. the tree tops, if only slightly. He described it as about the size of a little fingernail at arms length. It looked to have a fuzzy flame on one side , the trailing side. After 10 minutes it suddenly picked up speed and did an abrupt right angle turn and sped off, and was going in a few seconds, leaving a light trail. The angle of the turn it made was toward the witness, which meant that it would have been going south. (UFOHSAR.)

10 Sep ALSTONVILLE NSW 1930hrs 20 mins NL

A very bright green object was seen to the south by two people. The green lights on the stationary object turned red before it slowly diminished in size and disappeared from view. (Barry Taylor.)

10 Sep GYMPIE QLD 2010hrs NL

A Ms R.P. reported an orange light low in the sky. It was moving slowly and was travelling from north west to east. It was about the quarter size of the Moon and did not seem to be high in the sky. It was watched for 10-12 minutes, and looked as though it had some sort of flame on one side, but not like the flame of a fire, more misty like. Then it suddenly shot off and disappeared in a trice. (UFOHSAR.)


Witness sighted bright green light to the north west. Then surprised to see it ahead of car as travelled south. The light dropped from the sky and was obscured by nearby trees. It subsequently appeared to the right and left of the road. It was last seen as the witness arrived home in Launceston. (TUFOIC.)

14 Sep UNLEY PARK, ADELAIDE SA 2000hrs Secs NL

A man was out driving his car when he had a momentary view of a round light between trees. This light was flashing red, blue and white. There was no associated sound. Suggest probable astronomical. (UFORSA.)

15 Sep VICTOR HARBOUR, SA 0120hrs 2-3 secs NL

High overhead, travelling S to SE, was a pin point light, coloured orange/yellow/red which moved in a straight line then curved off to the right. (UFORSA.)

17 Sep KADINA SA 2115hrs Secs NL

Three orange lights were sighted by a woman, which were travelling in a line. This line then took on a triangular formation. Seen through a bedroom window. Possibly hot air balloons. (K Basterfield.)

18 Sep BURNIE TAS 2335hrs NL

Motorist travelling home on wet evening suddenly notices group of 5 large, bright, orange lights in a line just over the sea alongside highway. Lights not moving but look to be low and close by. Witness has to concentrate on driving, when looks back lights have gone. (TUFOIC.)


Ms R. P. sighted a similar thing to the 10 Sep, except that it appeared from the south-west this time and flashed out of sight towards the east after moving slowly. (UFOHSAR.)

24 Sep BURNIE TAS 2215hrs NL

A flashing yellow/orange light was seen after a witness went out to look at the night sky. It was in the south and moving rapidly up and down from 30 to 60 degrees elevation. It was observed for 30 seconds before it departed at speed into the north-west sky. Took 4-5 seconds to leave. (TUFOIC.)


A woman called to report three moving lights in a triangular shape. Seemed to be a very low, and flashing. (K Basterfield.)

25 Sep COMPTON, SYDNEY, NSW 2140hrs (CST) NL

Report of a red light which appeared to be coming in to land. It was first seen as a star like object then became brighter. (K Basterfield.)

25 Sep ADELAIDE, SA 2000hrs NL

A red ball of light with a tail was seen travelling North in the Eastern sky. (J Burford.)

26 Sep NEWCASTLE TO SYDNEY, NSW 2045hrs (EST) 15-20 secs NL

Six reports received of a brilliant object travelling West to East in clear skies with a full Moon in the sky. It s colour was variously described as white/yellow or orange/red or green, with a trail. There was no sound. (K Basterfield.)


Bright light with a dimmer light behind, doing 5 perfect loop the loops. Faded out and 5 seconds later back on, dimmer light only up higher and zigzagging in northern sky over Kir Kir area. Leaving a slight trail. Appeared to go round a big star. Duration 5 secs on, 5 secs off. (UFOR Sunshine Coast.)

5 Oct GLENUNGA (ADELAIDE) SA 0035...10mins NL

An orange, oval shape was reported travelling E to W. It changed direction, then it moved into clouds. . (AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97)

5 Oct PAYNEHAM (ADELAIDE) SA 2015... 5 mins...NL

2 people observed a triangular shaped object, with a white light near each apex. It left behind clouds, (AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97)

8 Oct ADELAIDE SA NL Early hours

Three orange, bobbing lights were reported (UFORSA.)


Several people travelling by car see a glowing shape in the sky ahead. The shape moves to the west and as it does so adopts a position with the front down and back up. The object then returns east before shooting off in seconds over the north western skyline. (TUFOIC)


Same witnesses as in previous sighting are returning home. After dropping off a friend they encounter the same object. The grey object is still visible when they arrive home, this time a roaring noise can be heard, and their dog is barking. It looks to drop out of sight into a hollow as if landing. Witnesses contact local Airport and Army without any results. (TUFOIC)


Previous witness and next door neighbour both sight object as arriving home. It takes off at a rapid speed then returns to area east of witnesses. Hovers over a hill and sends down a beam of light. Again a noise is heard. Neighbour tries to video light but only gets that stars and moon. The object moves about erratically then shoots off east and is gone. (TUFOIC)

13 Oct HAWTHORNDENE ADELAIDE SA 2145hrs 5-6 secs CE1

A 72 year old woman and her brother heard a loud, rumbling sound like thunder. She went out into the back yard and sighted a glittering or glowing green light, some 50m away and only some 10m above the ground. The light was stationary and seemed 30-45cm in diameter. She watched for a short time then called her brother. However, before he arrived the light had departed at speed. (UFORSA.)


While watching television the witness noted a noise on the roof and went outside to have a look. They saw a green light which moved, hovered and then shot off. (UFORSA.)


A party out camping located what appeared to be a mutilated horse on a little used track inside a conservation park. Investigators attended the scene and confirmed a grey horse, in bad condition was lying on its left side. There were large holes in the chest are, the genital area, and the anus region, plus skin had been stripped off the right hand side of the jaw. There no signs to indicate a link to the UFO phenomenon. Nearby was a large assortment of animal bones, including deer and sheep. The matter was reported to the police. (UFORSA.)

17 Oct CALOUNDRA QLD 1850hrs NL

While admiring the view, several UFO researchers sighted a light, which then dropped rapidly into the sea. It then came back up out of the water and sat in the sky in front of them. Through the telescopic lens on a camera they watched it as a huge, round ball of light, surrounded by a blue hue. Eventually it departed at high speed to the NW. As it went into a cloud it became a large, long, cylindrical shape with a bright light in front and several large lights at the back. About a minute later a large light came out of the cloud and flew over the top of them. (QUFON.)

18/19 Oct KINGAROY QLD Night

A large pyramid/triangular shaped object was seen in the sky. Approximately 6000 metres up. It had many coloured lights around its outer edge. It was described as being as large as a battleship, and cruised silently in the heavens. It was observed for almost 10 minutes before accelerating away at a very rapid speed. ( UFOHSAR)


A round shaped, dark red coloured, object, seen in the SE, sparked as it travelled across the sky. It moved overhead then to the NW and being lost behind trees.

(AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97)

20 Oct ADELAIDE SA 2210hrs NL

Lights were seen above Mt Lofty to the east of the City. They were red/green/ and white. Suspected astronomical. (UFORSA.)

22 Oct Wynyard TAS 2045hrs CE1?

Motorist travelling home when notices bright light ahead in sky. It looks to be coming lower and resolves into bright white light in centre, flanked by steady red and blue lights. There seems to be a grey domed object reflecting from light below. It comes down over roadside paddock just a few metres up. Witness hurries away from area. (TUFOIC.)


A man reported constantly seeing UFOs in the sky. Moving and flashing. One was blue, others white/yellow. Seen to the north with the naked eyes. (UFORSA.)


An unknown male telephoned claiming to have a photograph of a UFO which had crashed last night. Left no name or contact number. (UFORSA.)

25 Oct MARCOOLA Sunshine Coast QLD 0000hrs NL

Several people observed yellowish coloured light in the sky. They phoned 4GY radio station. The station was not able to give much detail on these sightings but apparently there where several objects observed at one time. (UFOHSAR.)

27 Oct ADELAIDE SA 0620hrs

Rang to report sighting a "comet" like object in the eastern sky. (UFORSA.)

30 Oct West End QLD 2230hrs NL

A bright white light was seen in the SW, some 15 degrees up. It was stationary for a minute. After 3-5 minutes it "decreased in size and brightness". Finally vanished in less than 5 seconds. (UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p3.)

Oct Late GORDON TAS 21.00/early AM CE1?

Several reports of large round glowing object in the sky and down at almost water level.Witness reports seeing light when driving home on first occasion, it had lights the colour of the rainbow. Several cars stopped, one witness said she was going to ring the Hotline.

Witness returned few nights later and saw orange glow hanging in sky over the Channel (water between Tasmania and Bruny Island). Had the impression there were movements inside like grey shapes or shadows. Witnesses' friend sees similar object low over water soon after also claims to see shapes and figures inside. (TUFOIC Report still under investigation)


TUFOIC received, over a fortnight, calls regarding the discovery of "UFO slime" in gardens and a roadside cafe. The substance appears to be clear and jelly-like, although the two Kempton deposits disappear unless kept moist. The slime has been found in gardens, on concrete and on lawns., Reports have come from the North West and North of the state. In no report has any associated UFO phenomenon been reported, following initial publicity it seems that a UFO group was to place to lodge slime sightings. Samples were obtained and analysis revealed one sample was mollusc eggs, and another to be a substance from potting mix. (TUFOIC.)

2 Nov FERN TREE TAS 2100hrs NL

Two witnesses notice star like light travelling to the NNE. At first they assumed it was a satellite, but the it fades a bit and does a U turn and moves quickly to the south. (TUFOIC.)

There was a pin point light, coloured orange/yellow/red which moved in a straight line then curved off to the right. (UFORSA.)

17 Sep KADINA SA 2115hrs Secs NL
Three orange lights were sighted by a woman, which were travelling in a line. This line then took on a triangular formation. Seen through a bedroom window

5 Nov CORNWALL TAS 2115hrs CE1?

Dogs barking/daughter screaming alerted mother to something going on. Daughter claims that a round UFO was above house and it moved off towards a nearby hill. That night father has a dream of aliens placing device on forehead, wakes in morning to find brown marks on forehead and cut on wrist. Had no prior interest in UFO phenomenon. (TUFOIC.)

5 Nov CYGNET TAS 2130hrs NL
Witness notices bright star like object to the NNW. It is moving slowly over Cygnet when it slows, changes direction and gains speed as it goes off to the NNE. (TUFOIC.)

6 Nov CORNWALL TAS 2000hrs NL
Same family as in Nov 5 report sight similar object to east of town moving away to the north-east and disappearing behind hills. Also seen by neighbours on this occasion. (TUFOIC.)

8 Nov CALAMVALE QLD 2145hrs 90 minutes NL
Several people observed a very large object directly overhead. It finally just vanished, with a "large cloud appeared in the place of the object." (UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p 3.)

10 Nov BRISBANE QLD (1905-1910)hrs
A member of the UFOR(QLD) committee saw a silent, red light travelling S to N while driving. Initially seen at 45 degrees, and lost near the horizon. (UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p.3.)

10 Nov ATKINSON DAM QLD 1900hrs Few mins NL
On holidays, a finally sighted a number of lights, moving generally N. A colour change in one from white to orange was observed, while another appeared to "zig zag." (UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 1996 p3.)

25, 26 & 27 Nov ALICE SPRINGS Night NL
Nocturnal lights, orange in colour were seen and photographed. (QUFON.)

26 Nov RENOWN PARK ADELAIDE SA 1820...5-6 mins NL
A woman reported seeing a moving light, with a pink tail from WSW to ENE. When it was almost overhead she noted a second and similar light travelling ENE to WSW. Both were lost in haze. (AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97)

A cluster of green and white flashing lights was noticed to the N. Initially hovering, they then moved swiftly to the E. No aircraft movements fitted this observation. (UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p 3.)

Two almost identical reports uncovered late in 1996. In both cases 4 to 5 year old children called for their parents in the early hours of the morning. One says a white figure tried to take him up through the roof. The second child tells that a small, thin figure with large eyes, had wanted to take him up a light through the roof. In the second incident the mother said she saw a flash of light in an interior corridor of the house. No associated UFO activity was reported. (TUFOIC.)

2 objects were seen moving SE to NW. Each had 5-6 red/white/purple lights around them. (AIUFOFSR Newsletter issue 74 Feb 97)

8 Dec MOORINA QLD "Nests"
Several unusual traces were detected in a crop of 150cm tall Sorghum, on the 9th Dec. It is believed they appeared on the 8th. They traces consisted of a spiral, "woven" pattern. They ranged in size and shape from a 15m oval, to a 6m (shape not given.)

Plants were broken, bent over. (UFOR(QLD) "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p3)

8 Dec TAMBORINE QLD 2230hrs (10-15 minutes) NL
A bright, orange light was observed by two people, as it hovered then moved away slowly. Initially to the NE it moved to the N. (UFOR(QLD "UFO Encounter" Vol 173 Oct-Dec 96 p3.)

10 Dec NORTH BRAMSTON QLD 2100 10-15mins NL
6 people watched a gold to orange coloured light in the sky for about 5mins. Then through binoculars watched for a further 5 mins. It stayed in one position, then slowly went skyward and moved towards cairns, then finally disappeared over the mountain. (UFORFNQ)

16 Dec STAFFORD QLD 1930hrs 20mins NL
A large, bright light was reported to be near the SW horizon, West of Mount Cootha. Initially seen to move up and down; for the last 5 minutes of the observation it was a "dull circle shrinking to a star size." Streaks of light seemed to be coming off it, when it was at its brightest. (UFORQLD "UFO Encounter" Newsletter no 174.)

21 Dec TOWNSVILLE QLD 1 hour CE1
The local police and radio station received reports of lights in the sky. One witness, a psychologist, saw 1-2 dozen white lights at 100-200m away. (UFORQLD "UFO Encounter" Newsletter no 174.)

While in a vehicle travelling North, between Calliope and Ambrose, a woman and her young daughter watched "rainbow" coloured lights in the sky. It seemed that the Moon was being followed by two lights. (UFORQLD "UFO Encounter" Newsletter no 174.)

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