01.01.98 CAIRNS, QLD 2030hrs (NL)
Looking to the west from her residence at Russell St, the witness observed seven objects moving west to east on a horizontal flight trajectory.

All the objects were bright star sized lights with white tails trailing behind; three of the objects were larger than the other four, the objects traveled out of view. Speed of the objects was likened to that of a fast aircraft.

The Airport Controllers at Cairns had recorded no unusual movements at the reported time. Note that some of their files for the night were no longer available. Victoria Wellard was contacted and advised that she had no reports of similar nature at the time.

The description lends itself to the possibility that the objects could have been space debris entry. Russell Boundy UFORFNQ

01.01.98 MELBOURNE (BERWICK & NARRE WARREN), VIC 2300-2330hrs (NL)
(Source: Skywatch International National 24hr UFO Hotline 01/01/1998)
At 12.03pm or 0003am to 0045 am the UFO Hotline again started to receive even more calls from Berwick - Narre Warren, Victoria. These respondents reported sighted a single very bright orange fireball illumination traveling to the north north west of the area. Due to the timing all respondents were asked whether these illuminations were Fireworks in the local area and the reply was negative. Victoria currently has a "Total fire ban alert" and has total and clear weather conditions with no wind.

The National UFO hotline recorded the following atmospheric events between 0000 to 0100hrs Friday 1st Jan 1998. 0000hrs 11- Fireworks sites around in a arching from Melbourne to the Warrigal areas. 0013hrs Height altitude illumination or Satellite-solar panels reflecting bright Orange to dull white sun light for 3 minutes heading due North. 0015hrs Two wide area blue-white illuminations 30 degs. to the north east over the Victorian State forest coverage est. 180 Km in radius at 30degs. Possible storm conditions forming. 0020-0025hrs 4x 1/10- 3 second Meteorites crossing the sky traveling from the east over central Victoria heading to the west in the northern sky. 0025-0100hrs Nothing.

01.01.98 REDBANK QLD 21.00HRS (NL)
(Source: UFORQ)

Two witnesses observed two golden orange lights moving quickly from east to west for 2 to 3 minutes. They followed the lights across the sky, using binoculars at times. No sound was heard.

03.01.98 MELBOURNE (BENDIGO), VIC 1445hrs (DO)
(Source: Ross Dowe - Australia's National UFO Hotline)
Respondent reports sighting a Hamburger shape object. The object appeared to be silver in colour and it hovering for a fews then seconds shot straight up into the upper atmosphere until out of sight.

03.01.98 NEWCASTLE, NSW 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: Ross Dowe - Australia's National UFO Hotline)
Respondents reported sighting a large blue green illuminations passing overhead.

04.01.98 MELBOURNE (KEYSBOROUGH), VIC 0000-0015hrs (NL)
(Source: Ross Dowe - Australia's National UFO Hotline)
Respondents reported sighting Two bright Orange Fireball illuminations heading north from the south over Melbourne's eastern suburbs. The illuminations appeared to travel faster than a small plane and following each other for some time before moving into a vertical arrangement (one on top of the other) they reduced speed and came to a dead stop, the higher illumination seemed to drop a white light to the other. They then both moved off to the north until out of sight. Total sighting time 15 mins 10 witnesses.

04.01.98 BRISBANE (KINGSTON), QLD 2317hrs (NL)
(Source: Ross Dowe - Australia's National UFO Hotline)
Respondents report sighting of two bright orange illuminations heading north from the south on Sunday evening. The illuminations came top a dead stop and remained there for some 15 mins before disappearing.

08.01.98 BURNIE, TAS 0440hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness noticed a flash from the window in the north east sky. She and her husband saw a 2 times Venus size elongated red and green shape in a clear patch in the sky. It was red on top, and green on the base but clear in the middle. The red and green lights looked to be pulsing. It was in view for some 30 minutes before being obscured by cloud..

10.01.98 IPSWICH, QLD (NL)
(Source: UFO Encounter, #179 Dec/Jan 1998 Edition)
Three witnesses observed a flashing orange light, which seemed to be positioned on the edge of a dark oval shadow. The object was below the clouds and seemed close. It was stationary when first seen and then moved west at aircraft speed. No noise was heard, and the incident lasted about three minutes. UFORQ Inc

11.01.98 nr.WHITTLESEA, VIC 0005-0015hrs (CE1)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1998 Edition)
Two witnesses observed a large vertical triangular shaped object with a bright orange light at each point. Object was first sighted when it was hovering. Then it began to move erratically. As it approached the couple, one ran into the bush before the object disappeared. VUFORS

16.01.98 GLENORCHY, TAS 1630hrs (DO)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness was moving furniture into new home when he noticed a shiny metallic shape moving across the northern sky. At times it looked to have a flame or glow beneath as it lost elevation into the northwest. It was a bit like a manta ray in shape but silent. It gained elevation in the distance and faded from view.

16.01.98 CAIRNS, QLD 2330hrs (CE1)
(Source: Diane Harrison, ufoicq@fan.net.au. Keith Basterfield Network 18.07.98)
A call on Tuesday, 16th January at approximately 11:30pm local in Cairns, Queensland, reported an object at about 2 kilometers altitude emitting a shaft of light from its underside. The object appeared to "expel a gas or vapour from its sides and seemed to be about 2-300 meters in width. The beam emitted was about 150-250 meters wide." Reportedly the object moved up and down the white shaft of light in the East over the sea. Robert Frola UFOICQ

ca.17.01.98 & 24.01.98 MELBOURNE, VIC (CRANBOURNE) (CE-1)
(Source: Chris Bockisch e-mail: bok@werple.net.au. Barry Taylor, Network Update 09.03.98)
"The first incident happened last Saturday (17th Jan 98 I think) and the second sighting happened yesterday, Saturday (24th Jan 98). Both sightings had the following similarities.

Both had my wife and daughter in the car. Both were on fairly quiet roads.

On the last sighting, there was apparently another vehicle on the road, which seemed to also see this object.

The description of the UFO was as follows. Oval-shaped, like a football. Silver in colour, the description given was likened to walking into a dark room, which had the television on but no programs, just snowy. The first sighting the UFO just sat there and was viewed for about 10 seconds by both my wife and daughter. It suddenly disappeared, but wasn't seen to speed off, just disappeared.

The second sighting went for about the same time period but was seen to be moving in an erratic style, sort of skimming along the sky and doing incredible maneuvers. They are both positive that they have never seen anything like this before."

18.01.98 TUNNACK, TAS 0330hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness was having trouble getting to sleep due to the warm night. Then he noticed two white lights moving south, it looked like a crashing plane then they leveled out and one started flashing red. The lights were well spaced and not on the same object. They passed across the window and out of sight. A deal of effort was made investigation aircraft movements but there were none in the Tunnack area.

18.01.98 BRISBANE (REDLAND BAY), QLD 2230hrs (CE1)
(Source: Diane Harrison, ufoicq@fan.net.au. Keith Basterfield Network 18.07.98)
On Thursday, 18th January at approximately 10.30 [PM?] in Redland Bay, Queensland, callers reported sighting a "large green object" emitting a beam of white light downward in a "A-shape." The object appeared to be "about 2-300 meters" across with the beam of light about 100 meters across. Robert Frola UFOICQ

19.01.98 MILLNMERAN, QLD 0230hrs (CE1)
(Source: Diane Harrison, ufoicq@fan.net.au. Keith Basterfield Network 18.07.98)
On Friday, 19th January at about 2:30am at Millnmeran, Queensland, a caller witnessed a large object about 1-2 kilometers away southeast. The report estimated the object at 200 meters across and multi-coloured, emitting a beam of light about 1-200 meters wide over a large creek in the area. The object appeared to be about 800 meters up. Robert Frola UFOICQ

21.01.98 BRISBANE, QLD (NL)
(Source: UFO Roundup - Volume 3, Number 4)
On Wednesday, Steve Burrows and his two children were outdoors at their home in Brisbane, in Australia's Queensland state when they spied a fast-moving UFO crossing the sky. The trio "watched a fast-moving single white light travel from directly overhead to 45 degrees (above the horizon) in the east and was then covered by low cloud." Burrows described the condition of the sky as clear, adding "stars were clearly visible before the low cloud cover swept in from the south." They had the object in view for "no more than 30 seconds.

21.01.98 SLACKS CREEK, 2115hrs QLD (NL)
(Source: UFORQ Inc)

Three boys aged 10 and 11 saw a torpedo shaped object with its front lit up and little lights on its back, and a whitish yellow spotlight shining down, for about two minutes. The spotlight lit up the ground and moved about as if searching. The object had no wings, did not look like a plane, and produced a loud noise.

25.01.98 TUNNACK, TAS 0130hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness to 18th report saw similar lights a few nights later. Again two well-spaced white lights were seen on a similar path and again one light changed to a flashing red light. Great effort went into uncovering aircraft moves but there were none in the area.

Received 8/08/2008 23:18:28 - New

Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Jenny
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 4 to 5 minutes
Occupation: Artist

Observation: Myself and my late husband went outside for a smoke ,we noticed a light that was brighter than usual it stood out we were used to looking at the sky we loved spotting satellites. After a while the 'light' grew in size, I would say a bread and butter plate at arms length. The object then seemed to fade out , like a torch running out of power.

I rang the Forster Police and told them what we where seeing we were worried that it may have been a flare as we had a view out over the ocean, they asked for general directions and said they would take a look. The Policeman asked me if I wanted to report a u.f.o I said I guess so, as it was an unidentified object in the sky. It was also spotted at Kempsey. 1 week prior a video was taken, news item.

Description: The shape changed from a light similar in size to a planet then grew in size to bread & Butter plate held at arms length. Location: Lakeside crescent,Elizabeth Beach. Mid-north coast just south of Forster NSW. Apparent Size: Star. Apparent Size Other: from star to just smaller than a dinner plate. Actual Size: couldn't say I don't know the distance, that it was away from us. Altitude: Low star height,when this object grew in size it seemed closer. Object Origin: North east. Object Destination: North east. - Moon Visible: We didn't see the moon,Weather : Cold

Effects Other: no, only that this object had been seen previously and had made the local news (in or around Kempsey) Effects Other Witnesses: unknown, Other Experiences: i have never seen anything like that before or since.

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