1999 BALLARAT, VIC 1930hrs (CE1)
Online E-mail Report. Reported 16.10.06

Karen pulled into the Coles Peel Street car park in Ballarat. It was an extremely windy night. She looked up and saw a strange object in the sky, cruising slowly above the car park, only about 100 metres up. Later when she was travelling home, she saw it from her car. After that, she and her husband drove to a high vantage point over Ballarat and watched it, as a red light, travel slowly up and down in the vicinity of Sturt St (the main street in Ballarat) for well over an hour. The cycle may have been two to three kilometres in length, and the object just kept moving slowly back and forth. It came from the west but then did a tight 180-degree turn and travelled back towards the west. Later it moved up and down Sturt St, i.e. in an east-west direction for more than an hour. Eventually the object travelled south and slowly faded out of sight.

When Karen had seen it earlier above Coles car park, it was obviously at the end of one of its cycles. She said: “My first impression was that it was a metallic hang-glider. It was a swept-back wing shape (wide arrow-head shape) like a hang-glider, but there was no human hanging beneath it, and of course, no one would be hang-gliding in that wind right above a city! It was a smooth metallic-looking object with nothing protruding. It made no sound, although the wind was so strong that night, any sound could have possibly been carried away. As I watched, the object turned tightly, i.e. it did a ‘u-turn’ right above me. Unlike any aircraft it did not bank, but turned on the same plane, as a car would. The lights of Ballarat were reflected on its underside.”

There were no other witnesses however Karen’s work colleague mentioned that her partner had also seen a UFO above the Coles car park a few years ago.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 0379b
At Barlow Park , Cairns Qld, Mr Burgess observed a similar silver white star like light moving at very high speed across the sky which did a 90 degree turn in flight, the object the came toward him at high altitude then moved away out of his viewin the distance. Russell Boundy UFOR(FNQ)

(Source: Source The Australian U.F.O. Bulletin June 2004)
On a sunny afternoon with a clear sky, the observer (who indicates that he is a pilot) and his brother, were swimming off the beach at Queenscliff, when for some unknown reason, they both looked toward the west and saw an object rapidly but silently approaching them. The reporting observer describes the object as similar in size to Chuck Yeagers X1 aircraft, but with chine bays along each side, somewhat like those in the Lockheed Martin SR71 Blackbird's front fuselage.

The object was a chrome or silver colour and must have been polished as it was reflecting the afternoon sun. It appeared to be rocking from side to side in a manner similar to that of a pilot rocking the wings of an aircraft in flight. The object took approximately three seconds to travel past the two and disappeared from sight in the east, toward Arthur's Seat.

During the 2004 Easter school holidays, the reporting observer visited the Cape Otway Lighthouse, where he read the plaque erected to the memory of Frederick Valentich. This is what jogged his memory of his sighting.

01.01.99 BRISBANE (FOREST LAKE), QLD bet 0030-0100hrs (CE1) (U/I)
Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Network Hotline Number
While sitting under the back pergola, Mr. W and his wife sighted a triangular object, moving very slowly over the western horizon in a north to northwesterly direction. The object had a yellow orange glow about it. Through binoculars it was yellow on top and orange on the bottom. 15 minutes later, an identical object appeared and traveled along the same flight path. The witness, an ex-Vietnam vet, estimated the speed of the object to be around 80 to 90kph. No noise was heard. Both witnesses wore glasses. Robert Frola UFOICQ

17.01.99 GRANTON, TAS 0115hrs (NL)
The witness was some 1-2 kms north of Granton when noticing four round almost moon-sized shapes just above the water over the river. The witness stopped the car and wound down the window. No sound could be heard from the glowing golden circles. They looked like wheels with glowing spokes and bright patches of light all of which pulsed in unison. The witness continued on towards New Norfolk and lost sight of the circles.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 0533
Shape: Roundish (5 bright lights)
Size: One eighth the size of a 10 cent piece
Objects: 5 (all the same size)
Colour: Bright orange
Sound: Nil
Speed: Faster than any plane they have seen to date
Duration: Around 30 minutes
Direction: North to South then to North West
Witnesses: Husband

Chris wanted to let our Network know that they saw the same type of lights around a year ago. They stated the objects were in a stingray formation and stayed at the same height for some time. She states that for part of the time they were watching these objects they appeared to be flying parallel to the Nepean River. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

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1999, BALLAN 0200hrs (VIC)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Mr. Aron x
Number of witnesses present: 1 +
Sighting Duration: 10 Seconds
Occupation: Looking

Observation: Was driving a friend home to Ballan. We had just passed Pykes Creek Reservoir on the western fwy and were driving on a straight patch of road just before the 1st ballan exit (west bound).

A set of 4 lights appeared in my rear vision mirror that were approaching at a tremendous speed. At first I thought it was a police car because I had been speeding at the time, but there were no flashing lights above the 4 lights that I could see. Whatever it was caught up to my car and matched my speed instantly, and the light was so bright that I could bearly see my steering wheel. Then it was gone. Description: The object made no sound.

Location: On the western fwy and were driving on a straight patch of road just before the 1st ballan exit (west bound). Other Witnesses: N/A no longer friends Apparent Size Other: light span was smaller than the width of a sedan Altitude: 70 to 90cm from the ground. Object Origin: east heading west Object Destination: unknown Planets Visible: Yes. Weather Visibility: Clear Cold, Calm. Effects Physical: skin felt hot.

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