An Australian UFO Outback Adventure

Camping Trip with AUFORN
28 Days all inclusive from

JUNE 2nd to 30th  2001


See Australia in all her splendour

Wild and Wonderful

An Australian Outback UFO Adventure of a life time travelling across the top end of Australia visiting UFO hot spots along the way.

First stop, Tully the most investigated and talked about UFO ground trace ever recorded in the North and still very active. Travelling on to the Far North visiting the Atherton Table Lands home of the crater lakes where there has been reports of UFOs flying out of the center of them in the dead of night.

Then on to the heart of start of the Dainetree Wilderness visiting Black Mountain and speak to the locals and find out why the choose to stay away from her. It is said that strange sounds and mysterious lights have been observed coming from the mountain and it is also rumoured people have gone missing never to be found.

Then we travel over to the Gulf of Carpentaria to visit Australia's own Bermuda Triangle where it has been reported 9 people have gone missing in the past 10 years the last person to go missing was in November 1999. Then across to Broom visiting a secret location a place full of aboriginal drawings. Then down to Alice Springs visit Wycliffe Well a UFO tourist stop on the way to Alice Springs home of Ayers Rock the Olgas and not forgetting the Pine Gap.

This trip is not for the faint hearted we do looking for UFOs and sometime we do witness them

For more Details call 0011 061 7 38088567 and or E-mail for the itinerary.

Bookings are required as there are limited seats and a 10 percent deposit is required to secure your place. An Easy Saving Plan has been arranged for people who find it hard to save.

Health Cover is a MUST if anything happens in Out back Australia it could cost you around $25,000 to fly you out so make sure your covered.