A photo of an old wagon wheel, taken by a young man, features an unknown object at the top of the photo. Taken at a location 100 km northwest of Alice Springs, a private investigation found that the nearest cattle station had found a horse dead “for no reason” as well as someone on the station noticing a UFO on a particular date, which was found to be the date that the wagon wheel photo was taken. Keith Douglass UFORAS

Source: Robert Frola: http://www.hypermax.net.au/~ufologist
The object was first noticed as a bright white light low in the northern sky in the direction of Brisbane. It was around dawn and the light appeared bigger and brighter than the planet that was in the northwest. It was still dark but the sun was beginning to rise above the horizon and the shapes of trees and buildings could be seen in the east. The witness spent several minutes opening up the garage, shifting garden hoses and walking from the front to the back of his house then looked at the object again. It was more or less in the same position but there seemed to be more white lights. It was not clear whether it was one object or several objects close together. The witness is familiar with the domestic flights heading south overhead but the object did not display the general pattern of a plane. Clouds were beginning to affect the view. The witness remained puzzled, having a ‘funny feeling’ about the situation. It was possible that it was a balloon or helicopter.

After two or three minutes, the witness became aware that the object, now solitary, was on the move and heading in his direction. It appeared to be travelling at about the same height and speed as a commercial jet leaving Brisbane Airport. It disappeared into the clouds briefly but could be seen continuing towards the witness, although slightly to the west. It was now daylight and the object appeared to be shaped like a ball, reflecting the sun’s rays although he could not see the sun yet. The object cut through more clouds then continued with the same velocity across the open sky, going almost overhead (about 80-degrees elevation) from north to south just to the west of the witness. For about ten seconds he had an excellent view of a shiny circular object, dark greyish/slate blue in colour with a pattern of parallel lines on it like the door panels of a car or aircraft. It appeared to be a perfect circle about the size of the full moon and the lines underneath were parallel with the north-south axis of motion. No sound was heard. The view was then obscured by his house and the object was not seen again. The sighting lasted about ten seconds but he had an awareness of the object for about fifteen minutes.
E-mail Report, 27.09.05

04.01.04 ADELAIDE (ELIZABETH EAST), SA 0030hrs (NL)
Source: AURA
Weather Conditions:
No wind and it was around 30o.
Place: Main North Road near Parafield Airport.
Object: 4 orange lights hovering.
Witnesses: Mark age 23, married
Movement: First the objects were hovering in a shape like the southern cross. After manoeuvring backwards and forwards for a while they formed a line, one after the other. During this time they flashed a little and moved off into the distance. One faded out then all faded.
Duration: Not noted.

Mark and his wife were going home along Main North Road at around midnight when Mark noticed 4 dull glowing, orange lights in a strange formation. He stopped the car on the side of the road where he and his wife could get a better look. He observed them for some time as they began moving backwards and forwards then formed a line and moved off. They faded. One at first and then followed by the rest as they moved out of sight in the distance. A light plane then took off in their direction as if following them. This is interesting because Adelaide does have a curfew on take-offs and landings (11.00pm at night).

Conclusion: If not for the back and forth movement and maneuvering I would have said garbage bags/balloons. But garbage bags can’t go back and forth! So, unknown. Debbie Payne AURA/AUFORN SA

14.01.04 CURRAJONG, VIC 2117hrs (CE1)
Source: Source The Australian U.F.O. Bulletin March 2004
While driving near the top of Powers Hill, in the Currajong region, on a fine, dry, windless night, the observer was surprised to see what looked like a grey metallic ball, with a single horizontal row of glowing lights around its maximum circumference, tucked away within a small pine plantation.

As he slowed to get a better look at the mysterious grey ball, which was about ten metres aaway, and must have been about four metres in diameter, he was startled and shocked when it suddenly shot straight up into the air, and continued until it could no longer be seen. It was estimated that the elapsed time between first sighting the ball, and it finally passing out of sight, was about three seconds.

15.01.04 WHITTLESEA, VIC ca1400hrs (Photo)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3195
Three photos were supplied to the ‘Whittlesea Leader’ by the Whittlesea Council. The council staff who took the photos did not see anything at the scene. They only noticed it after the photos were downloaded onto a computer. Diane Harrison AUFORN

15.01.04 ADELAIDE (MASLIN BEACH), SA 2115-2245hrs (NL)
Source: E-mail Report
Di and partner, next door neighbour
Object: White-Orange-Yellow star like
Sky Conditions: Clear
9:15 pm
First sighted, not known how long the object had already been there, it was obviously different from anything else in the sky, 100% if not more brighter than any stars my partner and I have ever seen. No colour, just magnificent bright white light,

9.30 - 9.45 pm
We had watched the object continuously, both taking watch, white light started to pulsate, to an orange/yellow light, started to move slightly to left and lowering towards ocean. Vision from our Patio was obstructed by trees, housing etc, so we made a trip to the beach, this took us about 2 minutes.

9.47 - 10:20 pm
Colour of sphere not as bright colour started to change to a redish glow, very close to horizon.

10.20 - 10.30 pm
Slowly moving away over ocean heading south, object appeared to be getting smaller the redish light became dull almost grey like it was moving further out to the ocean.

10.30 - 10.35 pm
The sphere was extremely light, almost could not see it, it appeared to dip towards the water and then started to rise again back in plain sight but still small like it was further away, it hovered over ocean until finally we could no longer see it.

10.35 - 10.45pm
Could no longer see anything, other than a shooting star, brighter and larger than I had ever seen, this star shot upwards, another thing we had never seen. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

Source: E-mail online report Robert Frola 23.01.04
On Tuesday night (20.01.04) I was sitting on the sofa watching television when I heard a lady call up to 3AW citing that she saw a brilliant white object to the western side of the sky, which got brighter and then faded until it disappeared then started yet again increasing in brightness. My friend and I shot out of the front door into the street and fixed our eyes on the western hemisphere of the sky. There it was before our eyes! It looked like a bright star low on the horizon, and I believe it was stationary. It was mildly flickering, more dramatically than the flicker of stars. It faded until invisible, then increased in brightness yet again. The cycle continued. It wasn’t quite a perfect sphere. It looked elongated (UP-DOWN) and it appeared to possess a minute tail. We were amazed by the site, but after staring at the magnificent object for some time we made our way back into the house. Three hours later, we went outside again and looked into the sky - it was nowhere to be seen.

I have some video footage of it as well as three digital photographs. We also left 3AW a message explaining to them what we saw. Michael Goldberg

23.01.04 FLINDERS RANGES (nr. HAWKER), SA 0200hrs (NL)
Source: Robert Heading & David Gray
On Saturday evening, 23 January 2004, Robert Heading and myself, David Gray, were out looking for fossils roughly about 100 km north of Hawker, in a remote area with very old surroundings, where there are no signs of inhabitance or wildlife. The area itself was like you had walked back in time. Robert and I do most of our fossicking during the early hours of the morning under a controlled beam of high-powered torches. During the day you see everything but at night you see and pick up everything that’s in your own beam of light. It was about 2.00 am in the morning and we were looking around roughly about 200 metres away from the car. We used our torches every now and then to flash back at my car, a late model Ford station wagon, so we could get our bearings on where we actually were. When Robert flashed the torch back at the car, we noticed six to eight sets of slanty fluorescent green eyes scattered around the passenger side of my car with their height being from door level to roof level and taller. Robert yelled out to me and we both started to yell out to whatever it was around my car. We were also flashing our torches at them frantically to try to scare whatever they were away, thinking they were kangaroos or some other type of animal. When they didn’t move, we both picked up rocks from the ground and ran angrily towards the car.

Once we got there we found nothing except the tailgate open and wondered how and who opened it. We immediately started looking around to see anything running away, whether it was an animal or some people. Then over towards the creek, roughly 150 metres away between two gum trees, we saw a bright orange and red ball of light that seemed to have some form of bright yellow aura around it. Both Robert and I, not seeing anything like this before, were dumbfounded and yelled to each other to see if we were seeing the same thing, and we were. Feeling scared, pumped and a some kind of exhilaration, we both watched this thing, a bright red orange ball of light, slowly move away from the trees and head into the western sky, first straight and then in a zigzag-type motion. It then disappeared without a trace. After talking about what we had seen for over a half hour in amazement and wondering what the hell just happened, we noticed from the eastern horizon that the same kind of bright red orange light was in the sky. Robert and I both saw it at the same time. There was no moon in the sky and the light was as bright as anything. At this time we were about five to six hundred metres away from the car.

The ball of light then suddenly descended from out of the sky. It came from such a far away distance and at such a pace we both had never seen anything like this before in our life times. Being a very clear night with no wind, (you would hear a pin drop) we watched this happen and noticed it was heading straight for us. This thing came for what seemed like hundreds of kilometres away to within a kilometre in seconds. Without looking at each other we began to run as fast as we could. We were yelling to each other, “let’s get the hell out of here”. This thing was coming straight at us. We were running back to the car, taking into account that the car was about 500 metres away. We were both constantly looking behind us. At this stage I passed Robert at a rapid rate trying to get back to the car. Robert was still constantly looking behind him and noticed that the red and orange ball of light was right behind him, within about ten to twenty metres or even closer. We both somehow made it back to the car. It was like running a race. We were puffed out, scared and concerned with what had just happen. We locked ourselves in the car and eagerly watched as this thing, the size of a truck, hovered above us and over an old ruin of a house from the eighteenth century, 20 metres away. It hung around for more than half hour. During this time we noticed the bright orange red colours seemed to have a bright yellow glow around them and what seemed be a smaller bright red light tucked underneath, between the yellow glow and the base of the bright orange red ball. We stayed locked in the car, wondering what was going to happen next.

All of a sudden the bright glow moved away, zigzagging back and forth at a medium to fast pace into the eastern sky. Now being totally honest, I have never seen anything like this before and the same goes for Robert. We are of the same opinion. Afraid to come out and still locked in the car, we were constantly looking around. At about 5.00 am in the northern sky we noticed three balls of light the same colour as we had seen earlier. They were in a spaced out formation. I noticed there was a difference between these ones and the ones from before. Each of the three major balls of light were surrounded by five small dull orange lights that would move around like a pack of naughty kids, then they would be brought back into alignment before going off to play like naughty kids again, all this time the three major lights stayed in a stationary position. This happened right through until daybreak. At about 7.00 am we decided to get out of the car and have a look around in the comfort of daylight. We went over to where we first saw the ball of light. We had been talking about it for hours in the car. We first noticed that the two gum trees were over 100ft tall so we knew when we first saw the object it wasn’t in the sky but actually at ground level. Moving closer we also noticed a dead milk cow (brown and white) with a big razor sharp slit down one side with no blood around. To see a milk cow in this area was unusual because of the isolation and with no feed around. Our first thought was that it might have been bitten by a snake or something. But the razor sharp cut on its side; that was unexplainable. Moving closer to the creek and still behind the tall gum trees we saw a patch of ground with wood, weeds, rocks, and sand, all scorched.

We stood back and reflected on the night’s proceedings. We realised that we were lucky to have been able to have seen something so out of this world. Also that we are able to tell this story and so lucky we didn’t receive the same fate as the cow because nobody would have ever known. E-mail Report

23.01.04 FORTH, TAS 0230hrs (NL)
The witness was looking at the stars when he heard the ducks causing a ruckus. Through the trees to the south, he saw a large bright eye-shaped object. It was travelling west over the paddock at crawling speed. The object was about 100 metres off the ground and about 300 metres away. It was bright white and its outline shimmered. The witness felt uneasy and went back inside. He does not know what happened to the object. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

23.01.04 LAUNCESTON, TAS 2310hrs (NL)
Source: E-mail online report Robert Frola 24.01.04
I watched a light go behind a cloud but it never came out the other side. It just vanished. I did not hear any noises. I thought it might be a plane but as I said it did not come out of the cloud. I was watching for an hour afterwards but it did not return or leave the cloud. I did not check with the airport if they had any planes in that area at that time of night. Wayne Wells

23.01.04 MELBOURNE (PORTSEA), VIC 2330hrs (CE1)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3378
Dara wanted to report a sighting from a few months ago. When in Portsea he saw something weird in Bass Straight on the same day as the Beveridge sighting. It was the 23rd of January, the moon was visible earlier and was a crescent but had since gone down below the horizon. In the West there was an extremely bright light about 25-30 kilometres away. This distant light was so bright that it cast shadows on signs and other objects on the shoreline. Dara was wondering what this light source might be and whether or not there was any other reports about it. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

25.01.04 CARNARVON GORGE, QLD 1930hrs (NL)
Source: Peter Davenport www.ufocenter.com
The witness has seen spheres flying low over the gorge for three weeks and was able to film some activity with their handy cam on January 25, 2004, at 7:30 PM. The object flew slowly west until dispersing over the mountains. There was no engine noise when the object was hovering.

The observer continued to drive, and half an hour later saw a similar object moving up on the left side, again stopped to film, and this vehicle /object started to move away. The observer returned home 2-3hrs later and saw a bright light in the sky changing color, and got video footage of it changing colors. The next night he saw more than one spread out across sky.

He has been witnessing this for three weeks now with little change. Sometimes they move around, some stay in same spot. He caught one last night giving off all colors from the down side of craft, then the light pulled in and changed to the up side of the craft.

He has tried to film stars on the camcorder, but it won’t pick them up. When directed at these objects it picks them up. One light is just to the right of Orion.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3203
Doreen heard a whooshing sound at about 2.00 am but saw nothing 'coming or leaving'. She was about a 25 minute car ride from Whittlesea when she saw a bright flash of light across the top of a house, but nothing else. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

Source: Source The Australian U.F.O. Bulletin March 2004
The observer reports that she was driving her sleeping boyfriend down a hill onto a roundabout when she saw to her northeast, a light array of four rows, each consisting of ten big red circular lights, hovering silently between sixty to seventy feet above the ground, just above the tree tops. She woke her sleeping boyfriend and he saw the array of red lights for about five seconds.

They drove toward the red lights, but the nearby trees obscured their vision of the lights, so they headed toward their home. A few seconds later, they encountered an intense flash of white light, which surprised them and made them feel very nervous. Never before, during their ten years of driving up and down this road, had they encountered such a brilliant flash of white light.

Both the observer and her boyfriend considered possible sources of red lights, which might possibly fit what they had previously seen, including truck tail-lights, and tractor tail-lights, but none matched the clarity of the array of red lights, or the number of lights involved.

26.01.04 PERTH (BALLAJURA), WA 2040hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3201
Age: 40
Direction: Due south
Size of object: First object - ‘size of a star’. Second object - Larger than the first object
Shape: First object - Like that of a star Second object - Larger than the first object
Lights/Colour: First object - a very bright yellow. Second object - colour indistinguishable - ‘a very bright white light’.
Noise: No discernible noise
Activity seen: The first object sighted first travelling due south on a horizontal trajectory.

Object moving slowly. Watched for over an hour. The object then moved further away whilst it made irregular “fishtale” and horizontal movements. A second much brighter object was sighted travelling from the south west towards the first object. Moving “faster than a plane”. Reportee noted that this object radiated a huge amount of light. ( almost irregular as if in rotation) A few minutes after nearing the first object, the second object then “went back whence it came” , ascended and accelerated quickly and then the object disappeared. The “first” object ascended and disappeared at a slower pace.

The time was approx. 9:15pm. Weather conditions: Clear night

Additional Info: The sighting was witnessed by David and his son (9 years of age) in the backyard of their property. The night in question was Australia Day and after investigation, fireworks and flares as a cause have been excluded (due to the time/ location and air traffic/ police information). This was the second sighting of something unusual in the sky for this reportee. David told me how he had an experience in a country town of Sorell in Tasmania, whilst walking with his young uncle at age 10 or 11. He remembered walking over a bridge with his uncle and looking up in the sky to see an oval shaped object directly above them.

He reports that this craft had multi coloured lights and was about two car lengths long. It struck the boys as very scary and they ran back to where they were staying and told the adults.

He had reported the incident to TUFOIC a few years ago. Tracy Jackson AUFORN WA.

Source: E-mail Report via AUFORN@yahoogroups.com 31.03.04
In either January or February 2004, I was sitting on a park bench near a playground (next door to the community centre) in Mooroolbark around mid-afternoon, when I heard the sound of a light aircraft. I looked up and to my left (towards the west) and saw a Cessna type aircraft flying at what seemed to be a low altitude (elevation maybe 25 degrees), heading towards the south. I could not make out any features of the aircraft beyond it’s shape, and it seemed to be in silhouette or as if it was painted entirely in black. From my point of observation, the aircraft was at least 200 metres away (or alternatively, no smaller than a five cent coin). A few seconds after coming into sight it tipped it’s wings 'tilted left and right once' which seemed to me that either the pilot was in trouble or this was the pilot ?waving? to someone on the ground. In any case the aircraft continued to fly, and turning to the left perhaps only a few hundreds metres onwards, heading east. Then after about one minute it had turned north, flying virtually overhead and to my right eventually disappearing over some houses. Despite being able to look at the fuselage of the aircraft in full view, I could still not make out any of it’s features, as if it was in silhouette (the sky was overcast at the time so this may have been a factor). There were a number of other people nearby, at least one family and another woman who was passing by. No one seemed to pay any notice to the aircraft. The entire sighting took no more than five minutes, or the period the aircraft was in view. Keith McLean

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