01.01.05 TOOWOOMBA, QLD 2045hrs (NL)
(Source: National UFO Reporting Centre - www.nuforc.org)
On 1 January 2005, at 8.45 pm, the witness and his girlfriend were lying under the stars in Toowoomba, when a formation of lights appeared out of nowhere high above them. The lights travelled in a straight direction very quickly for about thirteen seconds when the head of the formation suddenly changed its direction heading further away from the others in the group and all other lights quickly followed, then they quickly travelled independently of the formation until they all faded into nothing. The sighting lasted about thirty seconds
. E-mail Report 11.01.05

02.01.05 LAUNCESTON, TAS 0130hrs (NL)
(Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Vol.10, No.3, 19 January 2005)
On 2 January 2005, at 1.30 am, M. Davy was driving home in Launceston, when she saw a strange glow in the dark sky. ?Driving home, I saw it hovering in the northeastern sky,? she reported. "It was a massive orange thing in the sky. As I travelled further along the road, it never seemed to move. It simply hovered in the sky. But I didn’t seem to be close to it. It was orange, not really bright, with a round centre, almost like a disc. It didn’t look like it was travelling anywhere but just appeared in the same spot. I would say it was about 45-degrees above the horizon."  Email Form Report

07.01.05 SYDNEY, NSW 2325hrs (NL)
(Source: Brian Vike, http://www.hbccufo.org)
I live in the inner western suburbs of Sydney and of late the sky has been remarkably clear.  I was standing outside in my backyard on 7 January 2005, at 11.25 pm, when I noticed a sudden flash in the sky to the south. The flash reappeared and continued to flash intermittently on a further seven occasions. The light travelled in a northerly direction covering a 60-degree arc before disappearing in mid-air. The flashing object emitted a brilliant white strobe-like light not unlike a camera flash. The reason it was particularly noticeable is that over the city there is a no-flight curfew from 11.00 pm to 6.00 am
. E-mail Report

15.01.05 CABOOLTURE, QLD 2300hrs (NL)
(Source: National UFO Reporting Centre - www.nuforc.org)
On 15 January 2005, at 11.00 pm, the witness watched for five seconds, a bright light heading towards the east. “I was outside with my flatmates having a smoke with them and I was looking up at the stars when I saw a bright light flying very fast across the sky. They asked what I was looking at and I showed them the light. It was too high to be a normal jet plane or a jumbo jet and too fast to be a satellite. As it flew across it suddenly disappeared. The colour of the light was a bright yellow colour like a star. There was only one of these objects and it was like a star flying across the night sky very fast.” E-mail Report 19.01.05

20.01.05 CENTRAL COAST (AVOCA BEACH), NSW 0300hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3828 20.01.05)
On 20 January 2005, at 3.30 am, Jeff, an amateur astronomer, was unable to sleep so he went outside to view the sky. He noticed three small lights (similar to the size of a star) very high in the sky. He thought at first they were satellites but quickly realised that this was not possible as they were flying in a triangular formation and approx. 100 metres apart. He stated that the lights were travelling slightly slower than satellites, in a northwest to southwest direction. There was no noise and the sky was moonless and dark. Jeff watched the formation for 1 to 1102 minutes until it disappeared from sight. He had never seen anything like it before. Veronica INFODIG

24.01.05 COWANDILLA, SA 2110hrs (NL)
(Source: Australian International Flying Saucer Research Inc. Adelaide, South Australia)
On 24 January 2005 at 9.10 pm, the witness in Cowandilla watched a white light flashing every “5 cm from our view of the sky”. The craft was later spotted at 10 pm moving north, with the light on and not flashing. The craft rotated 360-degrees. The witness’ two dogs began to run around in small circles and bark.

(Source: The Advocate)
A UFO in the sky above Squeaking Point, Port Sorell, has baffled a Burnie man. John Walker said he was now a believer unless someone could explain what he saw. Mr Walker was fishing alone about 10 am on Wednesday when he saw a grey bullet-shaped object moving across the sky.

“I don’t know what you would call it,” he said. “It was about 100 to 150 feet off the ground [and] the size of a house. I didn’t hear a noise. It just moved along nice and slow and I probably watched it for fifteen minutes, then all of a sudden it disappeared.”

Mr Walker said the object had silver spots on it, but no lights. He said it was a beautiful day, with no wind. “It definitely wasn’t a weather balloon,” he said. “I’ve seen those before. It’s out of the ordinary.”

Mr Walker said he was usually sceptical about flying saucer theories, but he planned to report his experience to the Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre.

Centre investigator Keith Roberts said he had not received any similar reports, but he would like to hear from Mr Walker.

Mr Roberts said the nearby Devonport Airport might have some explanation and checking the area’s air traffic movements around the time of the sighting would be a good place to start.

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