Online E-mail Report. Reported 01.11.06
Cameron was lighting a cigarette on the verandah, at daybreak when he noticed an object moving slowly from west to east, over the back shed. He watched the object as it flew at an estimated thirty metres above him. It hovered directly above him for what seemed quite a while. The object then left in a north-northeasterly direction at a 45-degree angle away from the ground. It had two bursts of speed in a short space of time. On the second burst it had left the atmosphere with what seemed like a flash of energy or light. He described this: “The energy burst, whatever, appeared all to the world like an eight-pointed star, that had come into existence for a short time, right next to our world and then was extinguished.”

Not at anytime during this sighting, did the object make any noise whatsoever and had the appearance of a silver disc with seven soft white lights underneath it, six around the outer circumference and one larger light in the centre.
Afterwards as he went back inside, still quite dazed by his experience, a warm sensation was present all over the top of his head. Cameron said: “I have seen ghosts all my life and have had other UFO sightings, but this one described above was the most memorable due to the closeness of the sighting I experienced. A couple of months before this sighting, I had actually woken to what can only be described as a Grey beside my bed and for half a day after that I had information of unknown origin flowing through my mind, that does not seem to correspond with other accounts of these ETs. I don’t expect anyone to believe me, as I have no physical proof, it is more for my benefit to not keep all this bottled up inside.”

JANUARY 2006 BASS STRAIT 0135hrs (ce1 & Video footage)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code Unassigned
Steven was travelling to Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania. The captain announced that the sister ship would soon be passing in the opposite direction, so Steven stayed up to watch for the other vessel. As he was waiting, he noticed a bright light on the horizon, which suddenly sped up and approached the rear of the ship he was on. It came towards him from the horizon in a matter of seconds, “in a blink of an eye”.

It was a triangular shape, large and silent, with a row of four or five bright lights along its front. He noticed it made no sound as it followed the ship, hovering at a slight distance away. He reached into his bag and took out his video camera, turned and pointed the camera towards the hovering triangular object. As soon as he did this, the object sped off again towards the horizon. He says he managed to get a good video image of the object once it had sped off.

Comment: Steven claims to have captured a good video image of a light at night, from onboard a ship, using a hand held camcorder with no tripod. I said that it was highly unlikely that any video camera could produce a useful image under those conditions, especially at night and with no tripod. He maintained that I must see his video, and I suggested he make a copy and post it to me. He said he was not going to copy the tape, and that I’d have to see it with him. He said he was soon coming to Melbourne, and that we could meet then, and see the tape. I gave him my contact details and have not heard from him since.

If Steven has a good video, it would be a first. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

02.01.06 SYDNEY (CAMDEN), NSW 0030hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin unassigned number
Clifford was driving towards Burragorang Road between Camden and The Oaks. He was heading towards traffic lights when he noticed a string of coloured lights hanging in the air. They were round balls reminiscent of a string of fairy lights. He estimated their real size to be approximately 15 metres long. They were red, blue, green and purple. He noticed there was a lack of anything yellow or orange about them. He turned right onto Burragorang Road and found himself moving underneath them. He looked for them in his rear vision mirror but could no longer locate them anywhere. He was on his way to work at such a time as to arrive about ten minutes early. He said that it was around 12.30 am when he sat at the lights. He is very sure of this because it was at the very start of his journey and he knew what time he left. As he turned and travelled under the objects, he drove on along Burragorang Road and eventually reached the suburb of Mount Hunter and could easily have made the journey in five minutes. Just past Mount Hunter, he noticed two bright lights which he presumed to be at the road height of a truck coming toward him. As the lights came closer, he became freaked as the lights were on his side of the road. Metres before they met him on a head on collision course, the lights parted and ascended vertically into the air. He pulled up sharply, got out of the car, looked up and down, but the objects were gone. He immediately took off for work. He was now in sight of his destination. Suddenly, two lights came up behind him, this time parting some twenty metres before reaching him, ascending and once again disappearing! This time, he put his foot down and sped into his place of work. Even accounting for a momentary stop on the road, he should have arrived around 12.45 am. He had lost little or no time on the road but ended up being quite late. He didn’t arrive until 1.10 am. His boss actually approached him and asked a very curious question: “What were you doing sitting up on the side of the road there? You’re late for work and I saw you sitting up there with your lights on for twenty minutes.”

Clifford replied: “What are you talking about? I didn’t sit around anywhere, in fact, if anything, I was gunning it for the last few minutes.” Clifford said he felt weird all morning, as though someone was watching him. Shadows were in his peripheral vision - made by no one and never in his direct sight whenever he looked around. Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

Source: Follow-up 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5318
On 2 January 2006 Ned was holding a party at his holiday home at Soldiers Point, Port Stephens. He was facing north some time between 4.00 and 5.00 am when he noticed a faint light in the sky travelling from north to south. It seemed to be a satellite because, although low on the horizon, it seemed to be at a very high altitude. Suddenly it started to move across the sky in a zigzag motion. It seemed to stop and then accelerate whilst zigzagging. He watched it until it disappeared out of view over the house rooftops. After that he saw a thin streak of light which stretched from north to south across the sky. The streak was long enough to cover a third of the sky. He got the impression it was something travelling very fast. He did not recognise it as any kind of meteor or shooting star but rather he got the impression it was just like the object he had seen previously. This second sighting was in the same direction and heading as the first.

Ned has an interest in astronomy and told me that he has never taken UFOs seriously. On that particular night, Ned stated the constellation of Orion had nearly set and the object first observed was traversing the area of the sky in the constellation of Gemini and Hydra, low on the horizon.

After giving this report, Ned added something else he is not usually taken to saying to anybody. According to Ned, the rooftops of the houses opposite his are closer to the waterline, lower in elevation on the skyline and were beneath his field of view when observing the lights in the sky. During and after the event, he perceived a blurry shape like an animal walking backwards and forwards over what he believed to be the roof of such a house, directly beneath that part of the sky in which he saw the lights. He said that he had “a strange feeling about it”. When he looked out over the horizon in daylight, he was shocked to find that there was indeed no house or rooftop in that line of sight! Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

03.01.06 SYDNEY (CAMDEN), NSW 0300-0330hrs (NL)
See previous sighting 02.01.06 Sydney (Camden), NSW
On the following morning of 3 January, at around 3.00 – 3.30 am, he was standing at the rear of his workplace when he saw approximately twelve yellow lights. He compared it to someone picking up a handful of yellow Smarties and throwing them into the air. As he watched, it became obvious that these objects were making triangular movements above the mountains. These things were starlike and about the apparent magnitude of Venus. This time, his employer came out and witnessed the same thing. They watched for around ten minutes until work beckoned. Half an hour later, the objects were gone. Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

04.01.06 SYDNEY (CAMDEN), NSW 0300-0330hrs (NL)
See previous two sightings 02.01.06 & 03.01.06 Sydney (Camden), NSW
On the third night (4 January) at around 1.30 am, he was just starting his shift when his employer called out to him “Your UFO’s back”. So Clifford and another employee went outside where all three witnessed a bright orange ball of light descending to the ground. He said it floated like a feather. It appeared to land near the road, but when they investigated, nothing could be found. The three of them declared seeing shadows in the car park shortly afterwards. Expecting to find kids playing around or something, his employer investigated but could not find any reason for the eerie shadows. The back door to the premises was ajar. At one point, the three men were all in the back room near the open exit. They all heard a sound like paper being torn up. A wad of paper, shredded and bundled, was thrown in through the back door! All three witnesses were in the very room at the time and even though they could swiftly move to catch whoever it was, they could find no one.

There was not a single sound, no source of where this paper had come from. Nothing! In a rural area, in the early hours of the morning, it is very difficult to come and go and not make a single sound against the background of complete silence.

This case is still under investigation. Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

20.01.06 LURNEA, NSW 2200hrs
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 5333

On the night of 20 January 2006, Norma and her daughter were star-watching from their home in Lurnea. They had a small telescope, and frequently attended the public night watches with the Macarthur University Astronomical Society. That night the sky was exceptionally clear and just before 10 pm the witnesses observed a bright white light travelling across the sky. They described it as being bigger than Venus and very high up. The object was travelling on a west to south trajectory.

The object they saw was the International Space Station. Members of the UFOSWS were conducting a night watch in the same vicinity, on the same night. The co-ordinates were matched with those of the ISS. Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

23.01.06 ADELAIDE, SA 0531hrs
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 5335

At dawn on 23 January 2006, from the back porch of his home at Seaford Rise, Adelaide, Adrian noticed an off-white golf ball-shaped object moving slowly along the horizon. The sky was still dark when the object was first observed between 5.30 and 5.50 am. The object ascended almost straight up at an angle of about 75- to 80-degrees and it changed colour “through all parts of the spectrum”. The colour changing was observed until the object went through the cloud cover. Thereafter it was seen as the original off-white colour before it began to fade and disappear into the upper atmosphere and dawn light. The witness stated that the object went so far up “it wasn’t funny”. No aviation lights were observed. A rough estimate put this object at around 2 km from the shore. The witness has lived in the area for eleven years. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

24.01.06 GOLD COAST (JUMPINPIN), QLD 1900hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 5347
At 7pm on Wednesday 24th of January 2006, Greg, who was on his 34 foot catamaran moored at the Southport Yacht club, Dux Anchorage, witnessed a large yellow-orange ball of light east of north between 30 to 40 degrees above the horizon.  At midnight he exited the cabin, only to see that the same object was still visible in the same location sighted earlier in the evening. He got up again around 4 am and was surprised to see the object had remained in its original location.  When he exited his cabin a few hours later (around 7 am), the object was not visible due to a low cloud cover.  The object was described as one-third the size of a full moon, noiseless and motionless.  The weather conditions throughout the night was clear with no cloud cover till around 4 am in the morning.  Later it started to drizzle with light rain. Initial observation was for five minutes, thereafter he only observed the object for around two minutes at a time.

Conclusions:  From the description the witness gave to me, it definitely wasn't a planet or star, satellite, aircraft, birds or anything of a terrestrial nature. Robert Frola AUFORN

24.01.06 SEAFORD (CARRUM DOWNS), VIC 2145hrs (NL)
Not too sure whether or not this was or was not a sighting but it was pretty freaky whatever it was. I was driving home along the road that leads through Carrum Downs, an industrial side of town, on 24 January 2006, when I was distracted by these three or four bright orange orbs glowing in the sky about 9.45 pm. I thought at first they were just stars, until I stopped and took a better look at them. What was weird was the fact they were all aligned. The brightest orb was above the rest and they moved north to east at a rather slow to medium pace. They were different from plane lights and didn’t flash so I was positive it had to be something different. This lasted for about twenty minutes from when I first saw them. They suddenly disappeared and since then I’ve been curious to find out what they were. E-mail Report

Received 19/06/2008 22:20:23 - New

2006 PICTON 2030hrs (NSW)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Miss. X
Number of witnesses present: 1 & my dog
Sighting Duration: Few seconds

Observation: I've only recently started to talk about this after about 2 years and the more I talk about it the more I'm beginning to think that what I saw was a UFO even if at the time I didn't want to believe it and put it at the back of my mind for a long time because its the kind of thing that seems unbelievable. It happened near Picton just outside Sydney.One night sometime in 2006 my dog was barking so much that this time I got up to see what it was about. It was also during the time that one of our other dogs had gone missing so thinking that I should check up on my dog in case something like that happened again I got out of bed and opened the back door.

I went out onto the balcony and looked over to my dog who stopped barking when I came out and was looking at me and up. Still by the door I suddenly looked up and stared at this aircraft object just a few metres above me. I was very still looking at it for what seemed a long time but only probably was a few seconds. I was looking at it from underneath and I could see yellow and red lights and the red light seemed to pulse or flicker. I could not tell at all what kind of shape it was other than it was broad and big because it was pitch black at night and its body seemed to be enveloped by the darkness. It was just hovering there without a sound.

I wasn't really afraid at that point just kind of curious and surprised like a what the? moment. Then I saw it slightly move and I thought that it had glided along but as I was looking out in the direction that it had suddenly moved I couldn't see it at all anymore. I thought it might be gliding along the land but I stared into the darkness and couldn't see any lights or shape at all as if it had suddenly disappeared without a sound and too quick for my eye to discern. I stared into the darkness for a long time and looked at my dog worriedly then finally went to bed. Thats when I got worried about what I saw. I didn't fall asleep straight away as I was mulling over what I saw along the lines of could it be..? no it can't be...? could it possibly be...? how can that be..? no it must be an airplane from Canberra or something? and so I fell asleep rationalising it and have only spoken about it now.

I definitly think differently now. Now I think that it must have been hovering above my house observing and thats why my dog was barking and that when I woke up and stepped out it followed me and was observing me as I was observing it until it decided to move on. And that it had the ability to use the night to envelope itself in darkness like a camoflauge escept for the lights. I don't know it it was possibly a man made secret or not but its not something that I can explain at all. Its the first time ever that I have seen such a thing and I hope the last too. Location: Picton road NSW Actual Size: Not sure but big and broad above my house. Altitude: A few metres above my house it looked like it was just above it because it felt close. Object Origin: Don't know. Object Destination:North. Weather Visibility: Clear

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