01.01.07 INGLE, SA 0020hrs (NL)
Approach Direction: East - Departure Direction: West.
Witness Direction: East then followed movement to west.
Description: New years eve Following watching fireworks noticed three some witness say 5 large yellow lights like huge spotlight travelling fast through the sky. Someone thought it may have been after burners from fighter jets but there was no noise and they fairly high in the air and in a v formation. Color/Shape: Yellow large spotlight

Height & Speed: between 5,000 and 15,000 feet 550 to 1000km an hour TV/Radio/Press: Contacted weather burea and they said I had been the only one to phone in and they knew nothing. Local radio had a few other callers from Cambletown area phone in to say they saw lights announcer thought maybe helicopter but once again no sound was heard as is when helicopter shining spotlights in a search. SOURCE: UFOINFO Sighting Report Form

01.01.07 BREAKWATER, VIC 1100hrs (NL)
Mr and Mrs P. watched a shooting star until it stopped, growing brighter then duller, then moving at unexplainable speeds. When it stopped again, Mr P. took photos on his phone then they drove away. It appeared to follow for a kilometre then it disappeared. They watched it for three minutes. It had moved from east to west then northwards.

02.01.07 SANDY BAY, TAS 0445hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5846
The witness had been working on his computer and went outside for some fresh air. Looking west towards Mt Wellington he noticed a white star sized light which he had the impression was low and just above the mountain skyline. He watched for some 10 minutes before it seemed to slowly move away or disappear behind the mountain skyline.

A number of stars in the Orion constellation were low to the west and the witness may have followed one of these as they set over the mountain. Nothing that the witness reported would appear to preclude an astronomical explanation although it is not easy following the event to pin point the exact star. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

04.01.07 SYDNEY (HOXTON PARK), NSW 2315hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5855
In the area of Hoxton Park, Sydney, Jim was putting out the garbage late on 4 January 2007 when he saw “an orange ball of flame in the night sky, moving from north to south so as to end up in the eastern sky. It went southward, veered off to the left towards Wollongong, until it disappeared from sight over the horizon”. Jim rang the Bureau of Meteorology, and the observatory, but made no headway as to what it was he had seen. In his opinion: “Not an aircraft, no strobe lights, no tail, not a meteor: moving too fast. It was faster than a jet liner, but too slow for a meteor and did not appear to be very high in the sky.” Although Jim said the object was about 45-degrees up from the horizon, the object continued along a straight line at the same level all the way. There was no sound and a clear sky. The moon was out and was behind him. The entire crossing of the sky took nearly five minutes. Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

05.01.07 BRISBANE (FOREST LAKE), QLD 2325hrs
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5856
Although unsure of the exact surroundings, the caller explained that he was holidaying at a friend’s house in the District of Forest Lake, somewhere in the north of Brisbane. What the two of them saw closely resembled that of a falling meteorite in the sky at about 30 degrees from the horizon and losing altitude. Although the plumed head and tail was compared to that of a firework, the observers knew that it was something from the heavens. The two of them worked out that they were looking roughly North West when they saw the object plummet out of sight and with no sounds associated.

This event coincided with a sighting made by this author on the same night but around 500 km to the South at approximately the same time. Although unlikely to have been the same object, it is likely that we were both witness to parts of a meteor shower which struck the earth on the weekend of these observations. Dominic McManara AUFORN NSW

05.01.07 FOSTER, NSW 2200hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5963
Late on the evening of 5 January 2007, Aaron was outside the family home in the Foster area, north of Sydney, when he saw what resembled a firework display. Avid stargazers, he and his wife watched it for about 30 minutes from about 10.05 pm as these things sparked on and off in an orange glow over the Foster to Taree area. At the same time he was aware of the rumbling of jet engines in the sky and could see the constant dim glow of a military aircraft as it passed by, quite separate to what he was watching over the horizon.

In the morning, still puzzled by what he had seen, he rang the different councils and mayoral offices just to check if anything had been going on which he didn’t know about. He then rang the RAAF to ask what it was that their jets were out chasing at about the same time of evening. He described his line of sight as north/northeast and low on the horizon just above the trees. There were large orange flashes, much brighter and bigger than stars. “They would go on and off like lights in pairs or maybe more. Then they would do the same thing at a different height, then high right to left and right again.”

It is interesting to note that although this is the only hotline callin received over this incident, the RAAF declared that they had received several calls into the Williamstown base that night, all asking about these strange flashes in the sky. The RAAF base confirmed that a jet was in the air late that night but no other details were available. Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

08.01.07 BRISBANE (BRAKEN RIDGE), QLD 19.20hrs (NL)
A man was performing a left turn from Bracken Ridge Road into Norris Road and saw a big white glowing stationary light in the sky at an elevation of about 45 degrees. He pulled over and continued to observe it. It was positioned in a patch of clear sky above one cloud and below another. It moved behind the bottom cloud and came out again in about 40 seconds. It then descended slowly to 20 degrees over a period of about 10 to 15 minutes. He was standing in a driveway while observing and a woman at that address brought out a video camera and proceeded to record the light. The light was to the west and the sky was black, with some stars. Its apparent size was about that of a 5 cent coin at arm's length. It was still there when he left the scene.

11-12-13.01.07 NORTHERN SUB ADELAIDE, SA 2310hrs
Approach Direction: west to easterly direction
Departure Direction: north westerly
Witness Direction: north

Description: on the 11th january my boyfriends dad was outside having a cigarette at approx 1110pm when he yelled out for my boyfriend as he saw a satellite moving accross orions belt or what we call the saucepan in a westerly direction and then they saw a large boomerang shaped 'craft' flying over head silent with no lights - they yelled out for me but I missed it and was somewhat disappointed - the 12th we decided to see if it came again so waited outside early at around 930pm and at approx 1035pm we saw what we thought to be another satellite cross westerly through orions belt and then shortly after that the triangular boomerang grey/black object flew accross it appeared to be on its side banking but did not actually turn and then appeared to vanish

We waited again on the 13th from 9pm but there was too much cloud cover and gave up at approx 1130pm

14th at 950pm I witnessed the satellite go westerly through orions belt and seem to stop and then reappear out of star to the left of the belt and continue then dissapear and within a minute or 2 the triangular boomerang object flew straight over the top of us - i tried to view it though binoculars but they were too small but it appeared to be a dark grey & dull.

We had a theory that perhaps it is something they are testing like a spy drone but they are only small (about 2 1/2metres) and the object is up so high as there is no sound and it goes past at a fast rate. when I extend my arm and turn my hand inwards so its on its side & palm facing outwards the triangular object is slightly larger then my hand width ways.

**Just for the record i'm over 25 do not smoke pot nor was drunk at the time of these sightings

Color/Shape: triangular or boomerang shaped object dark dull grey metallic?? - Height & Speed: 5-10secs visability seems to appear shortly after 'satelite' through orions belt found picture similar to object on http://www.rense.com/general36/v.htm
Source:UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5859
Number of witnesses: One male PERRY.
Number of objects: One object.
Duration: 40 seconds.
Weather conditions: Clear sky.
Moon phase:

Perry was outside his residence sky watching for satellites at approximately 2200hrs when he saw a small star-like object moving across the night’s sky from east heading in a westerly direction. He did not think much of it as it looked very much like a typical satellite; dull white in colour travelling in a straight line across sky.

Suddenly the dull white light appeared to explode into a brilliant white light, expanding in size by three or four times its original size. The dazzling white light in the shape of a sphere lasted three to four seconds before reverting back to a dull white light. Perry stated that even when the light expanded it kept travelling at the same speed and direction. He watched the light for approximately 40 seconds before it disappeared in the distance.

Originally he thought that the object had exploded or had some major malfunction. But when it resumed it normal size and colour he did know what to think. He felt it was worth reporting to the Hotline.By Jeff Fausch AUFORN SA.

11.01.07 BENDIGO, VIC 2310hrs
The witness and his wife watched an unusual light in the northern sky from their front verandah in Bendigo. He states: “Whilst it was easily visible to the naked eye, upon putting my binoculars to it, it amplified the sighting. What we saw was an erratic light in the sky darting around in the one location for some time then darting at great speed from the north to NNW in a split second, remaining there momentarily and then returned to the original location in the northern sky. On two occasions it shone extremely bright as if it was coming closer to us. In the binoculars I felt I could see a dark round spherical shaped image behind the light.”

The sighting lasted about three minutes. It was stationary for a while then darted erratically around in the same vicinity, becoming brighter on two occasions. The light moved rapidly to the northeastern sky before disappearing behind trees and hills. SOURCE: Jeff Fausch. AUFORN SA

13.01.07 WARWICK, QLD 2010hrs (NL)
Three witnesses observed a light illuminating the cloud cover to the southeast and moving erratically about in the sky making displacements of more than 10 degrees in a second. The event was observed for about 10 minutes.


17.01.07 VICTORIA (MAROUBRA), NSW 0130hrs (NL)
Approach Direction: east from city
Departure Direction: west towards beach.

Witness Direction: north.
Description: What i saw was unbelievable A dish like object glowing blue with white and red and blue lights coming from the bottom, it had no sound at all, i saw it very closely.

Color/Shape: Dish like object that seemed to move with the with the spinning of the body, it was glowing blue. Height & Speed: it wouldn't have been more than about 100-250 meters away it was going slowly then i got up to look at it and it went away quickly very quickly without any sound. if you need more info please contact me!!! - Source:UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

18.01.07 SYDNEY (BLACKTOWN), NSW 2200hrs aprox
I have came across your site about sighting of UFO, which reinforced my belief of what I saw would class as an UFO. The following post is what I wrote on my blog about the event, please let me know if you need further details.

Update (19Jan07)

I’ve heard the term ‘UFO’ countless times but never bothered to think about of the claim of its existence, to me it was nothing more than some farfetched fable for magazines and tabloids.

As I predicted, people wore a big smile and grinned when they listened to my tales of an UFO sighting, not many would have believed me, most would think that I’m too bored to dream up some story seeking attention, but after witness it, I must say that I’m now convinced that there is such thing as an Unidentified Flying Object.

It was at about 10pm Thursday (18Jan) as I was traveling south bound towards Blacktown on Sunnyholt road, after passing the exit of M7 the road came to the top of a small hill. Directly ahead of me within 1 Km distance, there was this ‘thing’ flying, or hanging to be more exact, in the sky may be about 100 meters above the ground. (I’m now having trouble estimating the altitude at which it was traveling/hanging. Initially it appeared so low, maybe due to its massive appearance, it looked quite low, but think again, it must have been at least 100 meters above ground, or perhaps even more). It had no wings of any sort, and no attached ‘external parts’ on what appears to be a perfectly enclosed metallic look body. I thought it was a hot air balloon initially, but its shape was not remotely close. Rather symmetrical, it didn’t have an oval shape, more like 2 dish plate locked together, and had rather defined edges. At the bottom of this ‘thing’, there were yellowish, bluish light blended with a hint of red emitted.

After attending a sporting match, I happened to have my camera with me, so I thought of stop my bike to take a snap of this thing. I hesitated to stop in the middle of the main road to take a picture so I turned into the closest side street where I found the residential buildings and trees blocked much of the vision. I turned back on to the main road, then spent what felt like a few minutes trying to find it, it was no longer there. I eventually found it was so far away that it almost diminished out of sight, I believe it had traveled for at least up to 10km away in such a short space of time.

First thing when I came home to do was to google for UFO sightings in Australia, and found a large number of hits. One of the witness recount of a sighting on 17Jan at Mabroubra paint a similar picture of what I have seen. With a bit of shock, I’m now a firm believer of UFO’s existence? Now I wonder what’s with those ‘Alien abductions’, imagine if it was reported that a bike was found stopped by the side of the road with its engine still on, a camera dropped on the ground and a travel bag is still mounted on the rack of the bike. The owner of the bike wasn’t there, the camera showed an image of night sky. Source:UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

18.01.07 SYDNEY (BLACKTOWN), NSW 2215hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5996
At around 10.pm on the 18th of January, 2007, Tyson and his brother Brett were travelling the near the M7 motorway network connecting to Blacktown, a suburb of Sydney. As they looked skyward, they saw an object that was white /blue and star like hovering above the motorway. After stopping to observe it for some 10 seconds of hovering, this object then “shot off straight upwards and disappeared.” Tyson made the first call about the incident but has become in the words of his brother “officially freaked out about it” and opted to leave it to his brother to make the reports. Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

21.01.07 MELBOURNE, VIC 2320hrs (NL)
Approach Direction: south east to north west.
Departure Direction: headed north eastly before vanishing.
Witness Direction: east.
Description: went out onto the balcony at 11.15 and saw a bright light coming towards us over the city of Melbourne. It then turned in a complete L shape, no banking and slowing disappeared. Then we saw three army helicopters circling Melbourne for about twenty minutes. Color/Shape: bright white light - Height & Speed: approx 7 kms from ground.

Source:UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

24.01.07 VITORIA (BELLBRAE), VIC 2255hrs (NL)
I was searching the sky looking for a comet that I was expecting to see in the south-west. I didn't see the comet but I did see a moving star. As I watched this 'star' became brighter and bigger than all the others, so much so that all the stars around it grew smaller and very dull. I realized then that the moving 'star' was coming in closer. Its appearance was that of a star, but a very big, bright star. I was beginning to feel a little exposed from my position in our open yard as it drew closer, however I decided watching was a better idea than rushing to my home. After about 10-15 seconds the 'star' changed direction and started to move away. Within a second or two more it disappeared completely into the darkness.


26.01.07 CANBERRA, ACT 2100hrs
Approach Direction: From NNE (nornoreast)
Departure Direction: Toward the south
Witness Direction: looking up to the NNE
Description: At approximately 9pm on the 26th January 2007 (Australia Day) from my backyard I looked up toward the north north east sky and saw a large orange spherical object moving at the pace of an airoplane across the sky toward the south and coming overhead. The size is hard to give as a diameter considering it is proportionate to distance however it looked around eight times bigger than a large close planet would look. The moon was present in cresent shape more toward NNW. The sky was quite clear.

I have seen something like this before in Lismore about seven years ago and my first thought was this was the second time in my life I have seen this type of UFO (though the colour was different). I had enough time to call out to my neighbors and get them to also witness it. As it got closer I saw lights on top of the orange sphere. A lean rectangle shaped light was on top of the glowing orange sphere. The rectangular light was blue on one half and a different colour (which I really cant seem to recall) on the other half. When I saw these top lights within a small rectangular shape I became fairly sure that this was not a meteorite. The sphere then stopped got smaller by a third quickly then smaller again by a half quickly then seemed to turn into the size of a small star. I could not distinguish it further.

The object had been so big and so obvious I was sure it would be in the paper the next day (as was the object I saw in Lismore). I have found no mention of it in the press.

I am familiar with the night sky and the effects of slight mist on planes etc however this was definately not a plane or jet.

I have seen UFO's before and my first reaction is oddly to not care. When I saw this I just wanted to go inside or not particularly notice but I got myself to stay and watch. I am amazed noone else noticed it that night.

The one in Lismore that was somewhat like this was a very unique colour which I will never forget. At that time I went to get a coffee to watch it and later that morning I realised the coffee took two hours to make and that I had lost time. This time I went immediately back into the house to check the time and time had passed as normal.

I am writing this in case others saw it and feel frustrated that noone else has confirmed their sighting.

Color/Shape: Orange sphere with a small rectangular light on top half blue and half another colour.

Height & Speed: Approx eight times bigger than a large close planet would look to be and approaching about the speed of a plane then stopping (see details above). Source:UFOINFO Sighting Form Report.

26.01.07 SYDNEY (MATRAVILLE), NSW 2130hrs
Approach Direction: Towards the ocean
Departure Direction: towards the city
Witness Direction: towards the city

Description: my husband and I were watching tv and saw out of the corner of our eye out the window an orange fireball oval type shape. it was moving slowly across towards our backyard. we ran to our back porch where it seemed to hover and a feeling of acknowledgement between it and us was so strong. It kind of changed to show us it was more of a saucer looking aircraft with red lights flashing around it. It kind of took off! it went up 20m or so and actually had a whirling sound. It then shot off into the sky, out though, not up. We stood and watched in disbelief. We definitly saw a UFO. I have never been a believer, actually the opposite. I tend to think UFO believers are crazy. We had not had a drink hence being australia day, we had instead taken our 3 children to jambaroo for the day. We do not take drugs or are not on any medication. I called and reported it to Maroubra Police station as i did not know what else to do. We are very interested to talk more about it and would like to know if this UFO was spotted anywhere else.

Color/Shape: Initially an orange fireball colour which changed to a lighter brighter light allowing us to see it more in its form which seemed to be of a saucer aircraft shape (just like the bloody movies!! i cant believe it) It had red lights which spun once it started to take off and shoot into the atmosphere.

Height & Speed: Its so hard to say, a 100 or so meters above. At first it flew quite slow sideways and then it shot off millions of kms in about 10sec.
Source:UFOINFO Sighting Form Report.

27.01.07 SYDNEY (BLACKTOWN), NSW 2054hrs (ENTITY)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5998
During the interim, another startling incident occurred. On the 27th of January 2007, the brothers were playing football in their back yard when the ball went over the back fence. This is in the vicinity of the first sighting. Having scaled the fence to look for it amongst the gardens of their neighbour’s hen house, Brett was alarmed by the sight of a strange, small figure standing by the chicken house doors. He described his exit as instantaneous, leaping the fence back home and racing inside!

During those fleeting seconds, Brett had enough of a look to describe a small creature with large almond like eyes; about this, he was adamant. Minutes later, Brett noted that his watch had stopped at 8:54 pm. There is little doubt in his mind that this was the moment when he landed in the neighbour’s yard. Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

29.01.07 SYDNEY (BLACKTOWN), NSW 1800-1900hrs
I would like to report a strange sight I saw outside my window at about 6:00 to 7:00pm on the 29th of January 2007. I looked up to see a silver ball rise up on a continuing elevation toward the clouds. I sat in my room and waited for this ball to level off its climb and follow a straight path over the clouds. But the thing just kept on rising until it disappeared. It was a silver ball. Like a football. Completely spherical. There didn't appear to be any structural vantage points upon the craft. No discernable features, other than its colour and shape. It made no sound. I couldn't hear anything in the way of jet engines or propeller emissions. It didn't produce a contrail or anything that would signify a conventional aircraft. It didn't have wings or tail. It was just a silver ball that kept on a path of elevation, until it disappeared on its line of elevation. The day itself was clear, bright and sunny. The sighting lasted about 10-20 seconds. The object seemed to be moving rapidly and it seemed to be around the same size as a Ford Focus. But again, perfectly round with no right angles. The object was travelling at an angle of around 50-60 degrees.

I live in the South Burnett. It is a region close to the Bunya Mountain Ranges. I believe it is the start of the Great Dividing Range. It is not the first sighting I've seen in this area. In 1995 I witnessed a aeroplane-like craft, but gold in colour. It was large, around the size of two Stealth Bombers. It glided over my house late one afternoon and continued over the Bunya Mountains. I stood and watched this thing quietly glide. I have seen other unusual sightings in this area. I have seen strange lights perform manoeuvres in the shape of squares and rectangles in the night sky. And there was one night where, after witnessing a strange object in the skies, a deep feeling of nausea hit. I also witnessed, with a friend in 1995, a red ball about the same size as a cricket ball circle my house. It was night time. We were sitting outside getting ready to go out and this red ball circled my house, hovered above myself and my friend then headed off into the clouds. We both just looked at each other in shock and asked one another if the other had seen that.

30.01.07 SYDNEY, NSW (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5945 & 5946

Helen originally called us and reported having been the last in a string of witnesses to an object in the sky, which drew comments of ‘UFO’ from the group who saw it. As Helen was the last to catch sight of it, her view was not a good one and was determined that others would confirm dates and times and a better report of what was so strange about it in the first place. But in a subsequent call, Helen had discovered that her friends would not be involved after all and was sorry to have wasted our time. Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

31.01.07 BRISBANE QLD 1915hrs (NL)
Just wanting to report a weird sight this evening. At approximately 7:15pm on the Southeast freeway just out of Brisbane, I've seen what looked like a flame-ball, some sort of projectile similar to a flame or aurora lights etc for less than a second. Perhaps a third of a second or so. It was on a slight arc travelling away from me, and I first thought it was rather small and close. It then seemed a lot further away. Perhaps about five kilometres in the air [very hard to judge of course]. It disappeared completely.


ca.31.01.07 ADELAIDE (HYDE PARK), SA 0030hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Callin Code 5989
On 31 January or 1 February 2007, Courtney woke up around 12.30 am and looked out her window to watch the stars as she was unable to get back to sleep. She watched a strange light in the southeast, about 25-degrees above the Adelaide Hills. It was slightly larger than Venus, round, yellowish-white with a flickering reddish-blue light and a solid red light underneath. The object appeared to be moving up and down within the same area (jerky motion). She watched the object for nearly four hours then went to the bathroom, returning only to find the object had vanished. Jeff Fausch AUFORN SA

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