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January 2009

Received on 30/01/2009 21:53:43

30.01.2009 COOLAROO (VIC) 2130hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Nick
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 2 - 10 minutes
Occupation: Security Officer

Observation: To whom this letter may Concern I am writing to let you know I was sitting outside in my backyard it was a hot day and their was a cool change in the evening however I was looking at the stars I saw 2 small circle shapes going around for 10 minutes I through it was a shooting star I was keep on looking at the small things they were going around in circle again then disappeared so fast it had lights bright yellow and red flames were coming I have also reported that I saw this same usual thing on the 22/01/2009.

I would like to enquire if this is a UFO or not if their is any issue with this letter please do not hesitate to contact me Description: Yes it was low and disappeared so fast - Apparent Size: Dinner Plate - Apparent Size Other: like a Tennis Ball - Actual Size: Big like a Tennis Ball - Altitude: Very High - Object Origin: Left - Object Destination: Left - Moon Visible: Yes the moon was visible - Moon Size Comparison: Half of the size - Weather Visibility: Clear, Hot, Windy

Received on 29/01/2009 22:12:02

29.01.09 FORRESTERS BEACH (NSW) 2213hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Dale
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 6 minutes
Occupation: hairdresser

Observation: object hovering at around 300 ft. above Forresters beach NSW. Making erratic 90 degree turns and manouvures. - Description: cylinder object, red green blue beacons. No sounds heard. - Apparent Size: Pea-Sized - Actual Size: 30 meters - Altitude: 3000 ft. - Object Destination: flew in north east direction - Weather Visibility: Clear Pleasant, Calm.

Received on 24/01/2009 15:40:57

23.01.09 RUSSEL LEA (NSW) 23 to 00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Miss. Michaela - Lara - Mr. Joseph
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 5 - 10 minutes
Occupation: Student

Observation: I was walking home (dad's place) with my sister and my best friend from being at a park earlier that night. There was no moon in the sky so it was very dark and there were random patches of clouds . We had been discussing and observing how nice it was that there were so many stars present in the sky, because there were lots more than usual.

We were about 4 houses away from home when my sister and I notice some really bright light moving across the sky very slowly. At first we thought it was a plane, but it was it wasn't the colour of any star we had ever seen. We could see the contrast between the surrounding white stars and this orange 'thing'. Then more and more of these lights just twinkled, emerged and appeared. It was a very amazing experience and for most of it we were just either staring in awe or asking each if it was real. We stupidly didn't think to look at the time when it was actually happening so the time of my sighting is more so an estimate that accurate. I calculated this from noticing the time a little while after the experience.

They were two groups of UFO's next to each other. The group in front was in the formation of a perfect triangle (three) and the following group was an arrow (about seven). As the two groups moved across the sky in a weird alignment we walked to and sat on our verandah where we could still see the UFO's.

We continued observing and had been talking to each other for a minute or so and when we looked back there was only one UFO left. we went back down to the street to get a better look of the last one there. As it moved across the sky, we all watched as it twinkled on and off disappearing and then reappearing like it was about to change direction and then it was gone.

We all spoke about it throughout the night an in the morning also. At first I thought I was just seeing things but as soon as my sister and friend saw exactly what I was seeing I was really freaked out. It was really special and amazing though.

Description: Yes. They were two groups of UFO's next to each other. The group in front was in the formation of a perfect triangle (three) and the following group was an arrow (about seven). There was One that was on its own at the end but Im not sure if it was the remainder of the arrow or not. They were bright orange and about twice the size of a normal star. Actual Size: well because they were twice the size of a star, I really don't have a single clue how big they could've been. They objects could've been any size. Altitude: They were not as far as stars since they were a little larger in size and brightness but still far away enough to only be seen as orange lights. Object Origin: The stars first appeared from the north side of the sky. - Object Destination: They were moving slowly towards the south before they disappeared. Moon Visible: there was no moon. Planets Visible: There was an amazing display of stars. lots of little clusters and a wide strip across the sky (north -south) where most of the stars/constellations were. Weather Visibility: Clear, Hot, Cloudy, Breezy - Weather Comments: there were random areas of cloud and a slight breeze.

Effects Psychological: I usually become teary when unusual things happen like very weird coincidences. As we observed and after they disappeared I felt like this. I felt like I really had to let someone know and really wanted to know if anyone else (other than the three of us) saw anything. but other than that we were fine. Effects Other: About 3-4 hours earlier, we were at a park and repeatedly I saw really bright single lights coming from the north. I seriously thought it was an asteroid or something blazing toward the earth. As we spoke and forgot about it we saw planes around in the sky and my sister and friend said that, that was probably what I was seeing. I thought so too for a while until I saw didn't have any other flashing lights like on the wings of a plane. It was very peculiar but I just moved it to the back of my mind because I thought it was crazy to think there was a 'UFO' travelling across the sky and no one else would believe me anyway. I believe that they were most probably UFO's.

Received on 23/01/2009 04:07:16

22.01.09 OWEN (SA) 0220hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Kane
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 1 minutes
Occupation: Student

Observation: It was approximately 02:20 am, I was kneeling down in the office trying to find something from the desk drawer and for a moment, I forgot what it was I was looking for. So, completely dumbfounded, I stood up and sat down at the desk, took a deep breath and looked out the window towards the street (south west)... I was at a loss. Then, something caught my eye. An amber light spiraling downwards to the right across the night sky like an emergency flare or even a tadpole fleeing from it's predator. I lost visual of the light as it passed.

The size of this "unidentified FALLING object" from where I was seated was the size of a tennis ball. This was more than likely a meteor etc. but worthy of a report. Description: No sound, however, 5 maybe even 10 minutes later, I heard a bang in the distance. Probably not even related. - Apparent Size: Tennis Ball - Actual Size: Pardon my foul language, but fucking huge! I couldn't tell you the distance between the object and myself, but, if was about the size of a tennis ball, then yeah... Pretty darn big. - Altitude: From where I was seated, about the height of a tree out front 12 or so ft? - Object Origin: Top left. - Object Destination: Bottom right. - Moon Visible: Not from where I was seated.

Planets Visible: No... All I could see besides the object before it passed, was a street light one street over and my desk lamp. Even if there were stars, the office window has lace curtains, you can see jack-all through them specially with the lamp on. So this is a great indication of how bright the object was. - Weather Temp: Warm

Effects Psychological: Yeah, I felt startled and somewhat concerned. I raced for the front door to see if I could witness it again, but no luck.

Received on 10/01/2009 10:15:53

06.01.09 REDHEAD (NSW) 2300hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Andrew & wife
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 3 minutes
Occupation: Environmental Consultant

Observation: Observed a high altitude flickering orange light (similar to a fireball) travelling at constant speed from north to south, inland from the coast, in the direction of Sydney. The object was visible for approximately 3 minutes, however, I had only noticed it when it was mid-way across the sky. It was also observed by my spouse. The object was very similar to several objects that myself and others have sighted in approximately 1993/1994. - Description: The orange light flickered without a regular rhythm and at times was barely visible before flaring again. I have observed many 'shooting stars' and satellites, however, the colour and pace of movement was not similiar - Apparent Size: Pea-Sized Altitude: Approximately 3000-5000 metres - Object Origin: Inland from the coast, travelling in a southerly direction toward Sydney. - Object Destination: Southern sky, obscured by trees. - Moon Visible: Yes, visible in the northern sky, quarter moon. - Moon Size Comparison: eigth size of full moon - Planets Visible: Clear skies. - Weather Visibility: Clear, Warm, Breezy - Weather Comments: North-westerly breeze

Other Experiences: Similiar sightings in 1993/1994..

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Received: on 31/01/2009 02:53:00 - 1999 ROOTY HILL (NSW)
Received: on 11/01/2009 11:19:26 - 2008 SAN REMO (NSW)

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