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May 2011

30.05.11 BAYSWATER(VIC) 13:00hrs
Source: To AUFORN direct
Name: Dean X
Witnesses: 1
Sighting Duration: minutes
Occupation: Manager.

Observation: I had just locked up the factory where I was working at the time as a production manager for a small company in Bayswater, Victoria). The sky was dark. I was at my car behind the building and decided to double check the factory door was locked. As I started to walk toward the factory an orange fireball appeared over the roof of the single story building. It seemed to travel at a fast walking pace. It was familiar to me and I later worked out that it must have remeinded me of the familiar flames that came from the top of the chimineys at the refineries in Altona where I grew up. It seemed to be the same height, size and colour. It didn't seem to make a noice although when it was further away there was a hum but may have come from the local factories. I can't remember if the flames made any noise as I was a little stunned at the time. I also can't remember exactly how long I saw it but it was long enough to open my car, rip the case off my camera and take a photo of it - frustratingly my camera took a while to take the shot as it would not autofocus but eventually after a few seconds I managed to get a blurry photo... (my had was shaking)... the photo serves as a good reminder that I wasn't imagining what I saw and also at least shows the colour of the fireball - which was a typical orange ball of flames. I then had time to jump in my car and catch up to it as it headed due south almost parallel to Scoresby Road, Bayswater (travelling slightly away from Scoresby Road.) I went over the railway line and lost sight of it behind some buildings and I didn't regain sight of it when I was clear of the buildings. I can't remember if the wind was blowing or the direction but you may find records that show this information.

Double click for larger image - taken on Olypus optical Co Ltd - C740UZ

The sky was clear from clouds from memory. When I first saw it there was a light aircraft in the distance travelling across the sky (from right to left from memory) and the aircraft seemed to be higher than the fireball. I remember thinking at the time that the aircraft would probably seen it. I would say that the fireball at first seemed to be about 2 'powerpoles' high and about a meter round but as it got further away it seemed larger and higher (it didn't seem to grow or ascend - it just looked different in height and size from that perspective and had me second guessing). I looked to see if any factories were open or people around to chat to and ask if they also saw it but there were no people around. Traffic was medium and I am sure someone else would have seen it. I travelled to Bunnings where I spoke to anyone who would listen - (one guy in the carpark had two stories of his own but unrelated and dissimilar) I had to collect some goods from the previous night which were waiting for me and the time on the receipt was 20:52:13.

From memory looking up from the Bunnings car park there were clouds and I think some moonlight... (I didn't document everything) Two hours after the incident I rang the police (my phone was out of battery power when I saw it). I asked the police if they had had any reports and the guy wou answered said he had just started the shift but there was a report of a low flying aircraft... he sounded very disinterested in what I had seen and said its nothing to worry about!! I just wanted to find out what I saw.

I eventyally rang the UFO hotline but as it was a 0055 number I figured it was just a way to make money out of the crazy people and didn't really know where to turn. My friend who lives in the Dandenongs (which was the direction from which it travelled) told me that one night he was with his brother and his friends and saw one like my description and was told that its just kids making fireballs and letting them go so I figured that was what I must have seen... I checked them out on Google and the ones I saw only lasted a few seconds and burned into embers - what I saw was really flaming... anyway I left it alone at that point... a few nights ago I saw a documentary on UFO's and decided to make an official report of what I saw and so here it is. I have never seen a UFO before. There was little or no information that described what I saw on the net. (I once saw a flashing light follow a typical path of a satellite but assume it was just a rotating satellite - perhaps you could verify if they do that?) (thank you Dean for this report we will get back to you ).

Received on 30/05/2011 17:49

28.05.11 MACHANS BEACH, CAIRNS (QLD) 13:00hrs
Source: AUFORN Online Report Form
Name: Dave x
Witnesses: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 to 10 minutes
Occupation: Courier.

Observation: I was fishing with a friend who also witnessed the exact same occurrence and we immediately were fixated by an unusual circle of white light that appeared over the mangroves. Facing Cairns, the light that initially appeared to be a satellite soon began performing aerial movements that we both agreed were abnormal and beyond the scope of relative physics and gravity.

Coming from horizon over Yarrabah and moving towards the right hand side of Cairns, its trajectory angled over the south of Cairns in an atmospheric curve. As it travelled its path, the light was simultaneously moving from left to right, and this motion is best described as an arc moving between a consistent 90 degree circumference. This dual movement (forward thrust and sideways arc swing) seemed to have separate individual constant velocities. As the object moved higher above the horizon, it felt as if it was moving towards the Tablelands. I can attest that this object was not flashing but swinging side to side through space whilst travelling forward. I witnessed this swinging action occur up to 12-15 times (eg. Left to Right 1 swing)

On the object’s last dual movement it came to a complete and controlled halt and hovered in this position for about 10 seconds.

The object then propelled up from its stationary position to a point in space. This was a completely different trajectory and when the object had stopped, it resembled a distant star that was almost parallel. The speed and distance that I perceived during this secondary flight phase was fluid and direct, furthermore this particular action has been most difficult to comprehend. From my perspective, this movement appeared to be calculated and precise. It seemed the object went from its stationed position to a point almost beyond our atmosphere in matter of approximately 1 second. The object stopped with precision and was visible now as a distant but bright, luminous star. From my observations, the object stayed in this position for approximately 4 minutes. Following this, I witnessed the object flash off & on and then about 20 seconds later, it repeated this gesture. There was no more movement until the sky became cloudy and all visibility was lost.

I have attempted to give AUFORN and anybody that reads this report a complete, true and honest interpretation of a possible UFO sighting. If anyone else was able to witness this event I would love to hear your interpretation and comments.

A perfect round light with powerful movements, purposeful and accurate it's actions were mesmerising, but somehow belittling. Description There was no apparent sounds coming from the object and it never changed shape through its course of travel. It appeared to become larger and only when the object came closer and this was relative to perspective and was not a growth from its original size. As it travelled its second flight phase, distance between the object and my position grew exponentially large thus its roundness was lost. It appeared as a starry light in the far away distance. Location We were at the boat ramp at Machans Beach. We were seated on an elevated bank facing the river. Other Witnesses It is currently impractical to provide any of the secondary witness details for the moment, but we both verified with each other what we saw did not resemble technology we believe to be available and currently used by the defence force, nor did it seem of this Earth. Apparent Size Other ranged in size from pea-sized to a table-tennis ball to a star. Actual Size The object would be approximately 25 - 50 metres in diametre.

However this is more of a retrospective determination. Altitude From our position, and estimated from the moment of its closest point to me it felt as high as the blue arrow beacon in Edge Hill. There was no landmarks within our view to determine if this altitude I have presented is wholly accurate. Object Origin It came from the Yarrabah direction, then over Cairns and to the right hand side of The Esplanade. Object Destination It appeared to move out and beyond a discernible distance from its stationary point. Hard to explain using an angle, but the object moved up, to the right, and away from our position. It felt as far or as close as the nearest star next to its final position. Moon Visible The moon was not visible from our location. However, once we had moved to a very nearby location about an hour later the moon was fairly bright, and it resembled a smile. Moon Size Comparison I noticed the moon approximately 1 hour after the event, from a nearby location and comparatively the object initially appeared considerably smaller than our moon and it appeared to be well within our lower stratosphere. The object was closer to Earth than the Moon during its preliminary phase of flight, but when it stopped after its secondary phase it was distant. Planets Visible There were some stars a possibly planets present but I would have to say it was a generally dark sky. Furthermore, my knowledge of the solar system is limited at best and I could only point to the object's final point from my location. I am willing to meet anyone at the boat ramp if they require an in depth understanding of the object's path and final position before the cloud exclusion occurred. Weather Visibility Clear. Weather Temp Mild , Sunny Weather Wind Breezy. Weather Comments Our position was well sheltered from an breeze, and cloud only was visible after the object had come to a secondary stop. Viewing Aids

Effects Physical I felt amazed and absolute in what was witnessed. This occurrence was ultimately beautiful and I only hope other people were in a similar fortunate place to witness the sheer brilliance.

I have never witnessed anything of this magnitude before, and I enjoy looking into the night sky for meteorites or occasionally I like to follow the orbit of a satellite.

Effects Psychological I understand that I have seen something special, but there was something very calming about the entire scenario. I have given the occurrence plenty of thought, but this has not diminished my well-being or lifestyle.

I would like to emphasise that I clearly witnessed the object as it travelled through both phases and the distance it travelled during the second phase is not within my comprehension. For example, it looked and felt as if the object had actually travelled from Earth to another solar system. This felt unusual because no matter how much I try to recall this particular flight scenario it is impossible for me to recollect completely and understand the distance I was shown on the night. Even now the event is extremely vivid but I have no concept of time versus travel for the second phase and I find it impossible to properly explain. Effects Other Witnesses None apparent. He seemed balanced and complete with what he had seen. We discussed and verified each and every facet of the object's journey during and after the fact. Other Experiences No.

Received on 1/06/2011 20:11:10

??.05.11 SHELLY'S BEACH, KARAWARA (WA) 20:11hrs
Source: AUFORN Online Report Form
Name: Scrappy X
Witnesses: 1
Sighting Duration: Less than 5 seconds
Occupation: Student

Observation: I cant quite remember the actual date but definitely sometime last week, early last week. I was having a smoke behind my house late at night looking up at the stars when I suddenly spotted something roughly about the same size as the stars I was looking at and I thot it was jst a shooting star but to my amazement the pea-size spot makes a complete 360 circle around the stars and shoots off so quick that it disappeared into the sky within a fraction of a second! I believe what I saw that night was definitely NOT a shooting star or a plane or rocket or anything from this planet because I doubt human can make something that moves THAT FAST!

this place where I live at is not that far away from perth airport so I'm quite familiar with the different sizes of airplanes flying nearby or high above. and I always smoke outside my house at night and each time I will look up at the stars and nothing weird until that one special night. And this is not my 1st encounter, I've seen up close back in my country before but that's different story. Anyway, I hope my sighting may help u guys in your research..

Description: about the same size of the stars when looking from the ground.. or about the size of small pea or slightly smaller. Altitude: stars high. Object Origin: you know when you look up in the sky you can see 3 stars aligned in straight line, and that object coming from the right hand side of that 3-stars... Object Destination: it comes from the right hand side of the 3 stars, circling some of other stars (but not the 3 stars) and PUUFFFFHHH!!!! shoots off to the left side of the 3-stars, it was the fastest thing i've ever since in my whole life! and yes, i've seen a rocket shoots off in the sky and it was no where close the speed of that object.. Moon Visible: the moon is on far left of the 3-stars, slightly below. and it was not that bright. Moon Size Comparison: the moon was about the size of a 5 cent coin and the object about the size of a dot I think.. it's hard to explain the size.. Planets Visible: yes, plenty of stars.. the one that clearly in sight was the 3 straight line stars.. not sure what they are called.. planet? ermm.. earth? not sure what planet u meant. Weather Visibility: Clear Cold Breezy.

18.05.11 BEENLIEGH /BRISBANE (QLD) 18:00hrs
Source: UFOINFO Report Form
Witnesses: 5
Sighting Duration: 10 seconds
Occupation: X

Observation: UFO balloon/lantern?: No - Weather Conditions: Cold dry and clear sky ..Full moon

Well my mum and dad were outside talking and they looked up at the sky to see how clear it was and then they saw two bright lights following each other for a fair bit.

The lights were exactly in-line with each other and too big to be a plane, after a minute later the two lights began to turn red and slowly disappear into no where.

12.05.11 HILLBANK, SOUTH AUSTRALIA (SA) 23:50hrs
Source: UFOINFO ONLINE Report Form
Witnesses: 3
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 3-4 seconds
Occupation: ?

Observation: Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: na - Weather Conditions: Cold, wet (had previously rained about an hour before), fairly cloudy.

I was walking the streets of my suburb, Hillbank, with two of my friends, at night. The time was 11.50pm. As we were walking down Bungarra Street a bright blue light lit up everything around us, like what would happen if lightening occurred. It was extremely bright, enough to light up everything around us for at least one second.

The three of us looked up towards the sky in the direction the light came from, to see an object moving quickly towards the sky, like a rocket or plane moving up to the sky, leaving a trail of what seemed like smoke behind it.

About 3 or 4 seconds after the bright flash this object disappeared. There was never another flash, before or after, ruling out that it was lightening, and we never saw the object again, ruling out that it was a rocket, plane, etc.

11.05.11 ALBANY CREEK BRISBANE (QLD) 21:00hrs
Source: UFOINFO ONLINE Report Form
Witnesses: 2
Sighting Duration: seconds.
Occupation: ?.

Observation: Number of objects: 1 - Shape of objects: Round ball of light and flames quite visible and fast moving across the sky. Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No - Weather Conditions: Clear fine night

At first sighting the object looked like a ball of flames almost coming towards us .... as time went it seemed to move further away as the size of the object became smaller and flame like appearance turned more into an orange light. But it then remained in the sky for few more minutes but diminishing in size, moving rapidly into the distance.

Never seen anything like it.

07.05.11 MOOROOLBARK (VIC) 22:00hrs
Source: UFOINFO ONLINE Report Form
Witnesses: 1
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes.
Occupation: ?

Observation: Number of objects: 2 - Shape of objects: Dot of light - Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No - Weather Conditions: Cold but clear

I was sitting in my room at about 10:00 with my window open and I saw this dot off light flying through a cloud but slowly disappearing. Then about 10 minutes later after telling my sister I was in my room again, a bit confused on what I had just seen, when I saw another dot but this time it was black and as soon as I got my camera out it just disappeared.

A week before this happened I also saw 4 dot beams of light in the same spot but as soon as I run to tell someone they just disappear.

07.05.11 COOLANGATTA (QLD) 21:30hrs
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: ?.

Observation: Number of objects: 1 - Shape of objects: Oval shape - Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Yes - Weather Conditions: Weather was fine day

I was heading beach side towards the Coolangatta Hotel my wife was driving and I was passenger and as we were driving I looked out at ocean and I seen in the sky a bright white light. The sun was reflecting of it and that what got my attention, and I said to my wife pull over and I got out and said to the people standing around do you see that and that is when I showed them. I was looking at it and then it disappeared and then I seen it again after a couple of seconds and it was higher in the sky then and it looked black color and kept on watching and then it took off in the sky and never seen it again.

He said it was very high in the sky - way above normal aircraft and RAAf traffic. Said it was like a saucer in shape with a stumpy little tail.

It seemed to hover in the same spot for 20 minutes and also tumbled as it hovered. Then a cloud came over and it was gone.

06.05.11 PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA (WA) 19:10hrs
Source: UFOINFO ONLINE Report Form
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: half second.

Observation: Number of objects: 1 - Shape of objects: Point of light - Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No - Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: Front lawn of house-looked up at stars to south. Suddenly as if light switched on (white) for about a half-second amongst them (slightly larger than stars around it), then turned on again briefly and weaker a degree or so to left (east) of original flash about a second after first on-off flash. Occurrence was at about 60 degrees above the horizon and looked very distant and high-did not in anyway correspond with known flight paths and too strong for twinkle or atmospheric distortion effect.

05.05.11 DALBY (QLD) 10:00hrs
Source: UFOINFO ONLINE Report Form
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 2/3 minutes.
Occupation: x

Observation: Number of objects: 1 - Shape of objects: Oval - Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No - Weather Conditions: Clear sunny

I have tried another site but was told that I had made reports before (not me). This is my last go at informing anyone of the event.

My wife were on the road past Dalby QLD. About 10.00am we both saw the oval shape pass across the road ahead of us, left side to right side. It was moving at about landing speed and not that far above the ground. It was a beautiful blue/green iridescent colour shiny, with a whitish vapor trail behind it. We couldn't see it land or crash because of trees.

We only had view of it for about 2/3 minutes. Another unknown witness travelling from Melbourne, had seen it and discussed this when I was taking photos of some wandering camels in the outback. I would like to hear of any other sightings of this mysterious sighting yesterday.

02.05.11 DUFFY, CANBERRA (ACT) 20:55hrs
Source: UFOINFO ONLINE Report Form
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 2/3 minutes.
Occupation: x

Observation: Number of objects: 6 - Shape of objects: Cigar shaped objects emitting a bright white-yellowy light. - Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: N/A - Weather Conditions: Slight clouds

At approx. 8:55PM (EST) Jack ****** and myself (Jamie *******) were walking eastwards having a cigarette across a small expanse of grassland. Jack then proceeded to point out a bright light high in the sky moving westwards. It appeared to be divided into two sections, with bright lights at either end. It traveled across the horizon for about 30 seconds, before disappearing out of view behind trees(My friend Jack however is fairly sure he saw it disappear out into thin air). During this time it appeared to hover, and 'dipped' in a U shape. Note also that a rumbling sound accompanied the craft, and it was entirely unlike the sound of a plane or jet. We then kept walking in a North West direction, before spotting another similar object heading NW low on the horizon. It was fast moving and we were forced to run across an oval to get it in our line of sight. We then could not locate it in the sky. It should also be noted after the sightings the clouds appeared to have very distinct markings as if more than 1 object had passed through them.

Following these, we moved to an embankment to the north of the oval and proceeded to observe what we assumed were the lights of telephone towers. However, upon further inspection, the lights changed from a solid white light to blinking red and green lights. The ship furthest to the west also appeared to have to lights. We watched these ships in awe for an estimated 40 minutes, during this time they changed the pattern of their blinking lights, and the three to the east appeared to move.

During this period we also saw a similar object to the first two sighted shoot across the horizon and then literally disappear into a cloudless patch.

Related or not, across the span of the sightings, flashes of light similar to lighting were seen in the sky, with a greenish tinge. However there was no thunder or lightning, or indeed any stormclouds. We assume this to be related.

01.05.11 WANDIN NORTH (VIC) 20:55hrs
Source: UFOINFO ONLINE Report Form
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration:?
Occupation: x

Observation: Shape of objects: Round - Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: no - Weather Conditions: Overcast no wind

Description: 4 orange fiery lights, perfectly round, and bright like orange fire, created a v formation then separated, moving across the sky. No sound, no wind.

I had seen the same thing a week earlier, only one light going in opposite direction approx 9.30pm at night. Only about 400m up in the air, moving fast for a night with no wind. Yet slower than a plane or helicopter would move. Also too loo low and no sound to be any type of aircraft. We have aircraft fly over all the time, but this was not like any of the craft that fly around here.


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