Prof. H.S W. Masssey, professor of physics at University College, London:

Some of the sightings in England have been due to cosmic ray balloons - big balloons sent up for cosmic ray research. You may not have those here, but you have high-flying aircraft. Very high aircraft can look quite a different shape with a different light on it and could easily produce the illusion of a saucer. Some of the sighting are probably due to natural phenomena and some are optical illusions.

The world experts on radar, the upper air outer space are attending the Intentional Radio Scientific Union Assembly in Sydney. What do they think of reports of flying saucers.? A daily Telegraph reporter who asked some questions yesterday had these answers from four of them.
Dr. R. C. Spencer of the U.S Air Force Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts:

I can't really talk about flying saucers but if they exist, I have an idea for a radar aerial for on. It is metal lens, consisting of a double-walled dome. The radar waves are projected out from between the two walls of the dome. In this way you get a finer focus of the radar search beam than is possible with the ordinary parabolic reflector.

Optical Mirages

Dr. C. R. Burrows, director of the school of Engineering at cornell University, Leader of the American delegation to the assembly and radar and radio expert:

Some of the sighting are pure imagination, but some are not. Some are what might be called optical mirages. Others are case of mistaken identification of natural phenomena. I think that about 80 per cent of the reports have a logical, natural explanation. Radar reports of strange bodies in the sky are probably reflections from air mass boundaries where ice is forming. The apparent high speed shown in the radar screens could be due to rapid extension of the formation of ice. I don't think there's any possibility that any of the sightings are of missiles either friendly or hostile. It is claimed that some of these saucers have flown paths which would suggest human control. But they are often reported to change course or accelerate at speeds no human could with stand. The reports cannot all be discarded because reputable scientific observers have made some of them. But i believe natural phenomena would provide explanations for all the sightings if all the facts were known.

Dr. D. W. R. McKinley chairman of the Canadian National Research Laboratory:

I can't talk about flying saucers, because they're classified information. Ask some one who doesn't work for a Government like Dr Burrows over there.