The News © Adelaide S.A Wednesday June 8th
Two ice cream truck drivers today reported having seen a brilliant flying object over their vehicle and zigzagging between Kingston and Naracoorte.
The driver are Joe Armstrong ,39 of Langham terrace, Unley and Geoff Polomka, 32 of Cumberland Park.

They watched the mysterious flying object for 20 minutes early on Monday morning, while returning to Adelaide.

"Geoff spotted it first and said: "What the devil is that?" Mr. Armstrong said, "I said it was a morning star but then decided it could not be. It looked like a white spotlight, with red light on top. "As we watched we could see the white light was the body of the craft and the red light looked like a dome " Mr. Polomka said "

Picture shows Mr. Polomka (left) and Mr. Armstrong (right) indicating on the map where they saw the object.
The white light was interlaced with smaller coloured lights."

At speed

"It seemed to follow over one area, and then move at a fantastic speed to another part of the sky." He said. Both men said they were reluctant to mention it to anyone," Mr. Armstrong said. "I have always been a bit scronful of flying saucers reports but this one was for real," he said