UFOs Over Downer ACT

Source: Andy B, Date 28th June 2006

Report by Diane Frola & Adrian Ross ACT

Time: 12.55PM, from Downer, Northside, facing north.

All objects travelling away, sequance of shots until all disappear, northbound, clear cold night.

All objects were very a bright red-yellow colour, with a strong glow obvious as power /energy being used to fly.

They were initially seen in a line formation, uneven, slanting to the right, then they folded into a group , as if following the same route away from the city, as they crossed over each other, presumably following eachother, there was a bright flash where two appeared to cross over, I took the photo, but only caught the last bit of it, TOTAL TIME observed about 2 minuites, from first photo to last.

Reason I saw them then, was that my dog had asked to go out, I first saw them through trees, then ran inside got my Fuji S5500, 10x optical camera digital, so lots of pixles, ran back out and over 50m to get some clearer shots , all on auto settings, two have some zoom but I backed off in case it didnt catch the detail well eg. I know the normal settings work.

There was no sound, there should have been, there appear to be two which have a sort of sphere between the bright parts, and it is possible that they have shape, from the placing of each object, in my opinion.

It is possible that they are reflections in the atmophere from roads and cars, however, this does not relate well to the road routes or traffic at that time of night,nor the clear atmophere, with no clouds to bounce off, there are stars in the background, appearing as white light in the photos...initially, they were all spread out, and much higher above, but a long way up.

My initial reaction was aircraft, maybe jets, my fear was that they were rockets, but they had colour that I would usually relate to as a cold yellow flame,except it had a strength almost to white light about it, they were different, metior shower? could not have grouped and disappeared like that, they had angular movement patterns, sharp turns.

It is possible that they flew out of the atmosphere that I could see,maybe coming together from distance, very quick, faster than aircraft which would have had sound, even delayed.

Anyway, let the photos speak for themselves, any suggestions as to whatever gratefully accepted if plauseable.

Thanks for the interest.

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This case is still under investigation, investigator ACT

Adrian Ross