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December - News Stories: 2008

Is this a Sydney UFO caught on Google?
Courier Mail - Australia
The bizarre discovery comes at the tail end of a bumper year for close enounters of the third kind with strange craft seen all over NSW, Australia and ...

UFO related information ‘Above top secret’ says Australian
29 December
Allnewsweb.com - Sydney,NSW,Australia
UFO sightings have never been more frequent, yet politicians are keeping mysteriously quiet on the topic. One of these politicians is Malcolm Turnbull, ...

Doug on trail of UFO sighting
12 December
Daily Examiner - Australia
Doug Moir was weeding the garden of his Sutton Street home on November 22 when he looked up and saw the strangest flying machine he'd ever seen...

UFO spotter's 'fluke' sighting
11 December
Northern Territory - Australia
WHAT ARE THEY: Alan Ferguson took this UFO picture at his property at Acacia Hills on a Sunday afternoon. TERRITORY UFO spotter Alan Ferguson says that...

Yellow UFO at Gosford
04 December
Central Coast Sun Weekly - Australia
BY VANESSA HANDLEY THERE have been strange goings on over Brisbane Water, the UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia's workshop at Gosford heard ...

November - News Stories: 2008

UFO hot spot
27 November
Central Coast Sun Weekly - Australia
BY VANESSA HANDLEY A SPATE of UFO sightings on the Central Coast has attracted the attention of the UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia...

Travel agent's most bizarre travel complaints
10 November
NEWS.com.au - Australia
UFO-believers at a conference expressed their fears of being infiltrated by aliens, because the locks on the meeting room doors hadn't been changed. ...

October - News Stories: 2008

Where are our UFO spotters?
22 Octoberr
North West Star - Mount Isa,Queensland,Australia
If it’s not bad enough that the north-west is short of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers – we can also add UFO hunters to the list. ...

LED R/C Helicopter Designed for Night Landing/Crashing
Gizmodo Australia - Sydney,NSW,Australia
But convincing your friends that a UFO is in their backyard will create memories for a lifetime. Here's what the Roboppi looks like in flight: There are ...

How to build a UFO Aconversation onoine with Luke Fortune
20 October
Faxts - Life - Brisbane,Queensland,Australia
Not ordinary technology but the know how to buildEveryone in life has Do I need to buy all six books to build a UFO craft? No. Reading the full series will ...

It came from outer space
19 October 2008

Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Friday night's mysterious appearance from space was three days late for UFO theorists, who had long predicted that aliens would land on Earth on October 14...

30 years on: UFO mystery still vivid
12 October 2008

The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
IT WAS Victoria's very own X-File: a world-famous mystery that remains unsolved 30 years after a young pilot disappeared over Bass Strait. ...

September - News Stories: 2008

Another mass UFO sighting
24 September

NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Matt Cunningham THREE station workers and three backpackers have been left stunned after witnessing strange lights flying over a remote station in the NT ...

UFO sighting in Australia
24 September

Daily Telegraph - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Mr Aylett, 58, said they were all stunned by the bizarre sighting. "This strange light was coming straight for us, over the house," he said. ...

Bright light in the sky may be a meteor
24 September
St George & Sutherland Shire Leader - Sydney,NSW,Australia
''If you were by yourself you might think about a UFO, but there were three other blokes there.'' An Airservices Australia spokeswoman said no reports were ...

UFOs fact of life for Alice spotter
09 September
Centralian Advocate - Alice Springs,NT,Australia
STORIES about UFO fleets invading the skies over the Territory have flooded local media in recent weeks. Alice Springs UFO hunter Keith Douglas is adamant...

No trace of plane or pilot - TASMANIA'S UFO MYSTERY
07 September
Examiner - Launceston,Tasmania,Australia (You need to be a member to view this page.
No trace of the 20-year-old volunteer flight instructor or his aircraft was ever found, but the manner of his disappearance has fuelled speculation by UFO ....

UFO Travel: Is the Northern Territory the World's New UFO Capital?
05 September
Jaunted - USA - A few months back we reported a UFO sighting off the coast of Australia's Northern Territory on Groote Eylandt, but apparently UFO season Down Under hasn't...

August - News Stories: 2008

Tourism sees the light on UFOs
29 August
Northern Territory - Australia
REAL DEAL: Reader Roger Perner noticed a UFO in a picture he took of an eagle at Timber Creek last month. FORGET barramundi fishing and crocodiles...

UFO hunters head to NT for evidence
27 August
NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Matt Cunnigham AMERICAN documentary makers are set to descend on the Northern Territory to investigate a spate of UFO sightings...

Is an armada of UFOs buzzing the Northern Territory?
24 August
NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Matt Cunningham The Northern Territory News has been inundated in recent weeks with readers' pictures of possible UFO sightings. The objects captured on ...

Armada of UFOs buzzing Territory
23 August
Northern Territory - Australia
The Northern Territory News has been inundated in recent weeks with readers' pictures of possible UFO sightings. The objects captured on camera have ranged ....

Buyer keen on caravan park UFO hot spot
22 August
ABC Online - Australia
A potential buyer has been found for a caravan park in central Australia reportedly ranked fifth in the world for reportings of UFO sightings....

UFOs more feasible than principled politicians
15 August
Daily Telegraph - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Currently, announcing you've seen a UFO still marks you as anything on a continuum from "mildly eccentric" to "Belinda Neal". History teaches us, however...

Cliffhanger vote gives Govt pause for thought
14 August
New Zealand Herald - New Zealand
... after the weekend election that saw the chicken farmer and UFO observer come within a whisker of holding the balance of power in Australia's top end....

Readers' Comments UFO-spotting NT pollie could hold power
12 August
Adelaidenow - Australia
A UFO-SPOTTING former chicken farmer could hold the balance of power in the Northern Territory's new government after Labor took a hammering at the polls...

NT power to rest on UFO-sighting chook farmer?
11 August
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Mr Wood, who entered Parliament in 2001, last month reported seeing a UFO over Howard Springs, his home town. This didn't stop Mr Wood receiving 80% of the...

Australian UFO sightings surge
11 August
Courier Mail - Australia
THIS year could set a record for UFO sightings across Australia as the new X-Files movie sparks renewed interest in extra terrestrial lifeforms...

'People should be afraid'
11 August
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
A UFO spotting former chicken farmer from the Northern Territory outback could hold the balance of power in a new government. "People should be afraid...

The modern phenomena of UFOs and "flying saucers" began in
10 August
The Westender - Brisbane,Queensland,Australia
Eyewitness News Reports: "Glowing UFO Crash Near California." August 02, 2008 - apparently this sighting was not a falling meteorite...

A degree in strange flying objects alien no longer
10 August
The Canberra Times - Canberra,Australian Capital Territory,Australia
TALK of UFOs is often dismissed as fanciful, but at one Australian university at least, it has entered the realm of academia. Melbourne University will this...

05 August
Gladstone Observer - Australia
"And there was this round UFO with very bright lights. "It stayed there for about three seconds, turned on its side and accelerated out over the harbour and...

Dr who? Why, it's Martin Plowman, PhD UFO
05 August
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Photo: Jason South TALK of UFOs is often dismissed as fanciful but at one Australian university, at least, it has entered the realms of academia...

Astronaut's admission sparks wave of UFO sightings
03 August
Courier Mail - Australia
UFO Research Queensland president Sheryl Gottschall said the high-profile discussion prompted Queenslanders to come forward with their own alien encounters...

Astronaut's alien claims fall short, says UFO researcher
02 August
ABC Online - Australia
A former NASA astronaut stunned the scientific world and divided UFO watchers when he claimed last week that UFOs and aliens do exist....

July - News Stories: 2008

What UFOs Are
31 July (No longer linked)
Australia.TO - Sydney,NSW,Australia
The “outer” explanation of the UFO phenomenon and the human activities surrounding it is as follows: The phenomenon is real, and largely inexplicable ...

We've kept UFO proof secret to protect Hollywood
31 July

Courier Mail - Australia
By Geoff Shearer ''THE craft was triangular in shape and had at least three white lights that alternated indiscernibly and perhaps one light in the middle. ..

Is it a UFO or a Yak
26 July

Northern Territory - Australia
COULD UFOs reported to be cruising the sky above Darwin's rural area actually be flying sperm? Members of the Top End Flying Club, based at Noonamah...

UFO sightings up, believability down
26 July

NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Kim Powell A RECENT spate of UFO sightings around the world has believers in a frenzy, but even the inside scoop from a former astronaut is not enough to ...

UFO spotted in NSW's South Coast in past month claim
25 July

NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Neil Keene UFOS have been spotted on the NSW South Coast in the past month as former US astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell ignites the debate about aliens ...

UFO Disclosure from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
24 July (no longer linked)

Australia.TO - Sydney,NSW,Australia
He says we have been visited, and that UFOs have been covered up by the government for a long time. The host almost has a stroke during the interview he's ...

40kg Destroy All Humans UFO From Pandemic, Only On eBay!
22 July

Kotaku Australia - Australia
If you've been chasing a 40kg UFO constructed of steel and flashing lights, look no further than this eBay auction. Pandemic's moving out of its Brisbane...

Sceptic' politician saw UFO
19 July

Northern Territory - Australia
A TERRITORY politician has added weight to growing claims there are UFOs flying around in Darwin's rural area. Independent MLA Gerry Wood said he saw a ...

The UFO of Narrabeen
08 July ( no longer linked)

Manly Daily - Manly,NSW,Australia
A CASE of an unidentified flying object has baffled staff and holiday makers at the Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park at Narrabeen. On Thursday at about 4.20pm ....

June - News Stories: 2008

Plane, meteor or just a UFO?
30 June

Port Macquarie News - Port Macquarie,New South Wales,Australia
IT LOOKED like a small plane that was on fire and about to ditch in the ocean, Port Macquarie’s Luke Williams said. To the policeman he spoke to it looked ...

UFO sightings blamed on wedding lanterns
27 June (no longer linked )

Special Broadcasting Service - Australia
A spate of UFO sightings in the skies above Britain have been blamed on newlyweds launching dozens of blazing Chinese lanterns into the night air at their ...
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Fishos catch sight of UFO
26 June

Northern Territory - Australia
Fisherman Simon Moyle, his son Rein and mate Eddie Carroll saw a UFO shooting across NT skies. The trio were fishing at Shady Camp, 220km east of Darwin...

ET eyes natural wonders of Queensland
17 June

Courier Mail - Australia
ALIENS are visiting Queensland, attracted by its natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, according to a local UFO watchers' association...

Couple: UFO Dive-Bombed Us on Remote Highway
05 June

An elderly Australian couple claim they had a close encounter with a UFO while traveling along a Northern Territory highway. Lawrie Fuchs, 70, and his wife ....

UFO 'dive-bombs' couple on highway
04 June

Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
By Jasmin Afianos AN ELDERLY couple claim they had a close encounter with a UFO while travelling along a Territory highway. Lawrie Fuchs, 70, and his wife ...

Did you see the UFO over Clayton?
04 June

Waverley Leader - Blackburn,Australia
Joy Clarke and Sue Savage saw a UFO in 1966 over the sky's of Westall High School in Clayton. IT'S AN extra-terrestrial mystery worthy of an X-Files ...

UFO 'dive-bombs' couple
02 June

Northern Territory - Australia
Elliott couple Gwen and Lawrie Fuchs were swooped by a UFO as they travelled along the Barkly Highway last Friday. Photo: SHELLEY MCDONALD.......

May - News Stories: 2008

UFO buzz puts NT into flap
03 May

Northern Territory - Australia
A "UFO flap'' is taking place and Territorians are needed to help scan the skies during a national spotting session tomorrow. The Australian UFO Research ...

Miners 'saw UFO'
01 May

Northern Territory - Australia
FIVE mine workers are convinced they saw a UFO fly over them on a remote Territory island. Mine maintenance worker Arnold Murray said a bright object ......

April - News Stories: 2008

March - News Stories: 2008

Experts baffled by orange UFO on the Gold Coast
08 March

Geelong Advertiser - Geelong,Victoria,Australia
Annette Van Zetten is not exactly sure what she saw shooting across the Tweed skyline on Wednesday evening, but it certainly grabbed her attention as well ....

Experts baffled by orange UFO
08 March

Gold Coast News - Molendinar,Queensland,Australia
ANNETTE Van Zetten is not exactly sure what she saw shooting across the sky on Wednesday evening, but it certainly grabbed her attention. .

Clouds over Darwin no longer UFO's
04 March (no longer linked)

ABC Online - Australia
The mystery of the unusual white foamy clouds in the sky on Sunday has been solved. Many residents looked to the skies in wonder at the unidentified flying ......

February - News Stories: 2008

January - News Stories: 2008

Aliens land in Australia to create humans
14 January

Pravda - Moscow,Russia
The UFO Area website says the astronauts are represented in rock paintings in Central Australia. “Once upon a time, in a distant past, a huge red 'egg' had ...

Top UFO spotter endorses Uluru UFO claim
11 January

NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Ben Langford AN experienced UFO spotter has lent his support to the theory aliens landed at Uluru and created human beings. Lew Farkas runs the store and ..

Aliens 'created humans at Uluru'
10 January

NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Ben Langford ANCIENT astronauts landed at Uluru and proceeded to create humankind, according to UFO enthusiasts in America. The UFO Area website says the

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