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About 4 am last night Thursday, Marilyn awoke wanting a drink of water . Suddenly , as Mrs Toonen stood by Marilyn's bed in the darkness of the room was lit by a weird orange-coloured light.
For an instant , the room was aglow with the orange light enabling Mrs. Toonen to easily distinguish objects then it was gone .

"I was very frightened," Mrs. Toonen a Dutch-born mother of eight, said yesterday. She lives with her husband, Ardrian, who is an electrical fitter, and six of his children in their home in

MRS. Gertrude Toonen. of Sherbrook Road Acacia Ridge (right ), Last night at her home as she told us of the sighting of a flying saucer object last week. Her daughter Marilyn, 7 in bed at the time saw a light from the object.

Sherbrooke Road, about a mile behind Archerfield aerodrome. Said at about 4.30 am the light appeared again from the direction of the back yard.

"Orange ball" " I got up again and looked through the kitchen windows and saw what

looked to be a glowing orange ball about 10 feet in diameter. "It was very stationary and just to the left of a 60-foot gum tree, about 100 yards from the house. All this are is bush . "It remained there for about a minute and then went out. THen it was visible again.

"This time it appeared just to the right of the gum tree, but above it were four or five broken orange rays following its outline. "It remained like that for a minute then it was gone." She said she had been reluctant to wake her family and intended to keep the morning's events a secret. But when Marilyn mentioned it she was forced to disclose what happened.