Source: Womans Day ©July 1st 1996

A LITTLE over than a month ago, Victorian Diane Allen was visited by a strange, alien-type creature with a large bulbous head and huge staring eyes. It spoke to her about another life - without a word ever being exchanged!

It was not the first time Diane, 46, had met this or other aliens.

"It happens all the time," she confides. "I've been contacted by what I call beings of light for many years. "They have no body matter, they just reveal themselves in absolute light. "Sometimes they speak to me, but not in a verbal conversation. I 'hear' their voices in my head during face-to-face contact. "But if I don't actually see them, I hear the words as thoughts and understand the information they give.
"I have also seen UFOs and been taken to other places many, many times." Diane who lives in the Dandenongs near Meibourne, believes she has been chosen by higher intelligences in a bid to communicate advice to earth dwellers.

Her UFO Encounters Support Group provides a network for those with similar experiences, yet she believes there are many more earth contacts still reluctant to speak out for fear of being branded crazy. But now, a recent flurry of UFO activity in the night sky above her home has captured the attention of scientists, who intend to study the eerie goings-on.

Hundreds of callers have also jammed the Encounters Hotlines to report sightings, and Diane is now hopeful others will share their experiences - such as UFO sightings or meetings with alien beings.

"The UFO activity is so blatant right now that I believe they want to be seen by us," says Diane, whose own video footage saucers persuaded local photographer Doug Page to capture the strange overhead glows. Doug, a former pilot, admits he was sceptical when Diane and her friend Leonie Cook showed him the video.
He suggested they might be spotlights from a new nightclub in the area. But after setting up his tripod, he was astonished at what he saw: "It was mind-blowing. I photographed what looked like an aircraft, and couldn't believe it. "I realised then that I'd have to do it again, using faster film for a clearer result."

The next night, using more sophisticated equipment, Doug snapped "a disc-shaped something" shooting across the night sky. "It is definitely unidentified," he says. "It's definitely an object. Look at the photos - it is disc-shaped. If you look closely, you can see red and green lights around its rim. It looks like a classic flying saucer."
According to Diane, "I know there are multi-dimensional beings trying to pass us information and advice. Sixteen years ago I was visited by a light being which appeared alongside my bed. I found myself paralysed - I couldn't speak or move." Diane describes being watched by an alien with a bulbous head and huge eyes. "I felt myself moving out of my body and I was inside a small spacecraft, where there were two other occupants.

"The next memory I have is of being in a place surrounded by a beautiful blue haze. There was a pathway cut into a mountain, with dwellings everywhere. I didn't feel frightened.

I felt comfortable, as if I'd been there before. I felt I was home.
"I didn't want to leave. Then I woke up in bed and was somewhere else. It was so emotional I cried. I was left feeling that I wanted to go back - and my dimensions of time and realitv had altered."

The encounter, she says, not only changed her view of the world, but marked the start of ongoing contacts that have, at times, been shared by others.
Leonie and fellow Encounters Group member Barbara Schuyler recall a surreal late-night car trip with Diane through the Dandenongs in November 1993 - a trip they believe trapped them in a time lapse.

"We all experienced a loss of time and space," says Diane. "That journey usually takes around 40 minutes. But this time, we realised it had taken only 12 minutes. We know something happened because we all felt strange and really vague."
Diane's daughter, Kerry, 21, alerted by a noise, made her way to the window to see a bright light shoot across the sky. "We retraced our journey the next day, timing it," says Diane. "But we'd have had to have driven at 150km an hour. We believe something lifted us and took us home.''

Another time in Adelaide, Leonie and Diane saw a trio of aliens they later sketched. "They were around 2.2m tall," Diane says. "They had long arms down to their calves, great bulbous heads and huge eyes. They wore dark blue cloaks or gowns with high collars - and I have never felt love like it before or since."

While Diane won't rule out claims of abductions or experimental operations, she believes different encounters have different purposes: "Too many people think of The X Files and of being whisked away. But no-one sees the goodness or inspiration the beings can give, or that there are people, like me, happy to be contacted. "
Diane claims that, during visits, she has been given dates and predictions. At times, she also wakes with "messages" which lead her to type pages of technical details which then make no sense to her.

"I was told once, 'Remember you are just passing through this life, but you have taken on a physical embodiment in order to stay a while'," she says.

This, says Diane, alerted her to her true purpose in this life - to educate others about the existence of higher intelligences that are observing us from a distance.

"They are telling us mankind cannot continue this way, that changes have to happen and people have to be aware that there is more - and that Earth and our earthly embodiment are just another step in this process. I believe that while I am here as a human, this is only my home for now - I come from somewhere else.

"I often stand outside at night, look up to the sky and say to myself, 'I just want to; go home because I know there is another place more beautiful than here - where there isn't so much pain'.

Story: Megan Norris
Ufo Pictures: Doug Page
Other Pictures: Barry Sproson