What Next


By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

I'm thinking of changing the name of this article from 'what next' to 'Now Then'. In memory of my late grandmother who died at the age of 90. She seemed to be always saying “Now Then”…a kind of abrupt power statement. Because the subject of UFOs has been going on for so long…it is a case of what's happening “now” and what occurred “then”.

Lately I've been looking into the image of an alien being that was used in an advertisement in the late 1980s. The picture was used in an ad for 'Amoco Performance Products' and appeared in the magazine 'Aviation Week and Space Technologies' in 1988. The wording of the ad read…TECHNOLOGY SO ADVANCED IT WILL HELP ANSWER SOME BIG QUESTIONS. Rather a strange way to sell aviation fuel and oil.
The picture is a striking head and shoulders image of a humanoid looking straight ahead, with one hand raised up. The expression has a sad look. That does not surprise me. Over the years there has been story after story about this picture. So far I've come across three different “explanations” regarding this picture…none of which have been supported by evidence.

Explanation 1.
In a video of a UFO conference the speaker, the late William Cooper states “ the official explanation was that this is a photo of a BRONZE statue. How can it be BRONZE…if you look closely you can see pores in the skin, fine hairs coming out of the side of the neck, and moisture in the eyes and nostrils. Linda (Moulton) Howe says she saw the statue, but she couldn't be sure it was the thing in this picture”.

Explanation 2.
In another video, this time from a UFO conference in Brisbane in 1996, Robert Dean shows the same picture but has a different story. He tells how the image is “supposed” to be one of a CLAY MODEL. And the artist, this time a woman…was asked if she would sell the model for $100,000 US. She never produced the 'bust' for sale. Dean then goes on to say he does not think the picture is one of a model, and then he shows a photo of an ancient skull, which resembles the shape of the alien picture…especially the top rear area of the head.

Explanation 3.
When this picture was recently posted on the AUFORN list, I received many emails from interested list members. One was from an American who works in the film industry, in special effects. He claimed that it was a model…this time by yet another artist…named William Bosco. He said he could prove it without a doubt…that his daughter has photos of the Alien model in the artist's studio and that he will send me copies of the pictures . Nothing has ever arrived …and that surprises me because this guy was so definite in his manner when explaining what he “knew” about it.

I think the picture looks like something that's alive…it seems to have expression. I've seen many beautiful and fantastic sculptures and paintings, but nothing like the expression on this image. Sure...It's only an image, but it's a very intriguing one. And if you take into account the way disinformation is carried out, it might even be real . Who knows for sure? Those who have said they know for sure still have not supplied the evidence.

You'll have to make up your own mind. Cheers.