Now Then


By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

Hi everyone. We had a pretty good AUFORN Vic meeting in March, with a good level of attendance from regulars and a few who haven't been for a while. Bill screened his video of unusual lights seen over the Grampians national park last year. While the images were of very small lights , they were very clear, and showed something which moved very quickly and erratically. Access is a challenge in the Grampians , especially at night, and the distances were quite large. The valley spans about 20 to 25 kilometres across from the Camera position to the mountain range where the lights were moving around. There seems to be something going on in the area , but it's nature is yet to be determined.

About one day after the meeting I was told that the Israeli Ufologist Barry Chamish was coming to Melbourne, so could I please arrange a venue, travel, accommodation and an audience for him at short notice ASAP. Wow…this during the second week when my boss was away overseas and I was left in charge of his shop.

I managed to contact nearly everyone who has ever been to our meetings, and luckily I was able to secure a suitable venue. Barry had loads of books and videos for us to see and read. He gave us his story about how he was a political journalist one moment, and a UFO investigator the next. He still is a political journalist, and he has very different views about what's actually going on in this world, and the new world order , and the direction the world is going in today.

Barry claims that the UFO sightings over Israel signified the return of the 'giants' of the old testament, and that it's not a good thing. While the 'Nefilim' are mentioned in the book of Genesis, little is mentioned about them other than that of their enormous size. Barry explained that in most cases their presence was of a negative overall nature. His video showed objects that were quite unusual, and they were in no hurry to leave. It's difficult to guess what they were doing there, and why they stayed around so long.

Then Barry gave us his explanation of who and what runs the world, and controls the world economy and politics. A lot of it confirmed what many had been thinking over quite some time. Barry explained for instance that the war in Iraq is not about oil, but control. He said “There's plenty of oil everywhere…the Americans want to take control of 'Babylon'”. (I'm not so sure what he meant by this, if you control the oil then you have control of just about everything anyway.)

Barry Chamish is quite a character, and he has some amazing stories to tell. The meeting went on right into the early hours, and we were eventually kicked out at about 1:30 am.

So I would like to thank all the members , both old and new , who came along to meet Barry, and the management of the Clayton RSL who made their wonderful venue available at such short notice. And of course, thank you Barry for coming to Melbourne and giving our members such an interesting evening, and plenty to think about.

Cheers. GS