Now Then


By George Simpson © AUFORN Victoria

UFO sighting reports seem to come in waves. We have periods of little activity followed by many reported sightings all at once.

The latest wave in Victoria began late last year and is still happening. The first really interesting report came to me the day it happened. The witness, Mark, has been known to me for over a decade, and I have confidence in both his ability to accurately report what he saw as well as his integrity .

Mark and Josh were travelling West along Williamson's road Doncaster, right past the Westfield Shopping Centre at about 5.45pm on a busy week day just after Christmas. It was the 28th December 2003, and it was peak hour on the roads.

Mark was driving, and straight ahead he noticed something that looked unusual. He jokingly said to Josh “ There's a UFO” . Josh saw it too. It looked to be about 3 or 4 kilometres away, and heading straight for them.

Mark could clearly see the shape of the lower half of the object, which had straight sides and a straight-flat bottom apart from a central protruding area. The top half was more difficult to describe because it was “indistinct” and hazy as if it could not be focussed on. There was a red glow on one side of the upper half. It continued to come directly towards them. The traffic was heavy so Mark asked Josh to keep his eyes on the object while he kept his eyes on the road.

Mark got another chance to look at it and as he did, as it came closer, a beam or pole type thing stuck out of one side of the top of the object . This beam had a red “bulb” like thing on it's end.

(Sketch goes in here Robert.)

I asked Mark to sketch what he saw to give me a better idea of what it looked like. He faxed me several sketches to show how it looked at different intervals.

A few weeks later we retraced Marks steps, by visiting the place and recreating the event. Several photographs were taken. This process revealed the fact that the object must have been huge. As it was first seen a few kilometres away, in comparison to nearby street lights , the scale of the object would have had to have been about the size of a large house roof or larger.

As the object passed right over the car Josh was able to lean forward enough to see right upward through the windscreen to get a close view of the underside of the large object. It was circular, with a dark central circle area.
Mark had to keep his eye on the traffic, which was pretty heavy at the time, about 6pm on a Friday evening.

A few weeks later a report came to us from NSW that another similar sighting had been reported about one month earlier…also in Victoria, but in the Gippsland area. This one also had a rod of some kind sticking out of the top of the object.

Since this sighting has happened there has been a minor flap in Victoria. The number of reports has increased in and around Dandenong, Berwick and generally in the South East. Several families saw three unusual amber lights that swept in rapidly from the East, decelerated, and then sped off very rapidly, without making a sound. This sighting made the front page of the local paper...the “Dandenong Journal”.

Another report that came in included a mother and two children who saw a very bright blue flash, as bright as day, that came from an object that had risen from a paddock they passed on their way home. It flashed several times, and disappeared just after affecting the cars performance. It was as if the car engine stopped and restarted while they were travelling along. The car is kept in good condition and never misses a beat. The driver thought it was unusual for her car to do anything like this, and it was also unusual how their 25 minute drive home had taken one hour! they do this trip regularly, and didn't stop on the way home, and still can't account for the missing time. The driver also stated that it was unusual how they were all well when they started the journey home, and how they were all unwell for the next few days.

This case will be followed up and any further developments will be reported at a later date.