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Brian Richards

The Sperm Count was not a nickname for a rampant larrikin lord releasing his unborn progeny onto the subservient sirens of yesteryear. Rather, it is the subject of urgent research and debate, not only amongst medical experts, but also ufologists, whose main concerns are the implications of the so-called abduction experiences, and the medical examinations that seem to go hand in glove with these alien encounters.

Many abductees have claimed, through conscious and hypnotic recall, to have had sperm or ova removed, or to have been inseminated artificially, or impregnated through intercourse with alien beings. It is a sobering fact that researchers world-wide have discovered that the sperm count has almost halved in humans, and many animal species in the last 30 years. Unless this trend is reversed, male infertility will be the cause of humanity's demise.

A chilling documentary, 'Assault on the Male' was aired on ABC TV at 9.30pm 24th October 1996. Research has shown the same results worldwide: alligators with shrinking penises, Scandinavian children with deformed reproductive organs, hermaphrodites in Russia, infertility increasing everywhere, prostate and breast cancers almost out of control, and sperm counts so low as to be totally ineffective. Something is terribly wrong.

Manmade Pollutants
In the Fifties and Sixties the main message coming from Contactees was: ôclean up your act, you're polluting the Earth.ö There has been some positive reaction to this: Ban the Bomb, The Green Movement, The Montreal Protocol, environmentalists, reasoned debate and political reform. If it's not being emitted or dumped, that's good, if it's reclaimed and greened, that's cool. What has been omitted is lack of thought to our everyday man-made products. Billions of food and drink containers, made from an alarming concoction of chemical compounds. Glass, the most stable hygienic substance, is being forsaken for plastic alternatives. On top of all this, the planet is acting like a sponge soaking up billions of tonnes of insecticides, weed killers and fertilisers. Saturation point has long been reached, and the very air we breath is heavily polluted from residual emissions and ongoing spraying.

Dr. Richard Sharpe, an English expert on male/female infertility has linked increased exposure to oestrogen in the womb, and early childhood, to impairment of the immune system and subsequent ailments. The problem is not just the female hormone oestrogen itself, but the chemical compounds that mimic oestrogen. These artificial 'oestrogens' will not dissolve in water. They lodge in the body's fatty tissues as harmful free radicals. Nonyl phenol, a particularly nasty disrupter, can be found in many plastics, detergents, cosmetics, food additives, and most probably drinking water.

Alien Intervention
Is it any wonder then that a group of aliens or a subterranean race (if one exists) is concerned about the state of the planet and humanity? Would it come as any surprise that we are being constantly abducted, examined, sampled, impregnated, implanted and monitored? Even mind-control may rate highly on the alien agenda. Assuming, as Charles Fort once said in The Book of the Damned (1919): 'We are property', we may not be in control of our own destiny.

Cattle mutilations have occurred in great numbers throughout the American mid-west since 1968. Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and countries in Europe have all lost livestock to these secretive surgeons of the night. The question has to be asked. Why would something, or someone remove, with uncanny precision, mammary glands, sex organs, eyes, tongues, brains, rectums, colons and such, if not to check for bodily contaminants and/or genetic changes? If the animal's food is contaminated, so is the animal. We eat the animal, and we in turn suffer. Our own bodily contamination affects our children and their children. Not only from the food, but also from the containers the food is stored in.

Andre Malan, discussing 'Assault on the Male' (West Australian, 24th October 1996, p.14) in 'The Issues' put it very well in summing up his excellent review. 'It makes you wonder whether the meaning of life is that we are all part of a chemistry experiment in some cosmic laboratory, and that what we are now seeing is a reaction against an excess of testosterone in the beaker"

Source: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 3, November 1996


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