February 27th 1997 PERTH WA

Reports of a crescent shaped UFO were heard on radio station 6PR. (Brian Richards-UFORUM.) The following case study is courtesy of Bob Marx and Matthew Favaloro. I welcome such case studies for inclusion in future listings.

CARLA is a bright cheerful business woman and housewife from Sydney’s northwest. She is in her thirties and has one child, a son in his mid teens.

She came to us via friend who recommended us. Carla phoned and explained she had seen a UFO many years ago with her brother when she was in her early teens. The experience she said still haunted her and she felt there was much more to it and she needed to explore it. She remembered she had seen a bright red car-sized UFO whirling and kicking up dust as she and her brother walked home. Panicking she grabbed his hand and fled. But when she had arrived home, another much larger UFO descended into the backyard. After that she remembered nothing.

She also described other odd events which had peppered her life.

She wanted to understand she said and she thought hypnosis might help.

Through hypnotic regression it was discovered that her abductions began at the earliest age. A female being would come to her and tell her she had been chosen and take her aboard a waiting ship. On one occasion the female took her on a tour of the ship, including a room full of screens, and then gave her an amazing flight back to her old beach community.
The alien female became her closest confidante. Carla trusted her completely. Always kind and loving she was with her during each childhood abduction, that it, until her fellow beings began a physical examination in her early adolescence. Then the female would afterwards explain to Carla that there was a good reason this was being done and that she was helping save the Earth.

Despite a feeling of great betrayal-the gynecological procedures that she suffered hurt-she felt that they were doing the best for her and the human race. Once it was so bad she had bled vaginally for hours and her mother had accused her of "doing bad things" with the boys and had yelled at her. This only added hurt to her terror as she could not consciously remember how the bleeding had started and she knew she had not been with any boys, whatsoever.

At 18 years old her body had suddenly felt different. She only realised during the hypnotic session as reflected backwards exactly in what way had it been different. She realised she must have been pregnant. She could compare the feeling to the later pregnancy of her son, Bill. The realisation of missing memory and pieces clicking back into place became very apparent. A sense of relief yet astonishment came over her which helped her come to terms and integrate the experience.

She recalled that during this abduction, instead of the usual removal of her reproductive eggs, they removed the foetus they had implanted two months earlier. Racked with anger and longing she could see the foetus being taken from her body ("they were taking MY baby") and kept it from her.

As she remembered it all, she cried in betrayal and despair. Her pain felt particularly cruel as she had had to have a hysterectomy at 22 years of age. The doctors had said to her that it was due to all the abortions she must have had. The abortions had ripped and scarred her womb. (She has the medical records.) Her complete chock and angry denials that she’d ever had an abortion fell on deaf ears. Now as she relived her experiences under hypnosis, she understood what had caused the scars. She had wanted many children, and now only had two, and one of these was cut off from her forever.

Nevertheless, she believes she was treated more with the cool indifference of a lab animal than with malice. She is positive the beings are here to help and heal us. The planet is in great danger from its misues and she has been told she must warn us. We must change our ways. The mixed children (hybrids) may be our salvation if we fail. Her complex feelings of betrayal, love and wanting to help the human race tear at her emotional core. Throughout all this, she still has total allegiance to the aliens. Under hypnosis it was revealed that once in a rare while they let her see her hybrid child from a distance. She longs to hold him, but is forbidden. Each time she is abducted she lives in hope that she will see him again, and perhaps this time, even talk with him and hold him. Each abduction is a bond and a grief.

Her coming to us was part of the plan she says. Just four months before our meeting they had taken her again and, instead of the usual examinations, had told her she must speak to her friend to get help in exploring her history. She must take a public stance to help convince people. And that was how she had come to us.

The case is still being investigated, but many other features such as bad nosebleeds, unknown nasal surgical scars, missing time and the effects on her family who also show signs of abduction are just now coming to light.

(Copyright: Australian UFO Encounters).

My thanks to Bob Marx and Matthew Favaloro for permission to reproduce this case study From the Australian Reports listing Robert Frola.

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