Source: Cairns Post © August 20th
Mr Charlie De Brincat points in the direction where he saw an unidentified object at about 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday. The UFO hovered, changed colour, and then disappeared after about five minutes, he said.
An unidentified flying object which glowed like a golden saucer fascinated watchers as it hovered in the sky west of Innisfail on Tuesday evening.

Mr Charlie De Brincat and two friends watched from Pease Park as the silver UFO suddenly appeared and approached a peak near East Palmerston. It stopped near the peak, about 1000m above the ground and glowed a golden color and then it continued forward at a slow rate for a few

hundred metres, and hovered again, he said. It's color then changed from gold to dark blue or purple, and it emitted a beam of light towards the rainforest below.

The UFO then followed this beam downwards until it disappeared behind a spur, he said. Mr De Brincat said the object must have been enormous because it was clearly visible from at least 15 km away. He said it had been a fascinating sight which he doubted he would see again.

He had believed at first that the UFO was an aeroplane in trouble, and had taken some photographs, but none had come out.

The UFO first appeared about 5.30 pm, and remained visible for about five minutes. It was also observed by touch footballers training on the Pease Park Oval.

UFO sightings also were reported on Tuesday night from Tully and the Atherton Tablelands, Describing a silver object which resembled the condensation trail from a jet plane.